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Win Cat Litter for Your Local Shelter

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

The folks at Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™ premium clumping litter contacted me about hosting a giveaway to one of Pet News and Views’ readers, I said yes.

Earl Gray

Cat’s Pride sent over their new litter for Earl Gray, my cat, to try about two months ago. He liked it a lot. (We had some litter issues because of his hyperthyroidism, and thankfully he is using Cat’s Pride. I’m almost finished with the box they sent over for Earl to try, and I just purchased another one.) The folks at Cat’s Pride said it “features a premium clumping, low-dust formula that reduces tracking and absorbs odor-causing enzymes on contact–helping to stop odor before it starts and it keeps litter boxes fresher, longer.”

I noticed there is almost no dust with this formula. It’s also up to 25 percent lighter than other cat litters.

Cat’s Pride® is giving one Pet News and Views’ reader:

• A 15-lb jug of NEW Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™ Multi-Cat Scoopable

• A $15 Petsmart gift card to purchase food, treats or toys

• A reusable tote bag for everyday items

• A bag of Temptations® Cat Treats

• A copy of Cat Fancy magazine

• A coupon for an additional jug of NEW Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light™

But wait (I’ve always wanted to say that!), there’s more! If you win, Cat’s Pride® will donate 150 pounds of its’ New Fresh & Light ™ Multi-Cat Scoopable litter to the animal shelter of your choice.

And if I get 100 responses, Cat’s Pride will donate another 150 pounds of their New Fresh & Light ™ Multi-Cat Scoopable litter to Jersey Animal Coalition, that’s my local shelter.

The Rules
Leave a comment about your kitty or your favorite shelter. I will put all of your names into to choose one winner. The contest closes this Friday, November 18, at 3 p.m. Eastern.

A Second Chance to Win
A similar contest is being held at The Tiniest Tiger. So you can enter here and at The Tiniest Tiger. Visit Gracey at The Tiniest Tiger and tell her Pet News and Views sent you.

Remember, leave a comment in the comments section of this post to win. And thanks for playing!

Full Disclosure
Cat’s Pride brand has provided Pet News and Views with a box of litter, a gift bag, and gift card.

The contest is officially closed. The winner will be announced soon. Thank you all for participating.

149 comments to Win Cat Litter for Your Local Shelter

  • ErinS

    What a great contest for JAC!

  • Kim

    Many of our dearest friends are thanks to the Jersey Animal Coalition. They could certainly use the donation.
    Thank you!

  • Janet

    My hats off to all shelters and volunteers, with a special not to Social Tees on East 4th St in NYC. They take in animals of all kinds–from the cute and furry to the, well, not so cute and furry. Of course it’s the cats in the windows that bring in the visitors…

  • I am involved with a no-kill organization, Animal Aid, in Portland Oregon. Cats are in our free roam shelter and all dogs are in foster homes. We can certainly use some free litter! Thanks!

  • Yolanda

    I would like for the no kill shelter El Faro de los Animales to win this contests. They are taking care of over 100 dogs and 50 cats and they depend 100% on volunteers and donations

  • What a wonderful contest. I adopted 2 cats a few years ago, Zipper and Fat Boy (I did not name him, he came with that one poor boy). I’d love a to win litter for a shelter. A couple of great ones in Victoria BC are Cats Cradle Animal Rescue and Victoria Adoptables. If it can’t be in Canada, then I’d like the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation to get it. I met some volunteers a few months ago and they are wonderful folks!

  • I’d like to enter no-kill WarmFuzzy’s Shelter & Sanctuary. They are in the process of rebuilding their shelter after nearly destroyed. They care for special needs, hospice & ferals. Thank you.

  • I have three cats, Curly, Sweetie Pie and Mommie. We like to help out the
    Pell City, AL animal shelter.

  • Kim Todd

    I love the so orange new jersey animal shelter. I got my cat there 3 years ago. Keep up the good work.

  • Barbara

    Good luck!

  • I’d like to enter no-kill WarmFuzzy’s Shelter & Sanctuary. Rebuilding is in progress and the kitties need assistance! Thanks!

  • Marlene

    ……anything to help our 4 legged friends.

  • Marlene

    ………….please help….these guys could use all and any help they could get. THANK YOU.

  • Kimberly

    Fingers (and Paws) crossed for you and your local shelter :).

  • Rose

    We are commenting in honor of our 2 cats, Ralph and Lulu. Good Luck!

  • Carol

    The Jersey Animal Coalition in Maplewood, NJ is a great no kill shelter.

  • JAC, is one of the truly no-kill shelters in the area and uses a lot of kitty litter!
    Thanks so much for even thinking of doing this project- we are eternally grateful to compassionate and generous people like you!

  • Our shelter, the Humane Society of Richmond County, has gone from a 74% kill rate, to only euthanizing sick or vicious animals. Our shelter gets little funding and we house almost 100 cats on any given day. Please pick us for the donation of litter!! We would greatly appreciate it!

