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Hurricane Sandy Pet Help

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

  As many of you know, parts of New York and New Jersey were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Following are a few resources sent in by readers. If you know of any other services that will help Hurricane Sandy families with pets, please list them in the comments section of this post.

Best Friends and Patsy’s Pet Stop

Best Friends Animal Society staff, volunteers and network partner-affiliated organizations have been collecting and distributing pet supplies to several New York and New Jersey animal shelters and rescue groups.  The next drive will be held in the parking lot of Patsy’s Pet Stop in Totawa, NJ, on Saturday, November 17, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Patsy’ Pet Stop promotes adoption of rescued animals in their store and on their website. For more information about the drive, please click here.


Bideawee has suffered unimaginable damage due to the storm.  Its Manhattan center is so close to the East River; the storm surge pushed the river over its banks and flooded the building. The rush of water swamped the isolation units and holding areas and destroyed the elevator that is used to transport animals from the adoption center to the animal hospital. Fortunately, all of the animals were evacuated to the Bideawee facility in Long Island. The Manhattan center is still inoperable. The staff has been working around the clock in it’s Long Island facility with the aid of a generator. This facility was hit with a power outage. Unfortunately, after 11 days of using a generator, it failed. Undeterred, the staff continues to care for the animals by using flashlights and extra blankets, ensuring the health and safety of every animal in their care. To repair all of the damage and return to providing pets the care, compassion and safe-haven they need, Bideawee is asking for donations. If you can help, please click here.

Other Resources

Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue

Sandy Fosters

Adopt NY

I checked out NYC Hurricane Sandy Pet Hotline and found that one of the organizers is NYC’s AC&C. The person answering the phone was based in IL, and she didn’t know anything about AC&C in NY. She did say that found animals will be held 30 days before being put down. So, I don’t have a lot of faith in AC&C in NY. But if you lost your pet in or near an AC&C facility, you can call this number:  347-573-1561.

Simple Ways to Help

Contact your local rescue or animal adoption center to see how you can help. Donating a few hours a week to help with clean up is welcome at most shelters.  If you can foster, shelters and rescues will be grateful.  If anyone reading this knows of any other resources, you can list them in the comments section of this post.

16 comments to Hurricane Sandy Pet Help

  • Brian

    Thanks for this helpful information Michele!

  • Tina

    Good job to all you people who care! God bless you!

  • Sara

    This is very helpful. Thanks & I will share!

  • Cara

    Whenever I go to a pet shop to buy my cats a treat, I buy an extra one to take to my local shelter. It would be great if we could all get into the practice of doing this.

  • Judy

    Sharing & thanks!

  • Donna

    Hurricane Sandy damaged a lot of shelters, and if you can’t afford to give to your shelter financially, can you foster a cat or dog? You will be screened, and the shelter staff and the pets in your charge will be forever grateful.

  • Ruth

    I would think that foster homes are needed now more than ever.

  • Pat

    Good info. I will check out the Hurricane Sandy pet product drive at Patsy’s. I’ve shopped there and it is a caring store.

  • Bart

    Thanks for the comments about AC&C in NY. They are not a good place to house animals. I hope that changes. And I hope they will wait the full 30 days. If I lost my pet, I would check there.

  • Talia

    We were lucky during the Hurricane. So many of my neighbors are still without power. It is sad. We’ve had many camping out in our living room and spare bedroom.

  • Linda

    Our school is hosting a food and clothing drive. I am going to ask parents to please donate pet food too.

  • Pamela

    Our neighbors are in a hotel, and we have their two cats. We have two cats of our own, and our house is a bit crowded. The cats are separated by floors to keep the peace. I hope they get power back soon.

  • Jamison

    Walking dogs and fostering them is a great help.

  • Gail

    One of my neighbors stayed in her home because she didn’t want to leave her cats. In NYC, Mayor Bloomberg was great because he said people with pets could bring them to temporary shelters.

  • Jessica Sala

    Also, North Shore Animal League is running shelters. We recently made a donation to them as well as the Red Cross.

  • That is wonderful Jessica. Best, Michele