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Banning Cats As Pets

Environmentalist Gareth Morgan believes cats should be banned as house pets. Bruce Kornreich, feline health expert and associate director for education and outreach at the Feline Health Center of Cornell University disputes this and says feral cats actually are beneficial to bird populations. […]

I Spay L.A. Rallies to Fix Every 90037 Cat

I Spayed L.A. aims to spay/neuter cats in the 90037 zip code. […]

600 Million and Fix the Bitches Dream Big

600 Million and Fix the Bitches were started by Alex Pacheco to stop the stray dog and cat over populations. They are developing contraceptives to help stray animals across the world. […]

Why Trap Neuter Return Works

Why TNR (Trap Neuter Return) works. Studies show that managing feral cat colonies is good for communities and for the cats. […]

Outdoor Cats or Wildlife Conservation? Pick One

Effects feral cats have on wildlife from The Wildlife Society. […]

Is Birth Control the Answer to Wild Behavior?

Cat contraceptives don’t work. The best form of feral cat population control is spaying and neutering them. […]

Fixing Stray Cats

Cats are perfect baby makers. Each female cat can have four litters a year, and produce between three and five kittens each cycle. That’s a lot of stray cats. It’s hard calculating the exact number of strays in the United States. […]