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Win A Year’s Worth of Kitty Litter for Your Favorite Animal Rescue

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

    Pet News and Views is partnering with World’s Best Cat Litter to give away several pounds of kitty litter to three animal adoption centers or rescues. Those of you who read Pet News and Views know that it is my goal to get companies to donate to animal shelters. World’s Best Cat Litter is showing they care by donating lots and lots of litter.

First Place Wins: 1,000 pounds of World’s Best Cat Litter

Second Place Wins: 500 pounds of World’s Best Cat Litter

Third Place Wins: 250 pounds of World’s Best Cat Litter

That is a lot of litter. I’ve been using World’s Best Cat Litter (WBCL) in my house for a number of years. It is nice to partner with a company whose products you know and trust. WBCL is made from whole-kernel corn, which controls odors and clumps for easy cleanup. Plus, it is 100 percent natural.  Last year I tried the lavender scented formula, which is a stretch for me. I usually shy away from scented products. However, WBCL isn’t overbearing. It has a fresh lavender scent that makes my house smell great.

The Contest

I know many of you volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue. Many of you have heroes who go above and beyond to aide animals. Pet News and Views and WBCL want to know about your hero. In the world of animal rescue, who do you admire and why? In the comments section of this post, please write a few sentences about your hero. List his or her name, where he or she volunteers, and explain why this person is heroic.

The Judges

I have the good fortune of knowing some of the best pet bloggers.  They will pick the first, second, and third place winners, and I will contact the winners. The winners will choose which shelters or rescues will receive WBCL.

The judges are:

Joanne McGonagle of The Tiniest Tiger is the voice behind Gracey of The Tiniest Tiger, which is the one blog that I read and wish that I had written each post. It is that good!

Paris Permenter of CatTipper hosts some of the best contests and information about cat  care on the Internet, and is a fellow journalist and author.  She also writes DogTipper, which is perfect for all things dog!

Karen Nichols of Mousebreath is a great teacher about all things cat, blogging, and social media. I’ve learned a lot about blogging and writing by reading Karen’s blog. Some of her columns will make you laugh out loud.

Daniela Caride of Taildom posts informative pet stories and whimsical photos and videos.  She is a professional journalist, and is well versed in cat and dog lifestyle topics.


They will read of all the comments, and will pick the first, second, and third place winners. I will contact the winners via e-mail. When I do, I will ask you to chose your favorite rescue or shelter to receive WBCL.  WBCL will then make the donations.

The contest runs December 18 through midnight on December 19.  The winning comments will be posted here on January 3, 2013, with the names of the winners and winning shelters or rescues.

We are looking forward to reading  your comments about your heroes.


Editor’s Note: The contest is closed, and the judges will pick 3 winners. The winners will be announced in a post on January 7. Thank you all for entering. This is a sponsored post.

86 comments to Win A Year’s Worth of Kitty Litter for Your Favorite Animal Rescue

  • Carol

    I’ve seen Sergio handle the tough dogs at Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ. He is also a cat person too. JAC would not survive without Sergio’s help. He is so handy and helpful, building housing for the feral cats on the property and in the neighborhood, and supporting TNR programs.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    Hilary Eleanor Sontag goes to the ends of the earth and back to help rescue animals. With so many cats being overlooked by rescues and dying in unbelievable numbers in shelters, Hilary was fundamental in starting the Furry Friends Rescue Center, which operates out of Hi-C farms in Clover, SC. Without Hilary, the cats rescued by FFRC would have died horrible deaths in shelters in the Carolinas, where many shelters still use gas chambers and heartstick. She campaigns endlessly for animals in shelters and believes strongly that we CAN become a no-kill nation. With the economy in such bad shape, donations are down and Hilary and the cats at Hi-C farms can use any help they can get. She’s amazing woman – and friend.

