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Tell Us How You Exercise with Your Pet Contest

Enter to win a Fitbit at Pet News and Views.

Enter to win a Fitbit at Pet News and Views.


By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Many of you know that I write a pet column at Parade. I also started a fitness column at Parade, which will run twice a month for a three month period while I take part in a fitness challenge. I entered and won the Live Well Stay Well Challenge at Summit Medical Group. My prize includes a fitness evaluation from a physical therapist, a nutrition evaluation from a registered dietitian and a meeting with a behavioral health counselor to talk about goal setting and staying motivated. I also received a Fitbit.

In case you are not familiar with a Fitbit, it is a lightweight device you can wear on your wrist that tracks the number of steps, distance, calories consumed, calories burned and even your sleep patterns. Since, I’ve been wearing my Fitbit, I’ve been motivated to move.

I want you to be motivated too. Leave a comment at the end of this post in the Comments section telling us how you and your pets exercise together, and why you would like to win a Fitbit Flex. As you know, pets suffer from obesity too. So getting motivated to move benefits all of us.

The Fitbit Flex retails for $99.95, and Pet News and Views is giving away three Fitbit Flexes.

Contest Rules
1. The contest runs from November 13, 2013 and ends at 5 p.m. eastern on November 18, 2013.

2. In the comments section of this post, tell us how you and your pets exercise together, and why you would like to win a Fitbit Flex.

3. One comment per person.

4. Three winners will be chosen.

5. After I contact the winners, the winners have 3 days to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed by the winner within 3 days, an alternate winner will be chosen from the pool of entries.

6. Contest winners and their comments will be posted in a follow up Pet News and Views’ post.

Remember to leave your comment in the Comments section of this post, and Good Luck! This contest is closed.

This is a sponsored post.

63 comments to Tell Us How You Exercise with Your Pet Contest

  • I love exercising with a dog. We just lost our nearly 16 year old mixed breed, with whom I would walk up to three miles a day. However, as he got older, we walked less. Now we have adopted two puppies from a nearby rescue, and I’m looking forward to getting in the habit of taking long walks with them, like I used to with our old dog when he was younger. I would love to have a FitBit Flex to track how much I really am moving with these two new pups. Thanks.


  • I was just saying this morning that I would like to have a Fitbit Flex! I exercise with our cats by playing hide and seek and with the wand toys. I am thinking of getting a stroller and taking the cats for walks too.

  • Isabel Williams

    When I started “working out”, it consisted of taking my dogs for a quick- less than ten minute- walk around the block. It was really a hardship. I was such a devout couch potato and computer addict. But my pups would stare at me as only dogs can, and on a vet visit, our vet said they weren’t getting out and about enough- He gave me information on the diseases that over weight animals are prey to- basically the same as humans! I guess what I would not do for me, I was willing to do for them! Now we take long walks around many blocks! We go jogging at the bark park! My dogs saved me but showing me I had to save them! If I had a FitBit I would use it 24/7 and play a little game with myself as to how many steps I could take. It would be great fun trying to do me one better each day. I thank my pups every day for getting us all out of the house and moving!

  • Amanda

    A couple times a week I take my dog to the woods so we can both run and test our strengths. In the warm months we also go to the beach every chance we get.

  • Beverly Austin

    Hello, I am the GrandMa of my daughters 6 month old Yorkie/Poo named Vegas. I get him as much as I can just so I can exercise, and he is a hand full. He loves being chased, and I love chasing him too. I have a nice size backyard for him to run around in, and do we run. When we go for early walks, this little fellow pulls me down the street. I never thought of tracking my steps, it would be nice to win the Fitbit Flex, so I could see my progress. Vegas motivates me to move, and that’s what we all must do, just move!

  • Hi, my way I work out with my pet is every afternoon, instead of taking a nap I take my 2 chihuahua’s out for a run around the block. I first take one out, then the other. One is like my jogger and start up pup. Since she has been only using three legs due to an accident when she was a puppy, she is just a great jogger and walker. Afterwards, I take the other chihuahua out and then go for a nice run since she enjoys running and letting off her built up energy. I think that the fitbit Flex is a wonderful gadget. I could use it for my walk with walgreens profile and a few others to keep up with my miles and account for my work outs.
    Thank you .

