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Valentine’s Day Pet Contest

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

My friends at Hill’s have put together two Valentine’s Day gift baskets for readers of Pet News and Views–one for dog lovers and one for cat lovers.

Here is a listing of the contents:
For the Dogs and their Parents

1 5 ½ ounce Science Diet Small and Toy Savory Stew with Chicken and Vegetables
1 Bag Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats Skin & Coat
1 Bag Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats Oral Care
1 Collar
1 Leash
1 West Paw Design Big Sky Blanket
1 Bag Clip
1 Healthy Mobility Water Bottle
1 Measuring Cup
1 Can Lid
1 Insulated Lunch Bag
1 S9413 Dog Drinkwell Fountain

For the Cats and their Parents
6 Cans Hills Science Diet Mature Adult Variety Pack
2 Cat Toys
1 Valentine Collar
1 West Paw Design Big Sky Blanket
1 Bag Clip
1 Healthy Mobility Water Bottle
1 Measuring Cup
1 Can Lid
1 Insulated Lunch Bag
1 S927 Cat Drinkwell Fountain

The value of the Valentine’s Day Dog Gift Basket is $100.48
The value of the Valentine’s Day Cat Gift Basket is $86.

To Enter
Leave a comment about your cats and/or dogs and let us know if you will be doing anything special on Valentine’s Day for them. A drawing will be held and one cat parent and one dog parent will be picked. In your comment, please state if you want to win the cat or dog basket. All names will be entered in Random.org, and a winner will be selected.

Double Your Chances to Win
Gracey and Joanne McGonagle of The Tiniest Tiger is hosting the same contest. Visit their site by clicking here to double your chances of winning.

The contest closes February 14 at 2 p.m. Eastern.

95 comments to Valentine’s Day Pet Contest

  • My two cats, known as The Mooshies, are having a nice Valentine’s Day dinner together. The girls are getting special dinner treats and we’re watching Animal
    Planet together. Good snuggle time together. Showing my appreciation and love
    for my kittehs.

  • Tim Delp

    Hi. I have a 3-year old female Pit Bull named Madison who is my sweetheart year-round! I rescued her about 15 months ago from the ASPCA and she has blososmed into a truly fantastic dog and a great ambassador for her much-maligned breed. For Valentines Day we’ll probably stick to our daily routine of a 1/2 hour morning walk and rhen a 1-hour walk in the evening. For Dinner after our walk however, I’ll probably do a nice London Broil for us both. We would of course be interested in the Dog gift basket.

    Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

  • Lori Miller

    My dogs and I will be sharing some extra cuddle times under the blankies. They will also get a special little something for being my two favorite Valentine’s: a treat and a new squeaky.

    I would love to win this lovely prize! Thank you!

  • My Cat Smokey.. a pure, one of a kind little runt of his litter 14 years ago,,is special because not only does he look like his name,,he is unique,,he is a calico persian,,but for some reason he was the only one that came out in three tones of black and the tiniest of his siblings..mom was pure calico,dad was grey persian,,,also he has one gold and one orange eye to make him extra special..he definitely is the king of our domain,,,love him intensly,,,thanks for letting me enter ,,,Helen Rosa

  • Kathi Cipriano

    My beautiful girl Maci and I would love to win this great gift. Maci is a vibrant 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

    Thank you!

  • Well, we would LOVE to win this prize! We are in desperate need of a new Drinkwell’s Big Dog fountain, and even more in need of some innovative new toys and delicious new treats for both! Thanks and Happy V-day to all!

  • What a wonderful idea for Valentine’s Day. The items are unique. I adore my 2 Tibetan Terriers, Wigglebutt Duncan (just turned 4 years old), and destructo-girl, Isadora Duncan (Izzy) and am lusting after the basket, although I know that Izzy will take anything that Dunkie wants for herself while he looks on in confusion as to how this happened. That being said, however, I’d probably donate most of the items to one of our local rescues to use either in socializing their dogs or to give to people who adopt them. Now, I need to think about what to do for our ‘home’ Valentine’s Day bash for my TTs.

