Know More About the Signs of Diabetes in Cats.

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Pet News and Views is a source for pet owners and admirers of wild animals. I’m Michele C. Hollow, blogger and creator of this site. I’m pleased you dropped in. I’m a professional journalist, so the news part of this site is quite important to me. I carefully research each post.

News focuses on pet care, wildlife issues, profiles of people who work with animals, laws affecting animals, and stories about pets and wildlife. I do take a journalistic approach to these stories.

The views section covers opinions and personal observations about pets and wildlife. I have also been able to score products to give away to shelters. Thanks to partnerships with pet manufacturers, Pet News and Views has given away more than $100,000 worth of merchandise to animal shelters across the U.S. My goal is to host one contest a month to help animal shelters in the U.S.