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Raising Awareness While Singing

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Life is good for singer, songwriter, and animal rights activist Malea McGuinness. She is in the midst of her Save a Life, Adopt a Pet Tour. While she is busy entertaining, she is raising awareness about the plight of shelter animals.

Malea's other love besides singing is to raise awareness about animals.

Her band, all animal lovers, are busy visiting local humane societies and shelters. “When we perform, we go to local shelters and then tell our audiences about them,” she says.

Malea started volunteering at animal rescue about four years ago. “As I got busier with tours, I wanted to do as much as I could to bring awareness to my audiences about shelter animals, the need for spaying and neutering, and the need for good homes for these wonderful dogs and cats. A lot of people are not aware of rescues in their towns.”

Touring the shelters also gives Malea insight into how successful shelters are run. She hopes to have her own rescue one day. In the meantime, she donates proceeds from her concerts, cds, and T-shirt sales to local animal shelters. Her new album, called Sweet, showcases her soulful and sultry country pop-rock voice.

“I like that I can take this positive message about caring for animals by adopting and by spaying/neutering them to the people who like my music,” she says. “I also love performing.”

On tour with her is her rescue dog, Jonah. He’s become a sort of mascot for the band members who miss their dogs and cats while they are on the road. All of the band members have rescues.

For more information about Malea, click here. And to hear one of her songs, click here.

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