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10 Pet Products that Make Me Say, What Were they Thinking?

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

I’m in a bit of a cranky mood, so bear with me. Occasionally someone sends me a new pet product. My inbox is filled with press releases touting the latest pet products. And I have attended pet trade shows featuring a broad offering of goods for cats, dogs, and other pets.

This Post is Not going to Make me Popular
I guess a lot of people expect that I will publicize a product just because I got a freebie. Sorry, I don’t do that. I’m a journalist, and yes, I’ve done public relations work and know how hard it is to do promotions. I promote products and organizations I believe in. Writing about the Pioneer Pet Fountain was easy. Since Earl Gray, my cat, has been using it, I sleep better at night. To read that story, click here.

About a year ago, a well respected pet publicist invited me to a pet show in NYC. I saw a wide range of beautiful products. I loved the doggie T-shirts that said, “Adopt” on them. One of my favorite collars is from Up Country with the same message!

1. No Fur for Fido
At this pet show, I saw a fox pet collar. Yes, you read that right: a pet collar covered in fox fur. When I was a kid and not involved in animal advocacy, I knew fur was wrong. I just never understood how anyone could wear a fur coat, hat, or real fur anything. So, I imagined—wrongly—that people who live with dogs are animal people. I’ve since learned that just because someone has a dog or a cat doesn’t make them an animal lover. I could not understand how anyone could put a fur collar on their dog. I look at fur and see dead animals. So, no, I won’t promote a real fur pet collar.

I love Earl Gray's white and smokey gray colors. I would never think of dying his fur a different color.

2. You’re So Vain
When a friend told me about this new product, I didn’t believe her. Well, now you can dye your pet’s fur. Available in such colors as “Monster Green,” “Screaming Pink,” “Shocking Orange,” and other colors, I do find this shocking. Why mess with perfection? My cat is a beautiful smokey gray and white. He is absolutely beautiful. Why would I ever want to add “Midnight Blue” to his fur? Ugh! I just do not get it. We should celebrate the beauty of our furry friends, not dye their coats. The products say they are safe, but really, why would anyone find this appealing?

Why mess with perfection? This poor poodle looks silly.

3. This Made Me Cry
I actually saw a product that brought tears to my eyes. There are these incredibly tiny fish bowls that sit in the lap of a small stuffed animal. The poor fish inside has just enough room to turn around. I recoil in horror when I see products like this! The stuffed animals (teddy bears, penguins, frogs, monkeys, and other animals) look light enough to be toted around by a small child. That is a truly frightening thought. Remember “Finding Nemo?” Nemo didn’t want to go with Darla, the little rough girl. 

Sorry but this just upsets me because the tank is so tiny and kids should not be carrying around a pet fish. It is too traumatic for the fish.

4. The Lazy Award
For people who want their dogs fit and trim, there are treadmills. I guess if I were homebound, this might work, but what about spending time with your pet and going for a long walk together? Studies prove that long walks benefit you and your pooch. When I had a dog, our shortest walks were 20 minutes.
A Note to My Readers: Since I posted this and got your wonderful comments, I had a change of heart about the treadmill. Read the comments for a better explanation!

5. Video Cameras for Pets
The good news is that this product doesn’t harm a pet, but why on earth would I want to put a video camera on my cat and have him photograph everything at his eye level? I hate looking at blurry photos and videos of people’s feet and the floor.

6. It’s Not Your Pet’s Fault
If you buy chew toys that look like shoes, handbags and iPods, don’t blame your dog if he confuses your real shoes, handbag, or iPod as a chew toy.

7. This Doesn’t Make Scents
I haven’t seen this for cats, but someone invented perfume for dogs. This is wrong on so many levels. A dog’s sense of smell is so much stronger than ours, that using perfume just seems unhealthy. I cringe when I think of dousing a dog with perfume. Instead of perfume, just give your dog a bath.

8. Scratching the Hand that Feeds You
My friend’s husband was puzzled when his cat scratched him. He purchased a glove that has cat toys attached to them. I’m not making this up. You put the glove on your hand and expect your cat to reach for the toys at the end of the fingers. Problem is (besides this being stupid), as your cat grabs for the toy, he will accidentally scratch you through the glove.

