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Win Cat Litter for Your Local Shelter

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

The folks at Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™ premium clumping litter contacted me about hosting a giveaway to one of Pet News and Views’ readers, I said yes.

Earl Gray

Cat’s Pride sent over their new litter for Earl Gray, my cat, to try about two months ago. He liked it a lot. (We had some litter issues because of his hyperthyroidism, and thankfully he is using Cat’s Pride. I’m almost finished with the box they sent over for Earl to try, and I just purchased another one.) The folks at Cat’s Pride said it “features a premium clumping, low-dust formula that reduces tracking and absorbs odor-causing enzymes on contact–helping to stop odor before it starts and it keeps litter boxes fresher, longer.”

I noticed there is almost no dust with this formula. It’s also up to 25 percent lighter than other cat litters.

Cat’s Pride® is giving one Pet News and Views’ reader:

• A 15-lb jug of NEW Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™ Multi-Cat Scoopable

• A $15 Petsmart gift card to purchase food, treats or toys

• A reusable tote bag for everyday items

• A bag of Temptations® Cat Treats

• A copy of Cat Fancy magazine

• A coupon for an additional jug of NEW Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™

But wait (I’ve always wanted to say that!), there’s more! If you win, Cat’s Pride® will donate 150 pounds of its’ New Fresh & Light ™ Multi-Cat Scoopable litter to the animal shelter of your choice.

And if I get 100 responses, Cat’s Pride will donate another 150 pounds of their New Fresh & Light ™ Multi-Cat Scoopable litter to Jersey Animal Coalition, that’s my local shelter.

The Rules
Leave a comment about your kitty or your favorite shelter. I will put all of your names into Randomizer.com to choose one winner. The contest closes this Friday, November 18, at 3 p.m. Eastern.

A Second Chance to Win
A similar contest is being held at The Tiniest Tiger. So you can enter here and at The Tiniest Tiger. Visit Gracey at The Tiniest Tiger and tell her Pet News and Views sent you.

Remember, leave a comment in the comments section of this post to win. And thanks for playing!

Full Disclosure
Cat’s Pride brand has provided Pet News and Views with a box of litter, a gift bag, and gift card.

The contest is officially closed. The winner will be announced soon. Thank you all for participating.

149 comments to Win Cat Litter for Your Local Shelter

  • JAC receives many cats/kittens from local Animal Control. We give them a check up along with shots. Litter is very important to the shelter and is something the cats/kittens cannot do without.

  • Tamara Schraiber

    I started using cats pride for my 6 cats, 2 of whom were adopted from the Jersey Animal Coalition and the other 4 adopted from my own backyard. They love Cat’s Pride litter and thats the litter we donate to the Jersey Animal Coalition to help supplement their litter supply. If you can, please drop off your own bag of Cat’s Pride to the JAC, the kitties there will send a big hug and kiss to you for doing so.

  • nancy hg

    I wanted to thank “cats pride” for running this contest michele at petnewsandviews for letting us know. Our neighborhood feral group (spurred on by just one caring couple person) reached out and just had a garage sale and this would go a long way got folks interested in helping control the feral population but also sharing tips to really help. This contest can help with increasing shelter needs in south orange-maplewood, new jersey area. MORE GOOD NEWS? CLUMPING LITTER is a “shelter challenge” so the fact that cat’s pride is non-clumping is KEY for shelter use. Lots being done to help around here and always more needs to be done. NEIGHBORHOOD CAT AND ANIMAL FANCIERS built a “CLUB MEOW” awning to cover the food for ourdoor cats during inclement weather (AWNING IS AMAZING), also built a cat hotel so kittens in waiting have some opportunity to play,even washed windows could look outdoors! Neighbors held a garage sale to pay for vaccinate/spay/neuter programs for ferals and folks are now trading leggos (raising money all the while) so every penny can help! BY THE WAY — I happen to know EARL GRAY (a wonderful quiet cat) and “WHATEVER EARL SAYS I BELIEVE.” THANKS EARL, THANKS MICHELE/PET NEWS & VIEWS AND THANKS “CATS PRIDE!”