  • Robin Webb

    My dog Kiki and I love to go to the park, walk around the lake and feed the ducks… it’s more like we walk and chase the ducks, but I like to toss some bird feed their direction as well so that they have something to come back for once my excited doggy and I leave. 🙂

  • Chris Bennor

    After losing my husband a few years ago, I really neglected my self-care while trying to raise my school-age sons, work full time, and find our new normal. But now I’ve started to literally take those first steps to be the healthy mom I need to be by walking. And my little rescue mutt, Missy, has been quite the task-master. Once she figured out that I often walk in the mid-afternoon, she doesn’t let me get away with skipping it. She sits there, staring at me until I relent. She seriously guilts me into walking whether I want to or not!

    However, I know that I could be walking farther and more frequently. I would love a Fitbit Flex to nudge me into that and encourage me to hit new goals. I have a couple of friends with Fitbits and it would be fun to compare numbers (got to love friendly competition).

  • Chelsea Rolko

    This comment may not be comfortable to read for everyone but it is a story that I need to share. On February 19 of this year I was hours away from taking my own life. My marriage was over, I was isolated from my friends and family because of the abuse I lived in, I was drinking to numb the pain, and I could barely move. I dragged myself to work just barely, but even had to resign from a job that I absolutely loved (working with service animals). See, I have been fighting mental illness for over 15 years and it finally caught up to me. I spent nearly 2 months in an inpatient pysch hospital and was put on every medication there was to fight my symptoms. When I was discharged, I moved back into my fathers house and left behind everything in my old life, including the dog my husband had bought me a few years prior. I was heartbroken, shattered, terrified, and had to rebuild my entire life from the ground up. I started eating healthy, no longer abused alcohol, took up painting for therapy along with my weekly doctors appointments and medications. I still felt incomplete. In June I noticed this cute little face of a dog pop up in messages on my FB stream asking for someone to take him home. Tango had been found abandoned, hungry, and scared of men; it struck a chord. I watched his progress in a foster home, always looking for a new picture of his sweet face. I talked to my doctors, to my friends, and ultimately to my father. Everyone agreed that I needed a new partner to get me out of the house. I was still having more bad days then good, and sometimes would not go outside for days. On October 26th, I drove 6 hours round trip to adopt Tango, a 50 pound bundle of powerful energy and lots of sloppy kisses. It has only been a short 3 weeks with Tango, and my life has already transformed. I am LAUGHING again, I am moving, I run errands with him as my copilot, and as a result I have already lost 5 pounds. He needs to go out for walks a few times a day to expel some of his puppy energy, and shows me how much happier and calmer we both are when we get moving. We even went on a hike at a local county park for 2 hours last weekend, something I haven’t done in probably 2 years. Tango has changed my life, and I want to keep growing with him. “Healthy body, healthy mind” is the mantra my doctors have been pushing me towards. If I am chosen as a winner, I will be able to track my improvement, turning my walks from one block to 2 to 5. I am currently disabled and unable to work and waiting on disability income, so I have the time, and this gift would be perfect to motivate and encourage me to keep going. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Maria Perez

    I have a large, beautiful park near my house, and I love my walks there with my Toody. I have also started doing some yoga and stretching at home, which Toody really enjoys. You haven’t done sit-ups until you’ve done sit-ups with a dog on your stomach, licking your face every time you sit up. At least we both have the Downward Dog pose down. 😛

  • Patsy Wilis

    My husband and I often talk about how much joy and movement our basset hound, Wally, brings to our lives. We both forget our disabilities and aging bodies when Wally looks at us with hopeful eyes wanting to play ball or on a good day take a short walk. He keeps us moving throughout the day doing small things for him. My health issues and my husbands multiple sclerosis seem to be forgotten and just the pure love for our Wally seems to erase our infirmaties. Without our precious Wally we would probably allow our conditions to get the better of us. Wally’s upbeat attitude is a great source of motivation to keep moving. A Fitbit would give me even more motivation to be more aware of the activity that I provide to Wally, my husband and myself.

