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Purrs Versus Snoring

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sleeping kitty 1

A good friend of mine wrote this poem. She doesn’t want to be named because she doesn’t want her husband to know that his snoring is so bothersome.

Nightly Duet

At night

When all is still

Except for crickets

And a gentle breeze

There are two other sounds I hear

One that gives me a chill

And one that sets my mind at ease

Both are almost cousins, so to speak, or friends

Yet the emotions they evoke are at opposite ends.

One sound is that of a purring cat

Deep and rhythmic, the very definition of contentment

A lullaby to cuddle to

The other is my husband snoring

Loud, raspy

A noise to set my nerves askew

So there I lie

Cat on my stomach

Husband at my side

Engaged in a rumbling duet

Leaving me to wonder why it’s so easy to abide

One sound and not the other

When one is my wedded spouse

The other just a pet?

Editor’s Note:  I wrote a post about keeping your cats and dogs safe on Halloween at Parade. I hope you will take a look. Thanks!

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