  • Roslyn Dreydoppel

    Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ, takes care of a lot of cats that are unwanted in a clean and safe environment.

    They care.

  • sonja

    What an amazing shelte JAC is! They need cat litter so desperately…..So many kittens/cats are rescued by them….! Yes, they do care!

  • Samantha Vanderhoof

    The Jersey Animcal Coalition rescues and saves so many cats and kittens. They could really use the litter. Go JAC!

  • Thanks for helping JAC again Michele! Our cats are wonderful, and we adopted two a long time ago from JAC. We use Cat’s Pride and will start using this new litter you wrote about. Thank you Cat’s Pride!

  • PepperPom

    My favorite local shelter is http://alaquaanimalrefuge.com/ I think they are no-kill. I’m not sure about terminally ill animals, but I know they don’t kill because time or space has run out. They take all sorts of animals, not just dogs and cats. They work really hard and are often struggling, I think 150 pounds of litter would be a big help to them. My cat is a Himalayan named Teddy, he is 10 years old, very shy, he has diabetes and uses LOTS of litter.

  • Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange appreciates all your help with the cats (and all our pets). Contests like these help everyone, your site is great!

  • Allison

    I live in a small town where, thankfully, several abandoned felines found me and the wonderful local shelter here (NCAL) took them in. As badly as I wanted to keep these 3 beautiful felines, it would not have been fair to the 3 kitties I already share my life with! I’d love to be able to thank them by winning this for saving so many lives. They are a true no-kill shelter: North Country Animal League, Morrisville VT

    jerseygirl1351 ataol dot com

  • Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange appreciates all your help with the animals. We hope this contest helps you in your marketting as we know the donation will help with our struggles to keep this no kill shelter running smoothly

  • I am the volunteer coordinator for one of the locations the Dane County Humane Society runs. It is so rewarding to find the right home for our special kitties. Thanks for the great contest, and how generous of Cat’s Pride!

  • Karl

    Thanks Cat’s Pride and Michele for helping cats and shelters in need. Well, all shelters are in need. We rescued our two kitties from the streets of NYC. Now, I am going to visit Gracey at The Tiniest Tiger.

  • Amy Orvin

    I have 5 cats. They are so wonderful. There names are Bubba,Chance,Ryder,Reagan and Chester. They are all rescues and very spoiled. They are indoors only except for the screened-in back porch which they love so much. My favorite shelter is the Charleston Animal Society in Charleston, South Carolina.


  • Val

    What a fabulous campaign! And how great is Cat’s Pride for donating all these wonderful things? Answer: Fantabulous! I just know you’ll get 100 responses! My 3 cats (all adoptees) use Cat’s Pride, and I’ve always had all my cats use it.

  • Lori

    We rescued two cats too that were hanging around our home. Life is better with two cats. Thanks Cat’s Pride. I hope to win, and I will buy your kitty litter.

  • vicky McDonald

    Thank you for all you do to help the animals in need! (:


  • Pleshette McGrady

    Wow, that is so generous of Cat’s Pride to do this for the babies. One of my kitties is actually allergic to certain litters. But Cat’s pride has never given her any issues. If I could, I would like to donate (If I win) to Purrever Ranch. Thanks Gracey, and Cat’s Pride.

  • Laurie Ann

    Thanks for all you do for the animals!! One at a time, we CAN make a difference!

  • Lisa

    The kitties at JAC need CAT LITTER….
    So I hope they win the contest. Then JAC will have the chance to help those little kitties by using Cat’s Pride litter…
    Thanks CAT’S PRIDE

  • Virginia Canino

    As a self proclimed Cat Woman who has adopted cats from the Jersey Animal Coalition and continually volunteers there, I am jumping for joy,(actually my cats are looking at me strangely) at the prospect of winning all of that super cat litter!
    OK so you’re thinking “Get a life”, but truly being able to keep our shelter cats in the most sanitary conditions, is one of my goals.