  • Haley Burgason

    My boyfriend and i always go out for valentines day, but in October we added a 8 week old coonhound / black lab mix to our family. His name is Boo since we got him halloween weekend and he is the best part of our day every day. So this year we have decided to stay home and spend it with our 5 month old darling puppy. We have already got a squeaky cupcake toy for him and are going to pick up some special valentines day treats for him to enjoy while we eat our homemade dinner!

  • Malia Ragan

    My new family member, Baylie, a 8 week old Great Pyrenees asked me to enter. He can’t wait to celebrate his first Valentine’s Day and would love the giveway gifts he plans to share with his other k-9 friends less fortunate.

  • sam t

    Put me down for the cat basket.

  • Tom

    I missed your other pet drinking fountain contest, and hope I can win the cat basket with the drinking fountain for Izzy, my cat. Thanks.

  • pat bratton

    My two cat girls Isis and Splodge will be having a lazy day on our bed. They will have some special treat supper and plenty of loves

  • Kelly Ellis

    I have both dogs and a cat so I would be happy with either prize! Our two dogs, Winston & Monster, will probably be getting some homemade treats for V-Day because they absolutely LOVE them and they were just given a couple new toys. My cat, Schroeder, will mostly likely be getting some fresh tuna or chicken for dinner and a new toy since his brother Winston recently tore up his favorite one! 😉 I love my boys!

  • Susan

    I have 4 cats and would love to win the cat prize.

  • My Furry Kid Dogs Patches (17yrs), Misty (16yrs) and Sammy (11 yrs) will be going for a walk at the park where I will decorate Patches wheelchair with some sort of Valentines Day Decoration. Pippin our Chicken will share with our Dogs some Valentine goodies (she use to bark at the Mailman with our dogs running to the front porch till they all got a bit too old to do that.) Willy and Ginger our Furry feline Kids will have some extra canned kitty food that I’ll shape into a valentine with some treats on top!
    Love our Furry, Feathered Kids!

  • Kim M

    It’s a tough choice, but I think the dogs would end up winning over the cat, just because they’d share the Drinkwell and the dogs would enjoy the rest of the stuff more! My Banner (4yo All-Am) and Fly (11yo Kelpie-ish) are my constant companions, while Stripe (8yo DSH) holds down the fort for us at home. I am looking into getting her a harness and teaching her to walk with us so she can come outside and get some fresh air, but I’m not sure whether she’ll like it or not….

  • Lisa W

    My two beautiful rescue pups will get extra special treats on Valentine’s day. And they would LOVE the drinking fountain!!! Dogs FTW!

  • Cathy Audorff

    I have four wonderful kitties who would love for us to win the cat basket! For Valentine’s Day we will probably snuggle together on the couch once I get home from work and visit with our friends on the computer. My gang consists of Bella (age 8), Mufasa (age 4), Coqui (age 3) and Chica (age 2)

  • Shelia

    We want the kitty basket. Thanks for all you do for the animals!

  • I would like to win the cat basket because the kitties out number the dogs by three. On Valentine’s Day, I will appreciate the heart connection with each cat, Muse, Socks, Skeezix, Smudgie and Emma.

  • Elizabeth

    Nothing special going on here for Valentine’s day. But I know my kittehs would love to win this great cat basket full of goodies! Thank you for a chance to win.

  • I will be taking my dog Odie who recently had his eyes removed due to glaucoma to the groomer for first post op bath and then to the chiropractor for some happy adjustments. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • MaryAnn

    I will be preparing a very special valentine’s day treat for my little darlin’ felines. We would like to win the special cat basket. Thank you.

  • Aliza

    My cat Toffee would love the cat basket, and so would her little brother! He is a long haired chihuahua/papillon mix who thinks he’s a cat. In fact, he and Toffee are the same size, colors, and hair length! Every day is like Valentine’s Day for them 🙂

  • We just adopted a 8-9 week old pit bull puppy from the shelter I volunteer at assessing dogs. This little pitty baby was abused at such an early age and still has the soul of a saint. His name is now Diesel and this will be his 1st Valentines. I also have 4 other dogs that share the home with him. We usually get a stuffed animal for each of them for Valentines Day to give them something special. Since we are trying extra hard to spoil this new puppy with love due to his past this special gift basket would be a great basket for him to receive. All the dogs in the home would be able to enjoy the drinking fountain along with our two cats. But this basket would mainly be for Diesel to welcome him into our home with gifts of love. Our home of pets consists of Diesel (11 weeks), Isabell (10.5 yrs), Lily (2yrs), Bailey (5yrs), Zeus (3yrs) for the dogs and Simba (4), and Leo (3) for the cats.

