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A Puppy’s Great Escape

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Ever wondered where your dog came from? Journalist Kim Kavin did. She is the author of “Little Boy Blue: A puppy’s rescue from death row and his owner’s journey for truth.”  Kim’s book starts out by talking about puppy porn.

The book is available as an e-reader too.

Puppy porn is a wonderful term that was coined by Jim Gorant; Jim wrote the foreword.  You might recognize his name because he is the author of “The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and their Tale of Rescue and Redemption.” Puppy porn is when we spend time alone browsing the adorable faces of dogs on Petfinder.com. Then our spouses come into the room and we immediately click on another link. We are entertaining the idea of getting another pet, but know that it’s a big decision and that we will have a big discussion with our significant other.

Even though Kim had a dog, she wanted another one. Blue, the brindle colored puppy with eyes that just kept starring back at her on the screen, caught her attention—even after she turned off the computer. She made a connection, and Blue was going to be her dog. So she called the number and thought that she could adopt him pretty quickly. Instead, Jane Zeolla, a volunteer from Lulu’s Rescue in New Jersey (where Kim lives) came to her house to inspect the place and ask a lot of questions.

The rescue volunteer wanted to make sure that Blue would be going to a good home. After Kim passed inspection, she asked if she could meet Blue. That is when she learned that Blue wasn’t in NJ or even in neighboring PA. (The contact information listed a PA zip code.) Blue was in rural North Carolina. Kim specifically searched for puppies within a hundred miles of her home so she could check them out before committing.

Jane explained to Kim that rescue groups put their zip codes onto sites like Petfinder so locals could adopt dogs who are far away and dearly in need of a good home. Many animal shelters and rescue groups up north make the journey down south to get a variety of dogs. Kim found out that Blue would be brought to NJ via ground transport—rescue volunteers who make scheduled visits to kill shelters down south to transport dogs to foster homes up north.

So began Kim’s journey about adopting Blue and learning about his background. In her book she travels to the kill shelter where Blue stayed before he was rescued and the rescue that housed him. Her journey is an adventure and it turns up some difficult facts about kill shelters, rescue transports, and the people who foster dogs.

She explores the “whys” behind the need for dog transports and promotes adoption over breeding. She uncovers many surprising facts about animal shelters and how the system works. Writing about kill shelters can be harrowing. Yet, Kim writes in a beautiful manner making it an important, not frightening, read.

She talks about why shelters need to be run as businesses, and provides examples of well run ones. Her knowledge of pet transportation rescues is insightful and everyone involved in pet rescue should read “Little Boy Blue.”

This is a memoir that touches on Kim’s life as a journalist, pet parent, foster pet parent, and pet rescue volunteer. It’s a rich life filled with kindness and care, and her book will stay with you after you finish reading it.

Special Offer for Pet News and Views’ Readers

You can enter to win one copy of “Little Boy Blue,” published by Barron’s.  The contest runs through August 7, 2012, 3 p.m. eastern.  Leave a comment after this post, and one winner will be chosen to win “Little Boy Blue.” You can also order your copy now by clicking here. A portion of the book’s proceeds benefits Petfinder.com Foundation.

P.Elizabeth Anderson won the copy of “Little Boy Blue.”

35 comments to A Puppy’s Great Escape

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  • Harriett M. Chomen

    Blue is a wonderful dog that was rescued from an awful situation. Hopefully this book will help save other dogs.

  • Julie Ogden

    Already bought several it was so good but couldn’t resist a contest. Wanted all my friends to have a copy.

  • Elizabeth

    Can’t wait to read this book!!

  • Patricia Johnston

    Sounds like a good story and a reference book which should be in every shelter and rescue.

  • Jan Brent

    I’m looking forward to reading this book. Thank you Kim for rescuing Blue and all the good work you do.

  • wendy

    Rescue pet transport are a wonderful and necessary thing if we hope to save them all. So many lives have been saved and will continue to be saved with the support of rescues.

  • laura

    Sounds like a great book and story of one lucky dog. If only they all could be so lucky.

  • Milly Westman

    I always love to read about rescues whether it be dogs or cats. Love those happy endings.

  • Kim Wetmore

    Good for Blue– so many others never make it out to be put on transports. To Jordan, who went to CT–I hope you found a family that loves you as much as I do!

  • Elena

    Would love to read this book!

