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Backyard Birds and Bird Feeders

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

 Birding  is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. Spotting a tiny spec in the sky and being able to identify the type of bird you are looking at is a wonderful skill to learn. Seeing birds up close in your backyard is even more thrilling.

Homeowners are finding that setting up bird feeders in their backyards is a great way to attract a variety of local and migrating birds.  Bird feeders come in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Setting up a Backyard Buffet for the Birds 
You can start with one bird feeder, and later add more—if you want even more birds to visit.  Place your feeder in an area where birds can easily see it and the seeds. The feeder should be in a safe location, high enough so it is far away from a passing feral cat or other predator. You may want to place it close to a birdbath, which will also bring birds into your yard. Other tips to follow include:

  • The feeding holes of your bird feeder should be appropriate for the size of the seeds and birds you want to attract.
  • A bird feeder with multiple perches and/or platforms will accommodate many birds.
  • Large feeders that hold a lot of seeds do not have to be refilled as often as smaller ones.
  • To draw more attention to your feeder, spread a handful of seeds on top of the feeder.

Fussy Eaters
Just because you put down grub, doesn’t mean the birds will come flocking.  Try a few varieties of seeds. You might want to try sunflower hearts, which attract a wide range of birds before you settle on mixed seed varieties,  or you can  mix your own.

Be Patient
If you don’t have a lot of birds feasting on your bird feeder, it might be because they migrated.  Also, check the size of the seeds to make sure the birds can easily get them through the ports of the feeder, and make sure the seeds are fresh.  The feeder should also be cleaned on a regular basis.

With a bit of patience, your yard will have new visitors. You will enjoy birding in your backyard so much that you will probably want to add more bird feeders.

Do you have a backyard bird feeder? How many and what type of birds do you spot? Please share!


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