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Win a Bag of Hill’s All Natural Pet Food

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

In these lean times it’s nice to giveaway pet food. Hill’s®, the makers of Science Diet®, has developed an all natural pet food line for cats and dogs. Called Ideal Balance™, meat is listed as the first ingredient, and the food is grain-free and contains carrots, peas, and broccoli.

Hill's introduces an all natural pet food for dogs, cats, and kittens.

According to the folks at Hill’s®, their customers have been asking for an all natural variety of pet food that doesn’t contain corn or other grains. The new Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ product line includes:

Ideal Balance™ Grain Free Adult Chicken & Potato Dinner dog food

Ideal Balance™ Grain Free Adult Chicken & Potato Dinner cat food

Ideal Balance™ Kitten Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner

Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner for adult cats

Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Mature Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner for senior cats

These products will be in stores after the New Year. However, nine of you can get one bag by leaving a comment. All names will be entered in Randomizer.com. Each bag is a $49 value (that covers shipping and handling).

Helping Local Shelters
Hill’s® has agreed to donate eight bags of its new all natural food to my local shelter, Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ, and another eight bags to Best Friends Animal Society’s Cat Initiatives Program, which keeps cats safe and out of shelters. Janice Dankert, who heads the Initiatives Program does Trap Neuter Return for Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. She and her volunteers feed over 5,000 community cats through the program.

More Chances to Win
And there’s more: You can enter the same contest at The Tiniest Tiger. My friend Joanne McGonagle, who writes The Tiniest Tiger with her cat, Gracey, is running a similar contest. Click here to visit the contest link for The Tiniest Tiger.

Be sure to leave a comment after this post to be entered to win one bag of this new all natural pet food. The contest closes December 22 at 1 p.m. Eastern. If you win, I will send you an e-mail letting you know. Good luck!

105 comments to Win a Bag of Hill’s All Natural Pet Food

  • Janice

    We are so thankful that you picked our program for this giveaway!! Thank you, everyone, for caring for the community cats!

  • Stephanie Goehring

    Yay to Best Friends and everyone who will benefit from this giveaway.

  • Shelly Kotter

    Thanks for helping the community cats

  • sonja marder

    JAC is an outstanding no-kill shelter in my area…..they really need the donation…i use Hill’s for my dogs….i find it to be high quality at a reasonable price!

  • thomas moore

    Would like to try this on my little ones.

  • pauline moore

    I would love to win. We use Hill’s food at our house.

  • Bev Lowe

    Janice Dankert ROCKS!!!

  • I would love to try they dog or cat food..

  • Elizabeth Flynn

    Thank you for the chance to win this new Science Diet Grain Free Food. I have been trying to get all my kittehs switched over to Grain Free so will look forward to trying this one to see if they like it.

  • Tami

    Thanks so much for helping out the cats at Best Friends by providing them with food!!!

  • Kim Nebel

    What a great thing to do, helping out a shelter with food and a feral cat community! In these hard times they need all the help they can get! I’m going to donate my bag if I win to a shelter too!

  • Jennifer Foster

    Hi, like what I see about Ideal Balance™ Grain Free Adult Chicken & Potato Dinner dog food, would consider switching. Thanks for the chance to win a free bag!

  • My 5 cats would love Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Mature Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner for senior cats, when the Science diet dog food came out I said why no cat food, my cats used to eat science diet all the time and loved it but they started getting sick and the vet said to start them on something all natural without byproducts or corn, so my cats will be thrilled.

  • Love science diet for my senior cat.

  • gia

    awesome! i always like to try out different foods for my pets. would love to have them try Hill’s

  • Holly Sizemore

    Thanks so much for supporting Best Friends and other shelters!

  • Terra Fagala

    My three boys are really excited to try the new HSD Ideal Balance grain, corn, and by-product-free cat food! Please consider them, as they are top taste testers around our house. They already approve of HSD adult light dry & turkey flavors of can food. Thanks!

  • Linda Borcher

    Janice works very hard for our community cats and I sincerely hope she gets this donation. Thanks for all you do Janice!