  • Shari

    Tiniest Tiger sent me your way. Would love to help our local no kill shelter called Fur and Feather near Pietown, NM

  • judy

    JAC is a great shelter helping so many cats and dogs.Thank you for giving them the opportunity to win this contest.

  • I will have to try Cat’s Pride. The Food Lady complanes about neerly dislocating her sholder carrying boxes of litter up the stares. We wood love to help out our East Bay Animal Shelter who is still recuvering frum a devastating fire. XXOO

  • This is great, thank you for what you are doing to help the cats. Whiskers shelter here in upstate NY is a great shelter helping find purrfect homes for cats and kittens.

  • Awesome! This is a great promotion! I hope we can get JAC the litter! xo

  • Vibeke

    We’ve gotten all of our cats from shelters. Thanks for helping!

  • Patty

    Great job. I will look for Cat’s Pride here. I’m sure your shelter values you. We have 4 rescued kitties. All of them were found.

  • laura d

    Every ‘litter’bit helps – keep on trucking JAC – thanks for doing this!

  • David Groves

    When my 14-year-old bunny Count Chocula died, I began looking for another at shelters. A cute bunny is important for my magic act, which I perform full-time throughout the Southern California area.

    At the first shelter we visited, on Mission Blvd. in Pomona, there was only one bunny and he was grouchy. All the animals were treated very nicely there, in clean cages.

    The second shelter we visited, in Downey, had about 25 bunnies. I was looking for a white one, because that’s classic for magicians. However, one little grey one caught my fancy. He had a characteristic that I might classify as loving. He turned his head towards you when you petted his cheek and closed his eyes, as if enjoying it immensely. We fell in love and took him home.

    On the way home, I toyed with various names. In my business, a cute name works best. Something kids can laugh at. I finally settled on Quesadilla. When he was offstage, we call him Casey, or, more gramatically, Quesey. The question I often hear from children is:

    “Why is he named Quesadilla?”

    I answer: “Because inside, he’s filled with nothing but melted cheese.”

  • Mary

    I would love to win the Cat’s Pride litter for my local animal shelter–Helen Woodward Animal Center. I have two kitties from there. And it’s a wonderful animal center.

  • PatsyAnne

    I’m sorry – its the St. Francis Animal Rescue in Rocky Hill, SC 29732 – they are in the beginning of a crucial building fund drive to purchase land and set up mobile units to move the rescue site into property owned by them. They will set up an auction house on part of the property to fund the rescue center which now operates on donations and the director’s teaching pay.
    I would love to win the Cat’s Pride litter – both for my two cats, Lucy and Oliver and for the St. Francis Cat Shelter – the woman who runs the shelter has such a loving heart and takes in all cats brought to her door. Please help them to help the homeless and unloved cats.

  • Sue McGuey

    Michele thanks for the article & I’m crossing fingers & toes that you get the litter for JAC!!
    Best of luck to all other entries! It sounds like an extremely good product….thank you to the company & you for helping the animals!~

  • Jill

    Great contest…. I’m a big fan of Bideawee in Manhattan – both my cats came from there. One needed considerable post-adoption support and Bideawee couldn’t have been more amazing. Just a fantastic, first class organization. I love their vet service too….

  • I would love to win litter for our local shelter, the APS of Durham in Durham, NC, but I’m so thankful Cat’s Pride is donating. Any shelter is worthy. Thanks to everyone who has rescued their companion! Keep those comments coming. *Hugs*

  • sue brandes

    What a great giveaway. Thank you. I would give it to Dane County Humane Society in Madison, WI. They help so many animals. I have a multi cat household. BearBear is my baby whom has been with me for 14yrs. Almost lost him in a fire.

