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Cartoonist Randy Glasbergen on Pets

Cartoonist Randy Glasbergen talks about the dogs and cats he lives with. He also talks about how he gets inspiration from his animals for his comics. […]

Found $1600 in Cash at Animal Center

Animal shelter worker finds $1600 in cash at Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. […]

11 Year Old Challenges Us Older Folks to Exceed Our Expectations Regarding Animal Rescue

11-year old Jack McPadden rescues dogs. […]

Surf Dog Ricochet and Friends

Surf Dog Ricochet, Judy Fridono, and Rina raise awareness and funds to help children and animals. […]

Curious Critters

A review of the book Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons. […]

NJ Animal Shelters Need Your Help

NJ Animal Shelters need help to battle S.2923. Call Governor Christie and tell him not to support this bill. […]

9 Out of 10 Animals Recommend Pet News and Views

Advertisement for Pet News and Views. […]

Born Free USA establishes Trapping Victim Fund

Born Free USA creates trapping victim fund. See story at Pet News and Views. […]