9. Table Manners
I was always told not to feed my pets from the table. So, I would think that the pet highchair would cause confusion for pets. I know my cat would squirm in it, and a dog just doesn’t look comfortable in it.

10. Spotlight on Purring
Someone invented a collar that lights up when your cat purrs. Again, I am not making this up. One of the most beautiful sounds is listening to Earl purr. I’m usually petting him while he purrs. So, this is necessary—why?

These are just 10 really dumb pet products. I know there are a lot more. It makes me cranky just thinking about them—especially when all our pets want is our attention and love. The food doesn’t have to be top-of-the-line. The toys can be a simple cat dancer (one of Earl’s favorites) or a ball to toss. Just spend quality time with your pets, so I can stop being cranky.

Win A Box of Love
This is just a reminder that there is a contest going on here at Pet News and Views to benefit Bideawee and Second Chance Animal Rescue. The Honest Kitchen has generously agreed to donate a large quantity of their high-quality pet food to these animal centers. Plus, they are giving one Pet News and Views’ reader a 10 pound box of Love dog food. Click here for details.

78 comments to 10 Pet Products that Make Me Say, What Were they Thinking?

  • Carol Hupp

    I agree Michele, these are very dumb ideas!!! especially the dye for cats, fur for cats and fish with a stuffed bear!

  • Elsie Au

    I think this post will make you popular among all the people who really love their pets (me include). I love my pets the way they are, no need to change how they look or smell. And yes, I am against any animal cruelty. To keep fish in tiny bowl like that is wrong and will give kids the wrong idea on how we should treat the animals who share this world with us.

  • Michele, these were invented by a marketing department using all its detailed analyses of trends in human purchasing after they heard that the pet products industry had thrived and actually grown even during a recession. They have nothing to do with pets, and not only are they potentially dangerous and teach both people and pets the wrong things, but they also outshine the toys that pets actually enjoy and are species appropriate–for our pets and us humans!

    Although, for purposes of accurate illustrations, I might like to attach a video camera to one of my cats. I’ve tried crawling around to see what they see, but I’m considerably larger, and the only alternative is to place a camera in front of their face and snap a photo. You can imagine that doesn’t go over too well! I’m glad I have cats who are patient and understanding with one loony human.

  • Michele: Cruelty in any form is very bad Karma. I don’t think these people are seeing the big picture beyond the lure of profit and the bottom line. Hopefully that will not improve with thoughtless products like this one, and they will get the idea. There have to be many ways to create products which are good for animals as well as people.

  • Hi Elsie, That is what worries me too. This fish tank will give families the wrong idea of how to care for a fish. And the other products–ugh!–Michele

  • Thanks Bernadette, These marketing departments really need to rethink their ideas. Thanks for commenting–Michele

  • sue mcguey

    Far from making you unpopular amongst animal lovers this can only make you more popular!! These ideas are pretty dumb to say the least….the fox fur collar made me cringe & as for the fish being sold almost like a “toy”…..omg, what a horror….who in their right mind thinks up something so cruel & stupid!!!!!!!
    Good luck with the contest Michele!:))))

  • I see a lot of weird products being in the pet product world and agree with you on so many of these. I, though, love my dog’s video camera that attaches to his collar, is unobstructive, and actually enabled me to hear my dog’s “sounds”
    he made when we visited New York City. I love seeing it from the dog’s eye view and it is a fun novelty. However, photographs I wouldn’t want so much. With his paws, he’d have a hard time changing lenses, too. *BOL*

    great post!

  • Michele, great post. I’d just jump in to add my two cents about the treadmill. Treadmills do not replace walks, but they are wonderful tools for dogs.

    1) They are great morning exercise to take the edge off very energetic dogs. People whose dogs pull a lot during walks can be exercised on the treadmill before going for a walk, and then they can be properly trained during the walk, so they will behave well in the future.