  • Aliza

    I volunteer at Furry Friends Refuge in West Des Moines, where I adopted my kitty Toffee and my dog Gizmo. Furry Friends could always use lots more litter!

  • Maryellen Liddy

    I have a rescue cat of my own (he’s the size of a small dog!) as well as some feral cats that I help look after. I never heard of Cat’s Pride, but if there really is no dust, I’m trying it! PS – The JAC in South Orange, where I walk dogs, is a great place aided by some tremendously caring volunteers. 🙂

  • Angela G.

    I’m hopeful that you’ll reach the # of comments you need for JAC! I have two male kids/cats (Shadow, 8 yrs. and Peanut, 8 months)that I ADORE, yet I have to admit that I’ve never used or heard of Cat’s Pride liter but would CERTAINLY try it out. I’m actually going to our local HS (Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, NE) for their volunteer orientation tonight after work and hope that I will be able to find SOME way to support them and all they do! Thanks for having such a great contest and again…Fingers and Paws are crossed!

  • anita

    I would give some to the RMFR… Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue. They are a true no-kill shelter for kitties in Denver!!

  • Janet V

    Gracey from The Tiniest Tiger sent me! I would love for this bounty to be sent to the PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary in Crossland TN. Gracey will be happy to let you know how to get it to the wonderful Miss Rita there!

  • gladys

    I have a 5Lb. dog and he uses a litter box, and the no dust is great! After using the box, which he shared with a big black cat 3 times his size, the cat made him cover his stool which he does by pushing the litter over the stool with his nose, no sneezing with the dust free litter; Heaven can wait in Las Vegas,NV is a great place and can always use any and all help they get.

  • JoAnne

    Becoming a cat owner again, after many years, I sampled various types of litters and even my teenager daughter kept telling me to give us the search, we keep returning to Cats Pride…can argue with success.

  • I saw cat’s pride the other day at our store and wonder about it. I’m going to try it because of your review of it. Our youngest cat is Lucky – He roded about 3 hours in a car motor to the dealership where my husband worked. They brought him to the parts room hunting someone to take him. My husband brought him home – his pads were burned and he was major dirty. He now rules the house and wants nothing to do with the outside world. He is happy just sitting at the door and keeping the dogs in line.

  • Cyrielle

    I started volunteering at the JAC in South Orange not long ago and I just love it. How wonderful it is to see all these people giving so much love to cats and dogs in a no-kill shelter. I can’t for now foster any animal but as soon as I will move out from my place I’ll ask to foster a dog from the JAC.
    So as I do not own a pet yet, if I win everything will go to the JAC.

  • Good luck with 100 comments! I’m always on the lookout for good litter brands, so good to hear your recommendation.

  • Maryanne

    Low dust?? I’m on it. Cat’s Pride is on my shopping list. Thank you for this contest. The last time we visited JAC they were full up with cats and dogs. I’m sure they would love the donations, as would any no-kill shelter.

  • Vickie

    The Cat Adoption Team (catadoptionteam.org) helps so many cats and kittens. They sure could use some Cats Pride Litter.

  • My favorite shelter is the MSPCA because I’m a volunteer there, and I know they always try to do the best they can to save all the animals they receive. Thank you for such a great contest!!! 🙂

  • I love contests, especially contests where animals WIN! I’ve volunteered with Sacramento County Animal Care for 7-8 years now. Budget cuts have make it a real challenge to get the work done, but we try!

  • melissa loree

    I am the teen volunteer coordinator at the Jersey Animal coalition- the bags of kitty litter are so important-please consider giving us some supplies-thank you!

  • cecilia

    The JAC is a worth while organization for recieving the cat litter.

  • Dianne

    What a great contest! I’d love to win this prize for my shelter. My favorite shelter is PSPCA/ACCT in Philadelphia PA. They are responsible for handling all of the anmal cruelty cases in the city as well as being the only 24/7 animal intake in the city. Many many animals go through the door of this shelter. The volunteers are amazing and work very hard to re-home as many animals as possible. Even the foster care network is astounding. This prize would be most appreciated.

