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Each Comment Equals 50 Meals for Shelter Pets Contest

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

How did you know that your pet was the right cat or dog for you? Leave a comment at the end of this post answering that question or just tell us about your rescued pet. For each comment, Iams will donate 50 bowls of pet food to animal shelters and rescue groups across the country. That’s 50 meals per comment. Just one comment per reader.

This mommy cat and her kittens (when they were old enough) all got adopted last year through Iams H4tH program.

Home 4 the Holidays
Iams, Helen Woodward Animal Center, and the Ryan Newman Foundation have teamed up with more than 3,500 animal organizations worldwide to encourage pet adoption. “Each year, as many as 4 million orphaned dogs and cats are euthanized due to shelter overcrowding. That is approximately one pet every eight seconds,” says Mike Arms, founder of the adoption drive and president of Helen Woodward Animal Center. “Since partnering with Iams on the adoption drive 13 years ago, we have really seen the benefit of what this program can do for orphaned animals, and the families who adopt.”

This sweet boy found his forever home thanks to Iams H4tH program.

Iams’ goal is to find forever homes for 1.5 million cats and dogs during its Home 4 the Holidays campaign. Those who adopt through the program receive an Iams adoption kit loaded with important information about nutrition, training, and proper care. The campaign also provides shelters and rescue centers with much needed food donations.

Feeding Shelter Pets
I’m sure you know that animal shelters and rescues are in need of pet food and other supplies. Each comment helps. So please, leave a comment in the comments section of this post, and share this post with every pet parent you know.

Double the Love
If you want to double your donation (that’s 100 meals), visit my friend at The Tiniest Tiger. Joanne and her cat Gracey are running a similar contest.

This contest runs from October 17 through October 23, 2011.

A heartfelt thanks!

1,746 comments to Each Comment Equals 50 Meals for Shelter Pets Contest

  • Tom Trabue

    My young daughter (7 or 8) visited the Humane Society with mom several weeks in a row — she wanted a dog badly and we had agreed on a little dog. I received a call at my office that Kathy wouldn’t leave — she had made a connection with Jack (a black lab) and leaving without him was not an option. That is some 11-12 years ago and Jack has been the best dog that we have ever had.

  • When I walked through the door I instantly wanted to take all the dogs home with me, however that was not possible,I looked at every dog on the site & 1 was so miserable & scared I could not walk away from him he was maybe 4 months old the process was somewhat indaunting as I had never adopted before, but after all the paperwork roscoe came home to a rule the roost, he is now 11 years old & is the most wonderful dog I have ever known. He sure makes every day brighter!!!

  • Susan T.

    Love our Pekingese mix, adopted from the shelter in our town 9 years ago ~ a better dog we could not find! Here’s to all the shelter pets – hoping they each find their forever homes! :))

  • Bonnie

    My vet was contacted by local shelter about a sick Collie who had been tossed over the shelter’s fence the evening before. Knowing my interest in Collie rescue, the vet gave them my contact info. The lobby was very crowded when they brought this poor dedraggled dog out. He spotted me first. After spending about a month at the vet, Sam came home to what became his permanent home. About 9 years later, Sam still enjoys welcoming foster dogs and showing them around. He’s the best ambassador ever. In his spare time he enjoys cuddling with Mom, chasing squirrels and greeting his human friends on walks.

  • Bonnie Taylor

    We rescued Vache almost 6 years ago when she was abandoned and very shy; she has a bad heart and wasn’t expected to live this long (but she isn’t shy anymore!). Last year a puppy was ‘dumped’ in our yard. Because we expected Vache to die soon and didn’t want another ‘only dog,’ and because we’re too old to be chasing puppies, we rescued another one so they could entertain each other. Well, you guessed it, Vache has gotten new life from the puppies, Cass and Riley, and shows no signs of leaving us; there’s never a dull moment at our house!

  • When I was growing up my father served on the board of our local humane society. So both my dog and my cat came from there. I still remember how my heart ached as I walked down that long aisle of caged pups all leaping and barking and begging to be chosen. I could only take one.

  • Sam

    There is no companionship like a good dog. Get a buddy!

  • Animals are such great companions we need to educate the population at large how to better integrate them as full members of the human family.

  • Ana

    Our pitbull Butch found us after wandering the street in our neighborhood. She was terribly skinny and full of mange and scared, but as soon as I said “come’ere, girl” she came running with her tail wagging and it was love at first sight!

  • Laure Heit

    I looked at the shelter worker with tears running down my face and a little dog pressing against my legs. I hadn’t even seen her face yet, but I told that worker,« I have to have this dog!» I was in love with her immediately. It was just something between us….unexplainable.

