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Each Comment Equals 50 Meals for Shelter Pets Contest

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

How did you know that your pet was the right cat or dog for you? Leave a comment at the end of this post answering that question or just tell us about your rescued pet. For each comment, Iams will donate 50 bowls of pet food to animal shelters and rescue groups across the country. That’s 50 meals per comment. Just one comment per reader.

This mommy cat and her kittens (when they were old enough) all got adopted last year through Iams H4tH program.

Home 4 the Holidays
Iams, Helen Woodward Animal Center, and the Ryan Newman Foundation have teamed up with more than 3,500 animal organizations worldwide to encourage pet adoption. “Each year, as many as 4 million orphaned dogs and cats are euthanized due to shelter overcrowding. That is approximately one pet every eight seconds,” says Mike Arms, founder of the adoption drive and president of Helen Woodward Animal Center. “Since partnering with Iams on the adoption drive 13 years ago, we have really seen the benefit of what this program can do for orphaned animals, and the families who adopt.”

This sweet boy found his forever home thanks to Iams H4tH program.

Iams’ goal is to find forever homes for 1.5 million cats and dogs during its Home 4 the Holidays campaign. Those who adopt through the program receive an Iams adoption kit loaded with important information about nutrition, training, and proper care. The campaign also provides shelters and rescue centers with much needed food donations.

Feeding Shelter Pets
I’m sure you know that animal shelters and rescues are in need of pet food and other supplies. Each comment helps. So please, leave a comment in the comments section of this post, and share this post with every pet parent you know.

Double the Love
If you want to double your donation (that’s 100 meals), visit my friend at The Tiniest Tiger. Joanne and her cat Gracey are running a similar contest.

This contest runs from October 17 through October 23, 2011.

A heartfelt thanks!

1,746 comments to Each Comment Equals 50 Meals for Shelter Pets Contest

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  • Val Adam

    You are doing great things on this site. Good luck in all your work –the little critters in this world need more advocates like you!

  • jeanne fortin

    On a freezing early morning in January , a fuzzy young calico cat was sitting on the sidewalk near the parked car. We had never before seen her in the neighborhood. After my ride to work returned home nearly an hour later, the cat was still in the same place. She made no objection to being scooped up and brought into the house and fed. She has since become the queen of our household, Buttercup.

  • When I looked into my parents eyes and then they scooped me up and hugged me. I knew I was going to a forever home. I am super lucky. We still exchange the slow blinks to say I love you.

  • Belinda Revere

    My cats were all found at local parks, they just walked crying up to us.

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  • Claire Koehler

    My friend Nancy was visiting from Kansas and found this little tabby as a little stray outside the complex with several other kittens that had been let loose. And Nancy brought him into the condo to show me him. And he seemed to enjoy being in our company.

    “You should keep him,” Nancy said.

    But I was doubtful. He was just a little kitty.

    “No, Nancy,” I said. “He’s going to be all over the place, and I have to be gone at least five hours at a time to teach school. So I don’t know how I’m going to take care of this little fella.”

    He did cause trouble. Even though my cupboards had childproof latches, he found a way to get into those. He pulled down the curtains, too. And one day when I came back from school, the grocery bags I had kept in a cupboard were all pulled out. Another day when I came back, the toilet paper had been pulled down into a pile on the bathroom floor.

    I didn’t want the kitten, but he had these black lines that stretched all the way from his little eyes to his nose, and he has a little white tip at the end of his nose and his four white paws. And he had a playful kittenish personality, he liked to play with string or tape. I began to love him, and that was that.

  • Sherri

    I rescued my dog Nikita from the Samoyed Rescue Group in 2007. I love her!

  • De'Anna Belgio

    I took my daughter ( whom was 7 at the time) into Pet Co to purchase food for our family cat, it happened to be pet adoption day. My daughter ran over to the cages of kittens and told me “Mommy please, the fuzzy one said he wants to come home with us” needless to say we came home with the runt of the litter, all grey with big yellow eyes. 2 days later he became extremely ill and off to the vet we went. The vet had explained he was special and perhaps would not make a good choice for us, and he was very ill. My daughter said to the vet- that’s my kitten, fix him. A week later we went to go pick up the kitten from the vet. Besides the extremely clumsiness and and bad coordination, we have a 12 lb. fuzzy ball of love. 🙂

  • J

    I adopted my cat when she was 5 months old; I was looking for a younger kitten but mine was adorable and I couldn’t resist. I’m glad I was the one who ended up getting her, though, because she took a lot of patience- she seemed fine in the cage but was so shy and timid for months after we got home. She’s come a long way though!

  • Emily Park

    I knew my kitty Sammy was the one for me, because when I went to volunteer at the shelter she lived at, she’d follow me around and “help” and keep me company. I HAD to take her home 🙂

  • Karen Beliveau

    Thank you, Iams for your donations.
    I live in a small apartment and have two CAGE FREE cocketiels, they have a cage without a door. The only thing it seems good for is to sit on top of.. . . .

  • Patrick M. Donovn

    Our 5 cats were rescued from the streets and they are loving purr machines. It took a while to get their trust but we now have lap cats and bed cats. They play with us and each other; one them, the oldest, even takes care of the youngest. They are a joy to us.

  • Liz Casey

    I am so glad to help the needy innocents that will benefit from this. I only adopt Rescue Rottweilers and they are my joy and my heart….Knowing that I saved a life is what allows me to continue to save more.

  • Teresa

    Great idea!

  • Patty

    Goog luck, Michele. Thank you for all you do for the voiceless.

  • Patty

    I have 2 littens right now who were feral. Thry’ve lived in my house with me for 3 months now They’re not wild anymore except sometimes when they play together.
    I was able to get them fixed and get all their shots with the help of a wonderful [place here called Spring Farm Cares. Bless them!

  • We don’t go looking for cats because they somehow find us. All that come to our house and want to stay are welcome to. We always make room for another lost-turned-lucky kitty 🙂 We also feed the many strays around that don’t want to live inside. And, we go to where the ferals hang out and feed them too.

    Big hugs to all the lost animals.

  • Irma Paulme

    The kitten I’ve picked up/rescued on a busy street has grown to a big, affectionate cat now and never misses a single day to greet me with purrs and meowing first thing in the morning. I’ve become the surrogate mother to her all these years.

  • Deb Sanford

    I lost my dog to cancer and went to the SPCA just to look. I had been to their website and there was a beautiful labx but they knew nothing about him. I visited with the other dogs and then came upon him sitting in his room just watching me. He didn’t play with toys, just sat next to me. I asked the volunteer what she knew about him and she sent me to the front desk. I thought the lady was doing other paperwork but she hands me a form and tells me, he’s neutered he can go home with you tonight. All the while he’s sitting in his room watching me. I had no food, they gave me a 5lb bag of food. No collar or leash, they loaned me one of theirs. I loaded him in the car and called my friend for my crate I had loaned to her. While at her house, he dived into the bag of bagels I had bought that morning and was enjoying his second one when I came out. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  • Helene

    Eduardo was a foster cat that refused to get adopted. I guess he felt he was in the right place to begin with. He now shares our bed with Radar, our rescue dog (who is not particularly happy about the situation) and my husband and I. His favorite pastime is playing with rubber bands and sneaking into paper bags.

  • He had made his way as a tiny kitten to a friend’s apartment. She couldn’t keep him and had asked my husband and I several times if we wanted him. I hesitated because at that time, we didn’t have a lot of money and I wanted to make sure we could truly provide a good and stable home for this little (or not so little as it turns out –he was a big Maine Coon) cat-guy. I finally mustered up the courage and decided we could do it. He was our most constant and best friend and family member for nearly 14 years through many ups and downs. He passed on in January 2010, but he left his paw prints on our hearts and will always be with us.

  • Regina

    All of my 4 babies are rescued cats, who I love so much. I am going to volunteer pretty soon at one of our local cat rescue sites. To help an innocent animal is a wonderful thing. Thanks

  • De LaFreniere

    I’m so glad there are sites like this!!! I have 5 rescue animals ~ a dog and 4 cats. I don’t know what I would do without them.

  • We knew that our cat Suki had picked us when we walked by her cage at the Animal Humane Society and she literally reached her paws through the cage and grabbed my hubby by the arm.
    We left without her that day (we weren’t planning on adopting, just killing some time at the shelter), but when we came back a week later, she was still there, and when we brought her into a visitation room, she immediately jumped up on my hubby’s shoulders. I think she knew he has a soft spot for shoulder kitties.

  • sheila

    ALL my pets were rescued from kill shelters! PLEASE spay and neuter your pet!

  • I initially adopted our dog because he was the only one at the shelter who wasn’t a pit bull. But he really is my soul mate, my #1 companion. Love the guy.

  • After our first dog, a rescue golden/husky mix, Somerville, passed away, we were devastated. But we knew her legacy was that we would always share our home with at least one rescue. When we were ready to look for a new friend, I went online to search. A local networking group was bringing up some black lab mix pups from West Virginia – Summersville, W Va. And the woman who had founded it was from Somerville, NJ – the town our girl had been named for. It was clearly meant to be, and exactly two years ago today Mack came to share our home.

  • geri bain

    Our kitten was an orphan found on a NYC street. When we approached her, he seemed so curious and eager to play that we couldn’t resist.

  • My 2 cats are rescues or strays. Save them! These animals just want and need love like us ♥

  • Paul

    Way To Go Iams!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol Hupp

    I have 7 rescued kittys including the WalMart stray. they are loved and spoiled!!!they so much deserve it!! Animals are awesome!!

  • Avia

    When we moved four years ago, there were 8 feral cats living outside so I started feeding them. A woman in the neighborhood had them all spayed/neutered, but over time the group size dwindled down to four. One of those four came to trust me and would sit outside my window every morning and evening, looking for attention as well as food. After about a year and a half, she came up to me outside on the sidewalk and started rubbing up against my legs. She let me pick her up and was drooling and purring like crazy. I wrapped her in my husband’s jacket and took her home. She’s been with us for two years now and she is the most loving kitty ever! Blackie definitely adopted me!

  • Michele Wilkinson

    I intended to take one cat home with me from the local rescue centre when I visited.
    However two of them chose me, so, they both became mine.
    I could not choose between them to just take one.

  • Thanks for all your efforts for the animals. To Michelle and all the other bloggers. It is great to see the work and the results.

  • I really like what you guys are doing with your blogging. It is so helpful to so many pet owners. Keep it up!

  • Jerneja

    Michele, I always enjoy reading your blog. Tons of great information. Thank you for all you do for the homeless animals! Thank you, Iams for your donations.

  • Michelle Arnot

    Our cat was born under a truck and appeared to be the runt of the litter. The shelter asked me to sign a form insurig that she would live a good life. She is now a diva, aged 8 1/2, enjoying a privileged life. Wish all cats could have it so good!

  • I volunteer at JAC and several years ago puppies came in and all got adopted except one. He had large paws and description was part St Bernard so I guess everyone figured he would be to big. I had a 10 yr old dog then who needed a playmate, so I adopted the big mutt. No regrets, has St Bernard coloring and temperament but short legs and stocky body. Just a real sweet mutt.

  • Amy Sriberg

    In honor of my beautiful and healthy Marble and Daisy. Thank you Iams!

  • Justin

    Feed the pooches!!!!

  • Colleen

    Living in an apartment building you’re always ‘hearing’ things. One May morning about 10 years ago I heard this high-pitched sound. I opened my door and didn’t see anything. My neighbor down the hall has a parrot so I assumed that’s what it was. A few minutes later I heard it again, only a little louder. Again I opened the door and there was this little tabby kitten with the biggest ‘mouth’. I said,’Hey, what are you doing out here?’ and he quickly walked to my door. I assumed somebody lost him but after posting flyers nobody claimed him, so we decided to keep him and named him Toby. So I guess you can say he found us!

  • Gail

    Most of the dogs I have had over the past 35 years, have been rescues. Either feral born, or rescue adopted. My two current dogs are both rescues from the south, one from Kentucky, the other from Alabama. I could not imagine my life without them, they give back so much more than the kibble, treats, vet care, and time invested. Thank you Iams for helping support the rescues in these harsh economic times, it is seriously appreciated by all of us who have benefited through the rescues work.

  • Jacqueline Cassavoy

    I have 3 pets right now, 1 dog and 2 cats. They are all from shelters. I knew my dog was supposed to be mine because I volunteered at the Animal House Shelter in IL and a couple of years ago I told them I had a week’s vacation and would like to foster a dog for the week. They let me take home a very shy medium-sized black male dog that they said had only been there a week and he was terrified of people. He was originally from rural Georgia and lived at a no-kill shelter there for a year before they sent him North to this shelter. No one was interested in adopting a shy, black dog. After a couple of days in my home, he started to bond with me and he made friends with my two cats. He loved going for walks and we went on long walks every day while I tried to find someone who would adopt him. When the week was over I took him back to the shelter because I felt I did not have the funds to properly care for a dog. Anyway, when I could afford a dog I wanted a larger-size female dog. Well, everyday after work I would stop at the shelter to walk him. He was still very shy with other people, but when he saw me he would bark and run right up and greet me. The people who worked at the shelter informed me that I had been chosen and I must adopt him. So…I did. Now that I have adopted him a lot of people comment on what a pretty dog he is and how well-behaved. I tell them that there are a lot more like him waiting at the shelter for them to go find. My dog has found his forever home.

  • Great idea, Michele…keep up the great work and thanks for letting us know about the wonderful job Iams is doing to help shelter pets!

  • Whitney

    I was visiting an animal shelter with the hope to adopt, going from cat to cat and making sure I spent time with each one. My cat was the last one I played with, and I knew he was mine the second I picked him up. We had an immediate connection, and 5 years later he is still my baby boy.

  • Cindy R.

    All the cats I’ve had during my (long) life have been rescues, including my current three. These boys were part of a 7 kitten feral litter which was picked up with the intent to alter and return to the wild. But 4 of them were adopted, my three were considered unadoptable and were to be released at a stable as mousers. When I saw these three tiny scared babies I could not let them be turned out to be eaten by coyotes or owls before they learned to fend for themselves, so I took them home. That was 8 years ago, and they are the sweetest most affectionate pets anyone could ask for.

  • I am a firm believer in Adopt Not Shop. We even have a T-Shirt that shows pride in adopting with the saying “Adopt a Pet & Save a Life”…… “I Did” Glad to help and keep the comments coming!


  • Linda

    I sell insurance and about 5 years ago on a sales call I entered a home with too many cats. I asked to take one of the kittens home and they agreed(now I wish I had taken them all). I took my kitty to the vet and she had worms and fleas and was malnourished. After a round of meds she was soon healthy. She is the most loving, playful cat I have ever had. I think she knows I rescued her. I wish I could save them all but thank you Michele and thank you Iams for multiplying all our efforts!

  • We’d been thinking about getting a dog when my Dad commented that two farm dogs nearby had recently (unexpectedly) mated and had a litter of 8 pups. The owners were looking to give them away — which was just the blessing and nudge that we needed. We visited the pups at the farm, and decided on one that was friendly, playful and independent. She’s been with us now 2 months and is definitely the dog for us!

  • Cheryl

    Great idea!!! Thanks for helping all those that are unfortunate enough to be in a shelter. Bless them all.

  • Steph

    Nemo was a stray cat that found us, she has lived with us for about 7 yrs now and gets along great with our 15 yr old dog. She has been a part of our family and we love her! As “dog people”, we never thought we’d have a cat- so glad Nemo was persistent!

  • denise

    Thank you for this valuable blog and website. I support the work I see here. The animals are a vital and valuable part of all our lives. Adopt not shop! Save pet lives! Improve pet and wildlife lives! We all need to step up and play a role.

  • Maryellen

    My latest cat, Peter, is a rescue cat. I was actually going to take his sister instead, but she was ill at the time. When we got home, he hid under the couch for three days until he trusted me enough to come out. Then he let me pick him up and started purring immediately. And that was it. 🙂

  • Debra

    I love my dogs and they are in integral part of our family. If this comment here will help a dog or cat out there, then more power to you Michele and THANK YOU!

  • Bo

    Thank you. This is wonderful cause. My latest beauty from the shelter is a mix of Golden Retriever/Spaniel. She was brought in with her two pups running loose. As I went around all the kennels talking and petting (always do that) she sat and looked at me, never dropping her gaze, like a lady, not barking, just looking at me. When I got to her, she put up one paw for me to touch and we petted and talked. When I went on around to the next kennel, she hit the back of her cage, barking and scratching, lady turned to tramp. I did come back to her and adopted her. She now rules our family and the love is totally mutual.

  • Michelle Arnot

    Our cat was a foundling, put up for adoption by a shelter. Thank you for the work you do.

  • I am a volunteer for the Guide Dog Foundation where ALL the dogs are very special and will positively impact the lives of people who are disabled.

  • Shari Greer

    Five years ago I adopted a little pup from a shelter in Houston. Days later he started twitching on various areas osf his body.. he got a fever, and we took him to our vet. The vet told my husband to ‘prepare me’ for his death as he had ‘distemper’. My husband brought him home and sat me down and told me. I said “over my dead body, this pup is going to die’.. That was five years ago.. Othello is just fine. The distemper created these ‘ticks’ in his mouth, so his teeth has a real tough time coming in right. But he runs and plays with his ‘sister’ also adopted thru a rescue, Cookie, is her name. She was a rescue who along with her siblings were abandoned. She is a vital part of our family, and although 100 pounds, she is the sweetest dog I have ever had. And Othello is the Alpha that tells her what she can and cannot do. My life is so full with my babies. They sleep with my husband and I and love us as we love them. I have always told people that rescue puppies are grateful puppies. They appreciate everything you do for them.. They know.. they really do know, they were saved. And our love will never stray.

  • Stacey

    Peaches picked me as soon as I walked into the foster house where I adopted her. She latched on to my lag and didn’t let go until she was put in the carrier. That was 11 years ago this month and she is now the reigning queen of our house.

  • what a great idea and paw forward! Thank you for doing this. Love your Blog.
    I have two kitty cats, Madison and Abigail and we LOVE doggies too!

    Lisa, Madi and Abi

  • Kimberlee

    I fell in love with out dog Farley the minute I saw him. We rescued him from the cold in February, he was so tiny! Thank you for donating foos to animals in need!

  • Vicky S

    Thank you for providing food to shelters and rescues. Doing so saves lives.

    I started feeding a feral or stray cat that appeared one winter. Others came… I socialized most of the cats and kittens (yes, even older kittens and cats can be socialized), and almost all are spayed/neutered (paid for by me, or by a local all-volunteer TNVR charity). Some of these cats now live with me, while others live in outdoor buildings on my property.

    Please save many cat and kitten lives by getting your kittens/cats spayed or neutered!

  • Charlotte

    We have two rescue cats. The second, who we adopted a year ago, is named Harry (by my son after Harry Potter). The other is named Ralph, because my son was reading Ralph S. Mouse at the time. I met Harry at a pet adoption clinic run by a rescue group that I was just “visting” while running errands. The next morning, his little grey face was still calling to me … I went back with my son to adopt him.

  • Ronni Goddard

    I lost my beloved Shih-tzu, Tara, in 2003 but still had our mix terrier, adopted in 2001.
    I never felt a need to adopt again, but when I met the small rescued shih-tzu Gizmo, at my friend’s house (she’s a foster mum for a rescue society)he just whispered to my heart and I decided to adopt him. I call him Whisper. He is delightful.

  • How did we know we were meant for each other? I-Jill- had been looking for a rescue bulldog for about 6 months. I had several animal rescue groups and friends helping keep an eye out for a shelter bulldog. On a cold January morning in 2009 I received a call from a friend in a neighboring state telling me to go to my computer..she had just posted a photo of a bulldog just arrived at a nearby shelter. When I went to look at the photo….to my surprise and delight…not only pictured there was an adorable bully boy…but his name was JACK! I immediately put the process in motion to adopt him….since that day, Jack has become a canine star in his own rights…and has focused much of his energy in helping me support animal shelter adoptions…as well as write and blog about ‘traveling with your pet’. We are now totally engaged as the “Jack and Jill Team” and we have great adventures of every type imanginable. He is my best travel and snuggle buddy EVER! And THAT is how we knew we were made for each other! You can check out Jack’s website and blog and follow his adventures at http://www.travlinjack.com.

  • Lilly and I are adding our comment to helpz the pups and kittehs.

  • Hi Michele,

    Thank you for having compassion and working for our shelter animals.

    To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Niko

    When a cat that I was interested in at the shelter was still there a month later, I knew I had to adopt her. Cleo was 10 years old, hated other cats and had become very unpleasant and swatty during her 5 month stay. It wasn’t until I filled out the adoption paperwork that I found out Cleo was now deemed unadoptable and scheduled to be euthanized the day before. She was given a temporary reprieve only because one of the animal officers remembered somebody (me!) at one time wanted her. Six years later, she still hates other cats and likes affection on her terms, but she meows for me and wakes me up almost every morning with kitty kisses. Like many rescued animals, she is devoted and attached to her rescuer. I feel lucky to have been at the shelter that day to save and adopt my Cleo.

  • We knew our dog was the right one for us because she was so friendly, playful, and affectionate when we first met her. It turns out, she was all that and smart too.

    Thank you, Michele Hollow and Iams, for helping animal shelters and rescue groups.

  • What a wonderful promotion! Thanks for doing this~

  • Those are the cutest photos.

  • All our children with paws picked us I guess. Each one was thrown away close to our home. We live in rural MS. We have 5 dogs and 2 cats each one has their own personally and each one came with various problems from not being cared for. We have everyone happy and well. We are one big happy family!!!!

  • I’m hoping to foster or rescue, soon. Thanks Iams!

  • Shelter animals need all the help they can get! The numbers of animals entering shelters are astounding and the numbers who die there are even more horrific. Adopt, don’t shop!

  • Here’s hoping you can feed a lot of hungry kitties and puppies!

  • Meg

    Me and another board member of Rocky Mt. Great Dane Rescue drove 8 hours to pick up a deaf dane being surrendered. All three of us spent that night in a motel room, then drove back to Denver the next day. By the time I got him home to foster, I know Kleiner was never leaving my home. His innocence and excitement for life was too much!!