  • Lynda

    I foster a lot of cats/kittens for the Sacramento County Animal Shelter and so I go through a lot of litter. Finding one that is low-dust is major. Not only because it keeps the room cleaner, but I’ve had a problem in the past with the kittens sneezing from the litter dust – which can’t be good for them. Plus, when you have a mother and 7 kittens in a closed room, it’s nice to have a litter that stays fresh longer. My next litter I will try the CP Fresh & Light. Since the shelter tries to provide litter for it’s foster providers when they can, I know they could really use 150 lbs of the good stuff.

  • Rich C.

    Jersey Animal coalition all the way! They work really hard placing dogs and cats and do it very well but they can only stretch their funds so far, They NEED your help!

  • I work with and foster for a local shelter in Brooklyn that specializes in TNR. We are always finding nice cats while trapping feral cats and end up sheltering them until we find their forever home. It is volunteer based and I know they can certainly use the litter and would be grateful for any help! And I would love to try a litter that is low-dust!

  • I am a pet lover in general and would love to have any shelter in need (they all need it) win. TY for hosting this.

  • I work in the cattery at my local shelter. As you know, shelters depend so very much on donations from the community. Times are hard and donations have not been coming in much lately. Our shelter would be very grateful for this gift to help us care for the kitties in our care. Thanks for the opportunity and for your consideration. =^^=

  • Tyler Small Paws sends his best greetings to Earl Gray! We love efurryone who helps shelters!

  • Fran

    Thank you for this contest. If I win, I would donate the litter to Bideawee. I got my two darling cats from there.

  • Rani

    Thanks Michele for using your blog to help animals. You never have asked for money–just a bit of our time to leave a comment. You make it so easy to help. And I love the stories on your blog. Thank you for doing this.

  • Melissa Roberts

    Please donate it to A.C.A.T. – Albuquerque Cat Action Team
    1 505.323.2228

  • I would love for South Texas Persian Rescue to win the prize, they are awesome for rescuing, caring for, and re-homing so many wonderful kitties!

  • The idea of a cat shelter without litter is horrifying! Of course I’ll participate. Anyone want the (unknown number) of kittens just born under my house to a stray?

  • Anita

    Please donate to ASPCA in NYC. Thank you for running this contest. We use Cat’s Pride, and will continue to do so.

  • Paul

    What awesome prizes. And I would donate the litter to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

  • I have 2 adult cats that I rescued from our local shelter, with the idea of re-homing them…I am one of the ‘failed at fostering’ !!
    Please donate to our county shelter–they take such good care and have the prettiest pictures of their kitties…they take them outside or to the playroom–no bars to cover them up and make them look pathetic…but, they, too, have limited time.
    Warren County Animal Ark, Warrenton, NC

  • gina

    my cats came from the OC Animal Shelter, so that’s where i would want the litter to go!

  • Christine Beehler

    St. Francis Animal Rescue Center in Rock Hill, SC saves cats on a real shoestring budget. They sure could use bags of litter, but knowing htem, they’d be ever so grateful if someone brought them just one.

  • Wanda

    You are selfless for running a contest like this. I know how much time is involved. What a great blog. I have 3 rescued cats that I found on the streets near my house.

  • The Tiniest Tiger sent me. Would love to win LIGHTER litter for my feline family, all of whom I adore & who’ve changed my life for the best! Also & more importantly, would love to see the Arizona Animal Welfare League get 150 lbs. of litter for all our shelter family members cuz, despite my bad back, they can use it even more than we can!!!! Thanks & purr on. =^.^=

  • Gayle

    I got my cat from Bideawee, and it’s a great shelter.

  • Greg Freisen

    I hope that JAC gets the 150 lbs of cat litter. I’m sure that it will go a long way at the shelter!