    2) Treadmills serve other purposes, too. I generally exercise my super energetic dog, Frieda, on the treadmill before I go for a walk, so she can be at the same energy level as my other two dogs. This way, we can all enjoy a good walk together instead of having one hyper dog bouncing around with two lower energy dogs just walking.

  • Thanks for educating me Daniela! I can now look at this differently.–Michele

  • Ginger

    I agree that all of these are really dumb not to mention cruel. Actually there is perfume for a cat too. The same company makes it for dogs too. The company is called Dog Generation. Check out: http://www.doggeneration.com/index.php?page=0&menu=smenu1 I didn’t see the cat perfume there, but they make that too. Here’s one of the many links where it’s sold: http://www.fragrancex.com/products/_bid_Dog–Generation-am-lid_D__brands.html

  • Michelle – I agree with you on many of these items. So many products send out the wrong message. Pets are not toys, nor are they little people. I don’t understand the whole dress them up, dye their fur, and carry them around like fashion accessories thing. Maybe that’s why I have cats – they less forgiving of that kind of nonsense!

  • Vicki, You said this perfectly. This is exactly how I feel! Thank you! Michele

  • My cat would never put up with that Ginger! Thank you for letting me know about this.–Michele

  • Unfortunately the market caters to poor decision makers. Treating your pet like an accessory is good for the companies selling the accessories – but not for the pet. Once again, greed wins out over decency.

  • Hi Amy, Despite everything that happens in this world, I still remain optimistic, and hope that people won’t buy products like these. I did change my mind on the treadmill thanks to Daniela’s comments.–Michele

  • Hi! I agree with what you said I feel the same way! However, I do use a treadmill for one of our dogs. We go for walks but she is high energy. She also has very very bad allegries so when she is broke out we can’t go near grass and she walks on the treadmill. We raise the windows so she can see outside and she is happy. We live in the south in a rural area – no parks. We have even walked together on the treadmill not something I would not recommend but she is only 20lbs and can walk as long as you want. When we go outside it’s nothing to walk 3 or more miles she is in heaven.

  • Jill

    Oh they are terrible ideas…cant they see how cruel it is? all those things, they should be outright banned. it just shows how stupid people are if they buy them too…

  • Thanks so much Toni, Daniela also uses it for her high energy dog. I stand corrected! That is what I love about blogging, getting good feedback from folks like you.–Best, Michele

  • Thanks for sharing – some of these are wacky for sure! Iv seen the dog treadmills and agree its best of you can get out and walk the pup around so they can sniff all they can (great brain workout)…although they seem like a good fit for those in urban areas or very cold or hot areas when they can’t walk as much. I know I have to walk my guys less in the summer due to heat…and what do people in snow blizzard areas do all winter? Less walks for Fido I bet 🙁 Anyway…good stuff…thanks Michele…

  • Thanks Chad! And I really did change my mind about the treadmills. I don’t think I should change the copy because everyone who commented left such great reasons why I should reconsider. I love that! I do keep my mind open. I guess the two products that make me sad are the fish tank and the dye.–Michele

  • Leslie Strauss

    Great article, Michele!

    The first few times I saw human 20-somethings with shaved heads, bizarre hair styles, weird hair colors, piercings in places other than ear lobes, and stretchers in ear lobes, I was at a loss for words. Then when I recovered from the shock, I decided that these people were seeking out attention and that it was better not to comment on their trendy, non-traditional, and tasteless styles. Unfortunately, it is more commonplace today. And, what is worse is seeing beautiful bodies used as a canvas and covered head to toe in tattoos.

    Instead of seeing all of this as body art and self-expression, I see it as a lot of young people rebelling and not thinking about their futures. Think about it. Do you really want gravity pulling your ear lobes to your waistline when you’re in your 40s, when studies are showing that more people are getting Botox injections in their early 30s.

    Maybe I need to get off of my soapbox.

    At least for relatively little money, hair styles can be corrected and hair color can easily be changed.

    So take a look at the pet owner. If he or she is sporting a non-traditional hair style and color, don’t be surprised to see the pet also being groomed or colored non-traditionally on days other than Halloween.

