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For the Birds and Butterflies

Michele C. Hollow writes travel stories for the New York Daily News. The stories focus on family vacations, nature, and adventure travel. […]

A Big Year of Birding

Biologist, photographer, and birder David Pavlik embarks on a Big Year to raise funds to save Hawaii’s birds. He will donate the money after photographing hundreds of birds during 2013 to American Bird Conservancy (ABC). […]

Save Money on Pet Medications

Save money on pet medications by subscribing to Pet News and Views. You can save lots of money on pet medicines using the Pet News and Views’ pet prescription drug discount card. […]

Backyard Birds and Bird Feeders

How to set up a bird feeder to attract wild birds and other wildlife. […]

The Flight of the Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies migrate from Cape May, NJ, to central Mexico. Volunteers with Monarch Monitoring Project, a division of Cape May Bird Observatory, tags butterflies from September to mid November before the Monarchs migrate. […]

Is Your Cat or Dog a Passive Smoker?

Second hand smoke is harmful to cats, dogs, and other pets. […]

No Starter Pets

No pet should be thought of as a “starter pet.” All pets deserve respect, care, and love. […]

For the Birds

It’s the 10th Anniversary of National Bird Day, and Born Free USA has created a number of special events to celebrate. The focus is on protecting exotics and native birds. […]

Win A Pet Trust for Your Pets

Pet News and Views is hosting a contest for Pet Trusts. Pet Trusts are legal documents that ensure that your pets will be taken care of when you no longer can. […]