  • Kate

    Thank you Michele for helping animals. We love our rescue cats. I would never buy. I always adopt.

  • Terry Sanford

    Morris Bronx Kitty is the love of my life (along with his big brothers Bo and Bob). JAC took care of him for six months until he could find me. What a great place!

  • Jade

    Cameron Animal Hospital in Montclair has been my partner in spaying and neutering homeless animals over the years as well as taking a few litters off my hands to find them forever homes! I also live right down the road from JAC and know how wonderful they are as well. I hope they get the litter they need!

  • Maria G

    My shelter of choice is Wright-Way Animal Rescue here in Chicago, where I got my latest baby from after the sudden loss of my 14 y.o., Angelus Kitty. Sammy came very well trained and has proven himself to be a true cuddlebug.

  • Philip

    Thanks Michele and all the peeps at JAC! Great job!

  • Dawn Lausier

    Contests are great especially when shelters also win. The Greater Portland Animal Refuge in Westbrook Maine is my local shelter. I recently adopted my 3rd cat (but first from this shelter due to moving to the are), Hallie, from them.

  • Tricia Rule

    Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in St. Pauls, NC is my choice of shelter. They concentrate on taking care of unadoptables.

  • I have a rescue cat from the Jersey Animal Coalition and I am so happy they took him in to give him a second chance at finding a great home. Would love to see them get some cat litter – any donations are a huge help.

  • Ellen

    The Barren County Animal Shelter in Barren county Ky.

  • Vee

    After my last cat died, I was all set to go to a shelter an adopt. Just as I was gearing up to do it, a stray cat showed up in my flower bed and adopted me. I would have gone to Fondas Foundlings, in Centre County, PA. They do great work.

  • Kristin

    I rescued my girl 16 yrs ago and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done! I think it’s great to support shelters and rescues that give animals (and people) better lives!

  • Kim

    We adopted our buddy kitty Bailey from a feral rescue in Connecticut and cherished every day with him. I just moved and haven’t done the networking here yet but I’m sure there are several!

  • Elise Margulis

    I would like the JAC to win the litter! The JAC organization is powered by the hearts of the volunteers (from the President to the dog walkers & cat socializers). The animals are loved & well card for and have been for over 2 decades!

  • Jersey Animal Shelter is the most deserving

  • cindy

    Please help the ASPCA in NYC. They can use the litter.

  • Carol P. McCurdy

    I got Mamacat and Babycat through a pet adoption organization based in NYC (the name of which escapes me at the moment!) and Brucethecat found me by wandering into my backyard and never leaving. 🙂 They are the loves of my life!

  • Candace

    Give more to JAC so they can help more kitties!

  • Hi Michelle!
    Nice that you are hosting this! My little Hazel actually uses Swheat – for a variety of reasons, but anything to help out a sheleter!!!

  • Karol

    These contests are miracles to so many shelters. So often it is the miracle a shelter has been praying for.

  • We adopted our Teddy from JAC years ago, before they even had a shelter, and would appreciate any help for them from “Cat’s Pride.”

  • Karol

    Healing Heart Sanctuary in Kanab Utah certainly could use a donation. HHS takes in disabled animals and teams up the four-legged babies with disabled children. Laura Bradshaw is the Director of HHS and what she does is priceless.

  • Cassie Shepherd

    I am a foster parent for the Fulton County Humane Society. They do such a great job at getting animals out of the shelter so they are not put down. They could really use this prize!

  • Thanks, Michele, for another worthy contest and excellent column. If I win, the “loot” goes to the Espanola shelter in New Mexico.

  • I have two very sweet black kitties, and was amazed to find out that black cats are 50% less likely to be adopted. Black Cat Rescue in Boston works to help these special animals find forever homes and stop getting passed over for more colorful cats.

  • Melly

    Cats are us….local no kill shelter for cats and some dogs, in Clarksville TN. They rely solely on donations from the community. They have several cats for adoption at the local petsmart. They are always trying to accommodate unwanted pets and try to rescue abandon cats as well and try to find forever homes for these cats.