    Furry Friends Rescue Center at Hi-C Farms –

  • I am posting this in honor of my good friend Barb Wills. Barb is an amazing woman who has dedicated her whole life to caring for the kitties that are the hardest to place. She has a 3 story house that houses depending on what time of the year, about 200 cats. Barb takes in all the kitties that would never have a home, a human touch or know human love if not for her. Most of her kitties are special needs and she works continually trying to help them, care for them, show them love and hopefully to find them a home. She is never too busy to hold them when they want love, care for them if they are sick or injured and knows them all by name and their personality. She is always at some kind of event to try and show the kitties at their best and to let people know that you are never too old or handicapped to have a home, love and family of your own. I have seen her sit and rock a kitty while they were leaving this world by rocking and holding them and letting them know that there is such a thing a human kindness. I have cried with her over the loss of a kitty that has spent most if not all of its life there with her. While her ultimate goal is to find homes for everyone, she knows that is not always possible, so they have a lifetime home with her. She runs the largest and oldest no kill cat shelter in the state of Indiana and I believe this hero of mine to be so very worthy of winning this. Also, in the summertime, there is a big garden that is put out in her yard to send fresh food to the local food pantry. She works with the local shelters and humane societies and also helps with feral cats and their care. I do not know of a more deserving person or shelter that could use this.

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  • Kristi Karnopp

    My animal rescue, where I rescued two cats… one in 1990 and one in 2006. They take care of their animals. It is the Rock County Humane Society (RCHS) of Janesville, Wisconsin. When my first cat passed away, RCHS got a donation in her name. I found that very special and unique. A month and 4 days after my first cat passed away, I adopted a white cat with blue eyes at about a year old. He has been in my life since December 18, 2006. RCHS is my most favorite place. We call every month to give RCHS an kitty update and when we called yesterday on December 18, 2006, the girl Kimberly who named my kitty Bing Crosby, told me she had mentioned it to another RCHS that Bing’s adoption anniversary was coming up.

  • The Northern Berkshire Cat Rescue is a new group that is rescuing all cats in all towns here. We have no group except these fine caring, loving people who have started this group. I have read many stories in the newspaper and heard from people how great they are and turn no one awy. They also run the food and etc pantry for all animals so any help they could receive would be so truly appreciated. In these hard times people love there animals and some are just like there children, so its gut wrenching to have to surrender them. So please help our friends.

  • Charlene Devaney is the most devoted animal caring person I have ever met. She has spay/neutered hundreds of animals, adopted,fed and vetted. She is the most amazing and needs litter for the many animals in her care and for people she gets to foster.

  • My hero is Charlene Devaney of the Hudson County Animal League in New Jersey. She has worked tirelessly and often single-handedly for many years to spay and neuter feral cats in the City of Bayonne, and has made a real difference. Despite many health challenges in the past couple of years, she still manages a staggering volunteer workload because she doesn’t want to let the cats and dogs down. She cares for foster animals, takes fosters to vets, does adoptions, and so many other things. She is a truly selfless, dedicated, and tenacious person who is devoted to helping homeless animals.

  • Ma hero is @FrugalDougal (who just crossed OTRB today). He wuz ma inspirashun. He iz why I try to halp utter anipals & why I hold SCIFIpawty to raise money fur anipal chairties, because of everyfing he did wif PawPawty and how much money he raised & just how pawsum a pal he wuz. He iz & always will be ma pal & ma hero. I lub him & I knows da werld iz a better place because he wuz here.

  • My hero is Vibeke Alstad Jagne who volunteers at For Animals, Inc. Vibeke is one of the most devoted and caring animal people I have ever met. She goes above and beyond to help rescue cats, get them vetted, find a foster, and share their info until they find a forever home. She is so patient with injured cats and truly treats each rescue as if they were her own. Vibeke helped me rescue a cat that made a home behind my job in a church parking lot. When I told her how friendly this beautiful young, female cat was, she didn’t rest until it was off the street. She was worried about her not only getting pregnant, but also because this beautiful cat was so friendly and would basically go with anyone (which could be scary). We had a date set to pick up the cat but because she is so dedicated and wanted the cat off the street, she made arrangments with a fellow volunteer to pick up the cat and take her to the vet. After all the vetting was completed and I picked up the cat and delivered her to my co-worker (her new forever mom), Vibeke visited them both to offer advice and support, and still stays in touch with my co-worker, getting updates on this beautiful creature. Vibeke and the other volunteers are dedicated and selfless and will put an animals needs above their own any time, any day.

