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Something Smells Fishy

The aquarium trade is fishy. Most fish are illegally caught, and those that are captive bred only last 30 days. It’s bad business practice that is making billions. […]

Getting Personal

Michele C. Hollow writes for NextAvenue.org, FamilyCircle.com, NY Daily News, DIYNetwork.com, and other lifestyle publications. She is a journalist and author who writes about, pets, travel and interiors. […]

Part Time Pet Parent

Why it is essential to hire a professional pet sitter and not rent a dog or hire a part time family to watch your dog or cat. ASPCA Adoption Center speaks about pet sitting and pet care. […]

2 Uncontrolled Breeding Cats

Do the math: two cats equals more than 80 million kittens. Pet News and Views says it is essential to spay and neuter your cats. […]

Banning Cats As Pets

Environmentalist Gareth Morgan believes cats should be banned as house pets. Bruce Kornreich, feline health expert and associate director for education and outreach at the Feline Health Center of Cornell University disputes this and says feral cats actually are beneficial to bird populations. […]

Holiday Gifts that Give Back

Holiday gifts that donate a portion of the sales to animal shelters, pet charities, and wildlife foundations. […]

Why I Love Pet News and Views Readers

Pet News and Views is an animal welfare site. It’s annual Home 4 the Holidays contest with Iams and Helen Woodward Animal Center garnered 2788 comments and much publicity. Subscriptions are free, and posts cover pet lifestyle, pet care, people who work with and for animals, and contests. Posts are twice a week. […]

How I Got Over My Fear of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are smart, friendly, and quite loyal. However, a lot of people fear them. This post shows how Pet News and Views blogger, Michele C. Hollow, got over her fear of this breed, and now loves these dogs. […]

The Aquarium Trade

The seedy side of the tropical fish trade.Aquarium trade is big business for pet shops and destroys ocean life. […]

No Political Ads

Pet News and Views doesn’t accept political or religious ads. […]