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A Dog’s Life Remembered in Song

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Mark Alan, singer/songwriter of Alphanaut, the art-rock/euro-pop musical collective, released a new album focused on the life of his beloved dog, Dingo. The album, Little Sun, honors the memory of Dingo who tragically passed away from Canine Lymphoma in October 2009. Each song on the album is a chapter in the story of Dingo’s life, from birth to the ultimate passage back into the realm of the spirit.

Cover of Back to the Sun.

This animated video for the song “Back to the Stars,” is directed by Tonda Ros of the award-winning L.A.-based production company Dogubomb. It features Dingo as he leaves Earth to explore space.
“The song ‘Back to the Stars’ marks the final chapter in the Little Sun story of my dog Dingo’s life,” says Alan. “The album begins with ‘Falling to Earth,’ which recounts the experience of birth on a grand cosmic level, and moves through various key moments of his life. I knew I wanted to wrap things up full circle with the journey concluding where it began–in the ether of space. Even though ‘Back to the Stars’ is about the afterlife, it was important to me that the song be joyous as it touched on the concept of life and death being the passage of energy from one state to the next. Like most of Little Sun, ‘Back to the Stars’ is told from Dingo’s perspective. I imagined him overseeing a gathering of those who loved him and the discovery of his journal, its pages filled with mementos of the joys, triumphs and tribulations of his time on Earth.” 

After Dingo’s passing in October 2009, Alan created National Canine Cancer Foundation’s donation page as a way for people to donate to the Foundation in Dingo’s honor. “My hope is that one day no dog, or their owners will ever have to experience the suffering we went through, and that one day Canine Cancer will be a long forgotten memory,” he says. You can donate directly to the NCCF by clicking here.

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