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Greyhound Racing is a Dying Business

Pet News and Views reports on the changes at Tucson Greyhound Park. Greyhound racing days may be numbered thanks to SB 1273. […]

Closing Greyhound Race Tracks

GREY2K USA is working to close racetracks in the USA. […]

Greyhounds Need Your Voice

Tell Florida senators to support SB 1594 to end greyhound racing. […]

Good News for Greyhounds

More greyhound race tracks are closing. […]

Christine Dorchak of GREY2K USA Champions Greyhounds

Christine Dorchak of GREY2K USA is working to end greyhound racing. […]

Can Greyhound Racing End in Tucson and Phoenix?

When it comes to animals, I have a lot of dreams. One of them is to witness the end of greyhound racing. Imagine a day when this blood sport no longer exists. Well, that moment is close at hand in Arizona. […]

Why Greyhound Racing is Wrong

According to recently released state records, more than seven hundred greyhounds were reported injured at Wheeling (WV) Island Racetrack and Casino since 2008, and more than 1,000 dogs were prevented from racing because they were lame, injured, or because of illness. […]

Greyhound Racing

Why greyhound racing should end. […]