  • Dianne

    Over the past year, 2 of our very senior dogs have passed away. One very senior dog (17 years old) remains. Accordingly, my dogs have ceased to be my exercise companions. However, walking with a dog inspires me to walk, and then walk a little more. To that end, we just adopted an adult Border Collie. Oh yeah, walking is what we are doing! My best guess is that we are covering a minimum of 5 miles/day (estimating distance using the car odometer). The fitbit flex would be a cool tool enabling us to accurately determine our distances…and aim for even more. I’m of a certain age (wink, wink) when exercise is critical to maintaining weight and health. The same holds true for my newly adopted girl. Bottom line: I walk with my dog for exercise for both of us. Without a dog, it is too easy to NOT walk if circumstances (weather) are not ideal. Exercising a dog, no matter the weather, gets us out there every day. Knowing calories consumed/burned and sleep patterns via the fitbit flex is an added bonus!

  • Cheryl Stevens

    I have a three-pound Yorkie. He was somewhat a rescue dog, because the family he lived with just gave him away.(thank you very much). I exercise with him by taking him for a ride, not a walk. He is 14 years old, pretty much deaf and blind. He has arthritis, so he doesn’t much like to walk, and traffic scares him. But, he still enjoys getting outside, so I carry him on my walk. I figure it gives him some fresh air, and he’s sort of like having hand weights. I would love a Fitbit to track my steps, but I can do that on a cheap pedometer. I’m really interested in tracking my sleep patterns, and I HATE being awakened by noise, therefore the quiet wake up really intrigues me. Walk On!

  • As a breast cancer survivor (one year, two months and four days!) I understand now the importance of taking care of my body and myself and know that being active is a part of that. Having the ability to easily track my daily steps with a Fitbit would be a motivator to make certain I am getting in the steps my oncologist recommends and to push myself to do even one more step the following day. My poodle, Henrietta, recently partially tore her ACL so we have been easing back into exercise. I also know the obesity epidemic is in pets as well as people and I don’t want her to have any health issues as she gets older and walking is something we can both do together to get, and stay, in shape. I also have an almost 80-year-old mother who has frail bones and osteoporosis and my oncologist said that in addition to calcium and exercise, I can stave off osteoporosis that is hereditary and can be brought on my the cancer treatments.
    I would diligently use a Fitbit to make certain I stay healthy, stay on track and celebrate my continuing survival.

  • What an incredible prize! I’ve always been a walker. I love walking my dogs. It brings me such peace in a busy day. I had to take almost the entire 2012 off as I was going through chemo (boo… no fun) and just didn’t have the energy. Well, now I’m back at it, and I’ve decided to make up for lost time by taking up jogging! Right now I call it wagging (walk/jogging) because I’m so slow. It’s actually a good thing I’m so slow because the dogs had gotten out of shape during our year off, too, so we’re building up to a higher level of fitness together. I would LOVE to use one of these to track my progress.

  • Christine Aiello

    I would love to win the Fitbit to force myself to get me and my dog exercising more together. I take her for walks all the time, but we both could use to get in even more walks and longer ones. We both could stand to lose a few pounds. If I had the Fitbit and saw how many calories I was burning and how many steps I had taken, I think it would definitely force to me to keep going and take more steps and burn more calories. I need something that will motivate me to do more! My pet and I both need to be healthier and lose those few pounds! Especially my dog needs to lose the weight because she already had surgery on her one leg and they told me she needs to lose some weight so as not to put added pressure on her little legs!

  • Amanda

    I only have a guinea pig, he doesn’t like exercise lol.
    I borrow my neighbors dog though, so even when I do not feel like going out for a walk I have no choice.
    I love the features of the fitbit flex. I would love to track my sleep patterns as well as a record of how active I have been. Since I am working hard on my weight loss I feel like this added tool will help a lot.

