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Student Petitions Big Tobacco Company to Stop Animal Testing

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Animals don't smoke, and neither should people.

Animals don’t smoke, and neither should people.


Jordan Turner, a 19-year old student and animal protection advocate from Watertown, WI, is taking on Philip Morris, the tobacco giant, to ban animal testing. He started his petition days after the third largest tobacco company in the United States, Lorillard, announced a ban on animal testing. In his petition, Jordan writes about Philip Morris’s alleged involvement in tests where rats have been forced to inhale smoke for hours at a time during experiments lasting for weeks.

“There’s no excuse for cruel animal testing for tobacco products,” says Jordon, “and I hope Philip Morris listens to the 108,000 people who have signed my petition on asking them to stop just like Lorillard has done already.”

Philip Morris USA’s parent companies, Altria Group, and Philip Morris International, both have made public statements which leave the door open for limited animal experiments in the future, while Lorillard’s updated policy says it will “not use animals unless necessary to meet regulatory requirements.”

In Pet News and Views’ opinion, these tests make no sense. We know the affects that smoking has on all of us.

For more information, and to sign the petition, click here.

2 comments to Student Petitions Big Tobacco Company to Stop Animal Testing

  • Fulvia

    Thank you for posting this, Michele. I have already signed the petition, but, as it has a very high target, I’ll keep sharing, many more signatures are needed. Thank you very mcuh!

  • Mayra

    Thanks for sharing this, everyone needs to help!