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Dogs Left Inside Cars

(Courtesy of Pets Best.)

(Courtesy of Pets Best.)


By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

I know that Pet News and Views’ readers would never leave their dogs or cats inside a car.  It could be life threatening for your pet.

According to Pets Best Insurance Services, today is National Heat Awareness Day.  If it is 68 degrees outside, the inside temperature of your car can jump to 81 within 10 minutes, and reach up to 115 degrees in an hour.

Please copy and share this infographic, and place it on cars. If you do see a dog or cat in a car even with the windows cracked, please call animal control.

Michele C. Hollow writes a pets/wildlife column for Parade. She is the author of The Everything Guide to Working with Animals (Adams Media).

2 comments to Dogs Left Inside Cars

  • Thanks, Michele for another important topic. You are always right on point. Hope you can write about this in Parade, too!

    So many people are mistaken that safe outside temperatures do not translate into safe temps to leave a dog in a parked car.

    If a person feels the animal’s life is in imminent danger, 911 can be called, too. I did that once in San Francisco after watching the car unattended for a long time. The compassionate police officers arrived quickly and were about to enter the car when the irresponsible owner walked up. They gave her a stern warning. I wrote in my book about a woman who lost her job with a department store in Georgia after breaking a car window because a shopper had left her dog parked in the store’s parking lot. The shopper demanded that she be fired for damaging her property and the store complied. Calling animal control is excellent advice.

    HSUS or some other large animal advocacy group used to distribute placards that could be placed on windshields as a reminder, but I haven’t seen them for a while and my supply has dwindled. So, your graphic is perfect. Thanks again and keep up the fabulous work!

  • Jocelyne

    Thank you for informing people. So many persons still do not realized how dangerous it is .

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