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Ban Horse Tripping

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

  This morning I got an urgent e-mail from Eric Mills, coordinator of Action for Animals. He is working to end horse tripping in Nevada. I hope you will read this post, contact the senators who are voting on this, and share it with your friends and colleagues. You do not have to be a resident of Nevada to support this bill.

“The Mexican-style rodeo called charreada features three events which involve roping the legs of running horses, either front legs or rear legs, also known as “horse tripping,” putting the horses at great risk,” says Eric. “And yes, it takes place in Nevada, generally out of public view.”

Senator Mark Manendo (D-Las Vegas, Clark County) recently introduced Senate Bill 72, which would outlaw this cruelty, already banned in three Nevada counties (Clark, Lyon & Nye), and 11 states (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Maine, Rhode Island and Florida).

SB 72 was heard before the Senate Natural Resources Committee on March 12, and major support was expressed for the bill.  However, no vote was taken.  Senator Manendo will be tweaking the language for a probable vote later this month.  “This is not a question of culture or tradition,” says Eric. “This issue is animal cruelty.” 

SB 72 would not affect American-style rodeos.  The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is officially “neutral” on this bill, and did not oppose the legislation in any of the 11 states which have banned this abuse.  “Horse tripping” is not a standard ranching practice anywhere in the U.S., nor is it sanctioned by any American-style rodeo association.

You Can Make A Difference

Please send emails or call the following senators asking them to support SB 72. You can use this copy:

Dear Senator_______,

Please support the passage of SB72,  and to make sure the following copy is written into this bill:

No person shall intentionally trip or cause to fall, or lasso or rope the legs of, any equine animal by the legs or by any means whatsoever for the purpose of entertainment, sport, practice, or contest in conjunction with, but not limited to, rodeos, charreadas, animal racing, or pulling contests.”

The vote will occur either late March or early April. Here are the phone numbers and email addresses for the senators voting on this bill:

Senator Aaron Ford, chair: 775-684-6502; aaron.ford@sen.state.nv.us

Senator Mark Manendo:  775-684-6503;  mark.manendo@sen.state.nv.us

Senator Pete Goicoechea: 775-237-5300; pete.goicoechea@sen.state.nv.us

Senator Tick Segerblom: 775-684-1422; tsegerblom@sen.state.nv.us

Senator James Settelmeyer: 775-450-6114; james.settelmeyer@sen.state.nv.us

For more information on this, you can also contact Eric Mills directly at afa@mcn.org.


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