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For the Birds and Butterflies

Migration takes place in Cape May now through mid November

By Michele C. Hollow of  Pet News and Views

Crested Terns in Jarvis Sound, Cape May. (Photo by Steven M. Hollow.)

We are hot-wired to tune out excessive sights and sounds. If we did see and hear everything around us, our brains would go on overload. So, when I went birding at Cape May, NJ, I was awe-struck by the number of birders who would spot a spec in the sky and call out “Tern,” “Kingfisher,” or “Kestrel.” Each time they got it right.

I don’t have 20/20, but my eyes aren’t that bad. Even with binoculars, I had trouble identifying the types of birds that soared high in the sky. After, a day, with the experts, I started spotting birds in marshes and in trees. I still didn’t know all of their names, but each time one came into view, I would shout out an “Oh, wow!” To read the rest of the article, which I wrote for the NY Daily News, click here.


15 comments to For the Birds and Butterflies

  • Mary

    Love it! what a great story Michele. I’m a birder, and appreciate your covering this and opening this up to more people.

  • Rhoda

    I got the hard copy of the story, and loved the photos by your husband.

  • Charly

    We live close to Cape May, one of NJ’s treasures. I look forward to every end of summer and early fall to watch the Monarchs and the birds. Good post.

  • Martha

    The photos in the printed edition of the NY Daily News are great. And your words are also so good. You and Steven make a great team.

  • Heidi

    We are going this weekend. Thanks for the tip!

  • Frank

    I read you NY Daily News article, and we are planning on taking the kids there. It is so close. Even Pete Dunne said he used to drive past Cape May to see birds. Now we all know better. Thanks Michele!

  • Nancy

    I’m bringing the kids. Cape May is lovely–especially this time of year, and it is a bargain with all of the visitors gone. I also liked reading your Wildwood story.

  • Angelica

    We loved your story. We go to Cape May, NJ, a lot to watch birds. Having the Monarchs there is an extra added bonus.

  • Mark

    I wish more newspapers and websites would focus on local travel. Many of us don’t have big budgets or time to fly to distance places. Getting in the car to drive to a destination that is 3-hours or less is a great option. And this trip sounds wonderful. Thank You Michele!

  • Zoe

    So many travel sites don’t cover kid friendly vacations that appeal to adults. I like that your travel writing appeals to parents too. I loved your moose safari story.

  • Katherine

    Sounds like you really enjoyed your stay in Cape May. It really comes through in the piece. Thank you for sharing this story. I am going to put this in our travel book for next fall.

  • Inez

    Love the birds. Being in NYC makes trips like these so vital. We all need to be around nature as often as possible.

  • Yvette

    Lovely article. Glad you are in the NY Daily News–NY’s hometown paper. I love that paper, and loved your story.

  • Tina

    I got to meet Pete Dunne on one of the talks. He is quite amazing. His knowledge of birds is broad.

  • Great story and very impressive, Michele. You are a fab writer and I love Cape May, but have not been there in years.

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