  • I have one young dog and a puppy–that pretty much says it all!!! Just playing with them gives me exercise. I chase them in the house and the yard, and they turn around and chase me right back. It’s been especially fun to chase them through the autumn leaves. My dogs are in great shape, and I’d like to be too. A Fitbit could help me keep track of my steps. I’d love to know how many I take when playing with my dogs as opposed to when I’m not. I’m sure it’s much, much more!

  • I operate my own dog walking/pet sitting business therefore, I exercise with my 2 dogs every day/all day. My dogs come with me on all my dog walking client walks so they get all day exercise and are out like a light at night. I swear it keeps my older dog young!!

  • Ugh. The worst thing is I don’t exercise with my dog, my cat or my fish. And I should! I’m a freelance writer working from home. I sit for hours in front of my computer doing research, writing articles and losing myself in my thoughts. I NEED to exercise more, and my furred and finned companions would appreciate getting more of my attention (though I’m not sure yet how I would exercise with a fish). The Fitbit Flex wouldn’t just monitor my health habits. It would also be a physical reminder to get up and move, to go pet the dog, to let the cat in the house so I can run after her to her food bowl in the kitchen, to look at the fish. The Fitbit Flex would constantly and colorfully challenge me to change my habits for the betterment of my animals and my self.

  • Geri

    I work from home and can easily sit at my desk for way too many hours without a break. Even when I don’t think of or feel like going for a walk, my dog makes sure I keep to regular schedule and get out several times a day. Once outside, I always feel more energetic and motivated. It would be even more motivating if I knew how much exercise and benefit I was getting from the walks, so Fitbit sounds like a great project.

  • Debbie

    I’ve been wanting to try a Fitbit since I have a friend who loves hers and has learned so much about her habits and health using it. It’s kind of hard to walk fish, but those are the pets we have! We’ve walked them (in a bucket) to neighbors houses when we go on vacation, and while that gives us some muscle strength it isn’t too good for cardio (we walk slowly). I do walk my son to/from school daily, and he’s kind of like a dog in that I have to sometimes pull him along. While we walk, we see all the neighbors walking their dogs, and we stop and pet them. In any case I’d love to win this and try a Fitbit for myself, to improve my knowledge of how much I’m actually exercising each day.

  • My dog loves to race down the block, so we’ll do that back and forth until she runs out of steam. It’s great for me too. I’d love a FitBit flex because it’s hard to see how much these little jaunts add up too — I’m thinking it’s probably not as much as I’ve estimated it to be.

  • I totally and truly madly deeply need this. I work in a home-based office where by the end of the day, my butt needs a good kick in the well, butt. This FitBit would help me keep track and remind me to move and not be as sedentary as I seem to have become. My dog, however, gets a lot of exercise – my throwing the ball does not equate with me fetching it.

  • Amy

    Oh, I’d love to win one of these. My border collie keeps me going. Even at almost 13 years old, she has to have a daily brisk walk or she gets agitated.

  • I teach canine fitness exercises to high school students & our resident dogs at the therapeutic boarding school I work at. Most of the dogs in the program are also Search & Rescue K9s who need to maintain proper fitness in order to prevent injury, and work safely & effectively in the field.

    With my own two dogs – both rescued mixes – we play with our Chuck-it, tug toys and go for hikes. In the summer, both dogs enjoy a good swim. My younger dog, a German Shepherd/Vizsla mix, is super active – and we will be attending a disc dog seminar in a few weeks.

    I would love a Fitbit to help track my activity level. It’s certainly something I could use to parallel classroom discussions and charting of the dogs’ fitness program. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Kathleen

    This is awesome because I have many animals that “help” me exercise in various ways. I learned quickly that doing yoga outside can be very relaxing, but the goats are not as helpful as they think they are. They tend to step on my feet. Still, the cuteness factor has to be considered. So, I moved my yoga practice indoors. My cat delights in sitting on me while I do my poses. I am pretty sure she is critiquing them. If I do not have the right posture, I feel her claws.

    The dogs are also very helpful when it comes to exercise. We have some nice trails in the woods behind the house and dogs are wonderful when it comes to exploring every single inch of them. Indoors, they seem fascinated with the treadmill as well. I am quite sure my Great Dane mix is going to hop on there with me one of these days. The dogs also help by sitting on me, walking between my legs or trying to make me pet them while I do yoga, sit ups or other stretches.