  • Mary Campbell

    Barbara Will, without a doubt, is a special person. Her shelter, Cats Haven, is the home (often permanent) for cats that are either non-adoptable due to medical conditions and to aging cats that would be very hard to place. When you walk in to Cats Haven, you are greeted by 3 legged cats, blind cats, neurologically impaired cats, senior cats and they are all full of love and pride because Barbara cares for them with such love herself. There may be a cat that from birth had no use of it’s back legs, but it will drag itself with the front legs as of that is normal. Isn’t that the way with adults born with disabilities – they learn to adapt by using other means? But most cats with these problems are euthanized. It is amazing to see these sweet creatures living together in a free-roaming environment that is their home, knowing they are safe, loved and cared for. It has to be an exhausting job to medicate and monitor these special needs kitties, but Barbara has committed her life to doing just that. She is an angel to these cats in a world where they would be more than likely put down due to their imperfections.

  • I would like to nominate Barb Wills of Cats Haven in Indianapolis. Without her dedication, tireless effort, and enormous heart, i would have lost my precious kitty, Dewey Lovkatz. Several years ago Dewey was rescued by a friend of mine who does rescue in another city. I wanted to adopt Dewey. He had beeb through some type of fan blade accident that cut off his ears and nearly amputated his tongue. My friend took him to the vet to be neutered and then brought him home to recover. However, before i could pick him up, my friend’s troubled son tried to kill her. She escaped but he barricaded himself inside the house and there was a long swat team shootout with Dewey right in the middle of the action. The shootout ended with my friend’s son committing suicide, but thankfully Dewey survived all the whizzing bullets, breaking glass, and teargas. I was finally able to take Dewey home, and eventually we moved to Indianapolis. Some time later i noticed Dewey’s mouth had a foul odor sobi took him for a denta. I was devastated to learn that in that fan blade accident, Dewey’s teeth were all fractured and he was horribly abscessed. The cost to fix the problem was over$ 1500.00. There is no way i can afford that, with my own medical bills from a previous accident and facing knee replacement surgery. I was heartbroken and at a loss what to do. Poor Dewey had survived so much and i could bot face putting him down but i knew he had to be in horrible pain. Then my sister suggested i contact Barb at Cats Haven. So i sent Dewey’s story, along with links to news artcles about the standoff Dewey survived, and his photo. Without hesitation, Barb let me know that Dewey would be taken care of. Between funds raised and donated vet services, Dewey’s surgery was paid for and his life was saved. The vet said she had never seen a worse mouth on a cat and that in addition to the rest of the injuries he had sustained from the fan blade, Dewey’s jaw had also been fractured.

    Without Barb Wills and Cats Haven, poor Dewey would have been put down. Instead, he is now healthier than he has ever been, happier than he has ever been, and pain free forvthe first time in his life. Barb exhibits this kind of love and compassion every day fir untild numbers of kitties who would otherwise have been lost souls. Please choose Barb Wills and Cats Haven. No one deserves it more.

  • Molly Mednikow, Amazon CARES Founder is a Hero. Although I know she can’t get this prize, I feel compelled to write this. Growing up in tourism I was profoundly aware of how cultural differences defined how animals and children were treated in my own coutry and abroad.

    When I say she is brave to sell her family business to help people and animals in the Amazon, it’s because I know how Americans can sometimes sneer at the problems of the poor abroad. I saw the selfishness of many Americans in how they viewed children in foreign countries, recalling how an aggressive group of children selling necklaces in Guatemala where spoken about by tourists, when in fact here in the U.S. they would have been lauded as entrepreneurs.