  • I’ve always adopted my kitties from shelters. I think they know they’re rescues and are especially appreciative of a loving home. It breaks my heart I can’t adopt them all!

  • We raise money for Canine Cancer Research (www.greyhoundsrock.org) and are supporters of anything that helps our companions. This is a great idea and I hope there are many, many comments to help feed the Shelter Pets.

  • Thank you for such a wonderful mission and a great way to mobilize the blogging community for the doggies and kitties out there. You should be commended and get those pets something to eat!!

    John Sternal
    Flexcin and FlexPet

  • Leta A. Dally

    If only all animals could have safe home and if only we valued them as the members of the family they are rather than as property – especially disposable property. My love to all the homeless critters out there. May they all find wonderful homes.

  • We rescued a darling orange tabby female kitten at the Delaware Humane Society. We knew immediately that she had to come home with us when she stayed in my young daughter’s arms! We had to leave our old rescued orange tabby back in NJ (to the Ocean City Humane Society) when we moved to a place in Delaware that did not permit pets. Luckily, Bootsie (her name) was adopted immediately. I cried all the way back home after leaving her; however, my 3 year old daughter, wise beyond her years, said, “Don’t cry, Mommy. Bootsie will make new friends like us when we move to Delaware!’
    How right she was. Once we moved into our home, we went to the DHA, and adopted this wonderful new kitten, Muffin. Our new orange tabby became an integral part of our family, and my husband’s favorite!

  • Krista

    Easy! It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw my black lab mix, Abbey, she tried to kiss me through the cage she was in. Our fate was sealed with a kiss and eight and a half years later after I adopted her, she’s still my best pal!

  • Zoe

    My rescue cats are Charlie and Cara. I was trying to get the number of the place we had previously used to rescue cats, when I stumbled upon a website called Vantasia.org. Thinking that is was probably something to do with camping vans, I idly clicked the link, and discovered that it was a cat rescue place which also bred Turkish Van cats. I enquired about their rescue cats, as I was looking specifically for two mature cats who would be happy to be indoors cats. After providing references, we agreed to come and pick up Charlie & Cara. I had not even seen a photo of them, so I was really surprised when I first met them. They are both Van Cats, white with ginger ears and tails. Very long hair, Charlie weighs 16 lbs and Cara, his mum, is smaller and has one blue eye and one green one. They are fantastic characters, and have now been living with us for over 5 years. Thank you for the work you are doing Iams.

  • I guess it’s a good idea that when, at the holidays, you’re thinking of donating food to food banks for humans, you should also think about donating pet foods to animal shelters for our furry and feathered friends–though I know that some food banks take pet food as well. I will definitely keep this in mind this year. Thanks.


    P.S. Thanks to Petfinder we rescued our golden retriever/cocker spaniel/beagle mix in 2002.

  • We regularly foster dogs at Dogtopia locations across the country, but we need great rescue organizations to keep do the hard work of rescuing the dogs AND finding them great homes! A big Thank You to the rescue organizations, their very generous volunteers and IAMS for supporting it! Together we can all make a difference, one dog at a time!

  • Jenna

    Thanks for helping the furbabies.

  • As a lifelong animal lover, I thank you! 14 years ago I “adopted” Charlie-the-wonder-dog, and while I may have taken her in and given her a loving home, she has “saved” me on more occasions than I can count.

  • When my friend couldn’t take care of his can any more because he was moving into a building that didn’t allow them, we volunteered to give Josephine a new home. She’s a great cat, very playful and friendly, so it’s never been a regret. And her old owner still visits a lot.

  • Alex

    You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

  • Anne Marie

    Hi Michele,
    Great idea! I hope you will get enough comments to feed them all. God bless you !

  • Thanks for doing this. My husband and I personally feed 5 feral cat colonies each day – and have for over 12 years. Occasionally someone will donate food, but mostly we buy and distribute it. We have adopted many, many pets, but mostly we take in those who find us! We’ve had as many as 23 cats, 6 dogs and 1 rabbit. And have loved all of them, and mourned those who have gone on to pet heaven.

  • Mary Mihaly

    It’s always sad to hear when animals in shelters won’t make it for financial reasons. Your blog and Iams are combating that–chalk up a big deposit into your karma bank!

  • We started fostering dogs through Dog Habitat Rescue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn about a year ago. We loved meeting new dogs and helping out needy animals, and our small spitz, Betelgeuse (pronounced “Beetle Juice”), did a great job helping to socialize the rescues. We had quite a few pups come through our door, and then we met Lulu, an 8-lb. pomeranian mix rescued from a backyard breeder/animal hoarding situation. We didn’t recognize her as “our dog” at first. We told ourselves that our apartment was too small for a second dog (we already had two humans, two cats, and a dog living there), that we wanted to hold out for a big dog one day when we moved out of the city, that it would be too expensive… But we still wanted her in our life, so we kept trying to get our friends to adopt her. After she was spayed and recovered under our care, she was adopted by a nice lady in the neighborhood. I was happy for her but so sad to see her go. The new owner was not ready for the commitment, however, and Lulu came back to us after a week and a half. (We’re still convinced that Lulu purposely sabotaged her adoption to return to us.) We had already made our mistake once, and we weren’t going to lose her again. We officially adopted her last May and have never looked back. She found her forever home, and we found a forever companion.

  • I adopted my two sisters because they had been adopted and returned several times. They were very shy street cats who required a lot of love and patience. It took me months to lure them out of the one room that became their first home, and they are still shy when others come around, but otherwise they have blossomed into happy, loving, delightful girls who really appreciate their home.

  • Heather

    As a life long animal lover, I want to contribute to helping shelter animals. Hopefully we can make a difference!

  • Tim

    And here’s 50 more bowls of kibble

  • Nancy

    When we walked into the shelter and the puppy that would become ours came over, sat down at our feet, tail a-thumping, and looked up with sweet eyes, that was it. We were smitten and took her home.

  • Jim Canfield

    Great promotion! Thanks to you and your sponsors for helping all those that are unfortunate enough to be in a shelter.

  • Susan

    I rescued a puppy from a 7-11 years ago. The clerk told me he would give me a free bag of dog food if I took her off his sidewalk. The poor thing was so sick and scared but she was a fighter. She had so much hope in her eyes that I couldn’t just walk away. We were both pretty stubborn and were a perfect match. We became best friends and she helped me through some really hard times. I lost her after ten years together and I never regretted that quick visit to 7-11.

  • What a great way to provide food to shelters and rescues. Together we can make a big differnce. When I first saw my beloved goldens it was love at first sight. I can’t image my life without them. All pets should have a happy forever home! Thank you for helping animals in need.

  • Mat

    Always willing to help

  • Went to a shelter. Sally came towards me she chose me and we loved each other for 10 wonderful years. Every day I think of her and miss her so much.

  • Michelle

    What a great cause! Thanks Iams.

  • Barbara McIntosh

    We found Buddy in a Rockford city park after an evening concert in the summer. Many people were concerned about him, but no one wanted to take him home. He followed us to our car and jumped in when we opened the door. I drove, and he stood up on my husband’s lap with his paws on the dashboard looking out the front window all the way home. He was so tiny that we initially thought he was a very young cat. The next day, the vet told us he was probably 12 years old. We were lucky enough to have him for 6 years (not long enough). He was the sweetest, most loving kitty we have ever had, and he and I had a very special connection. Buddy passed away this past June. We miss him and will miss him forever. We have 3 other cats who we love, but there will never be another Buddy!

  • Kathy Cabrera

    I am a passionate ‘dog’ lover and appreciate all animals. Thanks for taking the time to try and feed the hungry animals in shelters. I would also like to thank the sponsor since they are also giving to such an important cause.

  • Hi Michele!

    It has been a very long time since we last spoke to each other. I’ve been extremely busy as you will soon learn but wanted to take a moment to contribute here. I’ve had opportunities to sample many of the leading products for canine and have firsthand experience with IAMS. As a matter of fact, for some strange reason most dog foods cause a very unsightly matter to secrete from my eyelids. I can honestly say that IAMS foods do not adversely affect my eyes plus AMS seem to make my coat feel a lots softer. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d definitely give IAMS a score of 11.

    There you have it, a True and Unbiased Testimonial of my experiences eating IAMS Premium Foods.


    Catch You Later Michele!

    Vinny the Pug
    aka Vincent Thomas Pug

  • Amber V

    Our first rescue, a beautiful Maine Coon (or Maine Coon mix)chose us! We went to the shelter looking for a young kitten, but this half-grown girl stood up and nuzzled my hubs, amd she didn’t pay much attention to anyone else there.

  • We have a great mix named Ollie who was not socialized and was a “survivor” when he was rescued. He was full of energy but wouldn’t go near a person for several months. Over time he has gone from stand-offish to demanding that he sit in your lap so you can pet him. There are many organizations committed to these animals and every bit helps. I have had the pleasure of visiting and interviewing numerous organizations around the country that are dedicated to making a difference with people and their animal / pet companions.

  • Our little “Minnie” was born a wild cat to a mother which grew up in the fields and barns of a horse track in Montreal. Minnie, all white (like her mother) with just a few dabs of grey near near her ears, on her back and tail, fell out of her home in a loading dock when she was five weeks old. Both eyes were infected and she could barely walk. The vet told us she was only hours from death and might not be able to be saved. Her eyesight was also in jeopardy. We bought antibiotic drops for her eyes, took her back home and fed her with an eye dropper every four hours for two more weeks until she was able to feed herself. She survived and has grown up to be the most beautiful, affectionate cat one could imagine, constantly licking us and jumping on our laps. She has joined a family of four other cats we previously had and they all play together and groom one another. As for Minnie’s mother and brother, they are still wild and we leave dry cat food outside for them every day!

  • Chelsea

    Keep up the good work!

  • R

    Donate 50 bags for me!

  • Always so glad to hear when anyone helps out so many animals in need of GOOD homes. Thank you for helping them find their forever homes.

  • Love to see that you are giving back to the animals that need so much. In the US so many owners take such great care of their pets and having happy & health animals to adopt makes a big difference. Hopefully your drive makes it that much easier to keep the shelter animals well cared for and adoptable.

  • Pam

    I wasn’t even considering having a pet at all. I took in a cat who had been abandoned by his owners. He had befriended a feral kitten so I took her in as well. Before I knew it she was pregnant and went on to have four kittens. I kept one so I had mother father and son. Mom and dad have since passed (16yrs old and 14yrs old) and I still have the “baby” who is 18 going on 19!

  • Andrea

    Count me in! None of my critters came from a shelter, but all were otherwise unwanted and headed there.

  • This is a wonderful campaign. Thank you Iams & Pet News & Views. I love Tweeting about this sort of thing so I’ve scheduled tweets right through to January 3rd. Here’s hoping that my followers get involved! ShakeAPawGreet on Twitter.

  • Barbara

    Brownie came to us as a foster dog for just a long Labor Day weekend, a year ago… we were not looking to adopt a dog. But every “comedy of errors” happened to prevent her from getting adopted to a new family.

    So we sponsored her, got her spayed.. months went by & by then, we were madly in love with her winning personality & she became ours ♥

  • nadia

    I adopted my little man 2 years ago, this coming christmas. The shelter I adopted Bentley from saved him from a kill shelter. He and I saved each other… and now we share a bond that no one can break. From the second I picked him up the first time, I knew he would be coming home with me. Thank you so much for donating… every little bit helps!! <3

  • great program to help needy pets!! thank you michelle and iams!

  • Tamara Schraiber

    I have 2 rescued cats which I adopted from the Jersey Animal Coalition. Lani my 16 year old who is still giving them hell at this ripe old age despite various health issues and our sweet dusty who had an unfortunate dog encounter and runs througout our second floor on her three legs and who happens to also be FIV +…these two babes thankfully get along fine with my two other cats which I saved from my backyard. Michele keep up the good work and thanks for all you do for the JAC…

  • I’d need more space to talk about all the beautiful pets who have shared my life, but currently, 4 cats and 2 dogs, which equals a home filled with all sorts of furry love. Thanks for all you do!!

  • I’ve been an animal lover all my life, and some of our best pets came from shelters or were rescue animals. Thank you for helping!

  • Salley Shannon

    One night when the temperature was going to drop below zero, my husband went outside in search of a stray cat we’d been seeing on our block. He didn’t have to look far — he was huddled against a back window of our house, trying to keep warm. Guess he knew it was a life and death matter, because the kitty let himself be caught. He’d always resisted our friendly gestures before.

    The minute he was in our house, the cat ducked into the coat closet. For half an hour, we tried to reassure him and coax him out, but he wouldn’t budge from where he’d braced himself against the back closet wall. “Well, at least we won’t find him frozen to death on our doorstep,” I recall my husband saying as we went upstairs to bed.

    In the morning, the kitty darted out the second I opened the door for the paper.

    The next night was going to be even colder, so we we went looking for him again. There he was, same spot. And once again he dashed right for the coat closet, which we’d deliberately left open a crack. We shrugged at went about our business.

    At bedtime, when we went upstairs, there he was, curled up at the end of our bed. And there he slept every night, purring madly, lodged against one or the other of us, every night until the end of his long life.

    If we are fortunate, we love and are loved by many cats, dogs and miscellaneous other creatures in our lifetimes. We value all of them, but in our hearts, there are always one or two we forever love best. That was our Felix.

  • Megan

    I rescued my cat Max from a pet rescue when he was five years old. His elderly owner had recently died and he had been her only cat. I hadn’t decided if I wanted a kitten or an adult cat, but Max was the friendliest feline at the rescue. As soon as I got near his cage he jumped up and came over so I could pet him. I knew then that he was the right cat for me!

  • Laura

    What a great idea, good luck with your promotion for the shelter.

  • Marsha Portnoy

    Over the past 40 years, we have had a couple dozen dogs and cats come into our lives–all of them rescues of one kind or another. The dogs were adults with previous lives we could only guess at, but they quickly transferred their affections to us. For the older cats there was generally a short period of adjustment. For the kittens, hey, everything is a party. My philosophy is and has always been that if you’re going to open your heart to one cat or dog, you may as well take two…or more.

  • NayAug

    I have never adopted from a shelter because my pets have always adopted me.
    Seymour and Fred were two kittens at a camp I worked at. Every night mom cat and her 4 kittens would come to the back door of the kitchen to be fed. At the end of the summer we had to round up the cats so they wouldn’t be left behind for the winter. You can imagine what rounding up cats can be like. Well Seymour and her brother Fred just came to me. They didn’t hide or run away. So they selected me. The rest of the family was eventually rescued and given to a nearby farm that was more than happy to have them.

  • Amy Mathis

    I adopted my two boys from a rescue group 5 years ago and I knew as soon as I saw them curled up in their cage that they had to come home with me. I was looking for one older cat and went home with 2 5 month old terrors! But I love my terror twins and wouldn’t change a thing.

  • nancy

    Thanks for running this promotion Michele and IAMS. Just a flick of the wrist and animals get food. Its a great deal. Also interesting reading for “home for the holidays” too. I appreciate you for doing this.

  • Daisy, Foxy and Pugsley are all shelter pets. Hooray for the Orange County Animal Shelter, which does such a great job finding homes for orphan pets.

  • Sean

    We often took in stray cats when I was growing up. One surprised us with 4 kittens after a couple months and my father once found & rescued 2 kittens no more than a week old in a dumpster in mid winter (Canadian Prairies, prob minus 20 C). Thanks Michele and Iams for this campaign.

  • I had been lonely for quite a few months after my marriage broke up, I had always had pets but hadn’t had a dog for at least fifteen years. One day I took a ride to the shelter to see the pups, pet a few and maybe walk them. As I passed one kennel, the beautiful rottie/shepherd mix about 10 weeks old, jumped up, put his paw thru and tapped me. I asked to take him for a walk, while walking him I stopped at my car to pick up my sunglasses with him on the leash, I opened the car door, and he jumped in and that was that! HE CHOSE ME. Nine years later, my handsome pooch is still with me, I have never ever regretted a day, he has made my life so rich with love and joy.

  • Lesley

    This is a great idea! All of my pets are rescues and helping shelters is so important. Thanks for doing this!

  • How wonderful! Michele. Count me in! 🙂

  • Lesley

    I found my first cat in the woods as a kitten. I often wonder what would have happened to him if I didn’t get him. He introduced me to the wonderful world of cats and now I know there is no such thing as just one!

  • Tam

    This is an awesome thing you are doing!

  • Linda Parella

    I have 5 adorable cats which are rescues. One of my cats was abandoned in someone’s backyard when they moved out and left him behind and 3 others were strays and one was rescued from a Vet’s office ready to be euthanized because he was sick. I also have 2 dogs.
    A Chihuahua I adopted from Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, New Jersey where I am a volunteer and my Yorkie was rescued by my daughter who found her emaciated, matted, dirty and very frightened under a car.
    Each and every one of them bring tremendous joy to my life and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

  • All my 7 pets were the right pets for me because they all have wonderful personalities. They found me or I found them, but it really doesn’t matter because we would love each other anyway. 🙂

  • Tigger

    Tigger came from a kill shelter in No. Carolina and we adopted him in NJ from a no kill shelter. He has been the joy of my son’s life!! I will be happy to help out any animal in need!!

  • […] did you know that your pet was the right cat or dog for you?Leave a comment on this post from Pets News and Views answering that question or just say something about your rescued pet. For each comment, Iams will […]

  • We got our current cats from our vet, she had rescued them. They were there when our old cat, Gigi, went to the vet on the day GiGi passed away. I had always wanted an orange male and Simba was there that day. Our vet held on to him for us and also to his playmate. We went back for him and Zorro a few weeks later.

  • MaryAnn

    My three cats are all rescues – they are the best. Thanks IAMS for your support of Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups.

  • Barbara Cotler

    It was love at first sight when I saw Pookie, my Yorkie mix. She lived and traveled with us for almost 16 years before going to doggie heaven in Jan. I am now looking in vain for a yorkie/mix or similar dog with a yorkie baby face, I need a 10 lb female of about 1 yr old. She needs to fit into a dog travel bag which fits under an airline seat. Pookie traveled with us happily this way for many years. I would love to repeat the relationship, if I could find another small dog. Any help would be appreciated.

  • leslie T

    Many thanks to the sponsor for this great promotion. I’ve had four cats, three of them adopted strays and one of them a castoff from a former co-worker who could no longer keep her.

  • Mary

    This is PAWSOME!!! All my animals (cats & dogs) have been rescued from either shelters or from those that either couldn’t or wouldn’t care for them.

  • R

    I love my rescue cat. She’s wonderful. ALWAYS ADOPT. DON’T SUPPORT BREEDERS.

  • Renee Keller

    I fell in love with her petfinder picture. We had a meet and greet, thats all it took. I didnt want to leave without her, although I had to!!!

    Great promotion!!! I hope many people come and comment!!!!!

  • Diana

    I found my first cat on the streets of the Bronx when she was about 3 months old. Her siblings had been taken in and she was left behind. I worked in the building where her feral family lived (in the yard) for only 2 months, so it was great timing for me and her. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter cat once she was socialized to a house and humans. She rarely leaves my side when I’m home. She’s also a picky eater, just like me. 🙂 My second cat was rescued from a kill shelter when he was only 1 week old by a local rescue org. They bottle fed him (& his siblings), and when he was 7 weeks old I took him in. He is also a very sweet, good natured cat. I’ve been lucky.

  • Kritika

    Always willing to help…
    Thank you for helping them find their forever homes

  • Scott

    I think this is fantastic! Everyone needs love and attention and affection. Keep up the good work!

  • Michele thanks for giving me the opportunity to help the poor shelter critters 🙂

  • So glad to see this. Will pass it along.

  • It took 2 weeks for my kitten to crawl from his hiding place under the refrigerator and let me pet him. But after another week, he wanted to be where I was for the next decade.

  • Heather

    I adopted my first cat Phoebe from an animal shelter. Shes a beautiful black cat with a few stray white hairs. I was told she was a stray for awhile but she never acted like it. I live with my mother who has two other cats and Phoebe got along with them wonderfully too. Shes my little spoiled princess. My second cat Emma was adopted from Rutgers University (where my mother works) Animal testing. My mother got an email about her being the only one of a large litter left. My mother sent me the email and I knew she was for me. We rushed to meet her and she came right up to me and rubbed up against me. The woman who was in charge said that I was the only one who Emma seemed to like. She ran from everyone else! Emma is a sweet girl. She likes to like my face to wake me up to pet her.Emma and Phoebe are strange pair. They act like sisters, complete with the sibling rivalry.One night they’re chasing each other around the house the next they are curled up next to each other.

  • Christine

    This is great! My family and I have had many rescued dogs, and they were all wonderful!!

  • Michael

    Over my lifetime I have rescued many animals from humane societies am such. If God gave us ‘Do Overs’ I would stay on my path to Wild Life Biology or Vet Medicine rather than being sucked into business/philosophy. I even rescue a skunk that was trap in a sewer culvert with vertical sides. Once I had roped it by it’s tail and pulled it out I had the problem if getting the rope off it’s tail. I finally got brave and walked over and simply removed the rope. Te skunk ran off a short way turned to look at me and I swear it did a little bow to me and bobbed it’s head. My wife and I also live trapped feral cats on a ranch, had them fixed and turned them loose. We supplied them with kibble along with the mice they caught.

  • Lu Ann Deuel

    We have had many pets, but my all time favorite was a dog that the previous owner had named Silly Sally. We normally just called her Sally. My father found Sally out on a logging road with another stray. Sally had a bandage around her middle and the other dog had a muzzle full of porcupine quills. My dad took Sally home and we fell in love with her. The owner was found and Sally was returned. But, a few months later Sally wandered off and was found with some other dogs who were chasing sheep. The owner was forced to resettle her in town, or put her down. My family lived in town and he contacted us. We took Sally in and had many happy years with her. She couldn’t visit farms, due to her past history, but we were very happy with her.

  • S Barros

    I went to pick out a puppy and i knew she was the one for me because of her white patches!! she was sooo little and chubby!! i absolutely love my dog more than anything in the world!

  • Maryka

    Just adopted this week! Her name is Sudi, wish I could save them all!!! Breaks my heart!!