    Having pets makes exercise far more entertaining than it should be, I am sure.

    And the FitBit? I have read so many great reviews on it that I have had it on my wish list for quite some time. Maybe I will get lucky. 🙂

  • I’m hovering on the edge of 60 and life is catching up with my body. For years I’ve sought incentive to exercise. I’ve found it in my job as a live-in pet sitter, when I walk dogs. The first few walks I’m out of breath and grumpy. But after a few days I have more energy. I walk farther. The dogs are happier and so am I. My reason for wanting a FitBit, which I’ve been thinking about for a while, is selfish: I want to live a long life. I want to feel better. I want to strengthen my legs to help arthritis in my knees. Exercise would give me incentive to eat more healthfully and shed weight. When doctors describe me, it always starts out like this: “59-year-old obese female . . .” I’m so ashamed of the word “obese”, but I’m telling you because I have a serious need to change. I pet sit only a few days a month: I need help every day. Thank you.

  • I don’t own a FitBit BUT I do own a large crossbreed mutt that needs exercising on a daily basis otherwise we have behavioural issues. He is the reason why I bike pretty much everyday and He is the reason I started Blogging (pawsandpedals/FitDog101). It suddenly dawned on me that a dog can be the biggest motivator and best workout buddy a gal can have & that’s why I’m trying to spread the word. It’s great to see that this Fitbit helps others stay motivated….I’d love to track how much activity I do just thanks to my dog. Do you do one for the dog’s paw as well??

  • Darlene Bryant

    Ok, so where do I begin? I”m overweight, 57 years young, and trying to desperately make some positive changes toward a healthy lifestyle.

    What have I done you ask? First, I stopped drinking Vanilla Coke. Yep, I was a soda addict. Next, I decided to limit my intake of caffeine. I drink one glass of iced tea per day! Yep, I was a caffeine addict. Then I decided to join a support group, Weight Watchers. I came to realize I was a junk food addict! I had a wild, sweet tooth, or should I say teeth???? The one addiction that I have is playing with my workout partner, my “son” Dexter, a five year old American cocker spaniel. He has been the force to keep me moving each and every day. Yes, this is a good addiction, and one I don’t plan to change. My little guy has kept me focused!

    How did I tame and motivate an overweight, 57 years young person with a food addiction? I took some baby steps and kept moving forward for the past six weeks. Each baby step is becoming the new normal. My goal is to continue to get healthy by continuing to make the right food choices and exercise.

    A Fitbit would be the icing on the cake! It would be my wellness monitor that would provide information that I can not see physically. Since I am a sleep apnea patient, the Fitbit would track the number of hours I am actually sleeping and the quality of my sleep.

    So, this overweight, 57 years young person with an addictive personality is on the road to recovery. I have a long way to go, but with the support of my family and “son” Dexter, I am becoming a better version of myself. Adding a Fitbit will help to continue to create a healthy, sustained weight loss on my journey.

  • Kristin

    This article comes at the perfect time for me. Last week I took my 6 year old black Lab to the vet for a check up. He has been recovering from a partially torn ACL so exercise has been very restricted but he is now all healed and back to normal. Unfortunately he gained 12 lbs during the recovery period! Definitely not ok with the vet, so she put him on a diet and exercise program. Longer jog/walks are part of our daily routine along with off leash time playing fetch at the dog park and hiking whenever we can fit it into our schedule. We are both working at getting the extra pounds off and it would be awesome to have a FitBit Flex to help us reach our goal!

  • Anne F.

    For our family pet, we have two inside bunnies. But our next door neighbor has three dogs, one is a tri-pawed foster, who is just learning how to maneuver on three legs. We take her out so she can stretch and walk while her foster parents are at work. And the other two? They don’t like being left in while the tri-pawed is out. So we take them all for a jaunt or two around the block. Because we homeschool, these dog walks are a welcome little break in our day and using the FitBit would be great to keep track of how far we walk with the dogs and would also serve as a cool math measurement tool for my daughter to learn about distance, in addition to fitness.

