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Flying Reptiles of the Dinosaur World

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Have you ever wondered how lizards the size of giraffes soared through the air? In the film Flying Monsters, a 3D film narrated by renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough, you are taken on this incredible journey back 220 million years ago to learn about flying dinosaurs.

I wish they had this type of film when I was in school. Yet, I felt like a child watching it, and I had the added benefit of bringing my 10-year old son with me. He, my husband, and the audience around us at Liberty Science Center in NJ, were enchanted by this film.

The film starts with the Triassic period; that’s when dinosaurs were beginning their run at world domination. At this time, the skies were filled with winged reptiles. Pterosaurs, known as pterodactyls to dinosaur fans, were flying vertebrates with wingspans of up to 45 feet, or almost the width of a four-lane highway. Flying Monsters reveals details about how pterosaurs started flying, adapted to their surroundings, and then vanished from our planet.

I love it when we travel with our child on these educational jaunts and have a blast. Learning should be fun, and the 45 minute film was quite entertaining. Plus we got to hang out at one of my favorite places—Liberty Science Center. If you are in the area, and have children, this is a must visit interactive place to go.

Flying Monsters is currently showing at Liberty Science Center. For more information about this film and about Liberty Science Center click here. For a schedule of where else in the world it is playing, click here.

Watch the Trailer

14 comments to Flying Reptiles of the Dinosaur World

  • Pam

    Thanks Michele! I am going to check out the listings in my area. It looks like a good film to take the kids to.

  • Fulvia

    I loved dinosaurs when I was a child! Well, I still love them!

  • I do too! Flying Monsters is such a good documentary. –Michele

  • Dan Tennent

    Cool video! I am definitely going to try to find this movie. And I will bring my kids.

  • What child was NOT fascinated by dinosaurs. These huge, but fragile creatures did not leave as much of a fossil record as their more robust, ground-bound cousins, making what we do know even more interesting.

    Technically, these aren’t actually dinosaurs, but they ARE archosaurs, along with crocodylians and dinosaurs (which includes birds). As a result, these great “flying lizards are not as closely related to dinosaurs as birds are, but they are contemporaries of the dinosaurs and thus a part of that whole fascinating scene that captivates children of all ages.

  • Charley Raines

    I’m a dinosaur buff too. Great post, and we will look for the film.

  • MaryBeth

    I love dinosaurs, and the video looks great. I am going to search to see if we can find the film in our neck of the woods.

  • Marni

    Fun post Michele. Thanks & I’m sharing with my kid’s class too.

  • Martha Lepak

    I love dinosaurs, and I just learned that the flying ones are not actually dinosaurs. Thanks!

  • Vinny

    Great points and I agree with you. I wish I had a documentary like this one when I was in school. It is informative, fun to watch, and well explained.

  • Felicity

    I love dinosaurs too and am glad I came across your post. It’s original and thoughtful too. Thanks.

  • Annette

    Love this history of this & I agree it would have been nice to have a documentary like this when we were in school. I think all kids should see it. It’s fascinating. And having Sir David Attenborough as the narrator is a plus.

  • Florence Jenkins

    What a fun story. Thanks! We are dinosaur buffs, and while I realize these are not true dinosaurs, it’s like they are cousins of the dinosaurs. Great story.

  • Super fun! I hope we can see it soon too!