  • Lauren

    Shelters always need litter, towels, food, bleach and more – don’t forget the animals! Great job Cat’s Pride – I’ll definitely make it a point to purchase your brand

  • ErinS

    What a great contest for JAC!

  • Kim

    Many of our dearest friends are thanks to the Jersey Animal Coalition. They could certainly use the donation.
    Thank you!

  • Janet

    My hats off to all shelters and volunteers, with a special not to Social Tees on East 4th St in NYC. They take in animals of all kinds–from the cute and furry to the, well, not so cute and furry. Of course it’s the cats in the windows that bring in the visitors…

  • I am involved with a no-kill organization, Animal Aid, in Portland Oregon. Cats are in our free roam shelter and all dogs are in foster homes. We can certainly use some free litter! Thanks!

  • Yolanda

    I would like for the no kill shelter El Faro de los Animales to win this contests. They are taking care of over 100 dogs and 50 cats and they depend 100% on volunteers and donations

  • What a wonderful contest. I adopted 2 cats a few years ago, Zipper and Fat Boy (I did not name him, he came with that one poor boy). I’d love a to win litter for a shelter. A couple of great ones in Victoria BC are Cats Cradle Animal Rescue and Victoria Adoptables. If it can’t be in Canada, then I’d like the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation to get it. I met some volunteers a few months ago and they are wonderful folks!

  • I’d like to enter no-kill WarmFuzzy’s Shelter & Sanctuary. They are in the process of rebuilding their shelter after nearly destroyed. They care for special needs, hospice & ferals. Thank you.

  • I have three cats, Curly, Sweetie Pie and Mommie. We like to help out the
    Pell City, AL animal shelter.

  • Kim Todd

    I love the so orange new jersey animal shelter. I got my cat there 3 years ago. Keep up the good work.

  • Barbara

    Good luck!

  • I’d like to enter no-kill WarmFuzzy’s Shelter & Sanctuary. Rebuilding is in progress and the kitties need assistance! Thanks!

  • Marlene

    ……anything to help our 4 legged friends.

  • Marlene

    ………….please help….these guys could use all and any help they could get. THANK YOU.

  • Kimberly

    Fingers (and Paws) crossed for you and your local shelter :).

  • Rose

    We are commenting in honor of our 2 cats, Ralph and Lulu. Good Luck!

  • Carol

    The Jersey Animal Coalition in Maplewood, NJ is a great no kill shelter.

  • JAC, is one of the truly no-kill shelters in the area and uses a lot of kitty litter!
    Thanks so much for even thinking of doing this project- we are eternally grateful to compassionate and generous people like you!

  • Our shelter, the Humane Society of Richmond County, has gone from a 74% kill rate, to only euthanizing sick or vicious animals. Our shelter gets little funding and we house almost 100 cats on any given day. Please pick us for the donation of litter!! We would greatly appreciate it!

  • Barbara

    My vote is for Helen Woodward Animal Center. Thank you Michele.

  • Kim

    I know you love all animals Michele, and that cats are your fav. Thanks for running this great contest.

  • Sue

    Great work as always to you and to the JAC! We love our pets!

  • I love my cat whiskers he is the most beautiful polydactyl cat. Got him from Linden Animal Shelter. Love him to pieces.

  • Lacey

    The St. Francis Animal Rescue Center in Rock Hill, SC (not Rocky Hill, as some others have put it) is really struggling to stay afloat right now and could really use some litter.

  • I would like to submit OUR LADY OF MERCY CATNIP COTTAGE in Summerville, SC – a cat sanctuary for sick cats – many with leukemia and diabetes.

    Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

  • Amanda

    I’m so glad the JAC gets opportunities like these. (:

  • Suzanne

    Commenting for my Miss Kitty & in honor of Pet Pardons & the tireless efforts they make to stop animal executions, promoting fostering & adoptions for animals across this country wide.

