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Top 10 Tips for Raising Green Cats and Dogs

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Thinking of going green? Maybe you already live a green lifestyle. How about your pets? You can raise eco-friendly pets by following these 10 simple steps.

1. Do you have a recycled dog or cat? The first step to going green is adopting a cat, kitten, dog, or puppy from your local animal shelter or rescue group. You can even find purebreds at your local shelter. Between four and five million dogs and cats are put down each year at animal shelters across the country. Imagine the good you will do for the dog or cat you adopt from a shelter.

2. Spay or neuter your pets. It’s a good way to reduce the pet overpopulation problem. 

3. Buy a good quality natural pet food.

4. Cook for your pets. If you eat meat and vegetables, share with your pets. Cats are carnivores and need to eat meat. Dogs are omnivores, but do better with a meat based diet. You can supplement their diet with raw carrots, and avoid snacks. For more on dog diets, click here.

5. Purchase toys, food bowls, pet beds, and other pet products that are made with natural, organic, or recycled materials. With pet toys, give your pets one at a time. Your dog or cat may have a “special” toy. Too many toys around the house often wind up ignored. So, take out that special toy and play with your pet.

6. Buy biodegradable poop bags, and always clean up after your dogs.

7. For cats, use a biodegradable litter made out of corn kernels, pine, or recycled newspaper.

8. Use eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t have chemicals.

9. Recycle cardboard boxes. Cats love to hide and play inside of them.

10. Buy close to home, and purchase products that don’t have to be replaced often.

14 comments to Top 10 Tips for Raising Green Cats and Dogs

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  • Great post, Michele. All these are good suggestions for responsible pet ownerhsip.

  • Good suggestions however, I personally would never consider any of my adopted dogs or cats as “recycled.” I think of recycled as converted waste into something new and I would never consider my adopted dogs and cats as waste. They just had a bad luck of the draw before they ended up with us.

  • Jody

    I never thought of my cats as recycled. I got them when they were ages 4 and 5–great ages for cats. Thanks for the tips.

  • Lisa

    It is funny that we spend so much on toys, when all cats love are cardboard boxes! Good tip!

  • Anne

    I like buy close to home, and only at a shelter or through a rescue–never at a pet shop or a breeder.

  • Nancy

    Recycled dogs sounds kind of mean, but I get it. My dogs were transported from a shelter down south to my local shelter in NJ. I’m so lucky I found them.

  • Lorraine

    Our cats use recycled newspaper litter called “Yesterday’s News.”

  • Yvette

    Our dogs get an all natural dog food with very few ingredients in it. As a result, their coats are shiny, and they seem healthier.

  • Charles

    Spay or neuter are the most important, maybe that is a tie or has an edge over the second most important: adoption. I got my first dog at a pet shop–I know, I know! Well, I didn’t know back then. And while he was a great dog, he had a lot of health problems. Our current dog is from our local animal shelter, and he is healthy and has a lot of love to give.

  • Patti

    I also recycle my dog’s toys. He has so many of them that I put many away and only leave 3-4 out at a time. Then I introduce him to a “new” one that he hasn’t seen for a while. It’s a great trick, and I make a fuss over him. He’s one happy dog.

  • George

    Those biodegradable poop bags are really important. I carry them when ever we go out, have a few always attached to his leash, and we have them in the car too.

  • Robin

    Thanks Michele for these good tips. I love your blog! And I like that all of my pets–and the future ones too–will always be recycled from an animal shelter.

  • Hi Rachel, I see your point. But I have had older objects that I cleaned up and recycled into new. I just want everyone to get their pets from local shelters or rescues. Thanks for commenting, and Preston is adorable.–Best, Michele