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Animal Care & Control to Receive 2,000 Bowls of Food

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Animal Care & Control (AC&C) share a mission. They both work hard to bring pets and people together. Through its shelter program, Hill’s feeds homeless pets in nearly 1,000 shelters every day. This time, Hill’s requested to host a giveaway on Pet News and Views, and that the donation—2,000 bowls of pet food—be donated to AC&C.

I’ve toured the Hill’s facility and was quite impressed. You can read about my visit by clicking here.

Known by locals as AC&C, it’s the largest pet not-for-profit in the northeast. As a not-for-profit organization since 1995, AC&C has been responsible for NYC’s municipal shelter system, rescuing and finding loving homes for homeless and abandoned animals in NYC (I’m a native, and proud of it). To service all NYC communities, AC&C facilities operate in all five boroughs. The Bronx and Queens are receiving centers. Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island are full service adoption centers. AC&C partners with 150 shelters and rescues in NYC. It’s part of the Mayor’s Alliance. “We are the triage center,” says Julie Bank, executive director of AC&C.

“Our goal is to place every cat and dog that can be placed,” says Julie. “Every animal that comes in our doors receives medical attention.” When Julie says, “every animal,” she means it. AC&C has welcomed foxes, chickens, and rabbits (the third most common pet after cats and dogs). They have even, on occasion, had to treat lions, tigers, and bears. Wildlife and farm animals are referred to other agencies that care for them. The majority of the animals at AC&C are cats and dogs.

“AC&C is very excited to partner with Hill’s Science Diet on this project,” says Julie. “This food will go a long way to care for the animals and save lives. We are pleased to have a long lasting standing relationship with Hill’s Science Diet.”

“Hill’s Pet Nutrition is very proud to support the Animal Care & Control shelter of New York City, through Pet News and Views,” says Arnaud Brel, Senior Product Manager of Shelter & Professional Endorsement. “When Michele C. Hollow approached Science Diet with the idea, we thought it was a natural fit with our Hill’s Food, Shelter & LoveTM program.”

Since 2002, Hill’s has donated more than $240 million worth of Science Diet brand foods to nearly 1,000 animal shelters, nationwide. It has also helped more than 6 million pets find new homes.

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I am happy that Pet News and Views is the go-between for this donation. Can you leave a comment and tell us what makes a shelter or rescue special or why you volunteer? Please include the name of your shelter or rescue.

A Note from Michele
Many of you know me. I am the person who writes this blog. It has come to my attention that AC&C is overrun with problems. Since I posted, I heard from many of you and have been disheartened to learn about AC&C’s mismanagement and neglect towards the animals in their care and the abuse to the volunteers. Some of the accusations really trouble me. I enjoy using my blog as a go-between for animal shelters and pet product/food manufacturers. I think Hill’s is quite generous, and I’m happy to be aligned with them. I’m not so sure about AC&C. I have spent the last two days talking to people and researching stories about AC&C. I plan on doing a follow up story soon.

132 comments to Animal Care & Control to Receive 2,000 Bowls of Food

  • Rochelle

    Good job! I know AC&C is not the best place for animals. Yet, all shelters need food.

  • NYC Animal Care and Control is an absolute disaster area. Whereas I salute Hill’s, Julie Bank made a few lies in this article about the animals that make it out alive.

  • David Groves

    The shelter from which I acquired my pet rabbit had many rabbits from which to choose. They were well kept and handsome. We decided on Casey because he was the most affectionate of the 25 choices. When we paid our $30, the papers said we weren’t buying a rabbit, we were adopting one. Everyone there seemed to care.

  • ZaCloud

    Big thanks for the food donation; it will indeed help a lot of animals. But people need to do more research on the New York AC&C other than what they just say about themselves.

    These are only very few stories out of a great many that happen, every single day there. Healthy animals are routinely misdiagnosed and killed. Severely injured animals are left to languish without treatment for weeks or months, and often die from the neglect. Rescues claim an animal and are told the pet is on hold, only for it to quickly be killed before they can get there to save it.

    While giving these animals food is important, a shelter should be held to ethical standards before being glorified in the media, and should EARN support through trustworthy practices. While animals should be fed, a death machine should not.

    If anyone cares for the animals, we need to pressure the shelter to actually do what it claims to do.

  • Elsie Au

    I used to volunteer at Paws and Claws Humane society in MN before I moved back to my country. Now, I have 5 rescued indoor cats and I and my family also take care of 9 outdoor cats that were either dumped or neglected by my neighbors. And yes, I got them all spayed/neutured and vaccinated. For me, I don’t have only one favorite shelter, any no-kill shelters with people who do care about animals are my favorite :)

  • Jeanne ODell

    I am not Happy with the NYCACC and the way it runs. I spend a lot of time networking the NYC animals and would love that time to do other things to make the world a better place.I also live in Western NY and Have adopted a NYCACC dog. She was to be euthanize and I made a middle of the night decision to save her. She is Happy and healthy and now a country girl!I make this comment so that maybe the animals that are now where she was gets the food. Can’t blame the animals because the city can’t run a shelter well.