  • THANK you EVERYONE for all of your VERy HARD WORK and CARING for dos and cats and all animals….i am VERY HAPPY fan of Q104.3FM new yorks CLASSIC ROCK and VERY MUCH THANK you to Maria for mentioing your GREAT website….with very much appreciation….ernie c:-)

  • Lavonne

    Thank-you for feeding these animals!

  • THANK you for CARING for PETS and i really LOVE cats and dogs!!!!….A VERY BIG THANK you to Maria and Q104.3FM CLASSICROCK for mentioning your GREAT GREAT website!!!!….VERY BEST to EVERYONE….ernie c:-)

  • Mau

    Many of my animals are rescues. Most recently, two black kittens (brother and sister)showed up behind my home. They were extremely thin and covered in fleas. I have remedied that, however. Both are now filling out nicely, and there are no more fleas in their beautiful long, black fur. My B/F named them Morticia and Gomez (I call them Tish and Gomie), but together they are called Kitten Power! The adult kitties in the household are still adjusting to this phenomena. =)

  • Alisa

    I was asked to foster a cat from a feral colony who
    wasn’t acting feral.
    Turns out he wasn’t. Somebody must have dumped him.
    He had worms, an ear infection and a carrier for f.i.v.;
    however he is the smartest, sweetest cat ever…
    I call him the “little genius”
    He’s all better now….ferals aren’t always ferals…
    treat them well and they change….

  • Francesca

    Thanks for the opportunity to feed shelter pets! I really enjoy volunteering at my local animal shelter.

  • Jill and Marc Sokol

    Our kitty kept flirting with us from his cage…that’s how we know he was the one for us!

  • Jon

    Thanks for helping all the puppies and kitties!

  • All of my 3 girls have been products of a shelter or were ‘unwanted’ by someone else. 18 years later they still provide constant love and joy. Please adopt, don’t buy. The love you get back will be repaid 1000 fold.

  • Jill

    Our rescue dog, Crystal was one of the most wonderful, loving family members we ever had. We got her at age 6 weeks and sadly said goodbye to her at age 15. I still miss those beautiful eyes and velvety ears. All rescue animals deserve a loving home. Thanks for helping the cause.

  • Jessica

    Everyone needs a loving home. <3 Big hearts right here

  • Lee Baron

    I rescued my girl Midgey 7 yrs. ago, she’s taking a snooze on the bed right now as I write this w/her ears popped up, like she knows I’m writing about her, lol! You know that one animal companion you will always remember for the rest of your life? We’ll she’s the one, I love her like my child, she’s beautiful, smart, kind, sneaky, crazy playful & I’m blessed to be apart of her life.

  • Cleoxcat

    We went to several shelters to find a cat to fill in the hole our 18-year-old cat left when he died. Didn’t find the “special” cat until the last shelter (Peaceable Kingdom in Whitehall, PA), when a cute little male tabby cat jumped into my husband’s arms just as if he’d been waiting for us. We brought in a carrier and the little cat ran right into it! Needless to say, we brought him home and he’s been here ever since. BTW, that “little” cat grew to 14 lbs.

  • Jeanine

    I didn’t rescue my standard poodle, Koko – she rescued me! My daughter had gone to college and I felt very alone. I needed someone to care for and love… and Koko is the most affectionate, loving, big, shaggy, smart, wonderful friend!! I knew the moment she stepped into my lap that she was meant to be with me. Now I cannot imagine my life without her!

  • What am amazing offer from Iams and kudos to you for getting the word out.

  • Tucker

    I’m very lucky…though I don’t have any pets of my own, I do have an awesome neighbor who has 4 dogs… A husky, doberman, golden retriever, and the alpha-mut. I think this is awesome that you’re doing this!

  • Mary Sells

    When I went to Animal Care and Control, and walked past the cages, looking in each one, one dog caught me with her Spirit. We looked into each other’s eyes, and I knew she would be the perfect companion. Thank you so much for helping out Shelter Animals!

  • Suzanne

    I knew my dog was right for me the moment I kissed the top of his head and got a whiff of his puppy smell!

  • BocaCat

    My first cat came to our house with 3 kittens. She was afraid to come in but instead, took up residence behind a covered lawnmower. This went on for a few weeks and then one day, she took the kittens away. We were so sad but then a few days later, she returned with 1 kitten at a time. I guess she liked our house after all. We were able to get her and the kittens in the house and we found homes for 2 of the kittens. The 3 kitten was the smartest, she wanted to stay with her momma so she was no where to be found when prospective parents came over to meet her. So, we kept both of them. They had good lives as indoor cats.

  • Sandra Burke

    Anything anyone can do to help needy animals is worth the effort. They can’t help themselves. They depend on us.

  • Charlie

    We saw a picture of our rescued Papillon/Sheltie mix on a flyer, and arranged to meet her. She came with the rescuer for a pre-adoption interview, and we fell in love with her instantly. We passed the interview, and were allowed to adopt her two days later. She’s tied for the best dog we have ever had. Based on her behavior, I think rescued dogs know that they’ve been rescued, and are grateful to their new masters.

  • Sylvester kept sticking his paw out of the cage, trying to tag me. He was the most beautiful tuxedo cat – soft shiny coat, beautiful face and a squeeky meow. I loved him right away even though he was nothing like I was thinking originally. They wouldn’t let me adopt him unless I took his buddy, Louie, too. They’re my treasures.

  • Aliza

    My kitty Toffee was seven years old when we adopted her almost three years ago. Our landlord said we could have a “mature” cat so we decided to get an older kitty. Toffee flopped on her side for us to rub her belly and purred so hard when we first met her, we knew we had to take her home. Since then, she has gained a little brother chihuahua/papillon mix, Gizmo, from the same rescue where I now volunteer. He thinks he is a cat and they are both the same colors with long hair, so it’s definitely confusing for him.

  • barbara

    All dogs and cats, etc. deserve to be loved and protected.

  • Janet V

    I have had rescues, strays, ferals, cast offs through the years. May good things come to all those who open their homes to these needy pets.

  • Carol Barnes

    I have 3 cats and 3 dogs, all rescues and all rescued when they were older. Don’t know what made us pick any of them, I think you just have this feeling for them when you see them. Our 11 year old dog was pretty quiet in her cage when we picked her. She was about 2 at the time and over 20 lbs underweight. I remember my daughter and I picked her out and when she got in the car, she curled up on the seat next to my daughter. As we were driving home, my daughter was talking to her and she told her “You’re really going to like it at our house. We’ll take good care of you.” She’s a great dog and very loving and fit right in. If I could rescue all of them, I would.

  • Lisa

    We went to the shelter for two cats. PSPCA was having a have a dollar get a cat promotion. My Husband fell in love with a kitten with a cold. The last cat I saw had green eyes and let me pet her for a half hour. Between how sweet she was and her movie star good looks she made me fall in love with her, and she is still my snuggie buddie. About the one my husband fell for I love him too and he got over the cold quickly and started to getting into everything. The best money I ever spent was for the cats.

  • Clare Stewart

    My horse Casino was rescued from the racetrack. He shows his love for the care he has received in so many ways and is amazing.

  • Trish

    Anything to help animals in need!

  • claire silvers

    Our several generations of cats have all come to us from shelters. Most recently, Penelope, who is now 6, was in a wonderful, small shelter in Somerville, Ma (now closed) where the volunteers assessed the social & medical health of the cats, and then, if it seemed advisable, gave them free reign of the facilities during the day when multiple staff were there. I came in, sat down, and just observed the cats. Like most people, I wished I could take all of them home, but I was trying to keep our elderly cat at home in mind–she had lost her lifelong companion & was very lonely. A 9 month old black & white cat who seemed very mild mannered but also very cautious (she had been put out when the family discovered allergies & had been quite frightened, hungry & ill) got along with the other cats, and started circling me. The shelter manager warned “she’ll never be a lap cat!” as she noticed me petting this cat they had named Penelope. I sat down in the armchair again, and in a few minutes felt a presence on the back of the chair behind my head. Then she started to lean. She’s on my lap at home now, lives with Mingus (another shelter cat–but he’s a different story), and she was an excellent friend to the elderly cat she first came to join.

  • What a wonderful group of people working together to save these animals. We have several friends whom have saved beautiful animals and are now happy parents to them. It is such a delight to be a pet owner. Thanks to Iams and all for their support in this venture.

  • Vickie

    We have two feline rescue girls and they are the love of our life.

  • Sam Prince

    Our dog is 3/4 Maltese and 1/4 miniature poodle. She is also 4/4 violinist because she sure plays me like a strad. Smart dog, has nerve inversely proportionate to her size.

  • Karen

    This is awesome! Thank you !
    First we took on a neighbors yellow Lab mix, she was moving. When Sammi passed, found another yellow Lab on a rescue site, Tasha, she also came along with Sam, a black lab, both were 5 years old. The best move ever to give these 2 another forever home in their later years. When Sam passed, went to meet another “Lab” as described in the paper at a rescue for company for Tasha. Mac was not a lab, he was pit mix, and completely deaf. Once he curled up in my lap, drowning me with kisses, how could I leave him behind. It has been a challenge, but he is so sweet and lovable and could not imagine a day with out him.

  • Kim N.

    Our cat is a member of our family & we cannot imagine life without her. Thank you for your generous donations to help out all the shelters!

  • Kristine Cassar

    Both of our little guys came from our local shelter…Fred, a Maltese / bichon mix, is 11, and Henry, a Maltese, is 3. Both came from illegal or backyard breeders, and our sweet boy Henry was a sign-over as well, at 16 months old. They are both 100% part of our family, and are with us constantly.

  • Ried

    Stevie melted my heart the minute I met him — despite potential heart issues and a possible surgery. All turned out fine after he came home and plumped up to a healthy weight. For the past 7 years he has ruled my heart and now he is our baby daughter’s best friend:)

  • Meilani

    I looked into their eyes, and saw only love looking back at me. And that was that.

  • Christine Grays

    Since I’ve been in AZ, I have rescued two horses, when I was in PA still, I adopted two hats…total in my family are 4 horses and two cat who I love dearly. Would like to find a puppy to add to the mix. All my animals show love and I couldn’t part with any of them.

  • Christine Grays

    I love my found cats

  • Andrea

    Any dog or cat could be the right one for me, but the smile on my Mayson’s face made me know that he was the one to come to our home. Kudos to Michele and Iams for feeding the homeless!

  • Rose

    I knew Mozart was the one out of the 8 puppies……his look said you are mine and I am yours. I have never been sorry. Thank you for helping those that are so in need.

  • Mary

    My cat, Lucy, was a feral kitten. A mother cat had kittens in my sister’s garage. They were able to capture all of the kittens except one. I was visiting for a weekend, went over there, and caught her and took her home. After about two weeks of socialization, she turned into a wonderful cat! She’s a light tortie with one green eye and one gold eye.

  • […] Click to help feed shelter animals from Pet News and Views […]

  • Having done dog rescue for 20 years I know how difficult it can be to find homes for senior pets, so a few years ago I decided to adopt only seniors. The first two were 11 when I adopted them, and I enjoyed their sweet and mischievous furry selves for 4 years before they passed. Scooty looked like a Golden Retriever on Corgi legs, an adorable combination. She was morbidly obese as well as old when she came into my life, so we spent her first two years on a diet. With steamed, organic brussel sprouts her only treat, and kibbles bulked up with a serving of green beans, she trimmed down from 68 pounds to a more appropriate 43 pounds. She was the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned, and I count my blessings for trusting to adopt a senior. No puppy has ever charmed me more than this dear old lady.

  • Andrea Campbell


    We just got Penny from the pound about ten days ago. She is one year plus a couple months old, housebroken, comes when called, and a delight for a pet. A schnegle–part schnauzer, part beagle–we can’t believe she might have been euthanized after a time.

    By the way, how do you suggest we brush her teeth? Any tips?

    Cheers, Andrea

  • Leila LaRosa

    Always wanted hybrid cats. Found two bengal kittens in a bad situation – owned by a very questionable “breeder” who told us they “have no value because they aren’t show quality”. However, once she realized we didn’t care about that, she told us the price would be $600, “for her troubles”. At this point, I just wanted to take these kitties out of a bad situation, so gritting our teeth, we paid the $600 for the pair (without any papers since we didn’t care whether they were show quality). Two years later, and another $2000 in vet bills (they came with an awful intestinal infection – they were terribly sick for months before we found a treatment they responded to) we have the gentlest and most beautiful cats around. I’ve never regretted the cost. They deserved a chance at a better life and along with my toddler, are my beautiful, sweet babies – show quality or not.

  • Andrea

    Both our kitties are from our local animal shelter, and we couldn’t have found better friends! I wish we had the finances and land to adopt many more animals. I am so thankful to organizations that put animals at the top of their list.

  • Elizabeth Flynn

    Thank you to Iams, Pet News and Views and Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger at the Conaservation Cub Club for this program to help feed the Shelter Animals.

  • Ashlee Gonigam

    I rescued to kittens this summer and they are now more than just my roommates, they are my family. Feed a pet, save a pet.

  • My second senior rescue was Ernie, a goofy, mischievous beagle/pug mix, who also came to me at age 11. He was observed being dropped off at a shelter in Los Angeles by his owner who thought he had gotten too old and wanted to trade him in on a puppy. Thank goodness the shelter staff refused the adoption. The person who watched Ernie’s forlorn look as he was led away from the owner called a rescue friend in Seattle and asked if they could help Ernie. Next thing Ernie knew, he was hitching a ride from LA to Seattle with a long-haul trucker. Ernie’s cute face popped up on my computer screen Christmas day, 2005. Within a few days he was a member of my family. He lived with me for a delightful four years. If Scooty was the sweetest dog I’d ever had, Ernie was the most rascally dog. He was always into “trouble”. Being a hound, his nose led him into all sorts of interesting but tabu situations. In his final months, when kidney disease had sapped his energy, I would take him out in a baby stroller so that he could continue to enjoy reading his pee-mail on every bush and telephone pole. Ernie was a special character I’ll never forget.

  • Joy Turner

    I live with 8 animals as my companions. Each one has come to me in magical and wonderful ways. Both cats came when I went to a pet store for bird food and the boy wrapped all his legs around my ankle and his sister jumped into the bag of things I bought. My dogs came to me because they each touched my heart when I first saw them as just a few weeks of being alive. My first horse came as a friend told me about her horse who needed a home. The second came as a result of dreaming about her and seeking her out. The third came as a result of an email from a friend helping another friend find a home for her baby. The fourth came from a client who could not afford to keep him any more. It seems each one finds their way into our lives and knows when they have found the “right” human for them.

  • My first dog was a rescue and in the long run she rescued me. I was made fun of because of my weight all through school. This dog was my only friend and was with me from when I was 4 to when I turned 18. Her name was Queenie and she was a Terrier mix. If she had not had the the things she needed I am not sure I would be here today. Poeple need to be thanked for helping to feed them all and helping to find them homes. Thank You and please don’t stop.

  • The third of my senior rescues is Shakti Paw Love Monkey. How could I change such a creative name? His owner had died when he was 14. The woman’s family considered putting him down, thinking no one would adopt an old miniature poodle with warts all over his body and a hairdo that looked like a fright wig. All I had to hear was his age and I signed up to be his new mamma. What an awesome treasure he has been. He’ll be celebrating his 16th birthday in a few days and he is still going strong. ShaktiPaw had a fascinating life with his original human mom. She was a peace activist and took him on cross-Country peace marches and political rallies. In a sling over mom’s shoulder Shakti met dignitaries and celebrities, smuggled into restaurants and theaters. He even posed for a photo in front of Stonehenge. He absorbed all that peace energy his mommy stood for, and wins the hearts of all who encounter him, no matter what the species. I call him my Zen dog.

  • We wanted to help with orphaned or displaced Hurricane Katrina pets but, thankfully, we were 100+ on th elist to adopt at any shelters here in the Bay Area. After careful consideration, we still chose to name our boy “Wade” in honor of what those pets must have had to go through. From the moment we saw him, runny nose and all, we knew he was our puppy!

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  • Great idea for an excellent cause!

  • My fourth senior adoptee is Gus. He too was orphaned when his human died suddenly last year. He just turned 10 years old, which is a ripe old age for a 95 pound Kuvasz/Dalmatian mix. I thought I was just going to foster Gus until I could find him a good home, but he had different plans. He began his subtle lobbying campaign immediately, and two weeks into his stay here he convinced me to remove his listing from Petfinder.com. Completely contrary to his guard dog genes, he has a sweet, gentle spirit. He is everyone’s friend, whether they walk on two legs or four. He and my 9 pound poodle make quite a pair. Both are all white, and Shakti can stand comfortably under Gus’s stomach. Gus is a handsome boy with his white, thick, wavy coat. His Dalmatian spots appear only on his skin under the hair coat. This is one irresistable boy.

  • Rhonda

    My animals all found me! 🙂

  • Rico is the last of my senior pets. He is a 14 year old orange tabby cat who has been here since well before all of the other seniors, and has ascended easily to a self-declared position as head of the pack. Rico was a feral cat who I began taming when he was about 3 years old. I spent a year courting him before I could touch him, and another 6 years before his taming was complete. One of my friends calls him my orange dog because he is now so social and pack-oriented that he defies the reputation of the independent cat. He has also taken on the role of Human Resources Director for my pet sitting business. Any dog being considered for boarding must endure an interview with the HR Director first. If they pass, they get to stay, but only on Rico’s terms. Rico is such an interesting character I can’t imagine life without him.

  • mike


  • I’ve raised puppies and adopted adults — when all is said and done, the love for each is completely unrelated to how they entered my life. All so unique and special in their own way.

    I’m writing this post for Austin, our sensitive coonhound mix; Lucille, our himilayan mix cat; Maddax, our personality-plus pitbull mix; and Matilda, our black cat, all adopted.

  • Danny Shuster

    50 Bowls…

  • Salley Shannon

    One night when the temperature was going to drop below zero, my husband went outside in search of a stray cat we’d been seeing on our block. He didn’t have to look far. The large, Siamese mix was huddled against a back window of our house, trying to keep warm. Guess he knew it was a life and death matter, because the kitty let himself be caught. He’d always resisted our friendly gestures before.

    The minute he was in our house, the cat ducked into the coat closet. For half an hour, we tried to reassure him and coax him out, but he wouldn’t budge from where he’d braced himself against the back closet wall. “Well, at least we won’t find him frozen to death on our doorstep,” I recall my husband saying as we went upstairs to bed.

    In the morning, the kitty darted out the second I opened the door for the paper.

    The next night was going to be even colder, so we we went looking for him again. There he was, same spot. And once again he dashed right for the coat closet, which we’d deliberately left open a crack. We shrugged and went about our business.

    At bedtime when we went upstairs, he was waiting for us on our bed. He slept between us that night and every other night for the rest of his long life, purring madly in his sleep and adjusting his position when one of us turned over.
    If we are fortunate, we love and are loved by many cats, dogs and miscellaneous other creatures in our lifetimes. We value all of them, but there are always a few who have the firmest possible grip on our hearts, forever. Felix, the cat who came in from the cold, tops our family’s list.

  • Magdalena

    I moved to a flat in Krakov/Poland knowing I will only stay there for about 3 months. It was summer. I would lock my bike outside in a small communal garden. Soon I noticed there was a large feral cat community living there. There were about 15 of them. From one day to another i started feeding them. Then came the evenings when I would wait for the ill ones to smuggle some medicines in a nice treat. It sometimes took 2 to 3 hours of waiting at night for the right one to appear. When I knew my time there was coming to an end I also knew I was taking the poorest ones with me, the rest I left with a specially built cat-home and a friend feeding them daily (I also managed to get all neutered). The ones I took were wild and never accepted me touching them, but they have spent the last years of their life in safety, warmth and comfort. All but one passed away since then. They were my best friends. I loved them and always will, even though the only time I was able to touch them was when they were in my arms as the doctors were putting them to sleep when it was obvious that it was their time to depart.

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    I got my first rescue dog (a Shih tzu/poodle mix) about 6 months ago. He is 3 years old. I renamed him “Buddy” since he is always beside me. Someone threw him over the fence at the Preble County humane society. I don’t understand why because he is a very sweet and well behaved dog. Maybe they just didn’t like dogs, but he has a loving home now!!

  • I’m not sure if this is what you would like me to talk about so here go’s my story. I have a Chiwhawha and she is now 14 years old. She was given to me by my daughter for my birthday. Over the years she has become the love of my life (along with my wife) and we do and go everywhere together. She loves riding on the back of my neck when we are in the care. A month ago she lost here site and now I’m her eyes. I have to feed here, take her outside when nature calls, and bath her. When she needs help she will bark loudly over and over until I come to her. I have always has dogs in my life but never ever thought something like this could happen to my little baby. My ChiChi will always be cared for even if I pass and she will always get treated as a member of the family. I’m so lucky to have had her as my pet and all my family members love her and will see that she gets everything she needs in live until she pass’s. To all my friends who have had a blind dog in their life, I know now what a true love is between a man and his dog. Oh, I’ve got to go now because ChiChi is called me! Larry “Indian Boy” Grazier

  • Jane

    A friend of mine was fostering a cat from the shelter when I moved into an apartment where I could have pets. Sight unseen, I told her I would adopt Peaches. She asked me, “But how do you know when you haven’t even met her yet?”
    “Is she sweet?” I asked.
    “Sweeter than sugar!” she replied. That was all I needed to hear and she’s been the apple of my eye ever since. Spoiled rotten, but that’s okay. Everybody needs to spoil their pets. For all the lovin they give they deserve it!

  • My kids gave me Daisy because they wanted me to walk more than I was, which was hardly at all. She has been a great walking coach and I can’t imagine life without her now although it is a bit like having another baby and I’m 70. Good for you for getting food – and how about getting IAMS to donate to the catch and release fund, too. They seem to be good people. Jackie

  • Victoria Molinari

    hehe he was huge and black bad there was a sign over his cage indicating that he would eat his cage card if he could reach it ;p

  • Bev

    I knew when I saw his photo in the Small Paws Rescue newsletter–he looked so miserable it broke my heart. But I knew he was the one.

  • Dan L.T.

    I hope this helps… I’m not sure but I’m willing to go on good faith, if it might help animals in shelters.