    In some parts of the Amazon tribes are still killing people with bows and arrows, and macho men don’t want their dogs balls fixed. Humane Education faces cultural and economic hurdles not even understandable in many parts of the United States.

    This year Amazon Cares faced it’s greatest fund raising accomplishment. I followed their tweets and blog posts to raise enough money to get a matching fund grant. Then saw their hopes and hard work crushed by a flood that destroyed their shelter and placed volunteers in danger from disease and snakes. Now Amazon Cares faces their darkest few months as Molly writes today

    If this Entry stands a chance, I say let Molly choose where the WBCL goes so she can shine a spotlight on her AMAZON CARES cause. I am slightly known to some of your judges as Unchat, the cat with a cause. None of you know exactly what my cause is.

    It’s to continue to be a voice for those who stood in the way of bulldozers or took to the streets of Iraq to ensure compensation was given to families of war victims, or to anyone who looked behind the many false communications we are presented with daily to see the facts and acted in the courts or on the ground.

    Evil is failing to acknowledge the bigger picture includes satellites and redistribution of property rights by unfair means, remembering that animals are still only property in the U.S. Happy Holidays.

  • HollyAnne

    Oh – what a hard question, there are so many heroes/heroines in the cat rescue world. Some well known in the cat blogging world. I really admire Robin of Kitten Associates for all she does. I’d like to nominate a local heroine though, Pam – and her associates as well – at Forgotten Felines of Maine ( Serving a huge area in Northern Maine, Forgotten Felines helps the feral population and the humans supporting it. They rescue cats with dire illnesses and injuries (read the postings about Miracle and Grayson and Lucky Cat), trap kittens and get them adopted, TNR, and run a barn where ferals can live out their days in safety with secure meals and warm beds. I know a huge gift of litter like this would make a real difference for them. They are tireless, working bake sales and fundraisers and adoption events to raise funds for the kitties. This is a rural area, everything requires a lot of driving. Gas prices are high. Heating oil (for the cat barn) is high. The economy in the area is weak but still they go on and serve the feral population. Please consider them for your donation. It will make a difference to a lot of cats.

  • Our hero is Karen, with the Humane Society of Polk County. The shelter is the only no kill shelter in the county and Karen makes sure that no kitten is rejected from the shelter. Alot of times while she is dropping off fosters, another kitten(s) come through the door, and even though there maybe several kittens still in her home, she won’t refuse the new arrivals.

    She is patient, compassionate and loves every kitten.

    Currently she has a 12wk old kitten that has tested positive for feLV. Instead of euthanizing the kitten, she is caring for it and helping it find a perminent home or a rescue that can care for her. Unfortunately this means she can’t foster any kittens until she finds a home for this kitten.

    She is an amazing person, that doesn’t get the recognization she deserves!!! She doesn’t discriminate against any kittens. She will care for special needs or even the most difficult cases the shelter gives her.

    She is incredible!

  • mike

    The person I admire most in the world of animal rescue is Charlene Devaney, Head of the Hudson County Animal League in N.J. Charelene has been working tirelessly for HCAL for over ten years, organizing. Charlene was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and has been undergoing chemotherapy and receiving blood transfusion. This has not stopped Charlene from giving her all for the animals that our organization cares for. Charlene recently spent a period of one week in the hospital. The very day she was released she was back at it, trapping for a TNR program out by herself alone in the cold. She has repeatedly put the interest of the animals in her care, or even those crossing her path, above her own. I don’t know what our organization would do without Charlene, she is truly an angel in the world of animal rescue and is most deserving of your recognition.

