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Author Praises Animal Shelter for Ending Gassing of Dogs

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Words can be powerful, and thanks to her book, Little Boy Blue, author Kim Kavin, got word that Person County, NC, has ended the use of its animal control facility’s gas chamber effective immediately.

The book is available as an e-reader too.

“It was a sign of hope when Little Boy Blue came out to great fanfare in August, and the shelter where Blue was rescued announced that it would finally end the use of the gas chamber by summer 2013,” Kavin says. “Now, local officials have been forced to act much sooner thanks to continued pressure from the national media surrounding Little Boy Blue and the tireless animal activists in Person County. Yesterday’s news is absolute proof that committed citizens can make a difference for the countless homeless dogs like my boy Blue.”

The animal control facility in Person County is one of more than 40 nationwide with gas chambers that Kavin documented as spending some $15 million U.S. tax dollars each year to kill healthy, adoptable dogs. Little Boy Blue uses the heartwarming story of Blue’s rescue and adoption not only to expose these high-kill facilities, but also to champion the army of volunteers across America who are working to save dogs like him every single day.

Ending the use of gas chambers is a great first step for these facilities in working toward becoming true shelters that help to save animals, as opposed to assembly lines with kill rates that sometimes surpass 90 percent unless community volunteers intervene,” Kavin says. “I congratulate Person County on making these first changes in what hopefully will be a long-term effort to save more dogs like Blue.”

Kavin recently was invited to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to discuss the potential for upcoming federal legislation pertaining to the use of gas chambers nationwide. She plans to use the spring 2013 media campaign for Little Boy Blue to draw further attention to this issue across the country. Click here to read Pet News and Views’ review of Little Boy Blue.

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