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Advertising, Guest Blogging, and Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in Pet News and Views, the blog of Michele C. Hollow. That’s me. I am a full time freelance journalist and author specializing in animal welfare, pet news, and lifestyle journalism. You can find out more about me at my website by clicking here. I am the pets/wildlife columnist at Parade. You can read those posts here.

Pitches, Requests, Queries I receive many pitches, requests, ideas, and queries from readers, PR folks, pet bloggers, and others. If you have questions, please e-mail at Michele@petnewsandviews.com. I will try to answer them quickly. I must let you know that I love this blog, and while I spend a lot of time here, I do unplug every so often. I like spending time out in the field researching blog posts. So, it may take a day or two to return your e-mail. I don’t plug products. I do run sponsored posts, which mean that these posts are followed by “This is a sponsored post.” The same goes for links. If a link goes directly to a product or service, I note that this is a “paid post.” See “Advertising Sales.”

Guest Blogging  I am not accepting guest posts at this time.  If, however, you want to plug a product or a company that brings me to

Advertising Sales As you can see, I accept some advertising. I generally run ads only from pet-related companies. Most ads cost $100 per month. See the boxed ads on the left and right hand sides of this blog? If you commit to a six-month run, the price drops to $70 per month for six months for a total of $420.  The best deal is the annual rate of $60 a month for a total of $720. Larger ads cost more. I look forward to hearing from you.

Link Ads Link ads embedded in posts must be pet-related. For instance, I wrote a story and mentioned purchasing pet supplies. The link directed readers to a pet supply store. I usually have two links per post, and the cost is $50 per link.

Payments can be sent to my PayPal account. Whenever, I accept payment for an ad, I must let my readers know that this is a paid or sponsored post. E-mail me: Michele@petnewsandviews.com

You may also connect with me at Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Pet News and Views has its own LinkedIn group. Everyone who works or volunteers with animals is welcome to join, and the topics focus on pets and wildlife.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/michelechollow http://twitter.com/PetNewsandViews

Facebook: Michele C. Hollow and Pet News and Views

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michelechollow There is a LinkedIn Pet News and Views Group too.