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8 Pit Bull Myths

Pit Bulls get a bad rap. Here’s the truth behind these lovable and loyal dogs. […]

A Dog that Promotes the Positives about Pit Bull Terriers

Kelly Kaliszewski and her dog, Zoey, have changed people’s perceptions of Pit Bull Terriers. The Wishcuit Canine Cancer Fund is helping dogs and dog owners all across the United States. They are trying to find a cure for his disease. […]

Fighting for Pit Bulls

BAD RAP rescues pit bulls; they are advocates for pit bull breeds and mixes. […]

Behind the Scene at the Real Pit Bull

The Real Pit Bull, a nonprofit that rescues and re-trains American Pit Bull Terriers, has several dogs up for adoption, including Sedona, a lovable rescue. […]

Pit Bull Stories

We need to be advocates for Pit Bulls. […]

A Champion for Pit Bulls

Mary Harwelik of The Real Pit Bull educates the public about this often maligned breed. […]

Insuring Your Pit Bull

How to get homeowner’s insurance for homes with Pit Bulls. Canine Good Citizen Certificate is one way. […]

Insurance Agents Speak Out on Pit Bulls

Home insurance agents speak out on why they will or will not insure homeowners with pit bulls and other dogs. […]

Pit Bulls and Homeowners Insurance

Why home insurance companies won’t insurance some with Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and other dogs termed aggressive. […]