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Found $1600 in Cash at Animal Center

From Pet News and Views: I just received this from my buddies at Helen Woodward Animal Center. This is a wonderful story about honesty and integrity.

Animal Care Technician, Amy Barnes, found herself sorting through more than dog harnesses and cans of cat food in her recent distribution of Helen Woodward Animal Center adoption donations. The large bundle of cash, which fell out of a crate and onto her feet, provided a moment of unparalleled integrity for the Helen Woodward Animal Center staff member. Barnes took the stack of newly minted $100 bills, totaling $1,600, directly to management with a concern. Was it inadvertently dropped into the crate? Was it someone’s rent money? Someone’s intended bank deposit? Without a name on the donation and no registered request for a donation receipt, there was no clear way to check, but Barnes was determined to find out anyway.

This is not the first good deed demonstrated by Barnes during her one and half years at the Center. The 23 year old, San Diego native, who was recently promoted to Lead Animal Care Technician, has continually proven her moral fiber and her loving heart in her dedicated work with orphaned Helen Woodward Animal Center pets. Barnes is currently completing her Associates Degree in Psychology and plans to continue pursuing her career in the field of animal rescue. In addition to working full-time for Helen Woodward Animal Center, she recently signed up to volunteer at Project Wildlife.

In the meantime, Barnes is looking out for the good of mankind too. “I’d like to make sure that money was meant for us,” Barnes explained. “I would love to see it go to the animals, but not if it means that someone is unable to pay their rent.” Helen Woodward Animal Center staff is holding the cash for confirmation. If you are the person who donated or misplaced this money, please contact PR Manager Jessica Gercke at 858-756-4117 x 335. To claim the cash, you will be required to identify what sort of container the money was held in.

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