  • The main reason for bad breath from dogs is dirty teeth. So perfume isn’t going to touch that. Yes, you can brush your dog’s teeth and drive all of you crazy. Or let the dog brush his own teeth the natural way. How? I give my dogs raw meaty bones at least once a week, they like beef neck bones with plenty of meat on them. The vet always comments on how white their teeth are and how good their gums look. thank youmother nature. you usually know best. And I do NOT want to hear about how raw bones might have “germs” on them. Your dog has a gut that can take it. And raw meat is actually much better for them anyway. I cook meat and veg for my dogs daily in the crockpot, but they do get raw, meaty bones weekly.

  • I have a friend who promotes raw meaty diets for dogs. I’m on the fence about it. With all the salmonella, etc., I worry that I would leave it out and it would develop some sort of bad bacteria. But this friend, and many of his followers are all for you. I know your dogs are lucky because you are such a good cook & you cook for your dogs!–Michele

  • Excellent points Leslie! I didn’t see it that way. I have always been of mind that a person can do whatever he wants to do with his own body. I don’t have a problem with that at all. I object when pets are treated as accessories.–Thanks! Michele

  • Great list. I love your example of Nemo and Darla. That bowl is just a disaster waiting to happen.

    On the treadmills, I love what Daniela said about energy levels. For me, the issue is weather. Here in Arizona, it’s only the middle of March and already 85 degrees. That means only 5 more degrees before sidewalks are too hot for dogs to walk on. In the summer when 110+ is average and 85 is a nightly low, there’s a very limited span each day where it’s cool enough to walk a dog. Treadmills are a fantastic way to get dogs the amount of exercise they need no matter how bad it is outside. Whether they need multiple walks or longer walks than the heat allows (in the summer, my brachycephalic dog can only take 20-25 minutes of brisk walking, even at night) the treadmill is a fantastic solution. I know a lady who has 2 set up side-by-side in her living room – one for her and one for the dog! 🙂

  • Hi Michele, thanks for posting your thoughts on all these products. Blogging is great for sharing thoughts and opinions. I wanted to chime in on the Pet Paint and the Teddy Tank products that seem to bother you most, especially since I assisted in awarding them.

    On the Pet Paint, it’s actually not dye. I’ve seen pink and purple poodles that have been dyed, but this is not like that. It’s more comparable to face painting for kids. And to me, it’s meant for fun occasions. I admit, I’m a bit narotic when it comes to my pets so I really like this product. I plan to use it at Halloween to paint a skeleton on my greyhound and some pumpkins on my pit mix. And maybe a US flag on the 4th. The paint doesn’t last more than a couple days, and if you want it gone after a couple hours you just have to give your pet a bath. I realize many will think it’s over the top and that’s ok! 🙂

    On the Teddy Tank, I still love this product. It’s not meant to be mobile. I spoke many times with the creator and sales people and no one ever said that about it. It’s meant to sit on shelf, but give kids a more relatable connection to their pet fish. The size of the tanks I saw at Global were normal fish bowl size. The same size I used with all the Beta fish I’ve ever owned. I didn’t feel they were as small as the picture above seems to reflect. They also act as a night light and the stuffed animal comes off of the fish bowl pretty easily. You actually feed the fish through the mouth of the stuffed animal. Teddy Tank also won a New Products Showcase award in aquatics. (http://globalpetexpo.org/press/pressrelease_detail.asp?id=106) It was bit hit at the show, but again, it’s not for everyone.

    Thanks again for starting the conversation on all these pet products. I definitely don’t think expressing your opinion should make you less popular!

  • Kathleen

    With the exception of the treadmill, anyone who thinks these “toys” are ok for pets, shouldn’t have one. Like half the population that have animals. Treadmills can be used in a limited way, last resort but better than nothing, to get an extra energy dog a blast of movement to calm them down. Should not replace true exercise which is also ideal for bonding with guardian. Like you, half of these make me squirm.

  • milo

    I completely agree with all of these except perhaps the collar cameras.