  • My Maisy was at an adoption fair and she looked at me, I held her, and that was that

  • Louis Denaro

    Mine is a lovebird story. When we found him in our bird feeder we knew he was someone else’s pet so we spent a solid two weeks postering all over town expecting someone to claim him but no one did. Three months later just as we were starting to really get used to being bird owners he flew out the side door of our house and I spent another two weeks postering all the same places in a seemingly futile attempt to find someone who might somehow pull him out of thin air before the cold October weather really kicked in. And that’s just what happened, an employee of a local industrial supplier saw my poster and spotted Whisper several times before he just grabbed him out of the air with his bare hands and returned him to us the following day. Completely amazing. There’s no question in my mind that Whisper was meant to be with us all along and I’ve been spoiling him to death ever since.

  • What a fantastic promotion, by Iams and Pet News and Views

    I will definitely share this.

  • Gayle

    Well we didn’t exactly know they would be the right pet for us. We adopted our first dog from the local shelter (Ava). Her photo had been in the paper as their featured dog of the week. My husband saw her photo and fell in love. She was Border Collie/Aussie. She did, indeed, turn out to be our perfect pet and we had to say good-by to her at 16 yrs of age. She was the first dog I had ever owned and because of her and all she taught us we now have 4 dogs…all rescued. Three came to us without our having any knowledge of what they were like..kind of a gamble. But they have proven to be loving, loyal, funny, endearing..I could go on and on. The one we did have knowledge of is just our silly, goofy girl..no change there except her life is a lot calmer and secure than it was before.
    We have always had a catl. In 1970 as newlyweds we adopted a cat; a tiny, black cat that we named Abracadabra..Abbie for short. I have lost count of the cats we have taken in since our first one..never really knowing if we’d all get along or not..but even with dogs in the house eventually everybody learns to “just get along”…I am so proud of all of them…4 dogs, 4 cats…I never thought I’d ever have so many pets..but each one is so special..very unique in their own way. We are blessed.

  • Tricia

    Thanks for contributing!

  • Lexi

    I hope it is true you, IAMS, are no longer torturing animals for no reason because there is NOT ONE RATIONAL REASON TO ABUSE, TORTURE OR TREAT ANIMALS CRUELLY! If it;s true you have stopped this heinous abuse, I may buy your product.
    It is true! Lexi. I’ve spoken to reporters who have visited the plant & they have told me that all of the cats and dogs are treated with love.

  • Jennie

    Thank you for providing meals to homeless animals! Our doggie was a rescue, and we’re still not sure if it was us who rescued HER or SHE who resuced US.

  • Chris

    I knew when I met my dog, Harry, because he was so sweet and listened to me right away. He quickly was deemed “The Angel” and shortened to Ange because of his loving disposition. He’s still the sweetest dog ever–loves everyone and every animal.

  • Sherry Cohen

    She wanted to adopt me. Dogs choose their stewards!

  • Pam Kline

    Great cause with an excellent idea.
    All The Best!

  • If every person who buys a pet from a breeder were to instead rescue a pet from a shelter, it would be a much better, more loving and compassionate, world for us and for millions of deserving dogs, cats and farm animals.

  • ~Trish

    Love my kitties dearly and wouldn’t be without them – ever. My Sassy is failing and I don’t know how I’ll deal with me losing her. She’s my bestest kitty.

  • When I went to find my kitties I was looking for two cats to keep each other company. I was hoping I could find two that got along well. I lucked in. My boys were brothers from the same litter and were a year old when I came across them at the adoption event. They loved each other very much and when I picked one of them up and he put his paws around my neck and snuggled up, I knew these two were for me. That was 6 years ago and I love them more and more each day.


  • Hello – Please help Michelle this is a great cause!! Food for these wonderful pets!! Thank you Michelle for all that you do!!!

    Please let us know if we can help with anything!!!???

    Monica / Helena/ Jeff/ Rey / Tracy – the rest of NPCOC gang.. =)

  • We agreed to foster Charlotte the cat about 2 years ago. After a month of attempting to socialize her, we believed we were slowly making progress. Then, I came home one night to find my wife frantically searching the home for her. I joined in the search and after an hour, we started to worry that she had somehow escaped. Then we heard the tinkling of her collar bell under a dresser. We moved the dresser and were so happy to find her, we decided to keep her! Two years later she is the princess of our home.

  • Sandra Beckwith

    It was a good personality match.

  • Linda

    We have two rescue dogs that we love dearly. Our black lab pup found my husband after someone abandoned him in an industrial area. Our second dog, a lab/terrier mix was adopted from a local shelter. She looked at us with her big brown eyes and it was love at first sight!

  • We had been looking for a buddy for our high-energy dog and we wanted to adopt a shelter dog. We saw some photos online from a local rescue for a cute mutt who was just under a year old. We were worried that she’d be shy after being in the shelter. But as soon as she entered the room we were in, she bounded across the room at top speed and leaped right into my husand’s arms! There was no way we were going to leave her behind after that – she chose US and to this day she is still as loving as she was the day she told us she was coming home with us. 🙂

  • Linda

    My cats always find me. Most of them have come from the streets. I’ve taken a few from my sisters and they all proved to be wonderful, gentle, friendly and almost grateful (when they aren’t bossing me around) for their home with me. They even worked things out with each other so my home has been peaceful even with as many as 8 at one time (right now I have only 3 – must be slipping). How did I know each one was right for me? They all needed me at the time.

  • Dave

    Having had several dogs, I can say that each one struck me differently. Rufus went against all the rules. My Dad got him because he felt sorry for him cowarding in the shelter. He turned out to be one of my favorites. All dogs tend to grow on you.

  • Jo Mac Farlane

    Three of my current cats adopted me – they were all strays that showed up on my doorstep. the fourth was one of a litter of feral cats I was trapping and taming to take to a local no kill shelter. At 5 months she had kittens on my bathroom floor. The kittens went to the shelter when they were old enough and she stayed with me. She treats me like her kitten – telling me when to get up and when to go to bed at night.

  • Valentina Pota

    Stray dogs NEED A HOME: and you NEED some UNCONDITIONAL LOVE .Don`t buy-adopt and safe life!I found my dogs and cats on the street, and Iam VERRY HAPPY PERSON;:)))))))

  • Holly Cooper

    I just knew at the first glance… that little tug in your heart and then your eyes meet.. then it’s official, you’re family. 🙂

  • My hospital cats left me little choice. All were abandoned. Fortunately we have all learned to get along.

  • Aussiejul

    Got my first rescue in 1973. Best dog in the world! Kids would come over and ask if he could come out and play, everyone wanted him. He traveled everywhere with me, loved to camp, loved to ride in the car. He was the start of a long journey and I think of him every day. He lived to 17!

  • i worked at a boarding kennel that also fosters dogs and cats until we could find their forever homes. saucy was turned in as an abandoned dog. she was full of milk but no pups were found. since she’s a rat terrier she was probably somebodies breeding dog that didn’t have a good litter. she had been abused and was leery of tall men. i spent lot of time gaining her trust. i got it she started screaming when i went home at night. i couldn’t stand that so saucy came home with me one night and never went back. that was 6 years ago. she’s my baby now and never has to be worried about being hurt again.

  • I saw my dog as I was driving, walking down the street with a woman. I thought WOW what a great looking and unique dog, I SO wish I was that woman, she’s so lucky to have him! There was something about him that made me pull over the side of the road to meet him. He was instantly so friendly and kissed my face and leaned on me, and I found out that he was looking for a home and that she was a volunteer walker. I took a couple pictures of him to put on facebook to see if anyone could have him, since I wasn’t able to have a dog in my apartment, but cried all that night because I fell in love with him immediately. I showed the photograph to my landlord, who said I could have him, and then my husband who also said we could meet him, as he never saw me like that. Needless to say, soon Phoenix was ours and an integral part of our family!!!

  • H Hollon

    All the beloved animals that share our home were rescued from different situations and at different times but they were all a perfect fit for us and we love each and every one more that one could ever fathom. I can’t picture our lives without our babies. They are all so different but are all so loved. Don’t ever buy a animal at a pet store always adopt at a shelter or a rescue because they are so appreciative and always show how much they love us but it is not nearly as much as we love and need them.

  • Paige

    When I first saw Benji, it was love at first site. He is 13 now, and every once in a while acts like a puppy.

  • Willie Wonka was a handsome rolly polly cat with a deep purr and an incredibly sociable personality. He belonged to the neighbors across the street from us, but every day he would stroll over to our house and sit in front of the front door, right by the newspaper, and wait for us to open the door. Then he would stroll in and make himself at home. I was captivated by him from the first moment I met him, and he seemed to feel our house was his, and that we were his, too. I wished he could live with us full time. But the neighbors wouldn’t hear of us adopting him, though they basically ignored him and didn’t take good care of him. They insisted we bring him back by nightfall every night. We reluctantly obliged, though he would yeowl in protest when we carried him back. But when they put their house on the market and were about to move, we begged once more to “let us take Willie off your hands.” And they agreed! So we were blessed with three wonderful years with Willie, until he left us for that mystical rainbow bridge pet owners always hear about after their pet passes away.

  • Monica

    Yaya belonged to my mother-in-law. When she passed, we knew she needed to be with us.

  • Melody Harper

    Thank you for sharing and caring for homeless abused and neglected dogs!

  • Animals are our teachers, our best friends. May all animals be free of abuse and cruelty.

  • Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing, and for helping so many animals.

  • sandra

    Seven and Soda were 4 weeks old when I first saw them and knew they were going to have forever homes with me because they were so purrrrrrrrrfect :)xxxthanks Iams

  • Melinda Jolie

    Thought I would comment and say cool story. Thanks Iams.

  • Henriette

    Thanks Michele,
    This is a worthy cause as all animals needs food & shelters all needs the help they can get! Job well done.

  • My dog Dylan was less then a year ago when I got him from someone that could not take care of him,And was going to take him to a shelter, It was love a first site,Dylan was a faithful and loving baby who was always the first one to greet me when I come home from work and would wait till I went to bed and he always slept with me, After having Dylan for 17 years he went blind and was in a lot of pain, Dylan died at the age of 17 but he lives it my heart forever and I am so thankful that we found each other.

  • Amy Hope

    I rescued Buster a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bischon Frise mix from a Spaniel Rescue group in NY State. He is the happiest soul I have ever met. An eternal puppy. My favorite goof ball and the love of my world. Bless all those who help to raise money, awareness and give time for rescued animals.

  • Wyatt lost a leg due to neglect. Thanks to German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California, he is now the Tripawds Spokesdawg!

  • I was up late one Thursday night in 2005 sifting through hundreds of dogs on PetFinder.Com when I came across this middle school picture style photo of this long legged beast of passion. He looked all whimsical and wise and I knew I had to go see him. The next morning I headed out to the shelter in Canoga Park to pay him a visit. Once I arrived I was led into a room that was floor to ceiling packed with cages full of dogs barking wildly in hopes of getting your attention. Percy, as he was called at the shelter was brought with me in to the “get to know you area” to have some alone time. After a quick tinkle in the corner Bucky Bukkake (in which he was later named) ran full steam at me and jumped into my lap and started licking my face. That was all I needed. Bucky and I are still together and very much in love. He is a tibetan spaniel at around 14 pounds. Save a dog!

  • Mike Williams

    I rescued two cats and a dog. They are Maisy, Daisy, and Zen. Thank you for this post. I have looked around at your site and really enjoyed your other articles too. Thank you. I will subscribe.

  • barbara boslow

    I almost never find my rescue dogs: they find me! Two of my rescues were neglected dogs from my neighborhood and came to my house and laid down outside and never left! (Much to the chagrin of my other rescue Annie)I did rescue Annie as she was tied to a fence in bitter cold early one morning. She was just 3 months old. She is 10 years old now and ruler of the roost.

  • Dot

    I was thinking of getting two cats and my friend who works at a shelter was fostering two kittens right at that same time, it seemed like kismet. Walter and Mitzie have been a wonderful addition to our family.

  • Victoria Palmer

    I have rescued lots of animals over the years, the ones from the spca I chose were the ones I felt were less likely to be rescued, the damaged or older animals that needed love just as much but that would possibly be overlooked because they weren’t as cute…..they have been much loved family pets with lots of personality!

  • Lynn Bayless

    We have been taking in rescue animals for many years now. We hope to find forever homes for more animals also.
    Happy Holidays. Thank you Michelle for all that you do.
    Lynn and Sally

  • Wanda Parker

    My 18 plus year old Boo was just a scared little kitten in a cage in the lobby of the local vets when my ex picked him up & brought him to my work way back then…… he immediately decided to become my “parrot” & spent a lot of his younger years perched on my shoulder ( he’s much too big for that now), now he’s more like my “puppy” following me around the yard or sleeping at my feet when I sit down to relax after work.

  • Amanda

    To be honest, I picked my dog William almost entirely on instinct. When my mother finally caved into my want to adopt a dog, she was eying a puppy, but beside the fact that a puppy wouldn’t fit our easier-going lifestyle, I felt guilty picking a pet who would most certainly find a forever home in the very near future, instead of adopting one of the older dogs who may not have that opportunity. So I went into the room where the smaller adult dogs are kept, went over to William’s kennel, and decided that he was the one! Of course we asked around to find out about him before we officially went through with the adoption, and luckily everything we heard about him was great. About a year and a half after adopting him, I can safely say that he was the perfect pick. (:

  • Kim O

    I adopted my little feral orphan, Savage, from some sheep farmers on a neighbouring Island. Her litter was abandoned by her mother and several of the kittens didn’t make it after the farmer found them. Apparently the kittens would climb up on top of the farmer’s sheep and sleep in a little pile to stay warm! I wish I had a photo of that!! Savage’s brother Big Head was the luckiest. When they were found he was just a tiny skeleton. Luckily he made it too! Now I just wish I could get Savage to quit whizzing in my plants!!! Otherwise, ferals make excellent house cats!! I named her Savage as it means feral or wild. The wild part definately fits!! She’s a little hellion! Snicker!!!

  • I adopted two cats who became part of our family. I am glad that IAMs is donating food to shelters.

  • Adele

    My daughter who was 8 at the time, saw Rosie – a beagle puppy, and fell in love. 15 happy yrs later, Rosie is still going strong. She has always been and continues to be such an important part of our family.

  • Zach

    our rescue pit bull is great…love her

  • Barbara

    Adopt a shelter dog (or cat) – you wont regret it!

  • The first time we met Jasmine, she immediately stole our hearts, and not just because she was unbearably cute. The puppies were on a porch, contained in a kiddy pool. The walls of the pool however weren’t high enough to prevent them from climbing over in order to come and check us out. All except one, the runt of the litter, who was too small to conquer the giant wall. As the other puppies noticed that their little brother could not make it on his own, they returned to his rescue…some pushing, some pulling, until they got their little buddy out of there.

  • Good for you for doing this Michele! Animals need a crusader like you since they can’t protest when they don’t have rights.

  • karen

    my girl flattened her ears to the sides, squeezed her eyes shut and whined loudly when picked up as a kitten- still does.

  • Joni Mueller

    Moziac and Skittles were born in my house a couple days after I took in a stray kitty. I had recently lost two of my cats (one to cancer, one to kidney failure) and just couldn’t split these two up!
    The boys, Mike and Balor, were both my foster kits. But with three years between them in age, there were a lot of other fosters in between. Loved them all but something about these told me they were meant to be mine.

  • Jesse March

    This is my first time here, and I’m subscribing Michele. What great work you are doing for the voiceless. Animals need our help, and you are a champion for the furry and feathered. Thank you.

  • Zach

    Thank you so much Michele. I learned about your site from Maria Milito on 104.3 FM. She is a major animal rights advocate. Thank you for running this contest. It’s great to know that my one comment equals 50 meals. I have a rescued Pit Bull. I am subscribing to your site.

  • What do I do? I take in every animal I possibly can; be they dog, cat, bird, potbelly pigs, sheep, horses, donkey’s! Saturday I took in a 27 year old Arabian mare with severe starvation issue, she is bones but she has the most loving face, I’m in LOVE and we have made up a special recipe to feed to her she has no back teeth therefore can’t chew. She is now on a pudding (watered down feed mixture) and she also has no muscle in her lower lip and jaw she uses her front teeth and tongue to nip and slurp!
    I work so many hours outside trying to fix the wrongs suffered by my animals, I fight people who should be supporting my effort but instead say “you can’t do this or that” ” NO don’t do this or that or even WHY”!!!!!!!!!!
    I am learning to network to help my animals I am learning to fundraise, lost my job earlier this year I have no choice.. I beg just about and it was embarrassing until I realized I had no choice but to do this.
    I took in an English Mastiff Brutus ( i call him BOO ) he weighed about 130#, then when we took him in for vaccinations he was at 140#, he is now at about 160# I make my own canned dog food (but in bags which I freeze) WE WOULD LOVE TO TRY IAMS with him I have heard good and bad I hear it about horse feeds too. I believe that IAMS would never hurt a dog intentionally nor would they test a food on them that could hurt them. THANK YOU for listening or reading!

  • We began searching at the local shelters about 9 months after our old, guy, Jack, moved on. We just knew we were ready for a new furry family member. We went to the Humane Society and found a couple of dogs to hang out with, only the facility was closing for lunch. We then decided to go to the SPCA and return after the lunch hour. At the SPCA we encountered the most lovely being nestled in a crate with her face smashed against the bars. Ears pinned back and curious, watchful eyes. We fell in love instantly. Stella, an Aussie, Border Collie, something, something mix has been with us for 2 years and 2 months. She is the love of our lives.

  • Oh my gosh i can’t believe my comment didn’t post! I take in unwanted, neglected or animals needing homes period! I love to help animals and people; I have heard good and bad about IAMS but I truly do not believe they would intentionally hurt and animal nor feed an animal something that could hurt them.
    Brutus the English Mastiff whom i affectionally call BOO weighed about 130# when he came to us, skinny and so unhealthy looking, I make my own dog food (wet food) but I do feed them different brands of food to keep them from getting bored, none of my 14 dogs (11 of them are rescues) have bad stomachs they all love to eat! BOO gets his own special meals when the others aren’t looking, we now have him up to about 160# (we think) but he still needs about 20 to 30#. Just took in Misty a 27 yr old Arab mare, with the loveliest face, no back teeth, we have made up a special recipe to give to her. Thank you for reading about us.

  • Caroline Mueller

    I knew Morris was the right cat for me, because he chose me. I was picking out from a litter of barn cats, I wanted a girl, bit this cute Orange guy wouldn’t stop asking me to pet him and following me every where. I’ve been his ever since:) 10 years this December:)

  • I have four dogs, four cats, a rabbit, two large catfish, two budgies, and a betta. The dogs, cats, one catfish, and one budgie were all rescues of various sorts. The two little dogs, one of which is my recently retired service dog, originated from puppy mills and were gotten via rescue organizations. I love to watch them play and they have the most charming smiles. Anubis was in an animal shelter; they were going to destroy him because he was sick and they didn’t have the funds to treat him. He’s the new service dog, a GSD/lab mix and I’ve never had one more loyal or loving. He even sleeps beside the bed at night in case I need something. Daisy is some sort of hound; someone threw her out of the back of a van on a rural road. I got out of the car and waded into the swamp to get the plastic bag she was in. This little gal is one of the most affectionate I’ve had and she has the prettiest belling voice. The catfish had been left at a pet store when he got too big for someone’s aquarium. I brought him home to be a companion to the one we already owned. The budgie was too young to be in the store when I got him. I took him home and cared for him until he got old enough to care for himself. He likes to sit on my finger and twitter at the birds outside. My life would be a whole lot more empty and less loving without these pets, which someone just disregarded or threw away.

  • Charlie

    I love my kitties!

  • Bill Hamilton

    14 years ago a stray cat led me to my home and walked in when I opened the front door. Norman eventually became the first of many rescues I have befriended since then.

  • ddemos

    I saw Remy’s picture on Petfinder…and can’t explain it, but I had to have him. He is my first dog and truly a great teacher about un-conditional love…

  • helene smith

    My first cat many years ago was a calico cat, so when I found Dollie I had to have her. She is also Calico. You just have to learn to live with thier personal ity

  • MaryBeth

    We found our cat on the streets of NYC. She came up to us and rubbed our legs. We just fell in love with her.

  • Jennifer Christiano

    My parents were fostering a sweet labweiler mix named Tommy, who was found on the streets with his brother Jerry. Jerry was adopted but the new family wanted only one dog so they left Tommy behind at the shelter. Nobody seemed to want Tommy. My parents took him in “temporarily” because he was so sad and sweet, and Mom figured she’d be able to find him a home quickly once he was out of the shelter environment. Mom had sworn up and down that she wouldn’t keep him or ever have another dog for life after the last of their previous three passed away, but my dad talked her into fostering as a way to keep a canine presence around the house without creating any big attachment issues.
    Well, much to my mom’s surprise, still nobody took a serious interest in Tommy. So the months passed and the inevitable happened. Then my parents brought Tommy to our house while they went on a cruise, and we got to know him. My husband fell in love. He was concerned because while Mom was trying very, very hard to find another home for Tommy, she had also given up her heart to him. He didn’t want to see Tommy leave the family for any of their sakes. So he wrote her a check for the adoption fee and then some, as a nice donation for the shelter, to seal the emotional deal that had already been struck. After some hemming and hawing, Mom decided it was an offer she couldn’t refuse. She brought the check to the shelter and received the adoption papers.
    Tommy has been our “cousin”, and our own dog’s best buddy, ever since. We all swear it was he who adopted my parents, and not the other way around. And this story couldn’t have had a happier ending!

  • I dreamed about her the night before. I already knew what she looked like and had her name. When I went to see the litter, all of her siblings where grey or black. There she was tan and black, the smallest one of the litter. Holding back she was waiting until the other ones were done with their greetings. As I bend down to touch her, my sunglasses fell down and she grabbed them and run away! it was love at first sight.
    I knew she was mine and we have been together for the last 10 years. A great teacher, I am a better person today because of her.

  • August Tyler

    I’ve also subscribed to your blog. Thank you for helping the animals. I have a rescued Pit Bull who is the sweetest dog in the world.

