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L.A. Beats NY in Animal Welfare

LA. is light years ahead of NY on the animal welfare front. L.A. will ban all sales of cats, dogs, and rabbits in pet shops. Here in NY, animals aren’t treated as well. […]

Humane Malls of America

Humane Malls of America was started by Jennifer Peterson who works tirelessly to stop stores from selling puppy mill dogs. Based in California, Humane Malls of America has closed several stores that sell puppies from puppy mills. Many stores have also come on board and now just sell shelter pets and pet supplies. […]

Arthritis Linked to Pet Store Puppies

Puppy mill dogs tend to have higher incidence of dysplasia and other degenerative joint diseases. […]

11 Year Old Challenges Us Older Folks to Exceed Our Expectations Regarding Animal Rescue

11-year old Jack McPadden rescues dogs. […]

Join Me and Take the No Puppy Mill Pledge

Take the No Pet Store Puppies pledge, and don’t shop at stores that sell puppies or kittens. […]

Rehabbing Puppy Mill Dogs

Dogs from puppy mills can be rehabilitated. The ASPCA rescues and trains puppy mill dogs. […]

Efforts to End Ohio's Dog Auction Continues

Before the holiday break, I reported on the efforts of many—most notably the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions, a registered political action committee—to outlaw dog auctions in Ohio. Unfortunately, only 7,202 signatures were gathered—far short of the 120,700 signatures needed—to put before state legislators. The reason for the shortfall of signatures was time. Organizers behind this effort were competing with the historic November 3 presidential election. […]