  • Crystal McCracken

    Our kitty Hunter was known to hiss at strangers. When we went to pick him up for the first time, he didn’t hiss at us at all. It was love at first sight. He is quite a talker now. :)

  • Celia

    I found my little black cat Squiggles out in the rain one January. She was lost and crying. She appeared to have been spayed recently. I tried, but could not find her owners. She is a tough little cat and a loving one too. I have had her for over two years and don’t think I could live without her.

  • Zach

    Glad I’m not too late. Here’s to another 50 meals. Thanks Michele

  • As a child I recall that we were a “bird” family. We had some gold fish and other aquarium fish as pets like so many other families but the 2 pets that really had an effect on us were 2 parakeets that we had. The first one we named Happy. We had Happy for about a year and then Happy passed on. After a few weeks my parents surprised my sister and me by taking us to the pet center in our local department store to choose a new parakeet to bring home. I was small and I don’t recall exactly why we chose “Princess” but she was a wonderful bird and pet. We had Princess for a few years and she brought each of us so much joy. I think that she was incredibly smart as far as parakeets go. We taught some words and phrases in English and my dad spent time with her and taught her words and phrases in the Sicilian dialect – my families native tongue. Not only could Princess say the words and phrases in English & Sicilian but she seemed to repeat them at the right moments. We all had bad early morning allergy problems and she would immitate sneazing and blowing her nose in the morning when she would see us. We didn;t have any other pets after Princess left us but she did have a long lasting impact on us and our memories. Thanks to Iams for helping so many needy shelter animals.

  • Roisin

    my cat was a stray that turned up one day outside my door starving. I could see she was nursing kittens so I used to feed her on the windowsill and leave the window open so she could come in and out. I used to come back from work some days and find her asleep halfway up the stairs. 6 years later she has turned into such an indoor cat she tries her best to avoid going out

  • Irene Brown

    I went out to get a cat and was playing with this puppy who promptly peed on my foot. The excitement she showed just clicked and I knew she was the one for me.

  • Cathy Larson

    My cat Norm was a lost kitty crying in a field with a loud meow. He was too small for solid food so he was bottle fed and until ready for the solids. He is so loveable. As a teenager he froze his paw to the neighbors horse trough. He had to have his leg amputated. At that time I was very sad, because of some trauma I had went through earlier. However, my cat not long after his amputation tackled climbing a tree. It made me stop and think, that if he can manage his struggles, I can manage mine. He snapped me out of my depression and on the way to rescuing myself.

  • Darwin

    I live in Spain. One day I took an unusual detour to a pet shelter that I had seen before but never stopped at. That evening we had a new dog. She was about 8 pounds, her coat looked like a bad Liz Taylor wig, but there was something about her. We brought her home. spent some money to get her fixed, had an ID capsule implanted in her shoulder (required by law) and began to make friends. Five years later, she is still a source of fun, delight. She keeps house burglars away (one time I know for sure!) and never fails to make us giggle after a hard day at work. We also discovered that when we say “McDonalds”, she hears “Andamos” (lets walk) in Spanish. Dogs are a gift to our lives.

  • Go Iams. A good mid-priced food for dogs and cats.

    Wish Service dog organizations were eligible.

  • heather

    My cat was an abandoned kitten my ex-husband found outside his office. He’s a beautiful cat and a great pet. I adopted my dog from a shelter and knew he was right when he came and just sat down next to me. The most loyal dog I’ve ever known. =)

    This is a great cause and I hope that besides feeding the needy pets in shelters it also inspires people to adopt the wonderful animals in shelters.

  • Faye King

    I saw Peppy on Facebook. He had been neglected, was in a foster home recovering from surgery. I followed his progress and when he got groomed, I thought someone would take him. No one did, and I realized that I was supposed to have him, so now he’s mine!

  • All of my pets have been ferals, strays or residents of kill shelters. Blessings to everyone who adopts and takes care of homeless cats and dogs!

  • Great cause! Adopting from a shelter or rescue is the only way to go. I love my adopted pets!

  • bluegnu63

    My feline soulmate, Merlin, is a 17 years-young black DSH, who has rescued me numerous times right back. I’ve been trying for a long time to repay the debt.;)

  • We had been planning to get a dog for several years, discussing and getting ready. My other half went by the shelter, and saw a cute little terrier they had named Carmella. On Monday, he took me to see her.
    I had gone online and saw her picture. Honestly, the way she was being held, she looked like an Ewok…really! All ears and stuck out to the side.
    I was hesitant, she was nearly hiding in the back of her pen, but hubs was sure she was the one.
    We adopted her, and have never regretted it. She is a strong spirit and keeps us and our son’s Chocolate Lab on our toes.
    P.S. We renamed her, Chula…..

  • Because all six chose me.