  • Faith

    what great prizes. Thanks Hill’s and Michele. Put me down for the kitty basket.

  • Doc is a dog that appreciates any and all treats and goodies we will be watching tv together on valentines day

  • erelene westerveld

    My doggie and kittie will spend some quiet qulaity time watching a movie with me and their grandma and get some special gifts and treats with a special meal on valentines day and kisses n hugs all day everyday 🙂
    ps i m interested in doggie basket 🙂

  • Peter

    Would love to win the dog basket.

  • Angela

    My Shadow (7yr old black male DSH) and Peanut (11 mo.old tabby male DSH) would LOVE the cat basket!!!! Especially b/c I will be in D.C. for a business trip on Valentines Day so we’ll be celebrating when I get back. It may be late but it will still be loves, headbumps and purrs when I get home 🙂

  • Hal

    Great prizes. I want to win the dog basket.

  • Dawn

    I have a 3 year old pug who not only bought us back as a family but she is also a service dog (hearing and PTSD) for my husband (retired military) so now we are able to go out, enjoy life, and travel because she is there for him. Pia Pia loves life, she loves people, she is an angel plus she knows when it is time to work and time to play. Without her we would be stuck at home with such limitations with his disability. She has bought life back into our lives. Please consider her for the doggie basket. Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  • Denise

    My 4 kitties inside & 12 outside are all getting heart-shaped treats & a special dinner of salmon! We would love to win the kitty basket!

  • Sue

    Tyler and I are celebrating his 3rd birthday which is on Valentine’s Day. He’s my heart dog and would love those prizes to donate to his favorite Rescue organization so that they can have a good day too.

  • Anita

    The boys and girl would love another fountain… I think our little girl would look DARLING in the collar. The kitties, the husband and I will be cuddled up having a read in bed. 🙂

  • Debi

    My babies will getting a special treat this Valentine’s Day. I just saw this recipe today.

    For Your Cat — Tuna Treats

    We can’t forget our favorite feline friends on Valentine’s Day, and this mix of catnip and tuna will have Kitty purring.

    Prep Time: 20 minutes

    Cooking Time: 25 minutes

    Yield: 1 pound

    * 1 cup whole wheat flour
    * 1/2 cup cornmeal
    * 1/2 cup soy flour
    * 1/2 cup wheat germ
    * 1/2 cup dried catnip
    * 1/4 cup canned tuna (water packed), drained
    * 1/2 cup juice from drained tuna – add water if needed
    * 1/2 cup corn oil
    * 1 egg, lightly whisked


    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    2. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix.
    3. Add in wet ingredients and stir until the mixture becomes stiff. If the dough feels too sticky, add more whole wheat flour.
    4. Mold the dough into a large ball and place it on wax paper.
    5. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough to a thickness of 1/4 to 1/2-inches.
    6. Score into bite-size squares for a cat.
    7. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for about 25 minutes.
    8. Cool and store in a tightly sealed plastic bag in the fridge until treat time.

  • Smokette, Schnupel, and Mr. Charles Boy will get catnip pockets made from catnip and sewn up old cotton socks. My feral friend Tootsli will receive an extra can of cat food. I know they would all especially love that drinking fountain! Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day to all animal lovers out there.

  • Cheryl

    My dog, Misty, usually gets 2 walks/day during the winter. On Valentine’s Day, I think I’ll take her for 3 walks. She’ll love it! (Thanks for the chance to win.)