  • My vote is for Pets Alive in Middletown, NY. Pets Alive’s mission is to rescue animals from high-kill shelters and give them a chance at having a life that they otherwise would never get. Becky, the Cat Manager, is an amazing angel who has drastically increased adoptions since she took over a few years ago. She has educated the public about FIV and has adopted out so many of these “special kitties” – even to homes that already have non-FIV kitties! Pets Alive is a no-kill sanctuary, so even though cats & kittens fly out of there due to Becky’s hard-work, those who never find their “fur-ever” homes experience the next best thing to having a family of their own. It would mean the world for me to be able to win free cat litter for the Sanctuary that I adore!! Having 6 rescue kitties of my own, I know how important it is to use World’s Best. We would never DREAM of using any other litter! Please pick Pets Alive in Middletown!! <3 <3

  • Please pick Charlene Devaney. She is sooooooo deservice. She has dedicated her life to saving animals. She does everything. Feed, spay/neuter, rescures, adopts out, vets and most of all loves them with all her heart.

  • Rhonda McCandless

    My hero is Linda Picken, with Fabulous Felines of Northwest Arkansas. She is the most dedicated person I know when it comes to saving kitties and finding them good forever homes. She often visits the local shelters saving those that are due to be euthanized, caring for them until homes are found. She also recently donate thousands of cans of Friskies cat food (thanks to Friskies) to all the local shelters!

  • Honor Kirwan

    Pets Alive, Middletown NY is I believe the oldest no-kill animal shelter here in NY. They rescue cats, dogs, horses, goats pigs and have rescued parrots, mice, parakeets, miniature donkeys, mini-horses and other farm and exotic animals in the past. Most of the cats live in a beautiful old brick house and roam free in their various rooms. They have a catio in the summer (screened, shaded outdoor access). The cat population includes FIV+ cats who have their own designated rooms. Additionally there is a feral population housed in another building that is specific for them, heated, with outdoor access. Pets Alive works very hard to find homes for all of their cats (as well as the other animals in their care). However, should a cat never find a forever home that cat will be loved and tended by the amazing staff and by the many volunteers who regularly visit to care for and play, or just cuddle with them. I believe that this year the adoption staff, under Becky’s leadership adopted out 200 cats. There were over 100 cats and kittens slated for death at the NYCACC that were rescued by Pets Alive and taken into their Middletown and Elmsford NY locations. Many of these babies were very young and needed to be bottle fed. Staff and volunteers fostered these babies at home until they were adopted or old enough to be weaned. Pets Alive has many senior cats and has instituted a program placing senior cats (and dogs) with senior citizens, helping the seniors with medical and food costs and helping the cats by putting them into loving homes no matter the cost. Additionally they have started a TNR program to help keep the population of feral cats in the area from growing. Kittens and friendly cats caught in the TNR are kept in order to find them homes, injured feral cats caught are given the medical treatment they need. Cats and kittens are showcased at various off-site adoption events, and featured on social media sites as a way to promote their adoption. Pets Alive is a non-profit organization that runs soley on donations and monies raised by fundraisers. They are a very deserving organization.

  • My hero is my Hubby Arty Congero. He is the reason we started The POOF Foundation. When we married 21 years ago he thought cats were “OK” but since then he has grown to love and care for them more than ever. He never turns down anyone who shows up and drops off a kitty in need. Through all of the hard times he has remained vigilant in his caring of unwanted cats. I would also like to thank all those who have submitted comments nominating The POOF Foundation (Protection Of Our Felines) whether our foundation wins or not it is so wonderful to get this support! And I’m sure anyone who is nominated deserves to win. So wishing you all (and your kitties) a very Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever!

  • Jenna MIchael

    Pets Alive is the most amazing no-kill shelter. They help as many animals as possible, giving each of them a safe haven until they get adopted/fostered, sometimes they live out their lives there. Each staff member/volunteers gives each and every animal an enormous amount of love and comfort while in their shelter. If the animal has an aggression/behavior problem, they take time to train the animal so it can be more adoptable. They set up a TNR program and educate pet owners about the important of spay/neutering. They also pull animals off the kill lists in NYC (as often as they can due to occupancy and funds) and do everything they can to give these animals a new chance at life (even as sick or in need the animal is). A shelter was going to shut down and contacted them to rescue their animals, and they did. There was a bad puppy mill situation and they were the first to take the beagles in. There was a horrible hoarding of Rotties and they were the first to make sure that the Rotties were okay and went every day to feed them until they were able to gain possession of them. They are there in every situation.