  • Eager to read this……

  • Debby

    I just saw this book yesterday on Facebook over on the right side where there are different ads. So I clicked on it (naturally!) because when I see any thing to do with dogs & especially a pic like this one was.(is!) I just have to go & see it! I do as much as I am able! It ALL helps! big or “small”! Any advocating for any/all animals helps! Sooo! thank you for the opportunity to make a comment & hopefully make a bit of difference! I am so looking forward to getting the book! My VERY best to you ALL! Debby LEDBETTER

  • Stephanie

    I am sure there will be things in ths book that I already know, but don’t want to admit are true.

  • SuzeVich

    Sounds like a great read … Can’t wait.

  • Judy

    Both my dogs are rescues. Would love to read Blue’s story

  • Victoria O

    Looks like a great story and I volunteer for a FB page called Rescue Rides.

  • Marge

    I adopted my dog from Lulu’s Rescue. She also came from N.C. Knowing firsthand the tremendous work this rescue group does and their undying love for these beautiful animals, I’m thrilled and so proud that Blue’s story is being told. It should be made available at every rescue, pet store, library, book store as well as being a must read for kids who hopefully will be the new generation in helping abate the problems facing our loving creatures.

  • Puller

    As a fellow rescuer, I would love to about Little Boy Blue and his adventures.

  • 2 of my favorite things dogs and reading. I net work dogs not because I want to but because the need is there. I have 5 rescue animals ( 2 Dogs , 2 cats and a turtle) as part of my family I would love to taken in more but that wouldn’t be me being a responsible pet care giver. (I hate the word owner, I don’t own them I take care of them) I read as much as possible on the internet about rescue,shelters,and about animals. This would be the first book I would read if I won it.

  • Correction Would be the first book I would read about the subject of shelters , transport etc…

  • Lisa F.

    I love books like these. Thanks for offering this giveaway! 🙂

  • Maika'i

    I look forward to reading this book. I adopted an older corgi-mix gal from my local CT shelter that rescued her from an Ohio shelter where she was on death row due to her age. We’ve had 2 good years together so far and hoping for more.

  • Angela

    Who WOULDN’T want to read this book?! I volunteer at a rescue and have 3 rescue animals of my own so this looks wonderful!

  • Fulvia

    Thank you for posting, Michele! Wishing all the best to Blue and his adopter!

  • Rhonda Rogers

    I’m from NC, and, sadly, I’m all too familar with high-kill shelters and those that still use the gas chamber to kill animals. It makes me sick to my stomach and ashamed of my state. Blue’s story neededed telling. Spread the word! A huge thank you to Rhonda Beach who helped rescue Blue from NC and who tries her darnedest to rescue animals from Person County every single day, to all of the transporters on the rescue highway, to all of the rescues who are pulling from these southern shelters, and especially to Kim Kavin for giving Blue a forever home and sharing his story with the world.

  • Lisa W

    This sounds fascinating. Living here in NC, it is hard to even imagine the scope of the problem… Thanks to Kim for her diligence.

  • Wonderful book to raise awareness of the plight of dogs in this country. Spaying/Neutering is the answer, adoption helps. Looking forward to this book raising awareness everywhere!

  • Maryanne Z

    I confess that I am a kitty porn abuser. Would love to get a copy of this book.

  • Dianne

    We’ve only adopted from local shelters/rescues. Though we do not know specific details of our dogs’ past, all of them are “local” dogs. We always introduce the animals at home to any animals we are considering adopting. Not sure how this would work in a long distance adoption? At any rate, this book sounds like an heartwarming and heartbreaking read. I would love to know how the rescues who transport homeless animals from high kill areas to other locations make it all work.

  • Shadie Kaye's Mom

    Sounds like a very special read … hope we win >^..^<

  • Tiffany Larnick

    Sounds like an interesting and informative book. I have two rescue pups of my own and volunteer at the local animal shelter. Even with all of my research and work, there is still so much more to learn–and I can’t wait to read. Thank you for rescuing your sweet pup and for sharing your story. This book will likely help to save more animal’s lives and help to better educate the public as well.

  • Jessica Sala

    Awesome and love the name! I have a blue nose pit/wiener dog and his name is blue and I call him Little Boy Blue all the time!

  • Sandra Anderson

    My heart breaks for each and every day I read sad stories about ANY animal. My heart breaks when persons PURCHASE dogs from breeders/puppy mills when SO many are available in shelters. There just needs to be more media attention about adoption and being caregivers to shelter animals. NOT owners, caretakers!
    Hopefully this book will educate and create awareness because the average person does not have a clue. ALL animals deserve better…

  • Nancy Bergamasco

    Our 2 Cavaliers were adopted last year – so wonderful people are willing to help animals. Wouldn’t it be nice to have copies to hand out in front of the pet stores that still sell puppies from so called “breeders”!!