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Clear the Clutter and Help Pets

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

I am a minimalist. Objects don’t hold much sentimental value to me. So, I was so excited to hear about the ASPCA’s (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) project with WebThriftStore. It’s a great way to get rid of clutter and help animals.

All you have to do is donate your unwanted items to the online store and the ASPCA will receive 80 percent of the sales proceeds. You can donate old clothes, household items, jewelry, electronics, and more.

“ASPCA staff was able to test out the online thrift store in a day-long event at our offices, and we had such a positive response with so many staff members bringing in great items to donate that we’re considering making it a regular event,” says Alison Jimenez, Senior Manager at the ASPCA.

Clutter Can Be Expensive
According to NPD Research, there is an estimated $700 billion of stuff cluttering homes and costing people money in storage facilities throughout the United States. WebThriftStore offers a simple way to help get these items into the hands of people who want them, while at the same time helping causes which are important to them.

“What makes this WebThriftStore partnership so wonderful is that it connects people with a creative way to help one another and the ASPCA at the same time,” says WebThriftStore Founder and CEO Douglas Krugman.

How It Works
Prices on WebThriftStore are set by donors, and once items are sold, donors receive acknowledgement letters to substantiate 100 percent of their value as charitable contributions for tax purposes. Donors also receive free, prepaid mailing labels online, to print and affix to packages shipped via the United States Postal Service or they can arrange local delivery of purchases directly with buyers. Shipping supplies are available free of charge.

All purchases are backed by WebThriftStore’s 30-Day Buyer Assurance Guarantee. WebThriftStore’s free online platform is open to all registered 501(c)(3) organizations, enabling them to solicit in-kind donations from supporters and receive cash from their sale.

18 comments to Clear the Clutter and Help Pets

  • Emily

    I agree with your reader that it is greater than ebay. And it sounds like the ASPCA is making this so easy. Yay!

  • Zoey

    We adopted our two cats from the ASPCA, and now when I go through my closets, I will get rid of the unwanted stuff and help animals. This is a win-win.

  • Ben

    I am going to share this on my FB page too. Great idea ASPCA.

  • Ellen

    This is better than ebay! Thanks ASPCA and Michele.

  • This is a fantastic share! I always donate clothes that don’t fit anymore, and other items I don’t need to my local SPCA thrift store.
    I’m so glad you’re getting the word out, Michele!

  • Kay

    What is great about this is that you can live anywhere in the US to donate and can get rid of unwanted stuff and help animals.

  • Gudrun

    I am a minimalist too and I have small children. Now I know I can get them to get rid of the toys they no longer play with. We are going to sort through their toys–the ones that are in good shape–and donate!I will be able to get my kids to participate because they love animals.

  • Aaron

    I really love this idea. Thanks for sharing. You help so many animal shelters and in turn, i love your blog. Thanks Michele!!!

  • Saul

    I don’t collect stuff either. My mom just passed and her house is filled with stuff. Maybe we can unload a lot of it and help animals too. Thanks!

  • Mary Ann

    Great blog thanks Michele for this. We donate to ASPCA, and adopted a dog there. They are a good organization.

  • Maggie

    I live with a backrat who loves our pets. Maybe I can get him to unload some of our stuff thanks to this post. Great idea.

  • Ona

    what a great idea. I want to see if we can do this in LA with our local shelter.

  • Lee

    Good for the animals, and good for us. Thanks Michele. Good post, as always.

  • This is a terrific idea. Thanks for alerting us. I’m going to post on my personal FB page, as well as on Frieda’s Favorites FB page, so my friends can participate. A win-win for animals AND their people!

  • This is a terrific idea. Thank you for telling us about WebThriftStore. I will share on The Tiniest Tiger.

  • Sorry for the loss of your mom Saul.–Michele

  • Jeremy

    Great site Michele. I will definitely clean out my closet, and give to the ASPCA.

  • Nicky Munson

    Thanks Michele! I am going to share this with my friends and family. The animals need our stuff more than we do!