  • Barbara

    My vote is for Helen Woodward Animal Center. Thank you Michele.

  • Kim

    I know you love all animals Michele, and that cats are your fav. Thanks for running this great contest.

  • Sue

    Great work as always to you and to the JAC! We love our pets!

  • I love my cat whiskers he is the most beautiful polydactyl cat. Got him from Linden Animal Shelter. Love him to pieces.

  • Lacey

    The St. Francis Animal Rescue Center in Rock Hill, SC (not Rocky Hill, as some others have put it) is really struggling to stay afloat right now and could really use some litter.

  • I would like to submit OUR LADY OF MERCY CATNIP COTTAGE in Summerville, SC – a cat sanctuary for sick cats – many with leukemia and diabetes.

    Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

  • Amanda

    I’m so glad the JAC gets opportunities like these. (:

  • Suzanne

    Commenting for my Miss Kitty & in honor of Pet Pardons & the tireless efforts they make to stop animal executions, promoting fostering & adoptions for animals across this country wide.

  • Will

    I’m hoping Bideawee in NYC wins. Thanks for running these contests.

  • Kim Davis

    I would ove to win for my 5 kitties, Barrett, Rusty, TJ, Admiral and Lucy.

    I would also love to win for Good Mews. They are a no kill, no cage cat rescue in Georgia. They do an amazing job educating people on cat care and matching them with the perfect companion.

  • Kim Gorman

    So proud of Michelle for working for the shelter! Way to go, everyone!! St. Joseph Animal Shelter could use some help, too!

  • Vern

    Great content and great contest. I would donate the litter to JAC.

  • Peggy

    Thanks Michele for running this and other contests. I love that most of your contests benefit animals at shelters. They need goods more than we do. But the prize package is cool. I would donate the goods to helen woodward animal center in CA.

  • Lance

    I got my coonhound from a coonhound rescue, and I adopted two cats from a Siamese Cat rescue. I would donate the litter to the cat rescue. Thanks!

  • Adelle

    We just tried Cat’s Pride and it is low dust. Our rescue cats love it and so do we. It’s easy to scoop and clean. And I like that they have a no scent brand. I hate those perfumed litters. I have never been to a rescue because all my cats have found me. I know that is not unusual. I would donate my win–if I win–to my local shelter in Chicago. Thanks!

  • Marlene

    JAC…..please help. Thank you

  • Marlene

    Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ

  • Charisse

    I found three kittens close to my house in SC. They are my family. Thank you for running this contest. We will be using Cat’s Pride.

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  • Patty

    Great contest. I would give the winnings to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

  • P Elizabeth

    Thanks for checking out the litter for us so we know it has almost no dust.
    Love your contests. Keep ’em coming. You do such good work for shelters across the county.

  • Janell

    Wow! What a great contest! Gracey, the Tiniest Tiger, told me about the contest. I would love to be able to help out the Marley Fund. They do such great work educating people about FIV/ FeLV and saving cats that most shelters immediately put down. They recently completed the Marley House, which allows them to help even more positive kitties.

  • nancy sands

    Send the winnings to Puffy Paws Cat Haven in Florida

  • I’m not sure if this applies to rescues in Canada, but if so, I would like to have the winnings go to the Invermere Companion Animal Network. We are currently raising money for a new adoption centre, so not having to worry about purchasing litter would help immensely!!

  • Lisa Weathers

    I just started using this litter and my kids love it, as do I. Should I win, I’d love to donate to Kittico here in Dallas. All about spay/neuter and feral TNR at little or no cost.

  • Lisa W.

    I just started using this litter and my cats love it, as do I. Should I win, I would donate to Kittico here in Dallas. All about spay/neuter and feral cat TNR at little or no cost.

  • Maika'i

    3 of my 4 furbabies are from the Animal Welfare Society of New Milford, CT. Hope to adopt another beauty from there real soon. Rescues Rock!

  • Angela

    That’s a LOT of litter!

  • “Gracie (Tiniest Tiger) Sent me!”
    I would like to help the Washington Humane Society (WHS) on New York Avenue in Washington DC. This is where I adopted Big Bad Baby Twinkle from, when she was a little kitten. WHS has a GOOD heart, and a GREAT director — and being a city shelter, they get a HUGE influx of animals in every year. This shelter has many people who foster and many of them also do TNR. Big Bad Baby Twinkle and I want WHS to know that we care about their work in the community, their staff, their volunteers, and their animals.

  • How timely since I happen to be sitting here choking on the dust after cleaning all the kitty litter boxes. Good luck to everyone and all shelters.
    My local shelter is Cape Breton SPCA (In Sydney, Nova Scotia.)

  • alice

    i adopted my cat from jac back in 2006 and we are
    best friends, lately he gets upset wheni leave in the
    morning. makes me feel bad , hope to retire soon and
    he will be upset no more.