  • William

    Great contest Michele! Enter me and my dogs–I have two rescued greyhounds.

  • Sally

    I feed my dogs Science Diet, and would lvoe to try this new food.

  • Tory

    Please enter me in this contest. I love Best Friends.

  • Milton

    I have 3 rescue dogs & could use this food.

  • david

    I only feed my cats all natural food, and would love to try this new food from the makers of Science Diet.

  • Lexa Karas

    Just sent from “The Tiniet Tiger” to your website. I am always looking for new websites about cats. I try to keep up with all the new things on cats and this new Hill’s Science Diet Natural food sounds like something I would really like for my cats to try. With 5 cats of varying sizes, ages, and age-related problems this sounds like a food that may meet the needs of the kitties better than a lot that are out there. I am glad that the pet food companies are trying to feed grain-free. Try to feed your cat a bowl of cereal with no milk…not happening is it?

  • Susan Pike

    I would really like to try this new food I have a cat with IBD he also can’t eat grains so this sounds like something he might really enjoy. He’s 13 years old and I have such a hard time keeping weight on him.

  • I hope the New Jersey Animal group will benefit from this giveaway.

  • Wendy Stanford

    Glad that Hills is making this possible-

  • alisa alexander

    This is what Christmas is all about! You rock again, Janice!

  • Susie

    I wanted to thank you and Hill’s for running this contest. It’s great to give and even greater to give to a needy animal shelter.

  • Connie Ball

    My sister’s cat with IBS has found that “no grain” food has her kitty’s system working as it should. Great things happen!

  • Martina Schilling

    The community cats sure do appreciate the extra food during the winter season

  • Ron Stanford

    Thank you Hills for doing this. The cats that live outside thank you too.

  • Barbara Dott

    Thanks to Hills for the food donation,
    And to Best Friends for their program
    To help homeless animals!

  • Tamara

    What an awesome program! Thx for helping out our feline friends!!

  • Krystyn Knights

    With 3 rescue dogs, and 3 rescue cats, every little bit helps. I am single, 64 and on SSD….not much left over for the fur kids.
    Thanks for letting me enter to win pet food.

  • Diane Young

    Thank you so much for helping community cats; long live those ferals in comfort and well fed.

  • Great news with this product and the donations 🙂

  • Vickie

    Our foster kittens would love to try the Ideal Balance kitten formula. And thanks for helping the community cats.

  • Aliza

    Thank you for helping the shelter pets!

  • AnnMarie Riehm

    I would love to try this new food for my “tiny tiger”. I only want the best of foods for her and this food seems great because it is all natural.

  • NJJ

    Wow I’d love to win My dog would love the chicken and potatoes dinner!

  • Christian

    I have two dogs and would love to win.

  • Glenn

    We give one of our cats Science Diet’s prescription foods, and she is doing so well on it. I give my dog an all natural diet, and the other cats (we have 2 more) also eat only natural foods. I would love to try this. I would probably get the cat food, and buy a bag of the dog food. Thanks!

  • Ruth

    I want to win a bag because I feed several ferals in my area that are part of a TNR program.

  • Connie

    I love Science Diet dog food, and would prefer giving my dog an all natural product. Enter me in your contest & thanks!

  • Donna

    I’ve been feeding my dogs Science diet and would love to try this new product.

  • Anna

    I have 3 cats–all from my local shelter. I love that you run contests that help out small shelters. It makes me want to help more. Thanks!

  • I have been giving my labradoodles Kirkland chicken plus lamb products and they’re done wonderful upon it. My doodles are Six years of age, Five years, 3 years of age, 6 months.

  • PatsyAnne

    This would be so good for my Oliver, he has so many ailments and needs a GOOD balanced diet. I’ve been researching cat foods and find that this new Hill’s diet will be perfect for him. My Ollie-man is waiting by the mailbox, he really loves the mailman!

  • Trish

    My son is having a fundraiser through his school for a local cat & dog rescue and one of the items they need is dry cat food. It would be awesome if we could help them with this.

