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Get Rid of those Bad Pet Odors Contest

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Okay, this is not a sexy topic. It is one that has been a problem in my house. My 19-year old cat, Earl Gray, developed an over active thyroid, and as a result he started peeing in the house. Fortunately, we got this under control through diet and medicine.

Earl is doing much better, but the urine odor persists. I tried so many different cleaning products. The odor seems to linger. Getting rid of it is not impossible. A friend told me about Pawsitively Clean Pee-eww cat (and dog) urine eliminator system from Bissell. It retails for $19.99, and is totally worth the price. It comes with a small black light flashlight. Batteries are not included. You will need to purchase three Triple A batteries.

Win Pee-eww, a cat and dog urine eliminator kit from Bissell.

You shine the black light on your carpet, and when the light shines on the urine, you will see a fluorescent spot appear. Then all you need to do is spray Pee-eww on the spot, let it sit for 5-10 minutes to penetrate, then blot dry. We did this (actually my 11-year old, my husband, and I thought it was pretty neat seeing these glow-in-the dark spots), and the odor is gone.

I’m so pleased. Urine odors are nasty. Pee-eww really works.

Win A Pee-eww Kit with Black Light
Pet News and Views is giving away Pee-eww to 5 readers. Just leave a comment in the comments section of this post, and I will put all of the entries in Random.org to pick 5 winners. The contest ends this Thursday, May 31, 2012, at 3 p.m. Eastern.

59 comments to Get Rid of those Bad Pet Odors Contest

  • Beth

    Sadly my house would be whole lot better if this really works! My small dogs didn’t housebreak easily and we still have some residual odor.

  • Georgina

    I would like to win this. We got a new puppy, and there are a few accidents to clean up.

  • Jody

    Yes, this isn’t a “sexy” topic. But it is important because urine smells are God awful. I would like to win this because our cat missed the box and there is urine on the carpet. I tried some cleaning products, but like you said, many don’t work.

  • Charles

    Remember the book, “The Boys in the Band?” There is a scene in it where someone goes into the bathroom to vomit. Then he finds lavender air freshener and sprays it hoping to mask the scent. What actually happens is a smell of vomit in a lavender bush. I have never forgotten that image because so many air fresheners don’t mask the smell, they just add another–usually bad–scent to the mix. I want to win this contest.

  • Gayle

    I have a pet sitting business in my house, and this can come in handy. I would like to win.

  • Yvette

    We just got a kitten and this can come in handy. She is using her box though. Smart kitty!

  • Lindsy

    A friend of mine used Pee-ewww in her house, and it actually smells good. I am very sensitive to perfumes and only buy products–from laundry detergents to cleaning soluitons–that have no scent. I would like to win this.

  • Robin

    If I win this, I will donate it to my local animal shelter.

  • John

    The lobby in the animal shelter I work in stinks. I would give this to them if I win.

  • Margaret

    We are getting a puppy this summer, and would like to have this on hand just in case we will need it. Thanks.

  • Joanne

    Our puppy has been having accidents, so we could use htis.

  • Lucy

    I heard this works on fabrics. My cat just peed in my suitcase. When I take it out, she knows I’m going away. So this time, she peed in it. Uck. She is lucky I love her.

  • Anne

    Thanks Pet News and Views. I would like to win this because our 18 year-old cat is all of a sudden having accidents. This sounds like a great solution.

  • Mike

    I want to win, and I will give this to my local shelter.

  • Larry

    A lot of us have older pets, and they don’t mean to have an accident–that is why it is called an accident, but as you said, urine has a terrible smell. So, I would like to win this.

  • Adam

    I want to win this because I saw it in the store, and the price was a bit steep, but if it works, I want to try it. I think I will buy it if I don’t win.

  • Carrie

    Put me down to win Pee-Ewww! We have 3 new kitties, and so far, so good, but just in case they miss the box, it would be good.

  • Sarah

    We foster older cats, and most don’t need this, but once in a while this would come in handy.

  • Lavendar

    Older pets, like older adults, have accidents. So, we need to care for them, and this seems like a good product. I have a 15-year old pit bull, who is starting to have some health issues. I also have two older cats. So, yes, put me down to win. And Thanks!

  • Peggy

    You are right this isn’t a “sexy” topic, but it is important because the urine smells can make us ill–especially in the heat. The smells seem to get worse, and they do linger. We have two older cats–ages 20 and 22, and the 22 year old is starting to miss the box. So, we could use this. Thanks.

  • Josie

    I would like to try this product. I have a Bissell vacuum, and would like to win this. Thanks.

  • Keira

    I work at an animal shelter, and can use all kinds of cleaning products. Many people drop off food, which is greatly needed, but we need other supplies too–such as cleaning products. Thanks!

  • Ada

    I would give this to my local shelter. They need cleaning supplies as well as other items.

  • Leah

    I use Pee-Eww and it does work. Good contest.

  • Daniel

    With 5 rescue dogs, this will come in handy. Thanks!