    They put their hearts and souls into everything they do, every employee (staff or volunteer). They never turn their backs on animals. This shelter deserves all that they can get and I really hope they win the this. Their cats are able to roam free in the cat sanctuary and are able to interact with other cats, not through cages. It’s an amazing environment.

  • Bob Hanaburgh

    Pets Alive is the shelter that I think should get the litter they are a no-kill shelter and take no state or federal money.

  • Marianne Lacey

    Pets Alive has helped numerous numerous cats over the course of the time that I have been volunteering with them. The cats are not kept in cages, but rooms where they have free movement to explore the room as they see fit. They deserve the litter to help them.

  • Kayla Hanaburgh

    I am 14 y/o girl that has stated to help at pet alive a few months ago. They are a no-kill pet sanctuary that handles all types of animals. we have a house fully devoted to cats. each room is set up as if a family is living there and the cats are in one room with several others. We as volunteers are able to go in and interact with the cats and help them become more social. They are not locked in tiny cages like some shelters and they are able to move around. Pets alive also currently has several dozen dogs, close to a dozen horses, a family of pigs, mice, and we had a goat a month to two ago. The litter would help this great organization by allowing them to pull other cats from kill lists.
    They do this on a regular basis with NYACC, I have heard stories where they have went to pick up a dog and came back with several kittens because they were going to kill them because one got sick. Pets Alive took them in treated the one and have is trying or have already found homes for most if not all of them. With all that Pets Alive does they deserve this award.

  • Lisa

    I have to say, by far, my hero in the world of animal rescue is Charlene Devaney, Vice President of the Hudson County Animal League (HCAL).

    Charlene has been working tirelessly with HCAL well over ten years. In 2009 Charlene was diagnosed with Leukemia and has since been receiving blood transfusions and chemo. Her condition has NOT once stopped her for caring for the animals. She goes over and above doing everything humanly possible to help an animal putting their needs over her own.

    The time that stands out most in my mind is when she was admitted to the hospital. Against doctors’ orders, the very moment she was released she was out, in the cold, by herself, trapping for a TNR program. Not ONLY was she trapping but she was also out and about doing the daily routine of caring for the cats within the organization.

    Regardless of her condition this woman is determined to do what is needed for the welfare of the cats, not only for the cats but any animal that crosses her path. I truly believe it is just this that keeps her going…her love and devotion for the animals. And it is just this that makes her my HERO.

    She is not only a hero for the animals but she is also their angel. We would be lost without her!

  • Honor Kirwan

    I forgot to specify a cat volunteer who I admire most @ Pets Alive. It’s very hard to pick one–they have such a wonderful group of volunteers. I could single out Maria, who takes wonderful photos of the cats that help so much in finding their homes, or Sonia who is there all the time doing anything and everything for them. I think it is too hard to pick just one, the volunteers work as a wonderfully cohesive group and all deserve hero status. So I think I nominate the whole group of Pets Alive cat volunteers. :)

  • mike

    I have to say, by far, my hero in the world of animal rescue is Charlene Devaney, Vice President of the Hudson County Animal League (HCAL).

    Charlene has been working tirelessly with HCAL well over ten years. In 2009 Charlene was diagnosed with Leukemia and has since been receiving blood transfusions and chemo. Her condition has NOT once stopped her for caring for the animals. She goes over and above doing everything humanly possible to help an animal putting their needs over her own.

    Once she was admitted to the hospital. Against doctors’ orders, the very moment she was released she was out, in the cold, by herself, trapping for a TNR program. Not ONLY was she trapping but she was also out and about doing the daily routine of caring for the cats within the organization.

