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Defy Superstition Day and Hug a Black Cat

By Michele C. Hollow of  Pet News and Views

Yes, there really is a day called Defy Superstition Day, and that day is today–September 13.  In addition to September 13 being the birthday of my husband, Steven, it is a great day for hanging out with black cats. Well, everyday is a great day for that!

This was Gigs, my black cat. I always thought black cats were lucky.

One of my former cats, Gigolo, was all black. Everyone who met him, adored him. So, in honor of Gigolo’s memory and Defy Superstition Day, go ahead and pet a black cat.  You may experience good fortune.  And one of my new kittens, Karma (she is almost a year old) is all black.

In Great Britain, Australia, and Japan, black cats are considered good luck.  In the 18th century, English ships would not leave port without the ship’s black cat. He controlled the weather and provided good luck and protection. Anyone who threw the ship’s cat overboard would be flogged at the very least–possibly even executed. They took their black cat lucky charm very seriously.

Happy Defy Superstition Day!

Shameless Plug

Many of you know that I write a pet column for Parade.com. This week I interviewed actress Marlane Barnes, who stars in the Twilight movies, Mad Men, and the upcoming Showtime series Masters of Sex. In my interview with Marlane, she talks about the importance of spaying/neutering pets, and her role as ambassador for SpayFIRST!. I hope you will take a look.

24 comments to Defy Superstition Day and Hug a Black Cat

  • Sue

    You had a cat named Gigolo? I have a black cat named Samantha, Sam for short. We love black cats in our house.

  • Roberta

    We also love black cats, and I do believe that they are very lucky.

  • Connie

    Is there really a day called “Defy Superstition Day?” I love this angle of yours. Very apropos.

  • June

    Black cats are the best.

  • Cami

    Our black cat, Sweetie, brings us loads of joy. I don’t understand why anyone could not love a black cat.

  • Inez

    We have a black dog, and there are a lot of prejudices against them too. I don’t understand it at all. Our dog, Jamison, is the best.

  • Deborah

    I have two Black cats! And yes, they are the best.

  • Heidi

    I work at an animal shelter, and we put red collars on our black cats and dogs. This way they stand out, and people who adopt them, wind up loving them.

  • Caitlin

    Black cats and dogs get a bad rap for no reason whatsoever.

  • Georgina

    I’m hugging my black cat right now.

  • P. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday Steven. I like the way 18th Century England dealt with people who abused animals! Unfortunately, black cats and black dogs don’t get a fair shake. Unbelievably there is actually a “black dog syndrome” that pertains to the stigma attached to adopting a black dog from a shelter. And, next month we will have to bring in all of our beloved black cats to keep them safe around Halloween. Ending on a better note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN!!!!

  • Thanks Elizabeth! And you are absolutely right about the black dog and cat scenarios. Unbelievable as it sounds.–Michele

  • Happy birthday, Steven! I hope you have the luck to celebrate your day by hugging a black kitty! 🙂 I would love to have one. But with 4 cats at home and so much going on, we can’t right now. Maybe one day. 🙂

  • My friend “adopted” a beautiful and friendly black kitty today from the bakery where we work. He was getting too friendly on the tables, so the owner wanted him to go somewhere else. “SALEM” has a great new home. I think it is lucky that it happened on Hug a Black Cat Day. I will hug my elderly black Smudgie cat today too!

    PS: thank you for the pet drug card. Appreciate that!

  • Janet Van

    My big old black cat is Spooky, as in Spooky Mulder from the X-Files, which I was watching on TV when he showed up on my patio and nearly scared me to death, lol. I’ve had him for 14 years and he’s close to 20 years old, so that makes us all pretty lucky!

  • Hi Janet, He sounds quite lucky too. I used to watch that show. And I find it amazing how cats just show up when we need them.–Best, Michele

  • You are welcome Kate, and we all should start a “Hug a Black Cat (and Dog)” tradition.–Best, Michele

  • Hi Daniela, Four kitties and two dogs–that is a big household. I know it is filled with lots of love.–Best, Michele

  • Jessica Sala

    I hug my black cat EVERYDAY 🙂

  • You have a lucky cat!–I do the same to mine, but he is white and gray. I talk to him also. Heck, I’m the gal who talks to cats and dogs that I see on the street.–Michele

  • We have 2 black cats both girls , so we are honored to be able to hug a black cat
    every day !

  • beatrice popkoff

    I have a black cat named Bagheera..He give me luck..I love him so much!

  • Alicia Heller

    I meant neutering

  • Alicia Heller

    Applicated to cats and dogs