  • Elaine Durbach

    What a lovely thought – the cats and dogs at the Jersey Animal Coalition Shelter, is one I support! Thanks NYC woman, from an adopted NYC-er.

  • Henriette Matthijssen

    A rescue & shelter is special & no animals are denied the basic that all animals deserve, the simple love & kindness they all are deserving. Thanks Michele.

  • Tamara

    michele, looks like this is a great cause and I am sure the food will go to good use..

  • My shelter is East Bay SPCA. I’m glad food will be going to AC&C.

  • Ronni Goddard

    I am in UK, so my comment may not be relevant, but my favourite shelter is in Nottinghamshire and is Jerry Green’s.

  • K. J.

    Thank you for your work Michele.
    Greetings from Poland!

  • Sharon Balloch

    Sure wish I lived closer.. Love the work AC&C are doing.. glad your out there. God Bless all who do so much for animals.

  • Nyack Clancy

    Being from NYC, I know of Animal Care and Control all too well-and their shelter conditions are atrocious, in many ways- mostly from being under-staffed, and Mayor Bloomberg cut alot of funding in order to fix this city’s budget- animals certianly were not on his list of priorities.

    This shelter works with the Board of Health, and they rountinely euthanize out wildlife. Yes, “Control” means kill.

    Such as our geese, racoons, pigeons, squirrels- and rats,(like any other city), but Im not sure every other city places inhumane glue traps in public parks, where rodents will chew their own legs off trying to get free. Additionally, these barbaric glue traps get stuck on cats, dogs, birds or anything else that comes in contact with thyem, including small children.

    Animal Care and Control is not my favorite shelter in this city, though it is perhaps the one that is in the most desparate need.

    My favorite shelters are the Human Society and Bid-a-Wee.

  • nancy schetelick

    In this economy the pets are the first to go and shelter’s every where are over loaded with animals. People dispose of them like they are appliances, they can always get another one! What a crying shame. Money is tight and I am glad that shelter’s can receive much needed food for free from large companies.

    volunteer at Jersey Animal Coalition South Orange NJ

  • Michele,

    I know your intentions are good here, and in fact, I wholeheartedly am in favor of food donations to the NYC ACC…the main reasin is I wouldnt trust them with any financial donations.

    Actually, I wrote a blog post about Julie Bank’s absurd comments in this article – See it here…

    Harris Bloom

  • Teresa Maria

    Thank you. I hope my comment will also contribute to the feeding of animals.

  • I love Florida Poodle Rescue ( and the great work they do finding homes for this wonderful breed.

  • P.C.

    Thank you for caring about these animals! 2,000 bowls will fill lots of tummies. Just wish those tummies all had a chance to be rubbed as well!!

  • Littlestar

    Saddleback Valley Humane Society in Mission Viejo should be considered for donations, even though there is no
    “kennel” location for all the animals that are rescued and helped. They are a Foster Organization and SAVE many lives
    that would otherwise be destroyed DAILY.

  • Margie Bonn

    Feed the animals

  • nancy sands

    Just adopted another cat from the BARC shelter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

  • I’m from the UK so don’t think my comment will make much difference but my favourite no kill shelter is the SSPCA rehomming centre in Hamilton. Supprised Michelle to hear that Hills Science are donating food for the animals in the shelter as this company do horendous barbaric food testing on animals for their products.

  • Anything that helps the Animals like Dogs and Cart is good…I hope it catches on. Man’s best friends need a brake once in while. Thank God the Animals are not in China. They would be someones dinner. Saving Pet or any Animal is a Proud thing to do! Larry D. Grazier

  • Though I don’t live in New York State, I have used Hills’ pet food for many years for our rescue cats. All animal shelters and the animals will benefit from Hill’s generosity, regardless of location. Thanks Michele and Hills, for all you do for those cats and dogs who don’t speak human.

  • ivonne carlson maldonado

    My favorite shelter is Brighthaven in Sabastpool, Ca. they take in older and handicap animals and give them care and love until they are ready to cross the rinbow bridge, they also have adoption.

  • Hi Linda, I’ve been to Hill’s and toured their site. The dogs and cats I saw were treated well. In the story is a link to my Hill’s post.–Michele

  • Thanks Michele and Hill’s for all your efforts to help homeless animals!

  • Julie van Niekerk

    Take the opportunity and use it to pump in some ethics where you see should be changed.

  • Bilja

    Thanks Michele for your work and generosity of Hill’s. I am taking care of a few dogs outdoor for
    for our strays (neutered).

  • Ellen McCabe

    Thank You Hills!!!
    I got my rescues from Vashon Island Pet Protectors here on Puget Sound, who have fosters for every single dog they rescue, and if for ANY reason you cannot keep your friend, they will take them back.
    No kill, no cages and unbelievable dedication!
    Hi Steven & meow-meow :-)