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Charlie Tahan on Pets and His Role in Frankenweenie

By Michele C. Hollow of  Pet News and Views

Tim Burton’s film Frankenweenie deals with pet loss and the closeness of a boy and his dog. I was curious about 14-year old Charlie Tahan’s take on dogs and pet loss. In the film, he plays Victor, a boy who brings his dog back from the dead.

Actor Charlie Tahan plays the voice of Victor, the leading role, in Frankenweenie.


For as long as he can remember, Charlie has been a Tim Burton fan. Charlie made his major feature film debut at age 9, sharing the screen with Will Smith in the Warner Brothers film “I Am Legend. He has since gone on to work on numerous projects, ranging from short films and independent features to major studio releases.  Charlie’s starring performance as Zac Efron’s younger brother in Universal’s “Charlie St. Cloud” earned him positive reviews and a Saturn Award nomination. On the small screen, Charlie has had a recurring role on the NBC series “Law and Order: SVU” and guest-starring roles on the CBS drama “Blue Bloods” and the FOX sci-fi series “Fringe.”

When he is not busy filming, Charlie enjoys skateboarding, drawing, playing the guitar, and spending time with his brother, sister, and friends.  He has a dog, named Sam, and he loves her as much as Victor loves Sparky.

Sam, which is short for Samantha, is a 2-year old Yorkie/Maltese mix. “Sammy is special because she is really small but she thinks she is really big and tough,” Charlie says. “And also when she gets excited or really happy—like when I come home from school—she goes nuts and her whole body shakes and she flips around.”

When Charlie was six, his pet Oliver, a Leopard Gecko, died. “My mom felt bad. So at first she told me he ran away. But then she told me the truth. I remember I cried a lot and we buried him in the backyard.”

Charlie feels as close to Sam as Victor does to Sparky. “Sparky is special because he is Victor’s best and only true friend,” he says.  “He is always there for him.”

I am going to a screening of the film, and will post the review here at Pet News and Views on October 5.

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