    I think it can increase empathy to realize that your dog or cat sees everything from a different angle, suddenly under-the-car seems a reasonable place to go, stairs are scarier, etc.

  • Thank Milo! I know a lot of people love these cameras.–Best, Michele

  • Thanks Chloe. I don’t like any small fish tanks. What worries me about this is that the stuffed animal is portable. I know little kids. I have one of my own. When he and his friends get together, they often play rough. They are sweet boys, but sometimes, they get a bit wild. One friend who does a lot of animal rescue told me about her younger brother. He had a goldfish in a tiny bowl. He took that goldfish from room-to-room. One day, he decided to take the goldfish for a bike ride. The bowl was in a basket on the front of the bike. As he rode, it sloshed around a lot. When he got home, he was upset that the fish was “floating” in the water. Now, this kid wasn’t mean and didn’t intend to harm his fish. I don’t think most kids would harm an animal. It’s just that they need to be supervised when around a pet, and a stuffed animal/fish bowl seems like a disaster. It really is frightening.
    As for the dye, I just don’t see the point. Our animals are not little people. So, I don’t like treating them that way. Also, I believe that people can do whatever they want to their own bodies. It’s when they start messing with pets and children, I get upset.
    I did change my mind about the treadmill!
    –Thanks, Michele

  • I attended global as well and maybe I’m getting confused with another product (there were alot simular products there) but the pet paint says not to use on dogs under 6 months of age on the information. So that raised several red flags at least for me. If I can find their info in my massive pile of company information I think I’m going to contact them to find our more about what is in this paint that makes it not recommended for puppies.

  • Heather (a.k.a. Sister Blackbird)

    Michele I love this article for many reasons. First you did an outstanding job bringing to our attention some of the most rediculous products. Ive never heard of some of these.Secondly I love how you expressed your ideas,very direct with your feelings.I agree with you on every single product.What kind of compaionship are you offering your dog if you have him on a treadmill? No fresh air,no interaction with him/her. Why, why, would someone want a highchair, color their cat, and the fur collar really disturbed me? Im like you,I assumed if you have pets (kids) you would automaticly love all animals. Its bad enough people are wearing fur ,let alone putting fur on your pet. That blew me away!I think that stands in the category of cruelty to your pet.The toy glove got me too,wow, someone is asking for it if they buy that product,thats teaching the cat bad behavior,and the person will blame the cat when they do scratched. Very idiotic! Fish in little tiny bowls should be wipped out completely for reasons we all know. Light up collars,perfumes for you pet..Just wrong wrong wrong!! Purring is so relaxing,how is anyone supposed to relax while your cat is flickering.
    Well done Michele on a very eye opening article.

  • Thank you Sister Blackbird! Your last comment on the flickering lights made me laugh out loud.–Michele

  • Good point Rachel. I would like to know what you find out. Thanks, Michele

  • Alison Arnold

    Seeing no.3 would have made me cry too, I can’t believe that it was even drafted on paper, let alone actually made and sold!

    As for the dying, this is a massive problem especially at Easter for rabbits and chicks. I have a rescued rabbit that had been dyed as a baby, she came into rescue because the dye had moulted out and the family were disappointed that she was white! Yes, there are people out there who are THAT stupid to think that a bunny dyed pink will always be pink!

    Sadly these are the people who also neglect animals, Crystal’s fur was matted with faeces and she had terrible urine burn because she had been made to live in a 1ft x 1 1/2ft cage.

    The people who would buy any of the above gimmicks, probably don’t know anywhere near as much as they should about their pet.

  • TRey

    Teddy Tank: The manufacturer’s website recommends the use of Betta fish. Other recommendations are money and candy. I recommend writing to them and letting them know how irresponsible it is to design a “toy” to house a “living creature”. Go to http://www.teddytank.com/Our%20company.aspx

    Michele thanks for bringing these topics to our attention!!