  • Michelle Russo

    Hello, and thank you SO much for donating food to the animals. I wish I could give them all hugs, too.

  • Michelle

    ADOPT, DON’T BUY!! Thank you Iams.

  • Kathy

    I knew my dogs Toby and Jezzy were PERFECT for me because of the instant bonding we made. The timing that each dog came into my life was PERFECTLY orchestrated and the match between them, two separate breeds, was an instant match made in heaven. I couldn’t have asked for two more beautiful dogs and we have bonded so close over the years that they are an extension of me and always will be. We are forever, the 3 musketeers!!!

  • Will Johnson

    Here’s my comment. Now let’s feed 50 cats and dogs! Thanks!

  • Kyle Zimmer

    I’m sharing this with my friends at school. Thank you for helping animals. We have two rescued dogs and four barn cats.

  • Susie

    The second I saw him, living in filth, alone and lonely, I knew we belonged together. Basically abandoned at a former drug house, he’d had a rough, neglectful life. I paid his ransom to the drug dealers family and brought him home. I’m so grateful to have him in my life.

  • Dana W.

    I just knew when I was given the care of Tootie at 8 weeks old that it was a great responsibility. He became like my child.

  • Knowing that animals were made for our enjoyment and for us to take care of, it surely is always a wonderful gesture to do something special for them.

  • Barbara Gruner

    I have four cats that were strays, and have two adopted dogs from the dogs’ home.

  • When my little old and beloved cat Peggy died recently, I wanted to get a friend for Eisntein, her brother, who was grieving badly. I prayed that I would find just the right rescue cat and put the word out that I had room for one more… well, a very cruel and dispicable man was seen throwing out a starving mother cat and her kittens into the bush and they were all trapped by the ranger. Four of the five kittens found homes but the shyest kitten and the mother cat were left. My heart went out to them imediately and they BOTH came home with me. Einstein took one look at them and it was love at first sight! They are SO happy and I love them so much and they are having the most wonderful time with plenty of food and loads of love and trees to climb and a lovely garden and a verandah for them to while away sunny days sitting in the flower pots. When I get to bed and see their happy little faces as they snuggle up to keep warm, I just KNOW that they are just the perfect kitty people for me!

  • What a great cause Michele & Iams. I want to leave at least 100 comments for the purposes of getting as much food as possible but I am guessing that’s not allowed 🙁 Keep up the the great work! Thora Bjork @TheoDogFashion

  • Dan Tennent

    I have two found cats. They found me at my vet’s office. My cat of 20 years died, and I went to the vet to make cremation arrangements. There were two kittens in need of a home. I wasn’t open to getting another pet so soon, but they totally charmed me. I still have photos of my tabby Rhett Butler, and will always love him. My two kitties have filled a hole in my heart. They rescued me.

  • I knew Elise was the right dog for me as she was comfortable being with me. We accepted each other.

  • KymnRicque

    We returned this cute little kitten to the empty house next door several times because the former residents said they were coming over and feeding her… But when she somehow got into the crawl space below our house on a cold January day and meowed at me as I cleaned litter boxes, I knew she was never going back there. Her arrival made the deaths of our 2 – 18-year-old cats the same year easier to bear, and we love her dearly.

  • Janice

    We wanted a companion for our shelter dog, so back to the shelter we went. We were really taken by this one dog who was a breed we’d never heard of; even the shelter staff had to look it up. She was a Catahoula Leopard dog. She was approximately the same age as our dog, so we took her out into the exercise yard to meet Josie. They hit it off immediately, so we decided then and there to take her home! Now, it is not really a good idea to adopt a breed that you know nothing about, but we were fairly new dog parents, and we didn’t really think about that. When I got home I looked up Catahoulas, and read a sentence I’ll never forget–‘if your Catahoula doesn’t have something to do, they can eat the siding off your house’. Yikes! Fortunately, Kiko turned out to be a sweetheart of a dog, and Josie keeps her busy playing and wrestling, so no disasters. I couldn’t imagine our home without either of my two adorable shelter dogs!

  • Luv4K9s, based in Dayton, Ohio, has been a Godsend for dogs languishing in Ohio puppy mills! They have done so much to raise awareness of Ohio dog auctions, puppy mills and their relationship to this business built on heartbreaking animal cruelty, corruption and consumer fraud.

  • Susan Iberri

    Our Aussie rescue, Jasper is the most devoted companion!

  • mike

    Best companion we ever had came from our local shelter. Protective yet friendly, a lover but reserved, big but gentle, happiest when in or on something that moves. Miss her alot.

  • I am so thankful to animal advocates and websites like yours. It is incomprehensible to me how some animals are treated so badly. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is treated like a king! My dog completely changed my life. I’m not a religious person but it does seem like he was the only dog for me and I was the only “Mom” for him. We make each other very happy. My whole neighborhood knows my Buddy. He’s a star because of his happy personality and he is so handsome and cute. I wish you all the best in raising money for animals.

  • If we have already been looking at individual when large amount as of just lately, I actually thought he did this an awesome follow-up

  • Amy Spiezio

    My cat was abandonned by his previous family, I often looked out the window to find him on top of my car so I started feeding him & coaxed him inside. We bonded instantly.

  • Kathy Bealmear

    Both our cat and dog found us, and Iam glad.

  • Gordon W.

    It’s really simple… The kids love him and he thinks he’s one of them.

  • I found Coz through a breed rescue. We agreed to meet at a dog show. When I walked up to them and introduced myself, he immediately came over and sat right next to me. We visited all afternoon before we left and he never left my side, except to thank the two rescue volunteers who brought him up after I prompted him!

  • Peg Robey

    I saw her picture on FB. She was in a Georgia shelter and looked like she had been dropped off while still nursing her pups. She was full of milk and no one knew anything about her babies.She was covered with scabs on her back and tail. Her sad little face touched my heart and she came home with me the next weekend. It took a lot of people helping arrange this adoption since I live in Pennsylvania and needed transportation from Ga.Needless to say, she is a wonderful,loving,funny addition to our family and she and Cooper,the resident Pug mix, have become the best of friends. Bella has a new life ahead of her thanks to many rescue friends who helped me bring her home.

  • Thanks for feeding the animals!!!

  • Sharon Balloch

    We take in old dogs and over the years they have given us much more than we have given them. Each one was a blessing.

  • Michele Treharn Hamilton

    Last year my daughter brought me to a litter of rescued puppies and told me to pick one as my Christmas gift from her. When I held Jax for the first time, he snuggled up to my neck and started licking my ear. For the past year, when he wants to show his appreciation and his affection, he still does the same thing. That was our ahhh haaah moment.

  • JoAnne

    My life has been blessed with my rescue animals. There’s an adventure around every corner…every day! The love is never-ending. JoAnne

  • Michelle

    I was looking at a local rescue’s website and saw a very sad, battered dog with the most expressive eyes I had ever seen. I took one look into those eyes and saw all of the hurt and pain he had endured an I was a goner!

    Two weeks later Gus was meting my 2 other dogs and within minutes he knew he had found his furever home!

  • CS

    My dog was the only black and white face in a sea of hound mixes at the shelter. He stood out from the rest, and stole our hearts! We brought him home the same day and he’s been a part of our family ever since. It feels like we’ve always had him, hard to believe it’s “only” been five years.
    My cat, on the other hand, found me – when he was only four months old. He was under my car in the middle of the winter as I was heading out to work. I brought him inside, left him in the bathroom until I got home from work, and we were going to look for a home for him since kittens are highly adoptable. Instead, he began taking after the dog, acting more like a dog than a cat, and he didn’t exhibit any of the negative behaviors associated with a cat that caused them to never appeal to me as a house pet. Instead of adopting him out, we kept him – and the past three years have been even more full because of it. The dog and the cat are best friends!

  • All of my kitties chose me. When I bought my house just over four years ago, it was just me and the rabbit – but since then I’ve had at least one cat show up every year. My most recent cat was pregnant, so right now I have 4 adult cats and 4 kittens! Please remember to spay/neuter your pets and Adopt, Don’t Shop!

  • She let us know the first time we saw her. She would not let us look at any other pup.

  • Kim

    One day my sister wanted me to go to a local shelter so she could find a dog for her boys. We walked into the room of dogs and I made eye contact with a stunning basset, he should have been a show dog not a throw away pet , he rued ( a sound only a basset can do) with happiness, he knew before I did we were made to be together, I actually left twice and came back. He became my best friend and a wonderful companion to my 2 children. He knew his job was to be our protector, and he always watched the children. He never failed to keep them out of trouble. I had a friend who loved to sit with me while I read or watched tv. God Bless you Willie.

  • Linda

    I don’t pick out animals. They find me and it doens’t matter if they are friendly or sick, I take them home and make them better. They encourage me to help other animals and I encourage everybody else that I know to take care of the animals because they are there for us and will never let us down.

  • shirl >^..^

    Orange tabby Simba is 17 years old–and when we saw her she was only 5 weeks and rescued with her siblings from a cardboard box in Newark.

  • jone gagnon

    My last kitty is my first girl Precious(aka Pumpkin) she picked me when she jumped on my shoulder,and the time she kissed me that was it.she was at Anjellicle cats the shelter i volunteer at.will post pics tomorrow.out of time this am

  • Bev Nash

    Yay for Iams and for you too Michele. My cats found me. I think most of us found our cats outdoors.

  • Carol

    I found a 5 month old beautiful stray at a gas station and took her home; planning on finding her a home. We fell in LOVE with her overwhelming sweetness and kept her and loved her for over 16 years! She was the BEST dog EVER! I still miss her and get an empty feeling when I think of her! She was my son’s ‘growing up’ dog! Sasha!!!

  • my kitten started purring the second I picked it up and just relaxed into my arms as if he felt safe and at home there…

  • Melinda

    I un-expectantly got a small male orange tabby, and about a year later I thought he needs a playmate to keep him active and playful during the day when I was gone to work. I debated a while and finally one day I went to the adoption agency and looked at different cats. It was not a hard decision since I wanted a short haired young adult and the only cat they had was a tuxedo female that was shy; her name was Dionysus (Greek god of joy). After a few minutes I was signing the paperwork and taking her home. She is a very loving but skittish as well to strangers. There would be a void in my heart if I did not get her that day (since I could never correctly pronounce Dionysus we called her Lady Di).

  • Julie van Niekerk

    I have quite a few dogs that I have picked up from the streets. None is pedigree, but goodness, they are not less dog and they give me all the pleasure on this planet. Somehow, I must admit, I like “ugly” dogs better because they are so beautiful.

  • Dianne

    We’ve shared our home with a variety of adopted mixed breed dogs, preferring to adopt those who might be considered “less adoptable”. (older, black, pits, not good with ?)
    Currently live with 3.

    My husband says I am easy to please–fur and a few legs is all it takes for the dog to be “right” for me 😉

    Iams, thanks for feeding the homeless.

  • Susana Zanette

    Until last month (when my beloved dog Nefertiti died of kidney failure) I had two dogs and many birds. As I live in an apartment I did not want any more pets and I used to feed a stray kitten at the garage of my building until an madwoman decided to give him poison. The doorman of the building let me know and I brought him home. With the veterinarian I discovered that Mishimí have FIV, but it does not matter, for me he is the most beautiful and loving cat in the world.

  • Lab Lover

    We have three labs–one black, one brown, and one yellow. Two of them are rescues. We love our boys! Our chocolate was adopted from a rescue organization way out in the country based on a picture on their web site. Our yellow came home after my son who worked in a kennel that has a rescue operation talked me into having him come visit “for just one night.” They love to play with each other and love to have a loving home to call their very own.

  • My three cats were adopted from shelters. They are wonderful companions- sweet, affectionate and funny. I am a photographer and my cats have given me a second career. I create colorful, whimsical cat art designs which Is ell as cards, prints and collectibles. Please have a look at my art work in my Etsy shop; http://www.DeborahJulian.etsy.com

  • Katie

    My kitties came to me from a wonderful lady in Cincinnati who feeds and also traps/nueter/spays feral cats in her nieghborhood. She was taking care of a mama cat who was FIV positive and found homes for her babies. One of those homes happened to be mine 🙂

  • Kevin Phillips

    The first night we brought my yellow lab home, he got along great with my two other labs and he curled up with each one of us on the couch. Our other other young lab needed a buddy, Monroe was the perfect dog for it.

  • Doglvr

    I found my dream dog hiding at the back of a crowded run at an over crowded shelter. We took him out and he bounced around with a toy like he was part bunny, then let me hold him and I was sold! He’s the best dog ever.

  • Mike Phllips

    Thanks to Iams for this great deal. and for everybody else, be sure to encourage your friends to adopt from shelters.

  • I knew Timmy was the dog for me when he jumped up into my arms during our first thunderstorm…I knew Eli was the dog for me when he broke free of the leash on our second walk and charged two large Standard Poodles (only to roll on his back and play with them)…I knew Aubry was the dog for me when he trusted me enough to clean his ears without putting up a fight 🙂

  • Matilda, a Sheltie, was 1 years old when she came into our lives because her breeder didn’t want her since she couldn’t breed her, so she was tossed away. We adopted her from the Sheltie Rescue and knew she was ours right away. She was very scared when we first met her, but over the last year has really come into herself and is one of the happiest dogs I’ve seen.

  • De LaFreniere

    There are many programs to “Feed the Children” and these are great. I’m SO glad that we are now “Feeding the Animals”. Every animal deserves to be respected ~ protected and fed!!!

  • Bette Sherman

    I’m a professional pet sitter who comes to the home and stays till the owner returns. I lost my last dog in 2006 and this give me my dog fix, also I get to love lots.

  • Jen Viegas

    I’ve had many feline friends over the years, some show-worthy and others scared ferals. I have loved them all. Happy to contribute to this project providing nutritious meals to homeless cats, who hopefully will find good homes soon.

  • We have had a number of “rescued” pets in our home and business. They’re wonderful pets and companions.

  • William Kidd

    the man at the APL said the dog had been there a long time, so when we walked by the pen he was in he sat up like he was begging, he went home with us that night.

  • Shannon Morton

    Both of my cats were rescued strays. I was working at a vet clinic when I got them. My first one, Maverick, was brought in to the clinic by some woman who was not a client. She walked in and just said, “Here I found this on the side of the road over there.” It was the most adorable 5 week old black and white tuxedo kitten. It was love at first sight! My other cat, Stumpy, was brought in by a little old lady who would feed him in her garden every morning. She wanted to keep him, but she was horribly allergic.

  • Amanda D

    I knew Ziggy was for me the second we saw him! He was in the “puppy room” at the animal shelter in SE Ohio. He was in a crate with this three other brothers and sisters. We opened the crate to take a look at him, and while the other three were scared and moved to the back of the crate, Ziggy (or Puppy C at the time) went sprinting out of there literally as if to say, “wooo!!!!! I’m freeeee!!!!” My husband started laughing and I said, “Yep! He’s absolutely the one.” He was so sweet and little, only four pounds, so we wrapped him up in a towel and took him home. Three years later he’s brought so much joy and happiness to my husband and my life. We couldn’t imagine a day without Ziggy. 🙂

  • Emily Hanson

    I am reminded Teddy is the dog for me every day when he makes me laugh by the silly things he does. 🙂

  • Laurie Sharkey

    I knew all three of my dogs were for me because they were all rescued dogs needing a forever home . I brought my rottie back from Tylertown MS after taking care of the dogs rescued from the hurricane. I saw my pitbull on a facebook page and I just looked into her eyes and knew she was the one, and I got my mastiff from a friend of mine in KY who saved her and her sister from the median of a highway and the shelter wanted to giver her back to the owner who just used her for breeding but he decided she wasn’t good enough anymore and didnt want her, so I met my friend half way to KY to bring her home …All three of my dogs have taught me something and i love them for that.

  • My first dog, Jessie, had the saddest eyes I’d ever seen. Dumped because she’d gotten “too big,” she had that look that said, “No one is going to choose me.” Mostly, she just seemed lonely, and all the things I thought I was planning on just went out the window. She was none of the things I thought I wanted in a dog, yet has become my closest friend and most treasured companion.

    My one cat was a feral kitten that had been dumped at the vet and they asked me to hold him “for just a minute” while I waited for my bill…that minute lead to a lifetime (which I suspect was the plan!). My other cat was in a shelter, and just seemed to brave…he was the only brave enough to stand up to the big bully cat they had. He’s a great addition to my family, and never had a problem standing up to the dogs, so I guess he was meant to be here, too.

    My last dog was chosen by my friend who is a trainer from an “oops” litter that needed homes, and while I told him I wasn’t ready for a puppy and didn’t need a second dog, he brought her home anyway. He said she’d be the perfect dog for me, and he was right — despite not thinking I wanted or needed a second dog, she is a delight who adds so much joy to my life!

  • JBA

    great job Michelle!

  • Kathy

    Please don’t breed or buy while shelter animls die!!! do the right thing and spay and Neuter your pets!!!!!!! Thanks Iams for 50 bowls more of food! feed awayyyyyyyy

  • Beautiful Dals

    Always a life long dog lover. Fell in love with Dalmatians when I was five. I’ve had one since! I must have been in denial growing up because I was completely unaware of a bad rap this breed gets. I however felt nothing but warmth, companionship and loyalty. Mans best friend!!!! I’m glad my childhood was blessed with a dog! I hope someone else gets to experience many happy memories!!!

  • Jessica

    My dog lived in a small cage

  • Cherryl

    My 2 Vizslas and Lab are all rescues. There is no other way to go because they appreciate being saved!

  • Jessica

    My dog lived in a small cage outside in Ohio weather for the first two years of his life. I got him from a local rescue group and now he is living the life he was meant to have!!

  • I have a 3 year old rescue greyhound and a 7 year old cat, they get on so well, it’s not unusual to see the cat washing the dog’s face!

  • Lori R.

    I knew my Vito was for me when I laughed the very first time I saw him. He was a pup trying to be scary to a cat, and the cat ignored him. I also took His brother Ozzie from the litter before he was to go to the pound, so have had the perfect 2 for 1 for over 14 years now. They make me smile daily no matter what!

  • Rob Narayana

    Thanks for this offer Iams. I don’t have any pets but I’m in the process of convincing my parents to get one!

  • Robin Smith-Lutz

    We have been adopted by close to 20 cats over the years as well as 6 dogs who have or who are part of our family. Life just would not be the same without these wonderful loving and amusing creatures. Sadly the shelters are full of beautiful cats and dogs just waiting for someone to open the hearts and their homes to them so they can return the love shown. In addition to our dogs and cats we have rescued and taken in several horses over the years as well. Today more than ever there is a serious problem with homeless horses numbering in the 1,000’s if not 1,000,000 in this country. Please I urge everyone neuter and spay your pets, adopt from animal shelters and rescues. You will never regret the friendship and love shown by our dog, cat, and horse family members. God Bless you! Wishing everyone a most Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!

  • How could I not comment? Gotta help out the pups.

  • ESiders

    I got Peanut the Maltipoo from a friend of a friend who bought him from what I suspect is a puppymill operation in South Jersey. Peanut was 2 months old and the elderly man who bought him thought he was too much work. Peanut has all kinds of expensive issues (allergies, re-occuring ear infections, eats prescription food, and takes allergy meds), but he’s part of our family. Too bad Fitzy the shelter cat, doesn’t agree with us! I keep thinking that over time, they will best buds…my sister says keep dreaming!

  • Kathleen

    The internet is a wonderful place to find purebred rescues, if that’s what you want. Remember that any rescue dog comes with his/her own issues, fears & needs…but don’t we all? My husband and I are partial to sighthounds & have been involved for years. We’ve had many other rescue mixes, but quite recently had our first “serious” one. Captain BraveHeart was dumped at my daughter’s firehouse with a severely broken leg. After a failed attempt to fix it, we decided to just let him get on with his life. As a tri-paw, he is NOT handicapped, and is the smartest, bravest, most sensitive dog I’ve ever known. Plus, he’s as cute and loving as is doggedly possible!!!

  • Gina Lefferts

    I rescued my dog from a kill shelter in Newark, NJ. He sat and looked at me so hopefully, that I knew I had to bring him home! I have had him now for 5 wonderful years. He is a pit mix and as sweet and gentle as they come.

  • It was love at first sight! Her name is Timber Wolf – and she snuggled in against my neck and went to sleep – it’s been a beautiful thing!

  • monte greene

    my pets are my colony. people were putting unwanted cats in my neighborhood. they multiplied. i found a wonderful group, catpals,inc. they had them neutered. they found homes for some of the kittens. the rest(30) are my colony, my pets.

  • Fulvia

    Well, I rescued the three of them from the street, at different times. I knew they were at risk and it was my duty to save them…

  • After a full weekend of going to shelters & adoption events with no love connections, I ended up at the home of a NARF foster home. That’s where Minnie (she was a little Skinny Minnie)& I found each other. She jumped in my lap all dirty, nappy-haired & skinny, curled up & fell asleep. INSTANT love connection! She came home with me on November 14th last year. No idea how old she is, she spent the first two months getting rid of eye infection, fleas, worms & her past & she learned how to play, be confident & bark, after being a silent little non-playing ghost. She makes me laugh every single day.

    Big thanks & KUDOS to IAMS for their generosity!

  • We adopted our dog from a neighbor who have no room for additional pups to raise. My wife and I knew exactly what to do when we learned one last pup is waiting for a new home. I couldn’t forget our dog’s first meeting; he looked so sad and alone, as if thinking no one wanted him. But now, he’s probably the most conceited dog in the neighborhood 😉

  • Thanks for helping out shelter animals, who need all the food, and love, they can get.

  • Risa

    I was so blessed with my beloved doggies and kitty, whom I miss more than anyone could possibly ever imagine. They were my family and best friends. It was more than an honor to have had them in my life and for that, I am forever humbled and grateful. For everyone blessed with a precious pet, PLEASE don’t take a second for granted; they are perfect, sweet, innocent souls who give us so much love, peace and soul. I hope this comment will help feed every little angel out there, and I wish so much I could have more to love, nurture and care for 🙁 LOVE them all sooo much. Bless you all.