  • I wil be spending Valentine’s Day making backed treats for my three Dogs, Missy 15, Kip adopted in April from Minnesota and Banners, adopted in Dec from Louisiana and my Cat Kiki she’s 19. And then evening relaxing watching movies, and playing. They love just hanging out w /you me. They are such good Boys and Girl, I love them so much, and they know it as they show me how much they love me. :)You Have a Happy Valentines with your Special furry children everyone! <3

  • Our Siamese cats would love the cat basket, especially the water fountain. They would both love this! Fresh water at all times! They are getting extra loving for Valentine’s Day and the youngest just got spayed since it’s the right thing to do.

  • Kelly and I will be enjoying some extra play time together for Valentine’s Day. We will go outside (bonus: the weather has been mild in NY!) and play fetch and get her good and tired!

  • Ashley C

    I have two boxers who are both about 15 months old. They are my babies and I don’t know what I would do without them. For Valentine’s Day their dad will be coming back from some time away for the military and that will be the best gift any of us get.

  • Amy Orvin

    I have 2 dogs and 5 cats. Sushi is a peeki-poo, and Toby is an imperial shih-tzu . The 5 cats are all indoors only and domestic short hair and tabbys. I am taking my 2 girls to the doggie park on valentines day and also watching movies most of the day. They love watching movies with me and my mom.


  • Crystal

    My four furbabies will get some extra special brushings and luvings for Valentine’s Day 🙂 I’m sure they would love the cat care package that Hill’s put together!!

  • MarilynH

    My kittie boys and I will just spend the day like any other. Trying to keep warm and enjoying the early Spring weather (if it lasts).

  • MarilynH

    My kittie boys and I will be spending the day as usual–sleeping in the sun and trying to keep warm.

  • Gayla Hausman

    I have six rescue dogs, Peanut, Terri, Karla, Cuddles, Jordie, and Alice. For holidays and vet days, we always get KFC chicken for the dogs as a special treat. While I am vegetarian, my dogs love it of course. I would like to enter for the dog basket. thank you!

  • Juni

    Great blog, Michele. Thanks Hill’s, and put me down to win a basket for my 5 kitties.

  • Katherine Mitchell

    Hi I have three rescued kitties! It is Graycie’s sixteenth Valentine’s day and she would adore the water fountain. Fresh running water is her favorite thing!! My other two boys Max and Tristan who are BFF are always looking for new toys. We plan on a nice dinner with special plates just for them and then a long couch snuggle!

  • Paula

    I would love to win the doggie basket for my two beagles.

  • Sharon Gilbert

    Schooner and Skipper will be Valentine squeaker toys and daddy will be cooking on the grill. We will be having chicken and grill vegetable. They loved it when daddy grill chicken..Skipper loves vegetable and Schooner will turn his nose up.. I am making special pupcakes for dessert. The we will snuggled down on the couch and watch Treasure Buddies. Schooner and Skipper love watching the all of the Buddies movies. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • calico

    Would love the cat package. My crew will get cooked chicken thighs and each a catnip mouse for a special treat. Thanks

  • Our dogs will get homemade dog treats and special meals that day. We have 3 dogs – all three were throw aways. We made each one a part of our family.

  • Well We have 2 small dogs , a pekinese & a pug , 5 cats so I will indulge my sweeties
    with some extra treats , My real Valentine mission is to find a few smaller feral cat colonies in our town , We a few large colonies that are known , altered & cared for by
    wonderful volunteers , my concern is the smaller groups that are not altered , So far
    I found one group that live behind a shopping center , they are fed by people that work there & have a plastic container for the cats to sleep in but they are not spayed / neutered , I asked very nicely , I will be in touch with Animal Birth Control , Who will then come in w / humane traps , have the cats altered & rerelease , Its tough because the persons somewhat caring for the cats are well meaning but that next step needs to happen before kitten season , So too all & all pets , Happy Valentines Day !
    May everyone be loved and cared for !

  • karin cauley

    I am having all my dogs groomed, and getting their picture taken!

  • CD

    Thank you for the chance to win! We’d love the cat bundle. Our CRF kitty would love the fountain. We have one downstairs and if we win, we could have one upstairs too! Thanks again!

  • Suzanne Smith

    I’d love to win the cat package for my four cats! For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and are probably going to stay in, relax and snuggle with our fur children.