  • Thanks for commenting, and more importantly for your rescue work, Alison, and I’m sorry you had to deal with those dimwits! People like that make my blood boil.–Michele

  • Good idea Trey! Thank you so much. Wouldn’t it be great if these items were never purchased.–Best, Michele

  • Hmmm… Won’t be buying these products??? Thank you Michelle for all you do for the animals and I hope my comment will help in some small way.


  • Nothing more than greed from manufacturers and not one smidgen of care for the pets they made these for. In China they use cat and dog fur for making animal toys; I refuse to buy anything with fur on it for me or the cats. why would anyone want to dye a beautiful animal some God awful color. That poor fish; that should be illegal. The perfume is a really idiotic idea and probably harmful. I have 2 asthmatic cats and I am sure their are dogs with this problem; come on people give you head a shake.
    Kudos to you Michele, for bring this to our attention. By the way my cat is sitting on my lap and purring, as I type. Who needs a color?

  • M

    Before I address Leslie who mentioned she should get off her soap box I would like to say I really enjoyed this article and I am glad you were able to see the good points about treadmills for dogs. I myself am in my thirties, although my ear lobes ate not stretched I am person Leslie would lump into the category of having these ridiculous items for my animals due the fact I am “covered” with tattoos. I treat all of my dogs and animals with respect and unlike Leslie said I would not have any of these items ( well maybe a treadmill) in my house or for my pets. My hope is that Leslie instead of lumping everyone who does not fit into the conventional standard in a category of “dimwits” will open her mind and not judge so harshly. I’m a “dimwit” who has a Masters in special education, treats my animals with love and respect and has a wack load of tattoos. Shouldn’t we be about breaking down stereotypes? Especially in the dog world I would hope that your answer would be yes.

  • Mary

    As a child, we had a tank of fish–a large tank. I was taught NEVER to tap on the glass. What this post didn’t say was that the TeddyTank has a microphone so you can talk to the fish! I wonder what the vibrations of a loud human voice would feel like to a tiny fish. This really should go into the Hall of Shame.

  • Hi M, My answer is “yes.” I do agree with you. In all honesty, I don’t care if anyone has opinions that are completely different from mine. What I do care deeply about is when those opinions are forced on those who cannot speak for themselves–like animals and kids.–Michele

  • Yes, Ann, “who needs a collar that lights up!” I don’t get it either. It’s not harmful, but I would think lights around one’s neck would make me want to growl–not purr.–Michele

  • Hi Melody, Thank you for commenting. All comments are welcome. I only edit those out that attack my readers. –Best, Michele

  • Darcy

    Great discussion you got going on here Michele. I think the worst 3 are the fur collar, the fur dye, and the fish tank.

  • Linda

    These are terrible products.

  • Peter

    Would never dye my pet’s fur.

  • Martha

    What puzzles me is that I don’t know why anyone with a cat or dog would buy a fur coat. An animal is an animal. All of them have feelings and putting a fur collar on a dog or cat is simply wrong. It says to me “you don’t care.”

  • Peggy

    Fur collars and dying fur–what is wrong with people? And I agree that whenever I see those tiny fish tanks I cringe too. This one is a disaster because kids will want to carry this around and the talking mechanism in it, would surely frighten the fish.

  • Dan

    the chair at the table is just stupid. The fur collar is inhumane. The fish tank is animal cruelty. and the dye is silly. I know people dress their dogs, but dying their fur–even if it only lasts for 2-3 days is a chemical, and it can’t be good. If pet owners want to color their hair, fine. But they should not be able to do this to their dogs. It’s embarrassing.

  • Jeri

    How totally stupid. As the other people said, this is more about greed than about caring for a pet.

  • Isabella

    Fur collars and the fish tank are cruel. The other products are silly. And there is this stupid butt cover for dogs. I don’t know why anyone would buy that either.

  • Ella

    Dumb products. I won’t be buying them.

  • Jacquelyn

    My cat’s favorite toy is a cat dancer. It’s so simple, so inexpensive, and a great toy. Also it gives us time to interact together. These toys–the fur collar, tiny fish tank, and dye–are cruel.

