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Free Love

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

When I got the e-mail from my contact at Bideawee in New York City, my heart sank.  Bideawee, one of my favorite animal shelters, will be giving away FREE cats and kittens to loving homes from now through the end of August.  Cats and kittens at Bideawee usually cost $150 each. However, we are in the midst of kitten season, the time of year–from March through November when thousands of homeless cats give birth to and overwhelming number of kittens.

Bideawee, which is a no kill shelter, made the decision to hold this special promotion, because, “During the spring and summer, animal shelters and rescue groups are strained with an influx of cats and kittens that are in need of loving homes,” says Renee Collins, director of Adoptions and Resident Care at Bideawee.  “Nowhere is this more apparent than in New York City, where animal welfare groups like Bideawee are taking in both kittens and pregnant mothers and have been experiencing difficulty finding homes for these wonderful animals. Unfortunately as the season wears on, kittens begin to grow up and become less desirable to the public, which leads to them spending much of their young lives in the shelter.  Many animal welfare groups have made the decision to offer certain felines for free,  and while we have yet to make a practice of this, we think that kitten season is a good time to hold a promotion that we hope will increase the likelihood that these cats will find good homes.”

The Vetting Process

In order to get one of these lovely cats and/or kittens, Bideawee is asking potential adopters to complete a matchmaking questionnaire. If you are interested, you will need to show a photo ID, two personal references, a vet reference (if applicable), and proof of home ownership or lease clearly stating that pets are allowed. Interactions are conducted with all family members so that the new cat is considered to be a new addition to the entire family unit.

Benefit of Adopting at Bideawee

Bideawee Matchmakers know their animals incredibly well, which is why their matchmaking process is so successful and results in very few returns. “In fact, the return rate for Bideawee is significantly below the industry,” says Collins.  “The veterinarians at Bideawee’s animal hospital that care for the Adoption Center animals from admission to adoption are the same vets that see them when they become private clients at our animal hospitals post adoption. This provides a consistency and continuity of care that is rare in the industry.”

Follow Ups

Bideawee does routine follow-up inquiries to assess how the pet has acclimated to their new home and to see how both parties are doing.  Bideawee behaviorists are available to help with any questions or issues that may arise as pets settle into their new homes. “Matchmakers communicate the vast support system for the pet and the person so all adopters are aware of the resources available to them as they start their lifelong journey with their new pet,” says Collins.  “We will help in any way we can to ensure the adoption is successful for both the family and the pet.”

To adopt, or for more information, contact Bideawee by clicking here or call 866-262-8133.

21 comments to Free Love

  • Geri

    I will share!

  • Inez

    I wish everyone would spay/neuter their pets. Then this wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Kim

    I have 4 spayed cats at my house. I really get so mad at uncaring people who don’t spay/neuter their pets. They are the lowest of low. Good luck Bideawee.

  • Ian

    We have a house full of cats. All of them are fixed. I will share with my NYC friends.

  • Ellen

    I hope this plan works. So many cats, and why would anyone go to a breeder? I hope they get a lot of good takers.

  • Olivia

    A friend of mine has a kitten rescue, and every kitten season she has the same problem. It is terrible. I wish people would be kind and spay/neuter their pets. I hope Bideawee finds excellent homes for all of their cats and kittens.

  • Tom

    I know you believe that shelters should be run as businesses. However, what is a shelter to do when it is overrun with animals. It is sad. On the positive side, many lucky adopters will find “free love.”

  • Zoe

    Good luck Bideawee. Hopefully, there will be a happy ending and all of these cats and kittens will be adopted.

  • HeidiCho

    I will share with my cat-loving friends.

  • Wendy

    This is a perfect time for families to adopt. School is about to begin in a few weeks. So we are home now, and devote time to caring for our new pets while they adjust to their new loving surroundings.

  • Barbara

    I hope they make their quota and find good homes for all of these cats and kittens. Bideawee is a great organization, and I know getting a cat or dog or kitten or puppy there is a great option. This shows that we should always adopt, not shop.

  • William

    For people who can’t scrape together $150, this may be a good thing.

  • Sue

    Just so many cats and kittens. I do TNR, and would love to see more communities do this too. Good luck Bideawee.

  • Christine

    Well, you can’t have just one cat. Hopefully, some of your readers with cats in the NY area will read this and add another pet to their family.

  • Nancy

    I will share with my friends.

  • Carol

    I will spread the word. At least these cats are coming from a great place.

  • Kurt

    We have dogs, but have many friends with cats. I will share.

  • Normally I am HUGELY opposed to anyone giving away kittens for “free” but because they are taking pains to hugely “vet” these people and will do follow up check-ups then in this case it is ok. Sharing!

  • Caren, I stand with you on this, and told my contact at Bideawee about this. I firmly believe that shelters should be run as businesses, and that they need to make money. Caring for cats and dogs, as you know, can get expensive. So, I posted this because it may help Bideawee, and I truly adore them. And it shows how big a problem this is. I just wish everyone would spay/neuter their pets, adopt–never buy, and really take good care of their pets. I am running a post next Thursday on the business of shelters. Thanks for reading.–Michele

  • Sandrea

    Bideawee sounds like a great,caring shelter. Too bad they will lose much needed dollars because of what has been spent on these kittens they’re giving away. Perhaps some people will donate what they can. I hope if they can’t afford to pay, that they can afford to raise. Thank goodness Bideawee does a good check on prospective families.

    ~ T N R ~

  • Jessica Sala

    Not nice that there are so many cats in the shelter, but love the no kill and free way of life 🙂 Will share with my friends and hope that many of this kitties find happy, loving furever homes.