  • This year my puppy Nelson is my valentine! He’s the sweetest, cutest, smartest toy poodle in the world (at least I think so). We plan to spend Valentines day playing and snuggling.

    Thank you for this contest. If we win we want the dog basket 🙂

  • Lori Kennedy

    Our lovely cat, Frodo-Of-The-Shire Kennedy-Roark is showered with love every day, but on Valentine’s Day he’ll get a whole can of his favorite salmon dinner.

  • We have a weinerful life! We have two doxies: Sally Ann (6yrs), Charlie (5months) and one Chihuahua (a doxie mascot), Luna Ann (5yrs). We will be taking our dogs out to a doggie valentine’s day dinner(four course meal for dog’s of course) and another valentine’s day social party this weekend. We would love to submit for the dog basket.

  • Kathy

    We want to win the doggie bag. We have two poodles.

  • Nsteinke

    I have two cats-Leija and Lucy- and their big dog sister-Kelda Bernadette .they will be wearing their Valentine dresses and getting an extra treat

  • Cragle

    We have a boxer and 2 inside cats (sisters from the same liter). They are from the animal shelter! Our boxer’s birthday is on Feb. 13th and to celebrate we are having a puppy party for Valentine’s day/birthday for all the neighborhood pups on Feb. 14th. We have homemade treats and party hats! All his gifts will be donated to the shelter for the other pups that do not have a forever home yet. We would love to win the dog basket!

  • olivia rubin

    I would like to win the dog package. My chocolate lab is my valentine, not because her chocoalte kisses are calories/fat free, but because she has shown me how to be alive again. she is my service dog, and is the love of my life.

  • I’m giving my dog Luna extra love and attention on Valentines day because her big brother Frisbee just died 2 weeks ago and we both miss him so much that we need each other more than ever. She would love some new things for sure, as I’m donating Frisbee’s belongings to a shelter. No matter who wins this prize will be very happy!

  • Beth

    Made my dogs special treats today. Although we have a cat, I’d rather win the dog basket.

  • apollo

    My mommy & daddy both work & have night school, so we’re celebrating Valentines Day early 🙂 mommy says we’re all going to go to a dog friendly restaurant this wknd & something about me getting a “special bday gift” I’m excited!

  • Annie MacKeigan

    I will be making homemade Valentine treats for my 3 pups and their neighborhood friends. They could definately use a new leash and a drinking fountain. Fingers and toes crossed.

  • Kristie

    We would love to win the doggy give-away!! My two rescue lab mixes, Charlie and Chloe, are military brats! They will be spending their day with their daddy and I here in Okinawa, Japan, where we are stationed with the Air Force. We’ll probably hit up te beach for a quick romp in the East China sea, followed by a spritz by the hose in the back yard, lots of napping on the couch, and some special peanut butter pup cookies that Mommy makes for them on special occasions! Japan isn’t very big dog friendly, so it’s hard to fun fun snacks and surprises for them here, so I’m sure they would love this gift!!! Thanks for considering them!!

  • Sammie

    My feline fur-child and I will be snuggling in the recliner this Valentine’s Day. He’ll get some extra special treats and lots of loving. We would definitely like the cat bundle.

  • Sabra Janssen

    My first Valentine’s Day with Hudson! I plan to take him to the local dog park on Valentine’s Day then a scheduled play date with the neighbors black Labrador that he major has a crush on. I made a red fleece “slip-cover” for his collar in honor of the day and his every-day valentine nature! I would love to win the Dog and Parents basket for my 3 year old, Golden Retriever, Hudson. We were partnered six months ago as a Service Dog team and he has been a major miracle in my life! He loves LOTS of fresh water and the Drinkwell Fountain would be particularly wonderful. Hudson covets blankets of any kind and could happily snuggle into the quality of a Big Sky blanket. Anything Science Diet is great!

  • Michelle Spayde

    No special V-Day plans, but the whole world revolves around these guys daily, so it’s not like they’re missing out!

    I would love to win the kitty package! I have five FIV+ boys (rescues, of course), and one is having a terribly difficult time recovering from a major dental surgery a few weeks ago. He loves blankets, and I think that a fountain would help boost his water intake.