  • Georgi Garner

    It’s always s nice to hear about a program that benefits the community cats. Good luck and if I win a bag it’s all yours!

  • Anne

    I’m trying to wean one of my cats off of California Natural cat crack now that P&G owns them and this sounds like an interesting food to add to their rotation.

  • Randy

    Put my name in the hat. I need the cat food.

  • Marsha

    I have two shelter cats. I would love to win the bag of cat food.

  • Sandra

    Love your blog Michele. Enter me to win the dog food.

  • Alison

    I have two cats, Michele. I would love to win the bag of cat food.

  • Alex

    If I win, I will give the bag to my local shelter.

  • Deb

    Two cats and a dog that are all from the local shelter. Shelter pets are the best. They seem grateful. So, I would opt for the cat food.

  • Martin

    We have 7–yes 7–shelter cats. All are fixed, and we would obviously like to win the bag of all natural cat food.

  • Tom

    Great contest. Thanks Hill’s. I want the dog food for my dog–Bowie–named after the rock star.

  • Jackie

    We are cat people and have 4 of them–all rescues. Thanks Michele.

  • Susie

    I’m a cat person too. I have 2 found cats. All of my cats have been found. Thanks Hill’s.

  • Eliot

    Hi Michele, Love your blog. Can you send me the dog food for my two boys? They are rescued greys.

  • Meredith

    Hi, I love your blog. I have two cats, a dog, and a horse. And we are thinking of getting chickens! So any food is welcome.

  • Henri

    Cats, cats, and more cats. I don’t want to tell you how many we have, but they are all found strays and are in excellent health. We love cats & would love to win cat food.

  • Paula

    Put me down for a bag of cat food. I love that Hill’s is coming out with an all natural choice. I only feed my cats, and myself and family, all natural foods.

  • Darcy

    Catperson is me! My cats would love to try the all natural cat food.

  • Sali

    Hi Michele, Thanks for running these contests. I see you always try to help out animal shelters. They are in such desperate need. If I win, I will donate my bag to my local shelter.

  • Jordana

    Thanks Michele! Great contest. Enter me to win!

  • Becky

    This is just the kind of food we look for for our cats.

  • Sade

    Excellent . enter me to win.

  • MaryAnn

    All my cats and fosters love the Hills’ products. Enter us to win!

  • Shannon

    We have one dog, Max, who we adopted from the JAC 🙂 I’m also an occasional dog walker there. So many adorable dogs I wish I could take home (and cats – if I was allergic to the cutie pies!). Good for Hill for helping out 🙂

    We’re looking into grain free for Max. I’m hoping it will clear up his (very minor) itchy skin issues. The husband and I have been grain free since the spring so why not the dog too? LOL!

  • I use all natural diets for my dogs and they are very healthy and happy. I wish we could afford to feed this food to all the shelter dogs at JAC. To bad Hills cannot make a monthly donation of several bags of their food to JAC.

  • Marc and Jill Klosner

    I would love to win some food for our animals at the JAC!

  • BJ

    My pets are getting older and deserve the have the best now more than ever.

  • Tamara Schraiber

    the JAC cats and dogs would just love to try this new food…please send some their way THANKS oh and my crew of six cats (two of which are from the JAC and the rest from my backyard) would love to try it to.

  • Barbara Jarrett

    My grandkittygirl, Beatrix can eat only grain free food. And I want to say once again that it’s wonderful that Purrever is going to receive some food. 🙂

  • Maika'i

    My ‘kids’ are all on different diets, but I’d be happy to donate a bag of food to the shelter they all came from – Happy Howlidays and Meowy Fishmas!

  • Virginia Canino

    My adopted kitties are licking their chops. They told me to make sure that get a big bowl and thank Hill’s for the contest!

  • Hi, thanks so much for including JAC in this contest. I am a volunteer there & know how much we could use the free kibble.

    Thanks, Mike

    PS: the JAC address that you’ve linked above should end in .org

  • We adopted from JAC last year. Since then i have been volunteering each week with my husband as walkers. We love the organization because they are a true NO KILL shelter and all the volunteers are there to help. We so appreciate the support Hills gives to us their generosity assists in the mission of the shelter.