  • I’m a cat lover, although I also love dogs and most all animals, I have to say that all the cats in my life have adopted me one way or another, right now I have been adopted by a mother cat and her three kittens who showed up at my backyard, they are just precious and I will try to find good homes for them. Please Spay and Neuter as many animals as you are able to, it’s sad how many strays there are!

  • I didn’t! Each of my cats entered my life as one of my rescues and through the years one or another has “ended up staying”, apparently because they were meant to be here. It’s always worked well for us.

  • Joel

    Mindy, our Austrailian Shepherd mix, picked us. We were finding homes for 5 female puppies, and the littlest one refused to go near any prospective owners, so we kept her. She is a big girl now, very funny, and all heart.

  • […] Each Comment Equals 50 Meals for Shelter Pets Contest « Pet News and Views. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  • Kit Katzz

    Please support our shelter animals, they need us. Thank You Iams for donating meal to the furkids in need.

  • Kit Katzz

    I have 4 pups, 2 whom are rescued & two I choose to adopt when I was searching for a new pup. One of my rescued dogs was about to be put to rest because of fear agression, although she still has fear agression with strangers, she has fit perfectly into our household and loves all of us without any problems. It did take a while to get her to that point & its been so rewarding.

  • Patti Stout

    After I had to put my cat to sleep I was looking for another one to rescue. I just happened in a pet shop and this poor guy was miserable. He was begging me, pawing out out the side of the cage and meowing. The lady that worked there said “OH, you don’t want him, we are going to breed him or put him to sleep.” He was six months old and had ear mites, fleas, irritable bowel and no muscle at all because he had been kept in a cage. I had to have him and when I told the lady she said well no charge because she knew he was sick. He went to the vet and has been with me for 9 wonderful years. His name is “JUDE” and he is my best friend in the world. I have another rescue that was a feral kitten and at 3 weeks old I took him and all his litter mates. His Mom and Dad were trapped and fixed and released. We found homes for all the babies and I kept the one. His name is Lucas, he is 8 years old and he is my baby. Thank you to Iams and to anyone who helps these precious beings.

  • Suzi Macy

    I have 7 dogs, all rescue, they were all dumped by the previous owners. One of my pit bulls was thrown off a truck. My dogs are the greatest! some have had some issues but we have worked very hard to make their life easier, I could not ask for better dogs:) I also vol. at a no kill shelter and have fostered a couple of starving horses till I could get them into a rescue. Rescue animals rock, I wish everyone would give them a chance…

  • Ross M

    I have two dachshunds and when I come home at night I always get a genuine, heartfelt greeting at the door. Never fails… unconditional love.

  • Amy F

    My two rescue pets, a labradane (great dane, lab mix) and beautiful calico cat, really have rescued me. Shelter animals are just as deserving as any pure bred…maybe more so.

  • Susan Newhof

    Our pack includes two cats and two dogs who rescued US. We did not plan for any of them – didn’t expect the nearly hairless, skinny mom cat who came to our back door asking for food, or the phone call on Christmas day asking us to take in a skinny and cold kitten found in the snow, or the unsocialized and painfully shy North American Black Dog who is now a happy pal. And we never dreamed we would fall in love with a starving Chihuahua, who spent several years as a puppy mill mom and then was left to die, and who decided she would give life and human beings another chance. It would be a pretty quiet, dull place around here without them!

  • Antonia OSullivan

    I have kitties and they are my life, I’d be lost without them, the joy and love they give me fills me up, I have been rescuing and adopting out lost and abused animals since 1974, the best thing I’ve ever done, our animals have feelings and souls and they deserve our full protection and love ,,,,

  • Nancy

    Any dog would be the right dog for us! We love them all and currently have a bunch of foster dogs with us…. most people choose on looks because when they meet a potential pet, they don’t have the time to get to know them. Usually people make accommodations for their new pet when they love the look of them. We find that some of the plainer/funnier looking dogs have the best personalities!

  • Jim Hoffmaster

    I stopped by just to comment for 50 bowls, but really like your site.
    Good work!

  • Leslie

    I find that shelter dogs choose their people rather than vice versa. I just looked into my Bailey’s eyes and somehow knew he was mine (or I was his). He has the same personality as I do, which is not always a good thing. But when he gets annoying, I really can’t complain because I do exactly the same thing. I have actually thought about giving him up, but I just can’t let him go. We are bonded forever.

  • Marcy

    Keep up the great work!

  • I’ve got 3 cats at home – each with a different personality. I love them all!

  • nannette ames

    I have 2 rescued rotties and and older shelter dog we rescued. I have other dogs that we saved from shelters. They are the best dogs in the world. People need to save lives and look at the older dogs they make excellent pets

  • Faith Weyer

    I first saw Cheyenne’s picture on the internet.
    He was handsome and a cross between two of my favorite breeds. After talking with those who knew him at the shelter, I was convinced that he was the puppy for me. I drove about 150 miles to meet representatives of the Sanctuary, who brought my baby to meet me. He
    did not disappoint me in any way. Cheyenne was always happy, always alert and on duty,
    gentle with my kitties, full of love and ready
    for play or sightseeing. I could not have found a better dog; he was an important part of my life for years, and will always have a place in my heart.

  • Reneda Baer

    We have 8 sweet cats in our tribe. Every animal deserves to have love, shelter and a full belly.

    All of our cats were love at first sight. Ouiji was found living in the crawl space under our home. I don’t know where she came from, but we adore her. Andy came from the local humane society. We saw his picture in the paper. We grabbed the cat carrier and went to bring him home. We knew he was our cat. Titan came from a friend who knew he was going to the humane society. He’s our big hunk of love. He’s a doll baby. Mickey was a PAAWS cat, a foster. But we couldn’t let him go. We knew he was ours from the first minute. Raider was a PAAWS cat too. The first time I picked him up, I knew he was ours. Laker was an animal control cat. We’re so grateful we were able to get her out of that high kill facility. She’s our beautiful prima donna. Arena was put outside [declawed] by a neighbor, so we took her. We were so happy to get her. We’d fallen in love when we first saw her outside. Memphis is our baby girl. We nearly lost her. She was found nearly frozen to death and very sick. Fortunately she came through and even though she is tiny, she is healthy. We adore her. That’s our babies!

  • Jill

    How did I know with our most recent addition? I have no idea. I’m partial to cats that look like our other two, but I’ve seen plenty of others up for adoption. But when I saw Asia, I just KNEW we had to add her to our Toby and Sheeba family. I really think shelter animals choose their people rather than people choosing their shelter animals.

  • Michelle

    I’m currently in the process of tempting myself by looking at shelter dogs. I’m not situated well enough to be able to take care of one yet, but I really hope to be in the near future! Fingers crossed!

  • Kay Pease

    One of our three cats belonged to my husband before I met him, but the other two cats chose us! (He would say that the first one chose him, too- she was adopted from a no-kill shelter, but was generally considered to be antisocial. It took her a long time, but she is such a loving kitty now, with us and with the other cats!) The second cat to join our family was a cat that had been abandoned in my husband’s old apartment building. We went back and rescued him. Our newest cat kept turning up in our backyard (especially when we kept putting food out for her.) Eventually we trapped her and brought her in for all her shots. And it was fortunate for the local cat population, too, as she was pregnant at the time! So she got a wonderful home with us, and her five babies got loving homes as well! 🙂

  • Shari

    Our dog Mason was in MS and we are in NJ. A kind volunteer at the shelter he was at provided us with a lot of valuable information about his personality, and I was already in love. We wanted to adopt a chow mix because our last dog was a chow mix and we loved the characteristics of his personality.

    I was worried Mason would be too shy for us, but once I saw him in his crate, I knew he was the one for me. I had spent so much time and energy looking for a dog, and experienced much disappointment when rescues didn’t get back to me. I saw Mason and immediately knew the search was over! He is exactly what we were looking for and makes me happy every day!

  • Rohama

    One look at his picture on the internet posted by Saving Furry Friends Inc. & I knew he was the one for us. With only hours left before he would be killed by a heartstick, Saving Furry Friends was able to rescue him for us.

  • Picked her up, held her, she put her head on my shoulder & the rest was history

  • Heather

    My kitty Cleo always greets me, snuggles with me, and just seems to know when I need her. I love my Cleo. 🙂

  • Susan Puzek

    I also agree that shelter/rescue dogs pick their people…………..I have many dogs & when I transported a one-eyed pit bull female, as soon as I met her & she rode in the passenger seat of my car, just a sweet as sugar, I instantly fell for her !!! that was 2 years ago……and she is still with me, and will be for the rest of her life, it was love at first sight !!!

  • He head-butted when he wanted to be rubbed!

  • Arielle

    All of our animals are rescued but they found us – feral cats, lost cats, dogs nobody else wanted – the thing is they are the BEST pets ever.

  • My cat GC, that recently passed, chose us. GC was one of several feral/ranch cats kept to keep the guest ranch where I was staying, free of rodents. The various cats competed for food from the guests in the summer and endured harsh, cold winters when no one was around. On our last day of our trip, I told my son which ever kitty is sitting on our cabin porch when we open the door in the morning, can come home with us… And when we opened the door, there she was sleeping – waiting for us to take her home. I knew she was the right cat, because she chose us. She blessed us with loud purrs and unending love and devotion for 6 wonderful years. Thank you GC for choosing us to be your family.

  • Jeanne

    Our neighbor found a litter of puppies in the dumpster at our nearby grocery store eight years ago. They had been poisoned and left for dead. She brought one to us and while four members of my family said “yes” I was shaking my head “no.” Steamer has turned out to be “my” dog and I am so thankful for him. I only have to point for where he needs to go – to his bed, back inside the yard so I can close the garage, etc. and he always goes where needed. He is so sweet and so happy every day. He reminds me to be grateful because that is how he seems to live his life every day.

  • Verona

    We visited Tiggy at her foster mum’s house. We watched her play, then I sat on the floor and she came over, leaned on me and started to wash – that was it!

  • Barb A

    I was love at first sight right from the start. Litter mates, Sage and Sophie, Long hair mini Daschund & Pekinesse mix, came into our lives 8 months ago. There are days when they are affectionately called Mischief and Mayhem, but we love them without question. I often ask myself, “Did we rescue them or did they rescue us?” Regardless, the unconditional love and sheer joy make us one big happy family!

  • Jack Carone

    A friend asked me if I would foster a dog, “Hey”, for 3 days. I can’t explain why I was so excited about him coming, I had never met him. He came to stay, and only left at about age 16. Wish he was here now.

  • Stacey

    Our natural companions are angels on earth. Treat them all as such.

  • Jennifer

    I have one dog, one cat, and 3 fish. They bring joy to my life everyday.

  • I didn’t know! But I think he knew. We looked at each other through the bars on his kennel at the shelter, and then somehow magically he was in my car going home with me.


    animals rock my world.

  • Our 5 rescued animals have brought us nothing but love. They complete us. If you cannot adopt, consider fostering a shelter animal or volunteering time with the dogs and cats or helping with the shelter’s vet bills. I can’t think of a more rewarding way to spend time.

  • The minute I saw my beloved German shepherd, I wanted him to come home with me. He was beautiful and kind and loving. You could see it in his eyes. I’ve never regretted for a minute adopting him. I’ll never have any animal who’s not a rescue. They pay you back for saving them a million fold.

  • Isis

    wonderful thing to be sharing comments to save animals lives! keep up the good work.

  • 100 bowls please. I found Tex as the shelter 1 month after katrina. He was a trembling, frightened spotted pup who had been brought to NJ from LA along with 700 other dogs. Now, he is a fine 55 pound pitt cross. Best dog I ever had, but he is still afraid of water. ha. I got his pal, ginger at the same shelter the next year. She was brought up from a kill shelter in Virginia. She had been a brood bitch in a puppy mill (border terrier). She’s also a great dog. and we did get one litter of pups from her before having her neutered and that’s how I came to have four dogs. Four dogs that I cook for every day. see The Doge Ate It: Cooking for yourself and your four legged friends.

  • LittleStar

    Since I am a RESCUE person…ALL my furr-babies are meant to be with me

  • Thanks a lot for this post 😉

  • Gail

    I love my rescue babies. I adopt the “unadoptable” (agressive, blind, very old, health issues etc) and every one of them has been amazing. I’ve sucessfully turned the afraid that would hide and only come out at night to eat into Grey Friars Bobby – she would wait by the door for me to come home, even when I took a weeks vacation. What amazing pups I have had over the years and I hope you send 50 meals to other amazing pets waiting for a fur-ever home. I love them all.

  • Pets of the Homeless is a nonprofit that provides pet food and veterinary care to pets that belong to homeless. If you suddenly became homeless what would you do with your beloved pet?
    The need for pet food is great.

  • A quote from the CEO of http://www.BisketBaskets.com is as follows and I don’t think it can be said any better than this: “We look forward to a day when there is such a shortage of pets that they are cherished as a valued commodoty and treated with the love and respect they deserve.. and when they will no longer be disposable items.” I do love that and what a great day that will be.

  • Helen

    My little ex-stray cat Honey wants me to say ‘Rescues rock! Adopt don’t shop’

  • Tiffanie

    I have one rescue dog, she is a Treeing Walker Coon Hound who was rescued by the Atlantic city Humane Society. She was recovered from a hording house where 43 other animals were being held in horrific conditions. I also have two cats. In addition to my furry family I foster sick and abused pit bulls from the New Jersey Aid for Animals (NJAFA).

  • The short answer, is to direct you to my dog Rosie’s blog: http://yogadogblog.wordpress.com/

  • Feeding homeless pets is a fine cause to support. Thanks for the good work.

  • Leslie

    My first encounter with Henry was when he walked into the condo and jumped on top of me. I was sitting on the recliner. For months, I thought there was an immediate attraction; Henry would snuggle with me if I sat on the recliner.

    It’s almost two years later, and it took me almost 6 months to realize that it wasn’t me he was attracted to; Henry is in love with recliners, ottomans, and pillows. It doesn’t make any difference who owns them or who sits on them as long there is one in Henry’s sight and he is not wearing his leash, that is where Henry is going to unwind and seek out being cuddled.

    If we are out shopping, Henry attracts attention, not because of his arthritis, but because he’s a beautiful miniature poodle, full of personality. He rides around in his Outward Hound stroller and attracts people as if he were a rock star. He doesn’t look like a poodle; he looks like a lamb or a stuffed animal. Henry poses when people take his picture; and, he coos when people pet him. Henry always give me a look to see if he is crossing over the line (he really doesn’t want me getting jealous), but I tell Henry that he is free to flirt, but that he is going home with me.

    And, as I conclude this post, I just want you to know that Henry is napping stretched out on his favorite recliner. We love each other unconditionally, but if there’s a recliner, ottoman, or pillow in his path … he will forget about me and transform into the Roadrunner beep beep.

  • Keep those dog bowls coming….. Awesome job

  • Karol

    Although I refuse to purchase Iams, due to the ludicrious testing they do on cats and dogs, I do support free dog food for shelters.

  • Christine

    Fiona started out as a foster dog and after her first adoption meeting I found myself hoping they wouldn’t adopt her…because I realized she was perfect for ME and didn’t want to let her go!

  • I’m happy to support this.
    I have had a few dogs since I was a boy (now 21), all rescues. My grandparents also take in shelter Danes, and have for probably 20+ years.

    I want a dog now 🙁 too bad I live in an apartment.

  • It’s the eyes! They are all so adorable you want to take them all home, but there is always one that looks at you in a certain way with their eyes that makes you say, “that’s the one for me”.

  • Commenting for shelter FOOD!

  • Melissa Treuman

    My little monster definitely chose me! The day I met him at the shelter, he made up his mind to come home with me and there were no two ways about it. That initial tenacity was just tip of the iceburg; he is as stubborn and strong-willed as he is absolutely adorable.

  • Claire Bellot

    It wasn’t so much knowing which pet was right for me, more my pet knowing I was right for them. I’ve only got one cat, Phoebe, that I chose, the other three chose me. They were all strays who decided that, one way or the other, they were going to live with me. Stewie just rocked up one day and introduced himself; Busker moved in by stealth, sneaking into the house a little bit further each day and Jess just moved into the garden, after her previous owner died. They are all different, special and equally lovable and loved!

  • Gill jackson

    We have a Golden Retriever and a Shar pei. I’ve had retrievers since I was a teenager, so over 30 years, and the Shar Pei was my my daughter’s idea. Choosing them wasn’t difficult, the hard work is done at home- how big a dog can we manage in our home, that decided when I see the dogs or puppies it’s a personality thing. If you’re quiet, the pup/ dog will choose you, it will approach you. Then for us it’s a case of the whole family touching, stroking, talking to the dog, the minute the tail starts going and the smile appears on the dogs face ( dog owners will know exactly what I mean) you’ve found the family member you were searching for!!!! Easy peasy!!!!

  • My two rescue boys have brought me more joy than I could imagine. I want more humans to know this feeling! xoxo, Caroline

  • Beth

    We went to a big adoption day and spotted a hound mix puppy we were drawn to. The line to adopt was so long and we had to be somewhere so we left reluctantly and said if she was still there when we came back in two hours, we would take her. When we returned, she was the only one left in her litter. She was meant for us and we love her to pieces.

  • Mimi

    I fostered BJ, then found he had epilepsy. I thought “no one will adopt or care for him the way I will”. That’s how I knew he was destined to be mine. He was a brindle pit bull and the biggest sissy in the world. And what a personality he had!

  • I adopted a dog from a shelter long time ago, she passed away couple of years ago. Unfortunately, currently due to my long working hours I cannot afford to keep a dog. However I organize fundraising events for a local animal shelter (volunteer job), so indirectly contribute to feed 300 dogs and cats.
    I am happy to support this action. Well done!

  • Both my rescues dogs are the most loving family members I could ask for. As soon as I saw their pictures I knew they were my dogs.

  • Brandy

    I’ve always been a big dog kind of girl, with a fondness for boxers. I have some physical challenges now and live in a condo with no yard. Because of the boxers high energy, I knew they were probably going to be more than I could handle. So instead, I went for a big dog personality, in a little dog! I now have a Pug, and she’s perfect!Chyna is a clown, and very typical of a Pug. She loves everyone, especially kids! She love’s all the toys I’ve bought her and drags them all over the house, but I haven’t been able to teach her to put them back in her toy box when she’s done with them! At the end of the day, she’s my snuggle buddy. She has stairs to help her get up on my tall bed, and she’ll wiggle under the covers and curl up right behind my knee’s. I love her to pieces, and don’t know what I would do without her, My little Chyna Doll!.

  • Vanessa

    Here’s my 50 bowls worth!

  • susan gordon

    Our cat belonged to our next door neighbor. There daughter had gotten him as a kitten and at the end of the year she was going to college. Our neighbor asked if he could spend the weekend with us and he was with us for 18 years. We miss him. He was the best cat ever.

  • Thank you Iams for helping to feed shelter pets! We have 2 dogs, one adopted from the AZ Humane Society and the second from a rescue group. I volunteer at the Maryland SPCA and it is amazing to see the resilience and sheer happiness of shelter dogs. No matter what they’ve been through, they are there to provide anyone who comes their way with love and companionship. Thank you Iams for what you’re doing for shelter animals!

  • Cheryl

    Every cat we’ve had either found us or was an animal that we rescued. They’ve all been wonderful pets that make me think about how awful it would have been if they had never been given the chance to just be happy, loved cats in a forever home instead of always having to be concerned about shelter, safety and their next meal.

  • Darren Landry

    I rescued two coonhounds. They are the best. They have a lot of energy and are fun.

  • Gloria

    All my dogs are rescue dogs, they are the best. My latest one is a 9lb white female poodle, she is 7yrs old and finally has all the love she needs. Her name is Angel and she really is my little angel.

  • Todd

    Very happy to see the continued pledge by all three of these companies to invest their time and efforts in spreading the word to the world concerning this continued problem we have at our animal shelters in the USA as well as worldwide. All three companies deserve our support and gratitude for carrying the torch and encouraging all of us pet related companies to carry on and expand their righteous endevours. I’ve personally rescued 2 dogs in my lifetime and will continue to take this route with any and all future pets we bring into our home and lives. A big heart felt high five to all companies and this continued program.

  • Melody Harper

    Thank you so much Iams for helping homeless abused and neglected dogs with a new chance to help some lucky family. Many people need companion dogs to heal, You Rock!

  • That little white dog at the top of the email is my kind of dog. Kind of Disney looking wouldn’t you say? If you’ve never rescued a pet you just don’t understand the extra value they offer. Somehow, rescued pets know what you are doing for them. Strangely intuitive they know they have a short time left to improve their life situation and when they find their forever home, they are forever grateful. I encourage all people who are looking for a pet to check the inventory out at local shelters and on petfinder.com. It will break your heart to actually see how many wonderful, cute, smart, trained pets that are available for you. I will be forever thankful for whatever cosmic forces sent me to the SPCA in 1996 when I found my mutt Reba after having purebreds all my life. She was about 5 months old, she was housebroken and she has made me laugh every single day since. Reba celebrated her 16th birthday on Saturday and she’s a finalist in the OCNJ 2012 Dog of the Year Contest. Doing my best to get her to her 20th b-day!

  • Trish Logue

    I rescued my dog in 2001. He passed away in June of this year and I miss him every day. We need to get the word out about adoption over “buying” our pets. All strays and shelter dogs deserve a second chance at a happy life!

  • Mary Jane

    Just rescued a pitbull. He is a wonderful addition to our family. I wish everyone would adopt- it really is the BEST most gratifying feeling. Rescues have seen the harder side of life- its nice to give them a warm, safe place to call home.

  • Rebecca Ventouris

    All of my kitties chose me except for the last two. they were willed to me by my very good friend who passed away in September. She knew that I loved them as much as my other kitties. They are happy and tolerating the change very well. I brought them from Las Vegas to GA.

  • My little chai chai chose me. We let all of the puppies run around and she kept climbing into my lap and was super playful. She was my first dog, and she is such a sweet thing. I am going to share this with all of my twitter and facebook friends…would love to get you to over 1000 comments.!!

  • ulrike

    I love my rescue!!!!

  • Carol Chandler

    I new my kitty Tinker Bell and my dog Peanut were the right pets for me, because they chose me. They are a special part of my little family =)

  • Joana Voice

    Food for the animals!!!

