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Save Money on Pet Medications

Save money on pet medications by subscribing to Pet News and Views. You can save lots of money on pet medicines using the Pet News and Views’ pet prescription drug discount card. […]

Grey Muzzle Reaches $250,000 in Grants to Save Senior Dogs

Grey Muzzle Organization helps senior dogs and has helped many nonprofit pet rescues with grants. Grey Muzzle also works to keep senior dogs with their owners. […]

Part Time Pet Parent

Why it is essential to hire a professional pet sitter and not rent a dog or hire a part time family to watch your dog or cat. ASPCA Adoption Center speaks about pet sitting and pet care. […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets and People

Pet News and Views’ is offering its readers discounts on cool Valentine’s Day gifts for cats, dogs, and people. […]

Cat Food Is Not for Kittens

There is a difference between kitten and cat food and puppy and dog food. You should feed your kittens a proper diet, and make sure they get all of the necessary nutrients. […]

2 Uncontrolled Breeding Cats

Do the math: two cats equals more than 80 million kittens. Pet News and Views says it is essential to spay and neuter your cats. […]