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11 Year Old Challenges Us Older Folks to Exceed Our Expectations Regarding Animal Rescue

Editor’s Note: Talking about topics that he is passionate about—animal rescue and writing—Jack McPadden seems wise beyond his 11 years. Jack sent Pet News and Views an e-mail asking if he could guest post. I get a fair number of people asking to guest. Jack’s e-mail stood out.

He wrote: “I am eleven years old and completely blind; this does not stop me the least bit when it comes to my passion—animals, mostly dogs.” Following is Jack’s article on the importance of rescuing dogs:

By Guest Blogger Jack McPadden for Pet News and Views

“Woof! Woof!” Many of us don’t hear the call, but it rings through the air daily. It is the dogs pleading for help, begging for our support. They amble the city streets teeming with cars. Others roam the dangerous woods of the infinite countryside. No matter where, these vagrant dogs are in need of our mercy. It’s high time that we intervene, feel what they do, and, as a community, come together to rescue.

Many people are deaf to the call of vulnerable animals. You may drive by a stray and think nothing of it, as it is deemed everyday life. It seems the way of the world. Yet, when you take the time to empathize what those dogs are feeling as the car whizzes by, it sinks in.

What would you do if you saw a child standing in the middle of a road? You’d get out and help them. Sadly, this is not the case with many people and dogs. Cars swerve to avoid the animals and keep on going, not thinking about what hope the dog just lost.

Little Man is one of the rescue dogs that Jack trains.

The reality is dogs need human companions for their well-being. We feed and care for our pets. Likewise, humans need dogs; they comfort us, bring us much joy, and, most importantly, save lives.

The puppy mills defeat the efforts of compassionate people who take in dogs that have been horribly exploited. At these retched dog factories, the animals are bred in the most vulgar conditions. All of those dogs are unbelievably malnourished and sleep restlessly. We need to rescue the dogs that need us, not neglect them. This is simply giving back to the dogs who have saved our lives. We need to do our share.

So, next time you want to get a dog, go to a shelter, a foster home, search the streets, and for Pete’s sake, DON’T BUY FROM A PUPPY MILL!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to help the needy animals that linger along the streets. Please, make a difference. Next time you see a stray or a lost dog, don’t avoid them, help them. If they are lost, bring them back home. If they are a stray, don’t leave them by the side of the street just because you are allergic. Find somebody who can properly care for them.

About Jack
Jack McPadden lives with a four-year old dog named Dallas. He volunteers with a neighbor who rescues dogs, and also volunteers as a dog trainer. He walks, feeds, exercises, and trains his neighbors’ dogs.

Jack is writing a book with his aunt. “In the book,” he says, “I go to live with my aunt to help her with her organization that fosters dogs. My objective is to raise awareness regarding the fact that the dogs depend on us and are waiting for us to help them. It will also express what a dog can do for a human, both physically and psychologically.”

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22 comments to 11 Year Old Challenges Us Older Folks to Exceed Our Expectations Regarding Animal Rescue

  • Jack is such an inspiration !

    It is so wonderful to read of this young man and his passion to help dogs .

    Thanks so much.

  • Val

    Fantastic blog, and a great guest post. Good for you Jack!

  • Way to go Jack! I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing. You have a real future as a writer!

  • I absolutely love this. The animals depend on us. We humans must protect them
    Great article, great kid.

  • Hi Jack. You are a very inspiring person.
    I am a cat lady. I have 14 kitties ranging in age from 6 years to 14 years old.
    I also feed and leave fresh water for about 12 or more wild cats and a couple of dogs
    who have a home and like to come for a snack. Fortunately the neighbour, up the road, lets the strays stay in his warm barn and snack on his mice. I just give them extra so they will stay strong and healthy.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Wise beyond his years – we need a lot more people like him

  • Very good on you and your Aunt, Jack! You are doing the right actions and thinking about other animals, dogs in your case, at this time in your life.

    You write very well and your passion for those you care for comes through.

    Thanks for blogging, and thanks to those who published your blog!

  • What a wonderful, compassionate young person you are Jack. I am thrilled to learn of your good deeds for the voiceless.
    I look forward to reading anything further from you.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Oh…. and your rescue dog, Little Man is sooo cute!!

  • Kim O

    Thanks so much for your very inspiring article, Jack!! I hope a lot of people take your advice and help these poor sad dogs! Every creature needs to be loved!!

  • Nancy C

    Great work Jack!!! Do you see politics in your animal future??? Keep up the wonderful attitude!

  • Elaine

    Good call to run Jack’s post. I am going to share this with my kids!

  • We need more kids like Jack!

  • Dennis McCall

    The world would be a better place if we took care of all of God’s creatures. Thank you Jack!

  • Stephen

    I echo what your other readers are saying, “We need more kids like Jack.” Keep it up Jack!

  • Lawrence

    It really is inspiring that Jack has taught himself to train dogs,and that he offers this free service to his neighbors. I wish I lived close by!

  • Elsie Au

    Wonderful kid. He has more brain and heart than many adults. We need more kids/adults like Jack.

  • Kathy

    Jack definitely has a future as either a writer or dog trainer or hey, he could probably be anything he wants with such a great attitude.

  • Jack McPadden

    I am Jack McPadden, the author of this article. I leave a message here for all of you to see who have and will leave coments. Dogs need us and people need dogs-I am simply speaking the truth.

  • Jill

    Good for you Jack! Yes that is the truth isnt it..we need eachother, us and dogs. I hope that many people read your book and that it changes them for the better.

  • What an true inspiration and reminder to everyone that we can make a difference. Thank you for this post. So nice to meet Jack.

  • Mary McPadden

    Hi Jack, This is your Auntie Emmie. You wrote a wonderful article. You have such a big heart and I know how hard you work with dogs and how much you adore them. I especially see it when we take walks through your neighborhood and all the dogs that we come upon are so excited by your visits. I also see it when you take the dogs from the foster house for walks and how thrilled they are for your visit and to share your love. You are a very loving person and hold a special place in your heart for dogs. All the dogs in your neighborhood are very lucky to have you. Love, Emmie