  • I only have stuffed animals, but they keep me company on my exercise bike 🙂

  • Kim McMunn

    I run with my dog, I’d love to be able to track our runs!

  • Will

    I have a couple of 2yo Weimaraners who love to run (and play football). We spend a good few hours in the park most weekday mornings – they keep me fit and entertained, for which I am grateful.

    I am on a weight loss plan at the moment, and would love to win a flex so that I can better track my exercise and weight loss. Quantified self is the way forward.

  • I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. But 5-year-old Fae and I know the importance of play! When we can’t get outside, we play “stair ball” (which is basically “fetch” on the stairwell), or “tug” with one of her toys. Our favorite winter activity is snowshoeing – that is, I snowshoe and she plows. Since she was a puppy, Fae has kept me on track with exercise! I am currently changing my lifestyle and diet, and would love to have a Fitbit to track my progress.

  • Jaye E.

    You know what they say — you get the dog you need, not necessarily the dog you want. The Good Lord must have thought I needed three as that is how many I have acquired (taken over) from various family members! Between the 10 yr. old German Shepard with some arthritis, to a “wanna be free but I’m too chicken” walker hound/greyhound mix to a 5 lb. yorkshire terrier/toy poodle mix — I am entertained and loved unconditionally everyday! The lease I can do is repay their generosity by making sure they get to smell their neighborhood as often as possible. I work two jobs and do lots of volunteer work so my schedule can be somewhat hectic…but weather and schedule willing, I take all three of my dogs on a 2 1/2 to 3 mile walk around our neighborhood. The Fitbit would be a great tool to remind me that making time for myself is extremely important during my hectic schedule.

  • Teresa F

    I walk my dogs around my neighborhood daily. But the most fun way I exercise with them is inside.
    I have 2 pug mix dogs – one weighs about 20 lbs and the other about 40lbs. I do sit ups and crunches with one or the other of them on my chest. I also plank with the 20 pounder standing on my back. It is really quite comical. I guess they think I need all the help I can get!!!

  • Teri Melton

    I don’t have any of these wonderful stories. I am not motivated to get out and about much, but I do walk my chihuahua. We have to go slow because I am unstable but the more I get out with her the better my walking gets. I am not using my cane anymore and would really like to know how far I go. It is scary to think what it would tell me about my sleep patterns since I rarely sleep more than an hour straight.

  • Crystal Reed

    After having to put our dog, Leo, down last year, I felt I was missing something on my walks in the neighborhood. It just felt funny to walk without a doggy companion, not to mention, it’s too quite at home. So now, we have a new puppy, Bear. He has motivated me to walk more frequently which is a blessing, since I gained a few pounds without a dog. Bear and I enjoy walking with an occasional jogging burst, playing fetch and tug. I think having a Fitbit would motivate us to walk or jog even more! Just like counting calories, if you actually have proof of your activity (or food consumption), it just makes you want to step it up and try harder (or eat less).

  • Chris

    Hi! I love to hike with my dog in wooded areas, especially places where he can go off-leash. That’s just the happiest time for the two of us. Complete freedom and peacefulness, with a side of fresh air. It will never get old.

    Best of luck to you, Michele, in your fitness challenge. 🙂

  • Anita Murano-Sweetman

    When I do yoga, the cats like to help. They will stretch with me, under me, and over me. 🙂 I would love o get the fitbit to use as a reminder of how important exercise is every day!

  • H M

    My dog Mazor and I love running together at the park. It’s been super cold out recently, but we both have our winter gear ready and have really been doing a good job of not giving up just because it’s cold.

  • Fred

    I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol, and started exercising with my two German Shepherds. We take 3 long walks every day.

  • Connie

    I have 5 rescued cats. I dance around the house with them, and toss a ball, which we all chase.

  • Mary

    I started jogging with my two dogs. They are rescued greyhounds and love the exercise.

