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An Ordinary Toad is an Extraordinary Book

An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night is delightful book for children and adults. Written by Joanne McGonagle of The Tiniest Tiger blog, the book tells the story of a toad learning about himself and over coming bullying. […]

A Street Cat Named Bob–A Book Giveaway

A Street Cat Named Bob and How he Saved My Life by James Bowen is a wonderful read whether you love cats or not. It’s great summer reading. […]

The Aquarium Trade

The seedy side of the tropical fish trade.Aquarium trade is big business for pet shops and destroys ocean life. […]

Animal Shelters Run as Corporations

An excerpt from Little Boy Blue by Kim Kavin about why animal shelters need to be run as corporations. […]

Curious Critters

A review of the book Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons. […]

Maria Milito Shares Stories on Coping with Pet Loss

Maria Milito of 104.3 FM radio wrote the book, Clarice and Friends: How they Helped Mend the Hole in My Heart. She talks about pet loss, grieving, coping, and healing. […]

Helping Kids Help the Planet

A review of the book Well Earth Well Me! by Kenda Swartz Pepper. […]

Bug Lady Gets Kids to Care about Frogs

The Bug Lady, Dr. Elizabeth Davidson, entomologist at Arizona State University, teaches kids about saving frogs. […]

A Lesson My Cat Taught Me

In A Lesson My Cat Taught Me, Jennifer and her mother find a friendly abandoned one eyed cat. Jennifer learns that despite Uno’s disability, Uno is capable of doing more things than her other cat, Mr. Tickles. […]

Moving Animal Tales

Book reviews of Almost Perfect: Disabled Pets and the people who love them, True Tails, Dogged Pursuit. These memoirs share stories about animals and the effect they have on their humans. […]