  • We have now adopted 5 cats & a dog. Each of them chose us. We have adopted three from one rescue leading us into a beautiful friendship with the couple who run the rescue and are now helping with the ferrels(we have three right now and one who we have adopted who is the most loving affectionate kitty I have ever seen)We are also helping with the adoption process matching kitties to appropriate loving forever homes.

  • Judith Bader Jones

    They find us. Our previous two cats came and we sheltered and adopted them. After they died we decided that we would not take any more strays, but alas, in the winter, anothe male Tabby cried across the street. We called. He came. We fed him and looked for his owner. When no one appeared to claim him we kept him, and named him Cat-Man. He is like the others, a joy in our lives.

  • We originally got a kitten to give to my father, but she looked so sad and lonely that we took a second. After just a few days I was so attached to them I couldn’t get rid of either. We did find my dad a cat – a friend of mine had to rehome his cat when he moved in with his severely allergic girlfriend. He didn’t want to put it in a shelter, and I had been looking for a cat for my dad for months. This cat fits with my dad so well that I knew there was a reason it took so long to find him. And the two kittens we kept are such happy kitties, and we love them so much, so everything worked out perfectly for all of us.

  • Connie Creed

    Snapper was in a litter of 8. His mom was a stray found on a job site. The people asked us to take his mom as they did not want another dog. She was a wonderful pet,but got pregnant before I could get her spayed. Snapper was the boy we kept. When he was 3 he fell off the truck on the busy road. He broke his rear leg badly. We decided to operate with pins. They did not hold and a second surgery was preformed to remove his leg He has been a joy and we feel it was worth every dime. He is a vital part of my life. .Best of luck to those we belp to feed

  • Julie

    I have 4 rescue pets.
    First there was Ishkabibble (diluted torti)January 2007, we got her 1 week after I had to put down my yellow lab Floyd (he was 10)who had cancer. It was so lonely in the house. We saw her online and put in an application. When we went there someone else who put in an application for her was looking at her so they couldn’t “let us see her.” The woman who was there to see her saw us and how disappointed we were…She decided on another kitty and told us good luck! Met her and she was a ppprrrr machine! Adopted that day.

    Fast forward 6 mos later we moved from our apartment into our first home. Ishkabibble was kinda hard to find, so we looked online at the same shelter and saw Tessa (diluted calico) Sept. 2007! She had been thrown in a trash can with her kittens…no one had put in an ap. for her but both her kittens were already adopted. Was love at first site!.

    Next came Zane April 2008 (husky/golden retriever mix)…finally I felt like I could have another dog take a place in my heart because I had gotten over my broken one from losing Floyd. He’s such a love! My relaxed dog ever…despite being so badly abused in his past life.

    Then…came Zoey (Husky/lab mix) 2010. Husband was so sick of “our” dog being “my” dog so he asked if we got get another. Well certainly! Saw Zoey (formally Maureen) online same shelter we had our 3 others from. Her and Zane met and got along well.

    Just like many other animals…they were fed by donations…so happy to tell their story so others can eat!!

  • Kot

    We went to the Humane Society about 5 years ago, after our two cats crossed the rainbow bridge. We’d seen a picture of a really cute tabby kitten and wanted to check her out. When they let the kittens out to play, a tiny black one decided that we were his. They both came home with us.

  • Lydia

    My son had been wanting “his own dog”. I happened to be at Pet Smart and saw this Bassett and Beagel mix. My heart just ached looking at her and I knew she was the one for us. I have never brought home a dog without serious investigation and planning. But, I had to have her! She has turned out to be a perfect kids dog.

  • Patti Clubbs

    My husband had never had a dog when I met him. He adjusted very well to the 3 large dogs I already had, considering. About a year after we were married, Bob and I and my then 12-year-old son took our rubbish to the dump. There was a dog running around the parking area. We assumed he belonged to one of the other people there until we noticed them leave, one by one, until the last vehicle pulled away. He ran hopefully to the open door as the man climbed in, only to be shooed away and have it shut in his face. We looked a little more closely and realized that he was a bit thin, had his tail badly docked, and a raw circle around his muzzle told us that someone had either wired or tied his mouth shut at some point. It was dusk, autumn, and it began to rain. My son and the dog both looked at us, the grownups. I told my husband it was his call and his dog if we took him home. “Oh, put him in the car!” James promptly loaded him into the car and my husband had his 1st dog at 69. Hacksaw is 6 and has grown to Rottie size. He was pronounced Rottweiler/mastiff/lab by the vet. He’s quite a character.

  • Angela Keel

    I have always adored Greyhounds and admired their strength and gracefulness. When I learned more about their plight (after their racing careers ended and that many are just discarded like rubbish, I began rescuing them. I now have my third Grey and will most likely always have at least one. They are soooo docile, sensitive, sweet and deserving of a good home.

