Know More About the Signs of Diabetes in Cats.

Green Education Network awards Pet News and Views its seal of approval.

Your Comment Equals 50 Bowls of Pet Food

Pet News and Views hosts its annual Home 4 the Holidays pet food drive with Iams. For each comment left on the Pet News and Views site, Iams will donate 50 bowls of food to animal shelters in the U.S. […]

Cats Eating Dog Food and Dogs Eating Cat Food

Multiple pet homes and how to create a feeding schedule so cats and dogs won’t eat each other’s foods. […]

My Trip to Iams and Eukanuba

Pet News and Views visits Iams’ and Eukanuba pet food plants to get a behind the scenes look at how the food is made and how the dogs and cats are treated. […]

Show Ricochet Some Facebook Love and Help Feed Animals

Like SURFice Dog Ricochet’s Facebook page and feed shelter cats and dogs. For each “Like,” on Ricochet’s Facebook page, Iams will donate dog and cat food to shelters in the U.S. Also, animal shelters and rescues can apply to receive pet food from Iams… […]

Each Comment Equals 50 Meals for Shelter Pets Contest

Pet News and Views is hosting a contest with Iams Home 4 the Holidays program. For each comment left at the blog, Iams will donate 50 bowls of food to shelters across the country. […]

Do Pets Get Bored with the Same Food?

Pet News and Views concludes its Q&A with Iams nutritionist Dr. Marcie Campion. Readers asked questions about their pets nutrition. […]

Pet Nutrition Questions and Answers

Iams nutritionist Dr. Marcie Campion answers pet nutrition questions from readers of Pet News and Views. […]

Answers to Your Pet Nutrition Questions

Dr. Marcie Campion answers Pet News and View’s readers questions about pet nutrition. […]

1,000 Bowls of Dog Food

Pet News and Views host contest with Iams and Jersey Animal Coalition to feed shelter dogs. […]

Let’s Give 1,000 Meals to Shelter Dogs

Pet News and Views teams up with Iams and Jersey Animal Coalition to feed shelter dogs. […]