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You Can Be a Pet Hero

By Michele C. Hollow of   Pet News and Views

We all know that by helping animals we help one another.  Many of you are in the trenches rescuing pets from all kinds of sad circumstances. Some of you spend 100 percent of your time volunteering to help homeless pets. For those of us who feel overwhelmed, we can do our part too. Here are a few ideas on how you can change the life of a homeless cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, or other companion pet.

Earl Gray, our cat, was found 15 years ago. He belonged to someone else before us, and they didn’t want him. He is such a sweet kitty. He recently turned 20 years old.

Donate Slightly Used Goods to Your Local Animal Shelter
Maybe you purchased a case of cat food, opened one can and found out that your cat won’t eat it. A shelter would love to get a donation of food. If you have an extra leash or unopened pet toy around the house, why not donate it. I have a friend who always buys two pet toys. She gives one to her dog and the other gets put in a box. When that box is full, she takes it to her local animal shelter. 

Use Your Blog for the Greater Good
If you have a blog, and a company asks you to do a product review, contact the company and tell them that you would love to get one, two, or three dozen of those items to donate to your local animal shelter. You can promise them a great write up about their generous donation.

Share Your Skills
If you are a photographer, bookkeeper, or handy person, contact your local animal shelter and volunteer an hour or two a week.

Brush a Cat or Dog
You can also play with these shelter pets, take a dog for a walk, or just spend time with a cat or dog in need.

Spread the Word
Tell everyone you know to spay/neuter their pets and tell them they should always adopt, not shop.

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership. Check out PAL’s Facebook page and pledge to adopt your next pet, volunteer at a local shelter, and/or take a photo of a homeless pet and share it.

25 comments to You Can Be a Pet Hero

  • Marshall

    Great tips!

  • Jon

    What about fostering? So many dogs (and cats) can benefit by being in a loving home–even if it is temporary until they find a permanent one.

  • Lindsay

    I am going to donate blankets to my local shelter. These are easy and good ideas.

  • Alicia

    What a great idea. I approached my local shelter and the kids in my child’s school will host a bake sale come fall. All of the proceeds will go to the local shelter.

  • Rachel

    We are hosting an auction at our local animal shelter, and some of the prizes include tax help, free portraits of pets and family, and other services that neighbors are donating.

  • Caitlin

    My neighbors and I are organizing an auction of services–accounting, babysitting, shopping, and other necessities–to help our local animal shelter. It brings all of us together.

  • Tina

    I prefer seeing bloggers promoting people who are making a difference in the animal world than those promoting food, clothing, and other goods. Unless those companies donate to animal shelters. Keep up the good work.

  • Todd

    I have been helping my neighbors out by walking their dogs. I recently lost my dog to cancer, and am not quite ready to get another one. But I enjoy walking the dogs when they are at work. I get exercise and bonding time with these great dogs.

  • JoAnn

    It’s good to see so many people doing such good things to help cats and dogs. And it is easy to help on a local level. Just imagine if everyone pitches in.

  • Lori

    I love reading Pet News and Views, and your hero stories. This goes to show that even the simple acts–like buying an extra toy for a shelter pet, walking a dog at a shelter, adopting, fostering, and grooming a cat or dog–can be a heroic act. Thank You!

  • Irene

    I do rescue work in my neighborhood, and while some of the situations are dire, on the whole, I feel good about myself at the end of each day.

  • Delores

    I’m so proud of my daughter. She is turning 13 and wants to ask all of her friends to bring pet food and pet toys to our local shelter instead of gifts for her. We are even thinking of hosting her party at the local shelter.They have a party room.

  • Ricky

    When we get our children involved we teach them valuable lessons, and we learn a lot too. We have always helped at our local church and now, we are going to extend that help to our local animal shelter.

  • Chris

    I love easy and doable. These tips are both!

  • Sally

    I adopted my kitties from my local shelter. One is a pure bred Siamese and the other is an all black cat. They are just lovely. By simply adopting and not supporting breeders we can make a difference. I wish everyone would get their next pet from a shelter or rescue–not a breeder, and definitely not a pet store.

  • Wanda

    I would like to see more bloggers focus on animal shelters, rescues, and people that you profile who make a difference. I don’t know why major media doesn’t cover this.

  • Donna

    Yes, why doesn’t mainstream media focus on people in the animal world who make a difference. I like reading stories like that, and it will help spread the word about these heroes.

  • Isabel

    We do some rescue with a local rescue in the next town. One of my friends transports pets from the south to the north saving dogs from kill shelters. We really need more foster homes. Thanks!

  • Geri

    Perfect ideas, and I love the idea of fostering dogs and cats.

  • Sandrea

    This blog wins the gold medal! Fantastic advice to spread around 🙂

    Thank you ♥

  • Just tweeted this! Love the idea of telling a brand to donate enough to give to a shelter…brilliant!! Great suggestions here!

  • Thanks Caren, I do it all the time! –Best, Michele

  • You are very sweet Sandrea!–Best, Michele

  • Jessica Sala

    I think a great way is to donate our talents. Each of us are special and unique in our own have and have something that we excel at in this world! We should share those talents in the fight. For example, I own a social media marketing and content writing business and am a pitbull lover and advocate against BSL. I am able to do my part and do something that I love (social media and writing) for a cause I love. I’m able to give my knowledge and social media and marketing skills to my favorite pitbull rescues and awareness groups, which is a win, win for all involved. Maybe you knit, why not knit the dogs at your local shelter. Maybe you like to bake? Why not have a bake sale of dog treats at your next local dog related event and donate the money? Or bake treats and take them to the dogs at the pound? 🙂

  • Thanks Jessica, And thank you for donating your time and resources. I love pit bulls too.–Best, Michele