  • Alicia

    Thank you for all the good work you do!

  • Thank you Pet News and Views for recognizing that farm animals are equally as deserving of compassion and respect as the dogs and cats we know a bit better, and for regularly including farm animal issues in your coverage.

  • Sharon Collette

    I am fostering 11 cats so i know how important it is for shelters to get all the help they can get every one of these animals deserve love .my own 5 cats are rescues and are very loved 🙂 keep up all the good work .

  • Julie Wright

    For the most part…all of mine have chosen me! It just seems to happen that way or just knowing in my heart when I see the animal that it will be with me. Love all my furbabies!

  • Kc

    Shebee adopted us earlier this year – he was left behind when his original family lost their home. They just left him behind. Fortunately he found us! My other 2 cats are still not amused but… We are very glad that Shebee is now part of the family.

  • Ann

    I got my dog from a dog shelter in 2008. We’re not quite sure of her breed, but she could be part collie part greyhound or whippet. She was one of six in her liter. I hope that all of her brothers and sisters found lovely homes. My dog brings so much joy to me, my finacee, our families, and everyone we see on our walks. I hope the light of rescuing animals spreads and more people do it!

  • Sharon Kennedy

    When my Mom and I rescued Charo from our local Humane Society I was reading the biography of a kitty down the line. Mom called me over to look at a solid white kitty (six months old). Her eyes were enlarged by despair and defeat….she stuck her paw out of the cage and held onto my sunglasses. I looked at Mom and said….”Looks like this is one – she’s choosing us.” Charo gave us 14 years of superlative love and devotion.

  • Kristi Burton

    I’ve had my Angel for 8 years now, don’t know how I would live without her. rescued pets are the best.

  • Sue Fortescue

    My pack, three dogs, are all very different and I chose them for their unique personalities. 🙂

  • De Cunningham

    The first time I saw her she came running to me.

  • diorella

    Food for them doggies!! 🙂

  • At the first wag of their tails:)

  • R

    Our two shelter cats chose us!! It was love at first sight.

  • pwaddell

    thank you for loving animals

  • lauren

    we adopted our first shelter pet last week and she has been awesome! we are so happy to have her in our lives and love knowing that she is safe and sound. 🙂

  • Germain Breehl

    Thank you for helping the animals & making it so easy for us to help too.

  • Annette

    Our cat Amber was with a group of other cats for adoption and when my youngest son walked by she gave the cordial “yes, hello, you can pet me” and when I walked by she gave me the same “yes, hello, you may pet me” but then my middle son walked by and she sat up, looked him straight in the eyes and said “HEY! There You ARE!” Like she had been waiting for him her whole life! He looked at me and said “Mom, we can’t just leave her” So, we didn’t. Amber has been the sweetest most wonderful cat anyone could ever want. SHELTER PETS ARE THE BEST, THE BEST I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Moeller

    All my wonderful pets were rescue – cats and dogs. They all had interesting and sometimes sad backgrounds, but we all became one happy family.

  • cindy farr

    I love my 3 dogs!!! Don’t know of any better companionship than a dog. They love me back unconditionally, no matter what. ANYONE who has a love for animals should adopt a shelter or rescue animal. You won’t regret it!!!!

  • Sarah W.

    I went to a high kill shelter, specifically looking for an orange kitten. It was obvious there had just been a huge killing, cause there were lots of empty cages 🙁 But still plenty of kittens. But there was only one orange one. Rusty has been the biggest trouble maker, biggest pain, and has inflicted irreparable bodily damage on me (unintentionally of course), but I love him, more than anything. He’s my little baby.

  • Jocelyn

    It’s all in the way they look back at you. The eyes truly do say it all.

  • Anne

    I have two cats and a dog. All were abandoned by their previous owners. I get more love from these three pets than I will ever be able to repay.

  • Both of my dogs are rescues and I work with the Seattle Animal Shelter. I know how important it is to help our homeless pets in this tough economy.

  • Jo Ward

    Rescues are the greatest! Of course they are all great but rescues may be just a tad more grateful ! I have had 4 rescued ex- racing Greyhounds!

  • Christie Joubert

    Here’s to helping feed 50 animals!

  • Rick Katz

    I rescued Max the Wonder Dog. He is a black lab golden mix. We also rescued his buddy, Vinnie – who is a beautiful Manx. We have been referring to them as a rescue dog and cat until recently, when my son asked, “Who did they rescue?”. Out of the mouths of babes…

  • Debra Powell

    Sweet Buddy-Our one-eared cat with a gimpy front leg chose us! We had built our new home and my husband notice this cat with a limp that would come around but not let Mark near him. Mark kept patiently working with him until he gained his trust AND his heart! That was 11 years ago! The two are now inseparable and best buddys. Even our Vet said Buddy is the lovingest cat he’s ever seen. He may walk with a gimp and have only one ear, but he’s perfect and beautiful to us!

  • margaret

    I have 2 dogs (1 rescue & 1 from a family member who didn’t have time for her anymore) & 2 cats ( one from humane society & one rescued from the streets literally). They are all special & I love them.

  • S. Merritt

    We have 5 rescue dogs and a rescue cat and I feel that they were brought to us by luck-being in the right place at the right time and being sent to us by our departed animals. It all happens for a reason and it makes our lives so much richer for it. The joy they bring cannot be measured.

  • Linda

    About 6 mo’s ago I came home from work to find a tiny kitten in my living room. She had a badly infected eye. So bad that I thought she’d lose it. Thanks to my wonderful vet (for a couple of mo’s she spent 1 day a week with ‘Aunty Dr. Janet’) her eye completely healed. She’s such a character I named her after my favorite aunt, Betty. I should have named her StinkerBelle. She has TP’d the bathroom with a full roll twice in 3 days. That’s my girl, I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

  • Logan

    What a great cause!


    Well, I can’t necessarily say that we knew BJ was right for us, but I CAN say that we did the right thing. You see, we went last weekend with some friends to their “deer camp” in south Georgia. I woke up Saturday morning to hear the most forlorn howling coming from deep in the woods. I later found out that one of the guy’s motion camera had taken pictures of this beautiful Cocker Spaniel, for 3 days. Long story short, the dog had been dropped there and abandoned. We weren’t gonna stand for that, so my wife and I now have a new companion. He is quite lovable, and he’s GREAT with out grandchildren. Probably the best thing we ever did!

  • Tracy

    My furkids are failed fosters!

  • Norma Shamburger

    One of my cats, Lynyrd Skynyrd adopted me. He was living in the woods behind my house when I moved into it 12 years ago. He was a scrawny little orphan with a hurt foot. I left out food for him and he finally let me pet him and check on his foot. We have been together ever since. My other cat, Allie, I adopted from a lady who had a stray cat that had kittens in her garage. I got her when she was teeny-tiny. They both weigh about 15 pounds each and are among my most favorite things in the world.

  • Sandra Dark

    Our Kip was a day away from being euthanized, sick as…well, sick as a dog, skin and bones, and pancaked to the ground with PTSD. I knew she was the dog for us when my husband said, “I think she needs to go home with us.” She eventually turned out great!

  • Susan Fox

    I have 3 cats 2 are rescues and I would be lost with out them. They are my family.

  • Cindy Chavez

    We have two adopted dogs in our family. Both are Springer Spaniels. The first one we got was a puppy and she picked us to be her family. The second one was a year ago Mother’s Day. His owner was dying of cancer and he wanted to find him a good home. My son was asked if we would like to adopt him and he fits perfectly in our home. He was a Show Dog and is a great addition to our family. My daughter just adopted an English Lab and it is going to be my grandsons Service Dog. He is a great dog. His name is Duke. That was her dogs name growing up. Some things are meant to be. We found Duke on Surf Dog Ricochet’s Facebook Page.

  • Karen Watson

    Another Fantastic post, and it’s heartening to know there are so many good people out there.

  • Debbie Cook

    My last three dogs were from the Animal Defense League(a no kill shelter in San Antonio). I didn’t pick them – they picked me!!!

  • Heather

    I knew the second I saw my dog that she was the one! I picked her up and she kissed me and wagged her tail, she seemed to be happy all the time.

  • This is an amazing contest, and Yoga4Dogs along with myself fully support donating as much food and supplies to shelters as possible. You can visit http://www.yoga4dogs.com to see how my business also donates proceeds and supports the ASPCA and Wildlife Alliance foundations. Glad to see there are people out here making a difference!

  • Marta Torres

    You just know when you find “The One”. Although, I wish I could take them all.

  • just in case my last comment doesn’t count towards the donation, I also would like to mention that my dog and both cats were rescue pets. They are the loves of my life and we all clicked as a family instantly<3

  • Candy

    Those eyes. The big beautiful eyes do it for me every time.

  • Thank you Michele, for being such an avid and amazing supporter for Iams Home 4 the Holidays and orphaned pets everywhere! You’re awesome! ~Marcie

  • Carolyn

    We have 3 cats and a dog. Our oldest cat we rescued from the busy street in front of our house. Our second cat was given to us by a couple who didn’t want him because he meowed too much. Our third cat we just adopted because we had an instant connection with her when we saw her in the Pet Paw See kennel. We were specifically looking for a beagle when the breeder sent us a picture of all the females in the litter. Annie’s eyes caught us both as soon as we saw the picture.

  • I knew my dog Maddie was right for me because the rescue foster told me she was. She was really good at selling up a dog! I was still grieving terribly from a dog that had gone to the rainbow bridge. Maddie and I are so happy together!

  • Heather Reckzin

    We have the last pit from our local shelter prior to Ontario Canada’s barbaric breed ban. She is a deaf white doll without a bone of aggresion in her body. Help end breed bans!!!

  • Melissa Alexander

    Thanks for doing this promo! Hope you get a million comments!

  • Jennifer

    My rescue dog, Frida, saved my life. This is not an over statement. I had just gone through a devastating divorce, was completely alone and knew I needed a deep connection to help me get through the tough days that still lay ahead. I had always had dogs as a child but in my adult years had chosen cats, wonderful cats, because they were a bit easier to take care of. But I knew a dog was what I needed now. I saw Frida at an adoption fair in Los Angeles and even before I saw her face I knew she was mine. Skinny from the back, red freckles, shaking from fear, I recognized myself in her and knew she was my doggy soul mate. My sweet, energetic, squirrel-chasing, kid-nipping Australian Cattle Dog and I have been together for two years now and we are best friends, traveling mates, and she’s the best radar I know for weeding out undesirable men. I didn’t know what unconditional love was until she came into my life. I would lay my life down for her in a minute and I know she would do the same for me. I wish this love for every person on earth. Adopt don’t shop! It’s the only option in my book. Thank you. Jennifer Peterson

  • Count me in! Feed the puppies & kitties 😀

  • Marlene

    I know my five cats are the perfect match for me because THEY all chose “me”! They have wandered in from heaven, I guess! A momma cat(missing a hind foot)and two of her half-grown kittens were scooped from the side of the road several years back and the rest have moved in one at a time. They all have been spayed or neutered and I keep close watch for whatever they need, be it love, medical, or scolding when they decide to not be nice to each other!! I keep looking for the invisable sign in my yard that says, “Great food, accommodations, toys, and huge amounts of LOVE for wayward cats!”

  • Cathy Warga

    Thank you Ryan and Krissie Newman for all you do for our pets!

  • Lauren

    I decided that my dog was the right pet for me when she decided that she was going to live with me! Two days before Christmas, my dad was outside working. He turned around, and there was a dog! She was cold and very hungry. After eating, she laid down to sleep. That was almost four years ago, and she’s been the most wonderful dog ever since! I would never buy a pet when so many wonderful ones out there need homes. Please adopt shelter pets, everyone! They are truly the best friends you could ever ask for.

  • tena adams

    When we got our pom camille , she only weighed 11 ounces. She was and is the greatest thing to happen to our family. She is now almost nine years old and has always been considered to be my third child. I have never loved an animal so much.

  • Jayne Kinkead

    Bless all of your for what you do to help the animals.

  • Judy Dixon Gabaldon

    When we were looking for a dog at our local animal shelter, we had it narrowed down to three. In each case, the handlers let the dog out of the cage to interact with us. When Suki-san (our name for her now) saw us, she jumped out excitedly and right into my lap (in my wheelchair). We knew she knew we were the ones for her. She’s a beautiful dog – a fawn colored mostly pit bull mix.

  • When I started petting Lexy in her cage she stood up, turned around, and gave me her back. I loved her attitude! Lola was so sick I just had to give her a home because she broke my heart. She also won my heart with her little silent meow.

  • Tim

    Great thing your doing.

  • Dianne Wagner

    Casey I adopted 11 years ago when I was at PetSmart and just couldn’t see leaving without him. My kitties are all rescues from a trailer park when they were babies. Tried to find homes for them, but to no avail. They will always have a forever home with me. I had a dream one night about my mom and dachshunds, then a friend posted on FB that she had puppies, now I have Scrappy and he has my heart.

  • Lora

    I’m a animal lover for life.. I think they can give a person joy even in there worse of times.. There will never be any more loyal. If it was within my capabilities I would pick up every stray I saw. Thank you for such a wonderful cause

  • Great cause….all our best!

  • Lynn

    Thank you IAMS for donating and caring!!

  • Ty Johnson

    Great contest. I have 3 rescued dogs, and they all get along. I don’t know what I would do without them. Thank you!

  • M.

    Someone rescued my cat from a shelter, but she couldnt keep, my coworker sent me a pic, and I just felt in love, she was so tiny and skinny, adorable, a white ball of furr. I knew at the second I saw her pic that we belong together. I am so happy she is part of out life now.

  • Sharon Knight

    Thank you for hosting this and Iams for their Home for the Holidays. My Holiday wish is for all homeless animals to find loving forever homes and to be spayed/neutered so there are no more unwanted babies born just to be killed.

  • Hi Michele! Kelly came from a rescue home and she’s the most wonderful pet ever! I am happy that shelter pets are receiving food with the help of your great blog. I’ll also spread the word!

  • Jacob

    I picked my cat because he was frisky and playful i knew he’d be have a good personality because he looked like a charactor

  • We walked through the shelter looking for “our dogs”. We saw many we liked but when we found “the right dog” we just knew! It is hard to explain but we just know when we see “our dog.”

  • beverly hill

    I have always been drawn to tall dogs with long coats and over the years have provided a (re)home to many borzois and, presently, the mastiff breeds. Who has ‘rescued’ whom is an open question.

  • Terry

    I have 2 dogs rescued from our local shelter (dog pound) and a cat that a neighbor brought to my home. He was a stray that our neighbors dog was about to eat. I really think rescued animals just somehow know that you saved them.
    I really hope more and more people will think twice about “buying” an animal from a breeder and adopt instead.

  • Robin Thomspon

    Thanks Michele. My Pit Bull rescued me. I found him tied to a post outside a school five years ago. I called animal rescue. They came, got him, and no one wanted him. Lucky for me. I brought him home 2 weeks later, and we’ve been a family ever since.

  • What a fantastic contest. I get a smile on my face thinking about all the shelter pets these comments are going to help!

  • Ella Robinson

    More food for our shelter friends. I have 5 cats–all rescues. We found our first two when we moved into our home in the country. Some jerk just left them. Thankfully we were here to take them in. The other three also are from the neighborhood. No one wanted them. Two are Maine Coons. The others are beautiful tabbys. Life would not be complete without them. Thank you!

  • Angie

    My cat didn’t even have a name; she was just Kitty. At 8 years old, I thought she deserved to be treated with dignity so I renamed her Miss Kitty. Also, she had no claws at all and I knew she had to go to a home where she would be sheltered from other animals. She is at least a princess now, if not “the Queen”.

  • Lori Priebe

    Mina purred in my husband’s hands when she was two months old; when he handed her to me to check out one of her litter mates, she climbed all over me, faster than I could grab her, and leaped back into his arms…and started purring again. She chose us. We couldn’t argue. We took her home. That little black cat is a big black cat, sleeping beside me right now.

  • Carina Evans

    My husband spotted our two lovely girl kitties at an adoption drive at Petsmart in NYC because one of them was grooming and being so sweet to the other. (They were in the same crate.) I think she might have been putting on a show because, after a few days home with us, we figured out what a bully she can be. But I’m sure glad she tricked us because the two of them are the best! (And I hope they really do like each other, just a little, normal sisterly bickering…)

  • Dana Morrow

    Add another 50 bowls on me! Thanks for empowering your readers to do this easy task. We have a Great Dane who thinks he is a lap dog. Monty is 4 years old, and we have a big house. So there is lots of room for him. Still, he likes to sit on our laps.

  • P Elizabeth

    What a great program, Michele. I just adopted a little Yorkie as a companion for my Maltese. Two dogs are four times the love.

  • Gia

    Win, win, win!

  • Mary Ann Brizzolara

    Our kitty cats Phil and Shelley were 2 of a litter of 5 very young kittens found at a construction site by a family member. All 5 were adopted by members of our family. They are now 4 years old and they came to live with us the day before Thanksgiving in 2007. Our 16 1/2 year old cat Shadow had just passed away in September 2007. He had been a stray that came to live with us. My husband and I were heartbroken over the loss. Phil and Shelley helped us heal. We will always remember that Thanksgiving and the fun of having those little balls of fur join our family. :o)

  • Tricia

    I already had 4 indoor cats and didn’t want a 5th, but I couldn’t let the stray in my yard starve so we started feeding him, then set up a house for him in the backyard when the weather got bad. He was looking peaked, so we took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with diabetes and was severely dehydrated. We couldn’t just let him die, so we moved him into our garage and started giving him insulin shots and testing his blood several times a day. It was a near thing, but we got him through it. Now he’s in remission and lives in our house, at least tolerated by the first four. My husband kept referring to him as “number 5”, so I named him Cinco.

  • melissa loree

    The JAC is doing great things! 50 bowls of food will help.

  • Kari Ryan

    I would save every shelter animal if I could!!!!! I hope this helps you reach your goal!!!! I will repost for everybody to help…

  • Mary Whitehead

    When we went to the shelter to pick up our golden retreiver Ginger she locked eyes with my husband and it was instant worship! She follows him around 24/7 and has for 7 years now!

  • Our two shelter dogs picked us! We stopped by North Country Animal League to see their hours and although closed they invited us in. My daughter fell in love with Emmett, an 8-week old Treeing Walker Coon Hound from a puppy mill. He is now 4. Daisy joined us when NCAL had a large number of dogs come in from a high-kill shelter in the mid-West and they needed homes fast. She came for a visit; she and Emmett fell in love at first sight and she has been with us ever since. Daisy is now 3 (she was 9 months when we got her). She is a bulldog/spaniel mix. They are the best hiking partners ever!

  • Demi

    I got my puppy after looking through so many different rescues and shelters. We took her out to meet her she look scared in the back of this kennel, and when she got out of the building she was so happy and exited. She just loved us and we loved her. We had an instant connection. That was the last shelter we were at… 🙂

  • Karen

    Adopted a rescue dog this summer..onry little thing but love her…black lab mix now we have 2 dogs..

  • Lesley Bement

    I have 2 rescue cats, Twilight, who I got from an SPCA in my hometown and is the sweetest cat ever known, and Starlight, who I found as a kitten playing by herself in a grassy triangle near where I first moved to in SC and is my mischievous one. Both are mostly black with some white (total tuxedo) and are the loves of my lives – one who I knew was for me when I saw her pic on the SPCA website, the other who found me!

  • Jan Cho

    hooray for you Michele, for Iams, for all of you who commented, and for the animals.

  • Aimee Chase

    My (now) husband got Tomoe, an adorable gray Netherlands Dwarf bunny with white around her eyes, from a local shelter. About a year later, after I had moved in with him, we found Jasper online (from the same shelter) and thought he was ADORABLE and would make a great pal for Tomoe. He is a Hottot, all white with black patches right around his eyes. They are like the Yin and Yang bunnies. We are so thankful to have been able to provide a home for our sweet buns, and are thankful to Iams for donating pet food to shelters.

  • Lori

    I have adopted 2 dogs from the local shelter, and I took in 2 black labs that were dumped on my road in the country. The shelter dogs were just what I was looking for each time. Both had been pictured in the newspaper and I fell instantly!

  • Paula

    I have 4 dogs and all of them were rescues. It’s so funny to be around them because they all have such different personalities. 🙂

  • Clyde

    Wonderful to read so many wonderful rescue stories! We are proud to say that all of our current four dogs and four cats are rescues, as have been all their brothers and sisters that passed before them. Support Gadsden County Humane Society!

  • I have three kittehs that all came to me at different times and in different ways (one stray, two from shelters). I hope when I live some place with a little more room to add a dog to the mix – but for now we are three cats and a human in a small one-bedroom apartment… and I already had to get special permission to add cat #3! 😉

  • Dan

    My dog mickey was rescued as a puppy. He’s been the brightest joy in our families life, always ready to play. I’ve never met an animal with such a good nature.

  • Mike Landry

    Great work Michele. You should be proud of yourself. I certainly am. I work at a shelter and it’s tough. Some days are better than others. We all need money and respect. I love working with the animals, and I have 3 coonhounds. All are rescues. They are the best dogs ever–very funny, strong willed, and loyal.

  • Rescues never stop thanking you for your kindness and giving you so much in return.

  • Thanks to Michele and Iams for helping to raise awareness and care for pets who need families and have so much love to give.

  • Warren Eckstein

    I love my standard poodle. We found him at a shelter a few miles from our home. His name is Charles, and he is part of our family.

  • Each four legged creature is such a gift of love. If you let them, they will teach you unconditional love.

  • Campngirl

    He walked into my shop, piddled on my floor, walked over to me and plopped down on his back so I could rub his belly. When I realized that he had been abused by someone, cowering when I went to pet him and cowering when I called out from the back of the store (raising my voice) I knew he would NEVER go back to whoever owned him before. Lucily for me, he didn’t have a microchip and none of the vets recognized him (not surprising to me) so after waiting a week to see if anyone would call the vets to claim him I took him to get a microchip and to see Dr. Snippy….he’s been my cuddle bug ever since and a joyful addition to my already full house. He gained not only a mama but 6 doggie sisters and 5 kitty sisters…yes my bed is quite full every night and I wouldn’t have it any other way ; )

  • I love all my rescue pets!! They are the best!!
    Thanks for what you do.