  • Mary Jo Zdziarski

    Always wondered how many steps I actually take in a day. My 3 dogs are convinced we have a revolving door for their convenience(me). They know exactly when my seat hits a chair! 2 cats that redecorate the house daily to suit them, and 4 horses and Max, a mini donkey. When Max brays, the dog sings, and it is time to go to the barn to feed. The barn is good walking distance from the house so multiple trips to there, up and down stairs to separate the furry kids that cannot eat together, (happens when we have a foster or visitors), and playtime spent with the dogs in the yard. I have to stay on the tail of my little Yorkie or I lose sight of him easily. This, of course is my preferred method of exercise! If it weren’t for them, who knows how I would spend all that time!

  • Jenine Maggio

    I have a beautiful 8 year old grey and white cat named Lola. While I wouldn’t call what we do “formal” exercise, Lola is on medication for her ears and chasing her down so I can put the drops in is quite a workout. It starts with a game of hide and seek throughout the house. Then, once she is found, it’s time to chase her around the one room until she is cornered. Then we wrestle as I get her on her side so I can apply the drops and we conclude with a moment of hugging so she doesn’t shake all the drops out of her ears. All in all we do this cardio for about 10 minutes twice a day. In the end we relax and each get a treat.

  • Erin

    My dog and I love to go on walks together. I just started a new job a while ago where I sit more than I would like, so I would love to win the Fit Bit to make sure I am moving enough!

  • This is great Michele. Marble and I go for walks and sometimes bike rides too.

  • When my dog Dallas was a pup she had boundless energy. One of her favorite activities was running along side me as I rode a bicycle. She would run along happily for blocks, always ready to go more even when I was ready to head home. Many times she would playfully run from me, always staying slightly out of reach as I ran after her. Playtime for her, workout for me. Now that she is older she still encourages me to exercise through her love of long walks, every day, in any type of weather. My dog makes exercise fun and that’s the best encouragement of all. I wonder how many steps we take together…I would like to win a Fitbit Flex and then I would know!

  • Laurie Hallas

    I own three big dogs who think they are lap dogs and two cats who think they are big dogs. That said, I find pet fur in the most unusual places (how did the cats get into the fridge?). My pets help me exercise through the nearly daily necessity of having to vacuum and dust and wipe down walls. I used to hate housework, but now I look at it as an efficient form of exercise. While I may not be able to get reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps just from going up and down stairs to take out the trash, I try to make play our of the work. My pets ALL follow me around while I clean – imagine a pet parade of two 160 pound Saint Bernards, an old grey lab and two fat tabbies! It gets them up and moving while I do the same. A Fitbit Flex would help me track just how much energy I burn at housework. I’d love a motivating, yet silent, personal workout coach!

  • Karen

    I also work as a writer, and sit at my computer for hours on end. Winning a Fitbit would motivate me to move, just like you. I have a cat and a dog. I exercise with both of them.

  • We adopted a gorgeous 5-year-old border collie/newfie mix about a week before my 50th birthday last year. She is a very nervous girl and has a LOT of energy, and as it turns out, hormones have not been kind to me and I need some extra exercise, so, Gracie and have gotten into the habit of romping out the door and rambling around the hills in our neighborhood 2 – 3 times a day. I’m on a mission to lose 50 pounds and measuring my activity is encouraging and helpful. I would LOVE to have one of these FitBits. Gracie lives for our walks and while I haven’t really lost any weight yet, I do feel in better shape and am ready to step up my game – literally!

  • Andrew

    I exercise on my living room floor and sometimes my cats come and sit on my chest. It’s a little annoying, but it encourages me to keep moving to it’s harder to catch me. Plus, when I take a break, it’s nice kitty quality time.