    Regardless of her condition this woman is determined to do what is needed for the welfare of the cats.

  • Rita Apap

    I would like to nominate Pet’s Alive a No Kill sanctuary saving the lives of thousands of animals annually from Middletown and Westchester NY to Puerto Rico. There are so many amazing volunteers who dedicate their lives to helping pigs, cats, dogs, horses, goats……. and the list goes on. I myself have been touched by so many of the volunteers and staff at this amazing organization. My children have been affected as well by finding new interest in animals and animal rights. They even volunteer themselves when possible. Through Pet’s Alive, we were able to complete our family with our dog Danner. The transition was easier by the consistent support provided by the staff at Pet’s Alive, as they made calls and offered guidance in assisting in his transition. Pet’s alive is committed to not only finding a furever home for the animals, but providing a comfortable atmosphere for the animals while in their care. They provide outreach to neighboring sanctuaries and Animal Society’s and educate the general public on animal rights and care. I am so thankful for Pet’s Alive and the volunteers who dedicate their lives selflessly every day.

  • Donna Chabut

    I do not have a specific person I have a place, Pets Alive Middletown New York. Every Person there that I have met is devoted to the love and care of every creature there. I am so thankful I have the opportunity to be a part of and volunteer there in any way that I can. They have many cats there who are waiting for a forever home but while they are waiting they are cared for and loved. I would love for them to get this prize they are very deserving.

  • Maureen C Gallagher

    Charlene Devaney of the Hudson County Animal League has been rescuing animals for more then 30 years. Charlene has fostered many many animals herself over the years. Charlene would go into shelters and take out the oldest most unadoptable animal and give them love and a home until their final days. Charlene has also trapped/neutered and released hundreds of cats herself. Even with the health isseus Charlene has been dealing with the last few years she is still just as dedicated with rescuing, fostering and doing adoptions of all of HCAL’s rescues. She is truly an animal lover and rescuer.

  • A Parker

    I so hope Worlds Best Cat Litter chooses Niki and Arty the years worth of kitty litter. They provide a loving and nurturing home for many cats and they genuinely LOVE thier lil feline friends so they do all they do out of pure goodness from the heart,with little to no help. This is the very reason I think they should be choosen!!! What a neat thing that would be right here at Christmas.. it would be one of those little miracles and good tidings tis the season brings to us this time of year :>) If you find it in your heart to grant them this oh so needed contribution Niki can be contacted by her facebook.. Niki Congero or email me and I will be more than happy to tell them :>D Thank for your time and concideration to this great cause!!!

  • I would like to see Niki and Arty receive this. They have taken in many cats, that otherwise would be euthanized. Such a selfless act deserves to receive this much needed help, ty

  • My hero is Charlene Devaney of the Hudson County Animal League of Bayonne/Jersey City. Charlene has been devoted to homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in our area for many years. Despite serious health problems in recent years, she continues to participate in caring for the needs of feral and adoptable cats in all areas of this work: TNR, vet/medical care, paperwork, transporting to Petsmart Adoption Center/foster homes to name a few. The interest of our precious rescues always come first with her. Charlene has also been a patient mentor to me, as one of HCAL’s volunteers.

    She would also be thrilled about winning supplies for our fosters!

  • Jilian Giles

    I would like to nominate Lynea Lattanzio @ The Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, CA. It is a no-kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats and kittens (and a few dogs.) The Cat House on the Kings is situated on 12 acres along the King’s River. The cats are free to roam around the grounds or go inside.
    Since its founding 20 years ago by Lynea Lattanzio, The Cat House on the Kings has saved over 18,000 cats and 5,000 dogs (not counting the 40,000 animals they have spayed and neutered!) And they currently care for more than 700 cats and kittens.
    I love visiting there to be swarmed over by the cats. Many are so friendly they jump right in your lap!
    Lynea is an amazing woman. She has not only given over her life to the cats, she gave them her gorgeous house and moved into a mobile home on the property!
    She’s my hero!!