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An Unexpected Grace Celebrates Dogs


By Michele C. Hollow for Pet News and Views

The action in Kristin von Kreisler’s new book, An Unexpected Grace, starts quickly.  Lila Elliot survived a shooting rampage at work that left many of her colleagues dead and seriously wounded.  She knows that with time her injuries will heal.

A close friend pushes her to adopt a dog called Grace, a Golden Retriever who has been terribly abused. Lila and Grace must overcome fear and learn to trust. Lila takes on the role of caregiver to Grace even though she has always had a fear of dogs.

Grace is beautifully written. Kristin clearly knows dogs, and she understands that Grace senses Lila’s wariness. Grace keeps her distance. She only perks up for Adam, the neighbor who rescued her.

Over time, a romance begins to develop between Lila and Adam, and Lila learns to see the beauty in Grace.

This is a story of trust, letting one’s guard down, and learning to be open.  Kristin tells an uplifting story in her novel, An Unexpected Grace, published by Kensington.  It is filled with compassion, and has bits of humor sprinkled throughout.  How Grace helps Lila, and how Lila learns from Grace is something that all pet lovers will relate to.

Kristin von Kreisler has written bestselling books about animals. A memoir, For Bea, is about Kristin’s beagle, who came from a medical lab and influenced her to become an animal writer.  Kristin’s books have been translated into ten languages, and her first book, The Compassion of Animals, was a Book of the Month Club Selection.

For more information about Kristin, click here.

To order An Unexpected Grace, click here.

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