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A New Look At Chickens

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

My pals at Farm Sanctuary shared this video with me about a chicken named Symphony. It has a happy ending, and will give you some insight into the life of factory hens. Fortunately, for Symphony she is living her life out at the wonderful Farm Sanctuary (you can see I’m a fan) in Watkins Glenn, NY. You can find more information about Farm Sanctuary, by clicking here.


6 comments to A New Look At Chickens

  • Tori

    Very touching.

  • MaryanneZ

    Her name is Symphony not Tiffany.

  • Bette

    I don’t eat meat. I’m Vegan, and FS is one of the best places. Tiffany is a very luck hen.

  • Donna

    I also am Vegan, and loved watching Tiffany touch the ground!

  • Robin

    What a beautiful chicken. Chickens are quite bright. We have to change our attitudes. When we say “bird brain,” that means someone who is smart!

  • Thanks for this video, Michele. Many people have no idea the conditions our “food” chickens exist in. It is horrific. Thank goodness Symphony got out and gets to live in luxury at the sanctuary. I own a pet sitting business in Seattle and have a couple of urban-chicken clients. I love those birds. They have far more personality than one would expect. I just left one group a little while ago where Bess and Vita love to squat low, flatten their wings out and invite me to stroke them. Bess is distinctly the alpha, Cinnamon the shy one, and Vita the sweet one. They all come running as fast as their little legs will carry them when the treat jar opens. I can’t eat chicken anymore.