  • Sally

    I would like to win Pee-Eww with the blacklight. Thanks!

  • Roger

    This stuff works. I know because I have used it, and would love to win a kit for my shelter.

  • Sabine

    It’s a great product. We’ve used it at our house.

  • Hannah

    Put me down to win. We are adopting a puppy this summer, at the start of July when our kids will be home from school. We are using the summer to train our new dog. Can’t wait, and hope to win.

  • Elliot

    We just got a second cat, and the first cat showed some anger by peeing outside the box. So, hopefully, we can win this.

  • Marcie

    I would like to win this. My mom just got a kitty, and she may need this.

  • Sasha

    Great site, and we could use this because our wonderful cat of 20 years is starting to have accidents. Thanks!

  • Linda

    A friend recommended this to me when my toy poodle started peeing in the house. He is 15, and is doing better, but this will help.

  • Orly

    We have a kitten, and haven’t had any accidents, but this sounds like it is good to keep on hand. Thanks!

  • Justin

    Great site. I’ve looked at some of your other articles, and see you host other good contests. If I win, I will give this to my local shelter.

  • Chris

    It does work. We’ve used it in our house.

  • Carl

    Our older dog, Macy, is starting to pee in the house. He is 16 years old, which is great for a pit bull. I would like to win the kit. Thanks!

  • Rob

    It’s a great product. We’ve used it in our house, and it works.

  • Dee

    Would love to find out that this works … then I can recommend it to my dog training clients!

  • Dena

    Ohh This is a must have. I have a Min Pin that we are at our wits end on training. She is 2 years old and will be outside playing but come in the doggie door and pee in our kids playroom. Or at night she won’t go out in the dark by herself so she pee’s in the house. I have tried everything including every pee mat and such. Now our carpet smells. I have tried everything but not this. I will have to try it.

  • Aliza

    This would be wonderful for our dog Gizmo. We’re trying to trust him out of his crate while we’re not home and there have been some accidents.

  • Angela

    Ummm…yes! With 3 cats (2 are male) this would be VERY awesome!

  • P. Elizabeth

    Me That Want!!! Ha Ha Ha. Those of us who don’t win should buy it anyway. I tried some Bissell Pet Stain Remover called Dang! and no joke, it’s the best dang stain remover I have tried on my white carpet.

    Thanks for bringing this great product to our attention.

  • Barbara

    With three cats who occasionally “miss”, this would be perfect.

  • Maika'i

    With 5 cats and 2 dogs (currently, been many more over the years) it’s not the stains I can see on the carpet, it’s those that I cannot see that are troublesome. This blacklight technology would be great in clearing the air. Thanks for the contest.

  • This sounds like a must have for pet parents , Thanks so much for featuring it and
    assuring us it does indeed work , Would also make a nice gift for new pet parents.

  • Lori

    I have a wonderful cat named Lily who is 16 and a half. She is a diva. I would be happy to win and she would be happy to have me clean her house better!

  • Lisa W.

    Love to give this a try! After spending $300 on tests for my older cat, vet found no health issues (good news) to explain his sudden urinating around the house. We are trying the Comfort Zone diffuser and I do seem some improvement in his behavior. Now, to get rid of the smell of urine……

  • I’m a pet sitter and have smelled a lot of cat pee in my 10 years in business. I’d love to have something really effective to recommend to clients. Too many cats end up in shelters because of peeing in the house.

  • Hi!

    Being a pet care provider, I know of many, many families who would put this to good use. : )

    But I think a shelter deserves it to provide to a family who adopts an incontinent or ill furry baby but is still willing to provide it a loving, furever home!


  • I SO want to win this!!!! Having carpet and older dogs and cats, the urine “accidents”
    are plentiful in my house. WOuld love to have the black light system to really clean without cleaning spots that do not need cleaning. I use a big sprayer with enzymes. Not sure if it works or not though.
    Thanks, Kate, Dingo, Ruby, Smudgie, Muse, Emma, Socks, and Skeezix.

  • Misty

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Nancy

    Sounds like a great product. Thank you.

  • sandy weinstein

    i really need this..i have 3 little 4 legged girls, the 2 youngest, almost 2 and almost 3 are still going in the house. no matter what i do, take them out all of the time, then they come back in and go behind my back. they are getting better. i just hate to crate them when i am away….only had 2 accidents today when i was gone. that is good. some days nothing and others lots….

  • calico

    Great giveaway. Would love to win this. Thanks

  • Ju P.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway! This sounds like a great product – we have been using Nature’s Miracle and it would be nice to compare the two.

  • We could definitely use this in our house. We only have two cats, but one has decided that the litter box is just there for decoration. I feel like everyday is a “where’s waldo?” game, but with cat urine. Ugh!

  • Michelle Spayde

    I would love to try this for one of our senior cats as well!

  • This is a great product. The pee-eww has helped me out of some stinky situations. I don’t like to see suitcases and last summer I decided to tinkle on my mom’s Tumi suitcase. Not one of my better thought out plans.