  • Stacie

    I just entered your contest to win a box of Love from The Honest Kitchen and to help 2 shelters. Good job Michele! Now, that is a good product, not this nonsense of fur collars, tiny teddy bear tanks, and the other nonsense you mentioned. Sheesh!

  • Helen

    I won’t be purchasing any of these products. and you mentioned Up Country collars and leashes. Their products are pretty, so well made, and they are made here in the U.S.A. That is a good product.

  • Wallace

    I would never dress my Great Dane. He has a big surface for dye, but that would be so demeaning. Why would we want to laugh at him. He hasn’t done anything mean to me. And Why do we think of our pets are tiny humans? They aren’t. We should see them as the unique special creatures they are. This isn’t cute or funny. Plus, the dye is not recommended for dogs 6 months and younger. I wonder why.

  • Cody

    I dress my maltese and I really think she likes it. I would not put dye on her beautiful fur. I just don’t thnk it is healthy.

  • Robbie

    Just plain dumb ideas. We should celebrate our pets not treat them like a canvas for amusement.

  • Greg

    I’m a trainer, and while the top 3 products are cruel, the chew toys that actually look like shoes and iPods are terrible because a dog will not distinguish between real shoe and a fake one. These toys really do look like the real items. So, when a dog chews a real shoe, i get a call about the dogs poor behavior. It’s not his fault. He didn’t know that shoe was the wrong one to chew. Some people just don’t think.

  • Connie

    When a person tells me that their dog loves dressing up and that their dogs favorite color is Pink or some other color, I just say, really, don’t you know dogs are color blind. The dye isn’t for them. The fur collar isn’t for them. It’s a fashion statement for the owner–a stupid fashion statement at that. When I see it, I say the person really doesn’t take the dog’s feelings into consideration.

  • Nancy

    Did you ever see the Mutt’s comic strip where Earl and Moosh talk about the wrongness of fur? Fur on dogs, cats or anyone is simply wrong. I don’t like the dye, or other products either.

  • Russ

    I really think the dye is a bad idea. And so are the other products here minus the treadmill and the camera.

  • Al

    How sad that people put themselves before their pets. I would never buy or endorse these products either.

  • Paul

    These products are more for the owners–not the pets.

  • Toni

    I asked my DEAF friends what they thought of this. They actually liked it when they weren’t touching the cat. Cats not only purr when they are pleased.. they also purr when they are stressed or are trying to politely ask for something.

    10. Spotlight on Purring
    Someone invented a collar that lights up when your cat purrs. Again, I am not making this up. One of the most beautiful sounds is listening to Earl purr. I’m usually petting him while he purrs. So, this is necessary—why?

  • Henriette Matthijssen

    Appalling, not appealing, your pet is beautiful in his own natural coloring & leave it be at that! Thank you very much!

  • Buffy

    The people who buys these toys are as sick as the ones who invented, sell and promote them.

  • Hi Toni, I thank you for bringing this to my attention. I wonder if the lights on the collar is distracting to the cats though. –Michele

  • Chris

    That goldfish in the teddy bear is atrocious! Can’t believe that anyone would buy this? And the hair dye is so sad. What is wrong with people?

  • Kathy P

    People come up with these items to make money. Not thinking of the consequences to the animal. These are all so wrong!!!

  • Bianca

    I agree. Glad you came around to the tread mill. They are great. And it’s nice to see that you are open to listening to your readers. We all like that. Some bloggers are so focused on being right that they don’t listen to others. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

  • Thanks Bianca, I’m reasonable & if someone has a point to make, I’m open to listening and learning.–Michele

  • Valerie

    I agree, these products are unnecessary and some are just cruel. The treadmill is debatable. I have 5 dogs of different ages and energy levels. 2 young pitbulls age 2, 2 older pits and a young collie/shepard mix. I take them walking and hiking but there are times the younger pits are still full of energy especially rainy days when the walks are shorter. If I don’t get them on the treadmill to drain some of the excess energy they will play/fight which at times can elevate to play that is way too rough,especially around dogs with lower energy levels. The treadmill is in addition to mental and physical exercise that I practice with them. Just my own look at it.