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Puppies for Parole


By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Every once in a while I come across a program that touches my heart. The Puppies for Parole program in Missouri is giving second chances to inmates and shelter dogs. The dogs in this program would either be euthanized or spend the rest of their lives in animal [...]

Black Dog Syndrome

Why black dogs and black cats do not get adopted. Black dog syndrome and black cat syndrome. [...]

Helping Kids Cope with the Death of a Pet

Explaining pet loss to a child. 5 Tips on what to say. [...]

Spooky Vampires

Happy Halloween: celebrating the holiday with your pets, keeping them safe, frozen wood frogs, and vampire fish. [...]

Purrs Versus Snoring

A poem about snoring and purring. Which is preferred? [...]

Volunteers Stepping Up During Government Shutdown to Help Wild Horses

Who is feeding America’s wild horses during the government shutdown? The BLM’s (Bureau of Land Management) holding facility for rounded up wild horses let all of its employees go. [...]

Defy Superstition Day and Hug a Black Cat

Defy Superstition Day and hug a black cat. Why black cats are considered good luck in some countries. [...]

L.A. Beats NY in Animal Welfare

LA. is light years ahead of NY on the animal welfare front. L.A. will ban all sales of cats, dogs, and rabbits in pet shops. Here in NY, animals aren’t treated as well. [...]

Irrational Fears

Irrational fear: do cats and other animals have irrational fears? Pet News and Views personal blog about cats and other animals… [...]

Helping the People of Boston

Helping the people of the Boston Marathon bombing. The Fish and Bone store is selling T-shirts to help victims of the bombing. All proceeds benefit The One Fund. [...]