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An Ordinary Toad is an Extraordinary Book

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views 

An Ordinary Toad is an Extraordinary Book    It’s easy to get kids to read for enjoyment. Picking up a book filled with facts so that they can learn is a harder task. So when I find a book that tells a beautiful story and is educational without being dry, I know my child and his friends will be hooked. That is the case with An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night written by Joanne McGonagle and illustrated by Rachel Mahaffey.

Some of you may know Joanne through her blog, The Tiniest Tiger.  Joanne has her master’s in zoology, and writes about cats of all sizes—house cats to big cats. In this book, she shares her knowledge and fascination with toads and frogs.  Her book  contains a lot of information about the differences and similarities between toads and frogs.

When my son and a few of his friends read it, they had no idea that they were learning. They all enjoyed reading the book, and came away with a broader knowledge about amphibians. And as a parent, who has read many books to her child, I enjoyed An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night.

It’s a beautifully told tale about a journey taken by a toad named Andrew. On his journey to visit his grandpa, Andrew meets other animals along the way. He uses his wits when encountering a fox, opossum, and an army of bullfrogs. Each time he is confronted by the other animals, Andrew learns more about himself and the other creatures in the woods.

His goal is to ask his grandpa if life would be more spectacular if he was born a frog instead of a toad.

The book deals with overcoming bullying and finding confidence. Geared to the kid in all of us, my 12-year old and his friends enjoyed it just as much as I did. Plus, the illustrations are stunning.

The book retails for under $15, and it makes a great gift. You can order your copy here.

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