  • Emily Drew

    We got our rescue cat for my mom’s birthday. We got him from a shelter literally 2 hours before he was going to be put to sleep. He is the best cat ever!

  • ali

    Our cat was rescued from a kill shelter, and when we met her she was living in a temporary foster home. She came over and said hello to us and was quite friendly, so we knew she’d be a good match. Over time we’ve only bonded more. :)

  • Ashley Lipphard

    Every animal I’ve ever owned has been a rescue. It’s my breed of choice and they really do make the best companions. Never owned a pedigree pet but mine certainly aren’t mutts; They’re limited editions! Gibbs is my youngest and biggest, a border collie mix who was dropped off at my doorstep with a horrible case of mange. It took only three months and less than $300 to make him the happy healthy dog he is today. Dash is the middle dog and the smallest, a chihuahua beagle mix. Got a call from the animal shelter that they had this little dog that was going to be put down for aggression. Luckily we live in a smaller town and they were able to ‘sneak him out the back’ with a waiver saying we wouldn’t sue if bit. He wasn’t aggressive, just and the little dog big attitude syndrome. Sadie I’ve had the longest, she’s my husky mix. I actually found her mother via petfinder over 6 years ago and was interested in adopting her, mind you, she was a twenty pound terrior mix! When I got to the shelter I found out she’d already been adopted out, they were just waiting for her puppies to adopt out. I sat down and played with a few of them, Sadie didn’t much want to play but she crawled into my lap and curled up. Couldn’t leave without her!

  • Michele

    The minute I saw my cat in his cage at a shelter, I knew! He looked at me with those big blue eyes, and I fell in love. He’s silly and wonderful. And this is an awesome campaign.

  • J

    I got my pup a year ago from a shelter. I wish I could have taken them all home and I was there for ages unable to leave these sweet animals. On my last walk through I saw my little guy. Poor doggie was terrified and shaking in the back corner of a cage. He was a mess and had fleas and worms and was underfed. Now hes completely healthy and it feels great to know I was able to help him. He is the sweetest!!!

  • Our connection was not instant. Twyla was used to being in an all-guy household. Besides her loving human foster parents, the other mammal in the house was her friend Warren, a small white (male) pig. But I’d read about Twyla on-line. She was available through EvenChance Pit Bull Rescue. That face . . . I was instantly in love, and spent hours composing my parental resume to convince the tireless “warriors” who run this wonderful rescue why I should be Twyla’s forever mom. EvenChance said yes! I picked her up on a Sunday! She decided she would virtually ignore me and bond with my Dad. Okay. So, spending weeks trying to win her over with walks, dog park visits, shopping trips, lots of visits to Grandpa’s house (Dad), kisses, grooming, treats, building an impressive and noisy toy collection, more treats, dog cafe “cookie & ice-cream” outings, I’m pretty sure she loves her home, her big brother, Brownie (who is the sweetest, handsomest mutt ever) and me. I CAN say with complete confidence that at least her tail is happy — it wags all the time.

  • Tracy Morgan

    What an amazing thing this is! We got our little guy just two months ago from a rescue group who pulls from high kill shelters. Every little thing counts when it comes to shelter pets!!! They are the greatest pets in the world!

  • Super great effort, Michele; animals are so lucky to have you as an advocate. Good luck with filling tummies!

  • I have rescued many animals in my lifetime, but the only ones I have presently are two male cats, Tater Tot & Micky Blue Eyes. I rescued one from a shelter in Apple Valley, and the other I got from my visit in Idaho, so I bought him a airplane ticket & brought him home with me. I love my boys, and I can tell they love me to, and thank me every day with their purrs & happy pawing!!!

  • Gabbie

    We have 4 cats and 1 dog. Dexter, our dog, was found online. I knew from the moment we saw his picture he was the doberman for us. We love him unconditionally! I feel like our cats all found us. Zahara was found just as I was thinking of going to a shelter for a cat, and while she lost her sight in one eye due to an infection right before I found her, I think shes the most beautiful girl in the world and tell her so everyday! Lola was literally handed to me by a random man who stopped me in the middle of the street. He pulled over and held up the tiniest kitten I’d even seen and said “Do you know where the nearest shelter is, or do you want this cat?!” I wanted the cat…next came Mowgli, he walked into a chinese restaurant as we were waiting for our order and rubbed up against our legs, how could I possibly ignore that! And finally Cosmo just appeared from underneath my car at the dog park of all places right after hurricane irene. He was all alone and a little dirty, but one look into those tiny eyes and I was in love!

  • Berta-O

    The Charleston Animal Society in Charleston, SC does a lot to help find homes for abandoned or stray dogs. They put a lot of love and effort into their animals and finding homes for them! :)