  • Will

    I’m hoping Bideawee in NYC wins. Thanks for running these contests.

  • Kim Davis

    I would ove to win for my 5 kitties, Barrett, Rusty, TJ, Admiral and Lucy.

    I would also love to win for Good Mews. They are a no kill, no cage cat rescue in Georgia. They do an amazing job educating people on cat care and matching them with the perfect companion.

  • Kim Gorman

    So proud of Michelle for working for the shelter! Way to go, everyone!! St. Joseph Animal Shelter could use some help, too!

  • Vern

    Great content and great contest. I would donate the litter to JAC.

  • Peggy

    Thanks Michele for running this and other contests. I love that most of your contests benefit animals at shelters. They need goods more than we do. But the prize package is cool. I would donate the goods to helen woodward animal center in CA.

  • Lance

    I got my coonhound from a coonhound rescue, and I adopted two cats from a Siamese Cat rescue. I would donate the litter to the cat rescue. Thanks!

  • Adelle

    We just tried Cat’s Pride and it is low dust. Our rescue cats love it and so do we. It’s easy to scoop and clean. And I like that they have a no scent brand. I hate those perfumed litters. I have never been to a rescue because all my cats have found me. I know that is not unusual. I would donate my win–if I win–to my local shelter in Chicago. Thanks!

  • Marlene

    JAC…..please help. Thank you

  • Marlene

    Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ

  • Charisse

    I found three kittens close to my house in SC. They are my family. Thank you for running this contest. We will be using Cat’s Pride.

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  • Patty

    Great contest. I would give the winnings to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

  • P Elizabeth

    Thanks for checking out the litter for us so we know it has almost no dust.
    Love your contests. Keep ’em coming. You do such good work for shelters across the county.

  • Janell

    Wow! What a great contest! Gracey, the Tiniest Tiger, told me about the contest. I would love to be able to help out the Marley Fund. They do such great work educating people about FIV/ FeLV and saving cats that most shelters immediately put down. They recently completed the Marley House, which allows them to help even more positive kitties.

  • nancy sands

    Send the winnings to Puffy Paws Cat Haven in Florida

  • I’m not sure if this applies to rescues in Canada, but if so, I would like to have the winnings go to the Invermere Companion Animal Network. We are currently raising money for a new adoption centre, so not having to worry about purchasing litter would help immensely!!

  • Lisa Weathers

    I just started using this litter and my kids love it, as do I. Should I win, I’d love to donate to Kittico here in Dallas. All about spay/neuter and feral TNR at little or no cost.

  • Lisa W.

    I just started using this litter and my cats love it, as do I. Should I win, I would donate to Kittico here in Dallas. All about spay/neuter and feral cat TNR at little or no cost.

  • Maika'i

    3 of my 4 furbabies are from the Animal Welfare Society of New Milford, CT. Hope to adopt another beauty from there real soon. Rescues Rock!

  • Angela

    That’s a LOT of litter!

  • “Gracie (Tiniest Tiger) Sent me!”
    I would like to help the Washington Humane Society (WHS) on New York Avenue in Washington DC. This is where I adopted Big Bad Baby Twinkle from, when she was a little kitten. WHS has a GOOD heart, and a GREAT director — and being a city shelter, they get a HUGE influx of animals in every year. This shelter has many people who foster and many of them also do TNR. Big Bad Baby Twinkle and I want WHS to know that we care about their work in the community, their staff, their volunteers, and their animals.

  • How timely since I happen to be sitting here choking on the dust after cleaning all the kitty litter boxes. Good luck to everyone and all shelters.
    My local shelter is Cape Breton SPCA (In Sydney, Nova Scotia.)

  • alice

    i adopted my cat from jac back in 2006 and we are
    best friends, lately he gets upset wheni leave in the
    morning. makes me feel bad , hope to retire soon and
    he will be upset no more.