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No Political Ads

By Michele C. Hollow of  Pet News and Views

Many of you clicked on Pet News and Views this morning and found that the post didn’t open. My apologies. I signed up with a company to run pet care videos. Each one had a 20 second ad for a car or other product. When I set up the post, the ad in the video was for a car. However, this morning  it was a political ad–actually for a candidate that I support. However, I couldn’t run it.

Those of you who know me know my political slant. I don’t keep it a secret. So while this post had a political ad with a politician that I am going to vote for, I had to take it down.  What if the ad was for the opposition?  I would have been livid.  I just believe that political and religious ads should not be on a blog about pets and wildlife.

I mentioned religious ads because I did see a few pet videos with ads promoting religious groups. Personally, if you believe in your faith, that is great. I just freeze when I’m preached at.  I think religion is a personal choice that you share with your family and friends–not on a pet blog.

And while, I’m ranting here, I also want to say that I don’t like reading posts that shamelessly promote products without disclosing that the blogger was paid.  It is deceptive.  I am surprised at the number of “guest” posts I get with links to products or commercial business sites. If a person is being paid to write about a product, that person should disclose he is getting paid.

I’ve run advertorials with disclosures. I also have ads on my site, which you can see on  the sidebars. I love accepting advertising, but I have turned down ads if I don’t like the product.  Okay, end of rant. Thank you for sticking with me.

20 comments to No Political Ads

  • Makes sense to me…well said, Michele.

  • Jessica Sala


    Well put and love that you are an ethical blogger! Being in the social media marketing field (and a pet lover) I see so many folks doing unethical things as far as advertising goes! Happy to see there are a few people out there that still keep it ethical!


  • Thanks Jessica, I get too many offers to run advertorials or write posts with links to ads and not post that these are paid advertisements. I also get asked by publicists to print that their clients products are the best. I get that, but I can’t in good faith do it. Thank you. I really appreciate your support.–Best,

  • Roger

    Hi Michele, Was the company that sent you the videos/ads MonkeySee? They approached a few of my pet blogging friends. Some were considering going with them too, until I showed them your post. Good for you! Keep up the good work and the good ethics.

  • Barbara

    That is why I read Pet News and Views. you are honest and caring. And I do know your political views. I don’t always agree with you, but I respect your opinions–and especially one that states politics should not be on a pet blog.

  • Nancy

    Good going Mich! I understand that you need ads to make a living. Unfortunately, many of these sites that pay per click offer only pennies. And what is worse is that they have the say in what ads will go on a site. Good for you!

  • Linda

    I was impressed listening to you at a BlogPaws conference when you said you took down Google Ads from your site because when you wrote about puppy mills, Google put up an ad for a store that sells puppies. You also told us when you wrote an anti shock collar story, an ad selling shock collars came up. Thank you for being ethical. I hate reading blogs that shamelessly plug products.

  • Jessica

    I appreciate that you care enough to turn down money for ethical reasons.

  • Tess

    I’m looking forward to November 7–when the elections are over. Thanks for not running the ad here. I’ve had enough.

  • Sofia

    Good site, and I see the type of ads you run in your sidebars are not objectionable at all. I even have read your advertorials and am glad you are up front about accepting money for them.

  • Joanna

    Good for you Michele! I see you have a lot of support. I don’t get why other blogs do what they do. Some want to make money. Others are lazy. We need high moral standards.

  • Zavier

    I was appalled by the lies during the presidential debates by Romney. Too many people are ill informed, and many just don’t care. We have to start being honest. Your honesty shines through your posts.

  • Sabine

    This is one of the reasons I read Pet News and Views!

  • Amala

    Mich, You touched a nerve here. I think many of us are sick and tired of listening to political ads. I also like your high standards.

  • Carol

    I know your political opinions are more to the left than mine, but I do appreciate your not running the political ad. That is why I come here: we do agree on issues of animal rights.

  • Robin

    Hey Michele, Good post, and high ethics makes a great blogger. I hate reading word-for-word press releases in blogs. How do I know that these are press releases? By the way that they shamelessly promote a product and by the way that these same posts appear on competing blogs. The good bloggers don’t shamelessly promote, don’t run press releases word-for-word, and are up front when they do accept payment for an advertorial. It is okay to ask for support for an animal shelter that is in need, but to shamelessly promote a product or a political candidate is wrong. Evenutally, those bloggers will be weeded out from the pack and the good ones will rise to the top.

  • Cameron

    You can hold your head high by being ethical.

  • Jack

    Glad to see all the positive support against political ads! The people have spoken!

  • Rose

    I don’t think political ads should be placed on a pet blog, mommy blog, design blog, etc. I also don’t like when ads are passed off as editorial. That is wrong.