  • Walk, Walk, and walk we’re both exhausted it would be awesome to know how much we do walk. I’m a member SparkPeople.com (join free use my member name DJCBECK)-that’s where I first heard of Fitbit on their website so WIN the Fitbit Flex would be the BOMB thanks for a chance1!Peace, Darlene

  • Nancy B

    All 6 of our babies (an 11-year-old Border Collie cross and 5 kitties, ages 17 to about 1.5 years) have adopted us; strays who decided this would be a good place to live, or given by people who asked if we could ‘find them a good home’. My pup and I try to go for walks as often as we can. Sometimes the walks aren’t terribly strenuous; more like strolls: walk, stop and sniff, walk, stop and roll in the grass, walk, stop and make friends with these new people, etc. (FYI, that would be the dog doing the rolling and sniffing. ;))
    The cats -for the most part- don’t play well together, so we have a ‘rotate-the-cats’ schedule: two have the run of the house, then they go back in their room and another has full rein for a while, and so on. So, they keep me active going up and down stairs -at rotation times and at meal times. This is sometimes punctuated by the occasional chase. 🙂
    I would like to win a Fitbit Flex because I seriously need more physical activity, and motivation. I love things that keep track of steps, distance and such. This thing has so many keen features, I’d probably wear it 24/7! Plus, they look awesome!
    Thanks for this opportunity, Michele, and good luck with your challenge! 🙂

  • In addition to being a writer, I am a natural hermit and battle depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder, both of which mean I sometimes find it hard to step outside the house and face people. Getting out in the sunlight helps but when you can’t bring yourself to go outside in the first place, you find yourself caught in a vicious circle. But for the last ten years, I’ve had two husky-pomeranian mixes. I can’t stay indoors when I have two dogs needing to be walked. What’s more, Lizzie and Sam seem to have a natural intuition as to when I need more time outside; one will pat my books out of the way while the other taps on the front door until I move. With winter coming, a Fitbit would add extra motivation for me to spend time outdoors. That in turn will please the dogs and let them enjoy their husky nature in the snow!

  • Cory Ferguson

    I’ve been running for about 15 years and one of the main reasons I started running is because we rescued a puppy and I gave me a reason to get out and excercise. It’s now 15 years later and she still goes out with me. Now, she doesn’t run with me anymore, but she serves as my partner on my cooldown walks. We have adopted 5 more dogs over the years and I run with 2-3 of them almost every day. They serve as my inspiration, keep all of us fit, and there is no greater stress reliever than running with them. It truly is the highlight of my day. I have been lucky enough to enter many 5 and 10K’s with them and they have won numerous running awards over the years. They have become staples around the local running competitions and they have helped to get others more involved in running with their dogs. Our only boy has also run in 1/2 marathons with me and he is a huge hit with both runners and spectators. On the days when I think that I am too tired, I think that it’s too cold, or if I think that I am too busy, they quickly remind me of what my priorities truly are. If people think that they have seen tough trainers, they have not met my dogs. They are relentless when it comes to getting me out of the door. I now know that I will never run without a dog by my side and that I will continue to run because of them.

    As far as the Fitbit Flex, I would do one of two things with it:

    1.) I would use it to continue to monitor our mileage on our daily runs and use the great features to assist us.


    2.) I might give it to one of my friends to motivate them to get out and start running with their dogs.

  • Wanda

    I just got a Fitbit, and it really does inspire me to get up and walk. My walks with our two rescue dogs are longer thanks to the Fitbit. If I won, I would give the Fitbit to my husband, who needs to start walking.

  • I’m a volunteer caretaker for Siena, a breeder dog for the Guide Dog Foundation. She had her latest litter this past July and still needs to lose 10 lbs. of “puppy fat.” I have my daughter’s wedding next spring and need to lose a tad more than Siena!

    We do a LOT of walking together, but could stand to do much more. She loves to walk, but I think a Fitbit Flex would help keep me motivated. I have a bit of a competitive streak, so the Fitbit Flex would keep me going – even if only to beat my own prior record 😉 The Fitbit Flex would also make my whole roster of doctors VERY happy, as “exercise more” is a medical mantra. Win win all around 🙂

  • Julie Grosz

    I walk my dog a minimum of one mile a day. 2-3 times/ week we do a 3 mile-r. And today we’re going on a hike.

    I’d love to try the new gadget as we both have gained a little and us ladies need to get back to our womanly shapes!! (Hers a little more oblong, little legs! ha) :). Plus losing a little would be great for both of us, health-wise!