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Pope Francis on Animals

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views


pope francis

I have been curious about Pope Francis’ views on animals. Many of you know he chose his papal name after Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. I recently had the good fortune to interview Dr. Miguel Diaz, the former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See about Pope Francis. Here is an excerpt of my article:

“Pope Francis wants us to care for all of God’s creatures,” says Diaz. “That means all human creatures regardless of faith, gender, race, culture, physical ability, immigration status, political affiliation, and sexual orientation. And of course, among God’s creatures the Pope would include animals. We were given this earth to nurture, and to make it habitable for all creatures. We need to cultivate our dwelling place for all to enjoy, not exploit it.”

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5 comments to Pope Francis on Animals

  • Cathy

    It is true that animals are part of this planet, and that we have to nurture all beings. Thank you for this lovely post.

  • Jeremy

    I thought he loved animals. I like the story about the service dog, and how he interacted with him. Beautifully written.

  • Thomas

    I really appreciate this article. Pope Francis, who took his name after Saint Francis of Assisi, really does love animals.

  • Fran

    I wish he would of mentioned a rainbow bridge. But this is positive. Thanks for the story. I love your articles.

  • Allen

    Great score writing an article on the Pope. It’s good to know that his views on animals are so liberal.