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Save Money on Pet Medications

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

This Pet Prescription Drug Discount Card will save you money on pet (and human) medications.

Did you know that only one percent of pet parents have health insurance for their pets?  Many people choose not to get pet health insurance because it can be expensive.

An Alternative

This is NOT pet insurance. Pet News and Views is giving away FREE Prescription Drug Discount Cards to subscribers. Subscribing to Pet News and Views, which comes out twice a week, is free. Just sign up by clicking here, and then send me an e-mail with your mailing address. I will pop a card in the mail to you.

How It Works

When your veterinarian says your pet needs medication, ask him for a prescription. Don’t buy medications from your vet because they are always more expensive at the vet’s office. Take the prescription and the card to any pharmacy. You will get up to a 15 percent discount on name brand prescription drugs and up to 55 percent off generics.

You can use the card over and over again. It is only good in the U.S. (Sorry, I know I have readers in other countries.)


For People Too

This Prescription Drug Discount Card can also be used for people medications.  It works the same way. You just take the card with the prescription you get from your doctor to your local pharmacy to receive the discount.

For Rescues and Animal Shelters Too

If you work or volunteer at a rescue or shelter, I can send you several cards to share with your staff, volunteers, and adopters.  Subscribe here, and send an email to me at michele@petnewsandviews.com with your mailing  (snail mail) address.

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