Know More About the Signs of Diabetes in Cats.

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Fun Animal Facts

Fun animal facts to share with your kids. Learn about cats, dogs, elephants, snakes, dinosaurs, chickens, bugs, sheep, and fish. […]

Endangered Species Day

National Endangered Species Day is May 21. Here are ways to solve the earth’s problems. […]

Sea Otters Need You to Contact Your State Representative

Sea Otter is threatened and the Friends of the Sea Otter are asking you to sign a letter to your congress person asking you to help. […]

Heroes on the Frontlines of Animal Rescue

Will Travers of Born Free USA, Leslie Smith of, Mike Arms of Helen Woodward Animal Center, and Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary share advice on animal rescues and animal welfare. […]

Earth Day for Wildlife

June 20-24 is Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week, a Born Free USA event to help wildlife and people. […]

9 Out of 10 Animals Recommend Pet News and Views

Advertisement for Pet News and Views. […]

Born Free USA establishes Trapping Victim Fund

Born Free USA creates trapping victim fund. See story at Pet News and Views. […]

Backyard Welcomes Wildlife

Susan and Dan Gottlieb, of G2 Gallery, share their Beverly Hills backyard with wildlife. The yard has been designated a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). […]