  • Susan Pike

    I would like to win the cat basket. This looks like the last Valentine day my cat Mattie will have. He’s got cancer in his lung. So I would like to win him something special. He’s such a good boy. Been with me for the last 12-13 years.

  • Fluffy will be cuddling with his loved ones by a cozy fire.

  • Jacie

    Every Valentine’s Day, I get valentine treats for my two shelties, and I try to get some for my neighbor’s dogs too. I would like to win the dog package.

  • I would love to win the dog basket .. for Valentine’s Day I will be joyously attending the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, cheering on my cocker spaniel Olivia. She is an ASCOB, a beautiful brown and tan girl. We’ll also be cheering on our dear friends who are entered too! We know it will be a wonderful, exciting, fun-filled day!

  • Lisa

    I don’t usually do anything special for Valentine’s Day for my dogs & cat. But, I do for their birthdays, Christmas, & Thanksgiving.
    I have both dogs and a cat, so either package works for me! 🙂

  • Kay B

    Quincy & Gansey, my two cocker spaniels would love the dog package. Gansey is on Hill’s prescription food and doing amazingly well.
    Both boys will be groomed for Valentine’s Day and receive a few goodies.

  • Lisa

    Our dog wants the dog gift basket. He lost his brother. He needs a comforting gift. On Valentine’s Day we plan to give him all the love he deserves.

  • Laura

    I will give my animals a little extra treats and more play time. Also I am a vet tech student, so I will give the animals here a little extra attention and toys. If possible I would like to be entered into both and dog and cat drawings.

  • AnnaZed

    Leonardo, my sweet cat who really is my true love, will be wearing his Valentine’s Day collar and having his twice a year treat of real human grade tuna. I know it’s bad, but he only gets it the once (ok twice) a year. The rest of the time he is Mr. Science Diet and boy is he healthy and does his coat ever shine.

  • I have 8 “official” cats (4 inside, 4 outside) and 2 that just show up once in a while. For V-Day, well, nothing special really. I’m hoping one of the two that just shows up will let me get a bit closer to her, that would be a great V-Day gift wouldn’t it? (Oh, and the kitty package for sure. Obviously, right?)

  • Hadn’t thought of making something for my dog, but maybe I will! I’d love to win the dog pkg.

  • NJJ

    I’d love to win a dog basket and yes, my dog will be getting special treats for valentines day He already has a red collar to match! 🙂

  • gia

    i don’t have class, so i can spend the day playing with my cats! i hope i get to win the cat basket!

  • isa

    i’m going to take my dogs on a hike for v-day! i would love to win the dog basket!!!

  • I am writing for Scooter and Wart, my two tuxedo kitties. Every day with them is a holiday!

  • Shelley P

    My cat, Shadow, gets a new toy or two Valentine’s Day plus a special treat or meal. We’d love to win the awesome cat package. Thanks for the chance!

  • Catopia Feline Rescue

    We have 9, non placeable rescue kitties at our place. We would love to win the cat pack. For Valentine’s day we are going to make some homemade kitty treats!

  • Colleen G.

    I have 3 personal kitties + 1 foster kitty. I would love to win the cat pack! For valentine’s day we are having a photo and video shoot…our foster goes to his forever home the following weekend! YAY!

  • sharon p.

    My two black kitties will be getting some new sparkly red poms-poms and a new red feather toy…and lots of love from me. They would be super happy to win these goodies too! Thanks!

  • thepricklypinecone

    I would love to win the cat pack please! Our kitty will probably get some extra treats and maybe more attention and cuddles if that is even possible. If she decides to be quiet she may even be allowed to sleep in our bed!

  • TRICIA Thompson

    For Valentines night my two small dogs and I will enjoy snuggles on the couch as we watch Best in Show together. It will be a perfect night :O)

  • Julie M.

    I am spending the day with my kitties…bought them special treats and toys. I would LOVE to win the cat basket!

  • pamela

    Dog Bundle-

    I’m going to give extra love to all cats and dogs of mine today. They get loving and hugs every day. But today will be even more full of love, hugs, toys, treats and just making them know that they are loved and appreciated!!