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Kittens Are Cooler than iPads

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Meet Chai. She is 14 weeks in this photo, and her markings are just beautiful.

I call it “kitty porn.” That is when you search online for potential cats to adopt, and when your spouse shows up, you immediately switch to another screen. I got […]

Working to Make L.A. No Kill

Making Los Angeles a No Kill City with actor and comedian Kevin Nealon on behalf of Best Friends Animal Society. […]

Disgruntled or Caring Volunteers?

Many volunteers at animal shelters get blacklisted when they complain or try to implement change. Pet News and Views gets a lot of complaints from volunteers at AC&C (Animal Care & Control). Volunteers at Helen Woodward Animal Center love their work. […]

Dog Profiling Has Pet Parents Growling

Dog Profiling and BSL: why it doesn’t work. […]

Hospitality Industry Recycles to Help Animal Shelters

Hospitality Industry Partnership for Pets is bringing animal shelters together with hotels, airlines, and restaurants to help dogs and cats and the planet. […]

Where We Get Our Pets

The majority of us get our pets from friends, the streets, and shelters. […]