  • JAC is a great organization because it is truly about the animals. We put their needs first. We run with a very small staff, but a huge volunteer army. No matter when you visit the shelter someone will be there walking our pets or cleaning cages or doing something positive to get our pets adopted and kept warm clean and fed. This is a monumental task while remaining NO KILL and the generosity of companys like Hills assist in making this possible. Thank you again for your continued support.

  • Carol Barnes

    One of my dogs, when she was 10 started getting sores all over her body. I was sitting in the vets office and one of the other people started telling me how she switched her dog to a natural dog food and her dog’s sores went away. I put my dog on a natural dog food and within a month all the sores were gone and she hasn’t had any in the two years since then. 3 rescued dogs and 3 rescued cats in my house. Please consider adopting from the JAC in South Orange.

  • jeanne fortin

    My 14 year old dog Nutmeg loves broccoli–bet she would enjoy this. Our 3 legged cat Merrigold steals brown rice from my plate whenever she can. Sometimes they do know what’s good for them. Jersey Animal Coalition sure could use the food donation, too.

  • Peter

    Good point. The banking industry is so greedy.

  • melissa schulte

    Volunteering at the JAC is a great experience. Shelters need all the help they can get.

  • Amanda Munyon

    To be honest, the lack of an all-natural food line was the reason I switched my dog’s food from the Hill’s brand to begin with! The introduction of the Ideal Balance would certainly give me reason to try out the Hill’s brand again. If I do win however, I would really like to give the bag of food to the JAC. They are an incredible shelter that really needs all the help it can get.

  • Alexis

    I would love to try the all natural food for my dogs. I only feed them a different brand of all natural dog food. I don’t put chemicals into my body, so why should I put chemicals into theirs?

  • I would love to win a bag of cat food and give it to PAWS San Diego. They provide free cat and dog food to San Diegans who are below the poverty line and are elderly, chronically ill,or disabled.

  • Lisa W.

    Hooray for a “natural” pet food from Science Diet! Great to hear they are donating products as well.

  • Trish B.

    My three rescued kitties would love to win a bag! Thank you!

  • Kim Davis

    I have 5 kitties, 2 dogs, a parrot and freshwater fish. I could definitely use help in the pet food area. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  • Denise

    I could really use a free bag of cat food!

  • Devon

    It’s great that you help out so many shelters. They need hte food the most, and if I win, I will donate the bag of cat food to my local TNR group.

  • Vera

    Yay for Hill’s for coming out with an all natural brand. We will definitely try it.

  • Candy

    Love your blog, Michele! Thanks for running this and your other contests! Enter me to win a bag of cat food.

  • David Cardelli

    It would be great if all pet food companies came out with all natural foods. Dogs and cats need meat and veggies in their diets. I would love to win the bag for my dog, Juno.

  • angel stout

    Science Diet is just an awesome animal food, period!

  • Amy Orvin

    I’d love to win for my 5 indoor cats! Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


  • Tory Braden

    I have seven kitties that I have rescued, all are neutered/spayed of course. I am unemployed (and looking for work). One boy is becoming diabetic (he is 6 yrs), and another is 18, she is hyperthyroid. I would love to be able to feed all these deserving babies the best food.

  • Elizabeth Petry

    My DLH Calico/Torbie, Portia, has some allergies, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get her on some great quality food!

  • charon170

    This looks like a great product. I can’t wait to try it.

  • WebGal Pat

    Tiny Tiger sent me! I would love to try this corn/grain free Hills food for my adult cats. We use the SD dry and canned but this looks healthier! thanks for the opportunity and thanks to Hills as well.

  • Patricia

    Pick us, pick us – meow, meow, purr, purrrrrrr…. Tiny Tiger is the best site for all of us Tiny Tigers – we have large imaginations and hearts filled with love for our forever families. To be an orphan or homeless and unable to do anything about it, is very hard for our brothers and sisters still out there. Please help us share this bag with the homeless cats in our village.