  • It’s great to hear that Iams is participating in this philanthropic project.
    Dr PM

  • Barbi

    Somewhere in my Catawba Co neighborhood, there must be a sign w/my name & addy on it! I know all my “babies” are super intelligent cuz they all read that sign and have become my family. Most of em for over 5 yrs. now…hence, the purchase of my mug & shirts from Animal Rescue Site stating that…..”All my Children have Paws!”
    They are indeed my family & I just luv em!!

  • Chemistry… not so different from picking a spouse! They have to pick me too. I’m an adoption counselor and I tell prospective adopters to take their time when making their decision: it’s not too often you get a chance to pick a family member.

  • Judy Brizz

    Every one of the 10 kitties who have been a part of my family are all rescues or strays except for my first two, Cinnamon & Domino, whose owner couldn’t keep them. Stormy was next, she picked my snow-covered car to sit on after a blizzard tho it was surrounded by cars that had been cleared, how could I resist? They are now waiting by the Rainbow Bridge 🙂 Misty was the tiniest kitten who was found stumbling around a parking lot one misty morning (she gave herself her name!). After Cinnamon’s passing, I went to a shelter to see about adopting a pair of kittens…and ended up with FOUR! Toby’s sister had been adopted but he was left behind due to his extra toes! No way was I leaving w/out him! Rocky, Smokey & Lita are siblings who were in the cage next to Toby’s. He & Rocky reached to each other when Toby was lifted out so I figured ok, so I’m getting 3. Well next thing I know, Lita clumsily walks to the front of the cage, she was sooo tiny & all black I didn’t even know she was in there! Well, I wasn’t about to leave one tiny sibling alone! The latest two, Trixie & JJ, started as fosters whose eyes were so infected, they were completely stuck closed. By the time their treatment was done & their eyes were healthy, I was too smitten to send them back! All are indoor only & spayed/neutered. Rescue kitties rock!

  • Geri Bear

    This is a “pawsome” contest! I love all animals & am glad to help!

  • Cheryl Kaye

    […] Source: http://petnewsandviews.net/2011/10/each-comment-equals-50-meals-for-shelter-pets-contest/ […] Thank you Michele and Iams. We went to the shelter to get a kitten, and wound up with an older cat. He’s just lovely.

  • Kim Gorman

    Michelle is an inspiration to us all…. a teacher for those who don’t know about animals, an educator for those who need to know more and a resource for those who need help doing what she does. Thank you, Michelle!

  • Belva Osborn

    And add another 50 bowls. We have 2 found cats and 2 rescued pits. They all get along and are part of our family.

  • John Hesse

    We heard about an abandoned Weimaraner and couldn’t believe that someone would do that. We took her in and she terrorized us for you years. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. She was loving and loyal and the perfect dog. Now we have one Weimaraner, one Shepard Chow mis, and one lab Vizla mix, along with the smartest cat that we just adopted last week.

  • Devon Munson

    My dog is like my brother because he was here before me. He is slowing down, and I can’t think of life without him. I love him so much. He is my best bud. And all of my friends adore him too. His name is Casey the coonhound.

  • Jilian

    I’ve rescued both my cats. Tai was from a rescue that told me the stitches and drain in his flank were from being attacked by a coyote. Stormi we adopted the first day we volunteered at a mobile pet adoption for L.A.SPCA. I couldn’t resist Tai’s big blue eyes or Stormi’s gorgeous green ones! They bring me such joy every day! We also have a wonderful rescued retired racing greyhound named Mariah. Love love love her!!! Thanks for all you do!

  • Eugene Enos

    Add another 50 bowls Michele!

  • Daniel

    This is an awesome. I’m not so much of a cat person, ‘since I’m allergic. But I <3 my dog. And she would've been stray if we had not been able to care for her.

  • Sharon Waldrop

    We have seven dogs and four cats, of which eight were rescued. I don’t know which one to write about, so I will choose our most recent family addition. When I saw the look on the faces of my daughter and a stray dog when they found each other, I knew that we had to bring the dog home — forever.

  • Susan Weber

    […] Source: http://petnewsandviews.net/2011/10/each-comment-equals-50-meals-for-shelter-pets-contest/ […] Thanks for hosting this. We have 2 found cats. They are brother and sister found in NYC. They’ve been with me for 10 years now. And I love them.

  • Sheryl Aubry

    Great blog. I have looked around Michele, and am going to subscribe. You have done other contests for animal shelters I see. Great work. Be proud of yourself. YOu are really making a difference here. Thank you so much. And I live with a Siamese cat, who I found through a rescue. She talks and keeps me company. I love her. Everyone should get their pets at shelters or rescues.

  • One of my favorite quotes says, “Dog as man’s best friend is the best deal man ever made. We give them what we have left and in exchange they give us everything they’ve got”. I have two beautiful little girls myself. One is a Jack Russell and the other a German Shepherd. Thanks for your support of our animal friends!

  • My wife and I wanted so much to be a part of our local rescue organization because we feel they do God’s work there. Not many places can say that.

  • Lorri

    I knew my horse was meant to be mine after many months of nursing him back to health at the rescue I volunteered at. He’d been with the Amish, was too thin and ended up in a bad buggy accident. I spent time with him each week expecting an adopter to come along when one day I had my light bulb moment and realized he was meant to come home with me! He’s been mine now for a year and a half and we couldn’t be happier.

  • Brent

    woof and meow! We have a two found cats and one rescued greyhound. They all get along and are loved by everyone who meets them.

  • Marla Hughes

    We used to own and run a shelter/rescue so know the difficulty of financing is sometimes the easiest part, but also one everyone can participate in. Not everyone can handle the actual rescues on a day to day basis, year in, year out.
    When a badly abused pit we were trying to save died and I couldn’t stop crying, not just over him but all those we couldn’t save, my husband said no more and we started the process of shutting it down. We’ve rescued and found homes for individuals since, but not on the large scale we were attempting to before. I honor and respect those who have the courage and heart to rescue children, adults and animals who have needs that most have to walk away from or at most, give monetary assistance to.
    Our last rescue remained with us. Reba. 1/4 Catahoula, 1/4 Rhodesian Ridgeback and 1/2 Pit Bull. Beautiful. Her story is long and heart rending and she’s about reached the end of her life cycle, but we’re glad that we were able to give a beautiful animal (inside and out) a happier, longer and healthier life than she would have had.

  • Thanks for feeding critters! Yum!

  • Judie Herman

    Woof, Woof, Woof, I have 3 rescues–all pit/german shepherd mixes. Best dogs ever. Thank you.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you Iams for this great program!

  • One of my dogs is adopted and she is the sweetest thing ever. Adopt a dog today!!

  • Ruth Deborah

    We’ve quite a large family of rescued babies at our happy home. 3 pooches, 10 kitties, 5 bunnies and 4 hamsters and all are dearly loved and cherished.My hubby, kids and I are eternally grateful for all the love and joy they’ve all brought into our lives!! 😀

  • Thanks Iams for helping take care of all the pups that don’t have some one to love them yet!

    We have 2 rescues…an English Retriever and Pit/Lab Mix. Great dogs! They love to go to Cape San Blas, FL and enjoy our beach vacations with us!

  • Marnie

    I was working patrol as a police officer and encountered a stray female shephard/husky mix back in 1996. I dropped her in the night deposit box of our animal control facility since there were no animal control officers working. However, I went home and dreamed about her face looking at me and had to go back and adopt her! She was about 2 then.
    I ended up having a wonderful dog until October 2010…..

  • Erica Manfred

    Great job guys!

  • kmac

    Adopted my dog at 1 and half years old from the Newark Humane society. Pit/Boxer mix. Being a smallish woman, people thought I was crazy. He’s the love of my life, shelter dogs are the best dogs!

  • Mo Orsatti

    When we brought our puppy home from the breeder he was accompanied by Iams dog food and he was the healthiest, and still is, little boy! Our vet was amazed at his size and strength and I believe the Iams food had a lot to do with that! Very glad he was started out on the right regimen!

  • Gwen

    I knew my dog was for me when I saw her playing tug-o-war with her brothers and sisters. Well, the few of them that were left, anyway. She was so feisty with them but so gentle with me. She’s a great old dog now and we’re BFF. I hope most, if not all, the pets at the shelter can find forever homes this holiday season. =)

  • Wendy Gyug

    She just looked up at me, I picked her up and I got kisses like crazy. This was a little over 9 years ago and for the second one it was her face and her tail wagging like crazy – 3 yrs ago in November.

  • Jacqueline

    I’m feeding my pup ofcoarse IAMS here in Japan,thank you for this awesome program.

  • Karen B

    We adopted both our cuties…….and discovered each were the last of the litter to adopt. Both are the most loving dogs we’ve ever had.

  • Sharlotte Qualls

    My husband and I have 4 rescued dogs; we call them our kids. I lost my son 7 yrs ago and he was my only. No person or animal can replace him, but I really love my dogs and they really love me. They make me laugh all the time and they are so sweet, 3 big and 1 about 30lbs. They enrich our lives immensely.

  • rachael

    this is great thanks!

  • Hi!
    I have 3 bunnies and a Chinchilla.
    I am an animal lover… any kind of animals! 🙂
    Recently I rescued a dog and I am still trying to find him a Forever Home!

    Hope my comment help a bit more! 🙂

  • Noreen

    All of my babies have been adopted from shelters and to be honest… they picked me! I also make sure to donate every chance I can to my local shelters and national rescuers!

  • THANK you A WHOLE LOT of APPRECIATION to Maria and Q104.3FM new yorks CLASSIC ROCK for posting a very important notice….i am a very big fan of Maria and Q104.3FM CLASSICROCK and with very much respect and thankfull gratitude to Maria for always caring for people and animals….too….with very best regards….ernei c:-)

  • A VERY MUCH APPRECIATION to Maria and Q104.3FM new york’s CLASSIC ROCK for posting a very important notice….i am a very big fan of Maria because she is a very special lady and she always cares for people and animals….too….i am very happy LISTENIN to Q104.3FM CLASSICROCK and Maria is a very nice lady with a great personality….ROCKIN TUNES and mentioning worthy causes….LIKE this one…..with very very much thankful appreciation to Maria and Q104.3FM TRUE and ONLY CHAMPIONS of ROCK and CLASSICROCK!!!!….with very best regards….ernie c:-)

  • Annette

    I have two dogs, one was just 6 weeks old and adopted from a shelter. the other was my brother’s and when he moved he couldn’t have animals, so I received him from my brother. At the time I had a cat also, but since she has passed. I just love them!

  • I applaud you for this Michelle. To everyone who helps out or works with or adopts animals you have my respect. I have worked in shelters and all of my companions come from shelters and there isn’t better love to be had

  • Annette

    Have two dogs that I just love, one was a 6 week old pup from the shelter and the other one was from my brother that moved and could not have animals. I also had a cat at the time, but she has since passed away (I had her for 21 years). I am glad to see that this program will help alot of shelter animals.

  • That’s an amazing accomplishment you guys have here. 😉

  • Patricia

    We rescued our cat because she had the most hysterical diva attitude… she entertains us daily with her quirky demands! We love it! 🙂

  • Paul Rudman

    I adopted a pit/shepherd mix from my local shelter. Adoption is the only way to go. Kudos to you Michele and Iams and the Ryan Newman Foundation!

  • Anita

    My tiny kitty was sitting on a window ledge outside my office one May day over 17 years ago. I heard crying that sounded like a baby cat and went outside to see what I could find. When I parted the hedges in front of the window, there sat on the window ledge the most adorable tiny kitten I had ever seen. We looked at each other, and that was it. I put her in a banker’s box until I could get her home. I had been without a cat for over 10 years and wasn’t planning to get another one. Well, God had other plans for me–and her! She is now old and frail, as am I, but we love each other so much. It is getting close to the time I will have to put her down, but, because of a great vet’s care over the years, we’re managing in the short term to keep her as healthy as possible until he and I both agree that it’s time. I cannot imagine what my life is going to be like without this little furry angel, but I’m praying she and I will be united again in eternity. Rescued animals seem to make the best, loving pets, from what I have observed.

  • Both our dogs came from rescue groups. Logan the lab was adopted 12 years ago and Rudy the Chessie was adopted 16 months ago. We love water dogs and we also love the personality of both of these breeds. Ask a Golden, tell a Lab and negotiate with a Chessie. Thanks to all the wonderful rescue groups that save the lives of great dogs every day. Hard work that often is not appreciated.

  • Courtney

    Thank you IAMS! A great cause and great advertising for you! I have four kitty babies myself and they are my children! I look forward to the day when I can rescues more and add some doggies, and maybe something else, into the family mix! THANK YOU!

  • Sheny

    Both my cat and my dog are resuces. My cat was found as a stray. My puppy came from Tennessee where there is such an overpopulation of animals. I love them both so much I don’t know what I’d do without them!

  • Chester – After looking through most of the dogs at Longmont Humane that day, I turned the corner and looked into those big Hound Dog eyes and it was game over!

    Emily – The woman who came to check us out before we could adopt Chester told us he had bonded with another hound back at Kindness Ranch (the rescue they originally came from), so how could we not bring her home, too?

    Olive – Our little Boston Terrier puppy mill rescue, came for a visit with our friend, Kyla Duffy, who was fostering her at the time … and never left!

    Pandora a/k/a “The Grumpy Old Lady” (Tortie cat) – Yvonne had adopted her 12+ years before I met them. She’s ~20 years old now and absolutely rules the roost!

  • katsrus

    Sound you through The Tinest Tiger. I love to help feed animals.
    Sue B

  • This is amazing, Michele! I’m so happy for you. Nice work.

  • Laura Davis

    We rescued both of our dogs: a yellow lab/akita mix, named Gromit, and a dalmation named Lucy. Thanks, Iams, for helping to feed the pets in need!

  • Ravyn Guiliani

    I will let Myssi tell you in her own words (translation mine): I am Mystick Grace and I am 10 years old now and live with 3 other kitties in a nice warm house with Mommy and Daddy (and I had a doggy until she went to the bridge last year–I miss her alot, she was my bestest friend!) but when I was 10 weeks old I was in The Death Cage at the local shelter. Mommy wanted a gray kitten named Mystick to be friends with her other cat who was black named Magick and she called the shelter. The lady said come in the next 10 minutes or I would be gone to the bridge myself! So she and Daddy rushed over and as soon as she picked me up by the neck scruff I started purring so loud that the Vet who examined me afterward had to tap my nose to make me stop so she could hear my heartbeat! I am a sweet loving girl most of the time, but Mommy says I can be “moody”–but I have never stopped purring loudly! Daddy says he can hear me in the next room! (And the reason why I got a middle name was because when i first came home with a head cold I kept falling off things, so they called me “Grace” to be funny!)

  • Max Weinberg

    Yay for you and for Iams! Over 600 comments. That’s a lot of food. My dog eats the Iams All Natural food. We got him from JAC>

  • Cynthia

    We found our BB as a puppy hiding underneath the tenant’s house. She was so scared, but she could not resist the cheetohs we offered her. She was the best doggy ever.

  • carla

    Keep on the good work… 🙂

  • Lisa K.

    We spent over 3 hrs at the shelter looking for our new family member. Many were very reluctant w/us…finally Munchie settled on my lap as I massaged her head & the choice was made!!!

  • Dain Carlyle

    I love this web site. Thank you on behalf of all the shelter animals. Hopefully, people will get smart and will spay/neuter their pets, and only adopt from shelters or rescue groups. We got our two cats from our local shelter. Thank you Pet News and Views.

  • Teri Laughlin

    I knew the little girl chi was for us when I saw her adoption phono sitting prim and proper with a pink tennis ball. She was so poised. When we saw her she was a love and sweet. Now she is quite the diva.

  • Brian Busby


    You are such a wonderful person for all you do for animals. I am happy that I can do something to feed some hungry critters. Your awesome, keep up the good work!!

  • Harry

    Never thought it would be so easy to earn 50 meals for shelter pets!

  • Leslie Wyatt

    Our latest kitten, Sweetpea, actually found us. I came home one day and she came out of our outdoor storage shed and she came right to me and curled up at my feet. I asked my husband to come outside. She came up to him and he fell in love with her. He called our vet to see if someone else could adopt her. The only option was the animal shelter, which was no option. Two days later, we got her a collar and adopted her. She’s our itty-bitty-pretty-kitty!

  • Shari Larsen

    I just knew in my heart for both my kitties; Timmy was adopted from some cousins who took in a pregnant, abandoned cat. When I was visiting with them, he curled up in my lap and went to sleep; I knew I couldn’t leave without him!

    A year later, I adopted Kallie, she was a stray that was in my neighborhood. Timmy accepted her right away, with no jealousy.

  • Alaina

    I have a slightly crazy but sweet-eyed Brittany named Cassie, full of energy and always raring to have fun. Cassie thanks you for your donations, Iams!

  • Sage Cohen

    Thanks for your support of homeless pets, Iams!

  • Sage Cohen

    My dog Henry chose his little sister, Hamachi. He gave her a test-wrestle, made sure she was clear of her wing-dog responsibilities, and has been skipping alongside her happily ever since!

  • Angelynn

    Thanks for helping shelter cats and dogs. We have two former shelter cats & love them to pieces.

  • Natalie

    I heart pet shelters.

  • Quimby

    We have been blessed with 3 incredible dogs in our life so far. they have all been shelter dogs. As far as I’m concerned, adopting is the only way to go. I believe dogs choose us as much as we choose them. The dogs we have adopted (with the exception of one that we flew across the country to adopt, sight unseen, and she was an incredible, wise old girl that we loved into her very senior years) we met and something clicked. One of them sat utterly still and remained quiet when we came up to her kennel. After we asked to meet her and hang out with her outside we knew we wanted to adopt her. They tried to take her back to her kennel while we filled out paperwork but I saw her stage a “sit in” in the hall. She wasn’t about to go back in – she knew she was coming with us! Our next dog we adopted was sitting in his kennel with a gigantic cone around his big ole beautiful furry head. When we called him over he bashed it into every available surface and lumbered over to the kennel door. We asked to meet him and he was absolutely lovable from moment one. I simply cannot say enough about the merits and rewards of adopting shelter/rescue pets. As humans we owe the animals we share this planet with our best. Adopting pets is not only rewarding, it’s the right thing to do. So yes, you could say we saved lives by adopting – but really, they saved ours.

  • Kathleen

    Our chocolate lab Jake was born in a rescue. His mom had a litter of nine pups and one of the girls was held aside for us. When we went to meet her, Jake really made his presence known to us – he was so loving and interested in us….we brought him home a week later! And yes, the girl pup was adopted shortly thereafter too 🙂

  • Thank you Pet News & Views, and Iams for donating food to my homeless cousins.

  • alexis

    Thanks for doing this! Such a great group!

  • Heather Young

    Please help the animals

  • Yomi

    Yay! Thanks for your help and support! Let’s feed the animals!

  • Amy

    posting for the pets!

  • Thanks for all of your hard work supporting animals! It doesnt go unnoticed.

  • Our Felix was a rescue pup and we didn’t chose him – he chose us. As soon as he saw me, he ran up, leapt into my arms and started kissing me and wiggling all over. He was my dog, right from the get go. he is seriously the best thing ever.

  • Patricia

    I adopted from Noahs Ark, Cypress, TX

  • Nicole

    Thanks for Helping the animals 🙂

  • Linda Lewis

    Great work Michele. You really are amazing. I just subscribed to your blog. Great content. Thank you on behalf of helping shelter cats and dogs. I have 3 dogs–a coonhound, a pitbull, and a husky. All are rescues.

  • debbie

    thanks for feeding the shelter pets

  • Robyn

    My Bridget fell into my arms after her original Mom passed away.

  • Michelle Boswell

    Thanks for all the hard work in saving the animals. Keep up the good work.

  • Caren

    How did I know my pet was for me ha, he picked me. All of my 6 pets are all rescues either from the street or from an agency. Loving them all the sam.e

  • G Squire

    Sam {2 yr old black lab} came over, sat in my lap and would not get up when it was time for me to leave… Almost all of our pets have been rescued from a shelter. Thank you for helping shelter {homeless} dogs and cats!

  • Bryan

    all of our animals needed a home and an love and we have never regretted our decisions.

  • Sandi

    I love my shelter dogs

  • Ann Vanderlaan

    Spike got along perfectly with my first pit bull, Angel. I looked for a companion for Angel for almost 6 months b4 we found Spike. How could we not adopt him?

  • Gina

    I am loving this! You guys are the best!! Thanks for being so generous and helping our shelter friends!

  • Kat

    Thanks Iams!! My furbabies are all rescues…they found me 🙂

  • Jean

    We foster dogs for a local shelter until they can find a forever home. We have also adopted two dogs and one cat. Thank you Iams for your support.

  • David Berg

    All of my dogs were chosen because I felt a connection with them when we met that was missing with other dogs that were present at the same time.

  • adrielle

    my cat found me-a little kittens howed up at my door in a snowstorm-now she’s my pet!

  • Thanks so much for giving us another chance to contribute to this great cause and Thanks to Iams!

  • adrielle

    my cat found me-a little kittens showed up at my door in a snowstorm-now she’s my pet!

  • I was sitting on the grass at an adoption event and Roo just ambled over, leaned in on my shoulder, then curled under until he was belly-up in the grass. I guess I’d say that he chose me.

  • david

    Thanks for taking the time to care and help others.

  • laurie

    My dog jumped on my lap and started drinking my drink. Knew he was mine then and that we would share everything and we did for 14 years. RIP Shoohzrarii!!!!!!

  • Jax found me. He wandered up to my house and I immediately fell in love with him. He appears to be a Jack Russel/Beagle mix. He is the love of my life.

  • Mare Horton

    My new shelter dog looked like my old shelter dog. Did the same little excited marching in place as my old guy.

  • Lauren J

    Don’t know where I’d be without my pet. May all the pets find good homes.

  • Liz

    Thanks for sharing with the pet shelters, it’s a good thing you’re doing.

  • Beth M

    I have 6 cats and everyone found me! I got my Shephard from North Shore Animal League in New York. I love my furkids!

  • Rosa Munguia-Maguire

    I have rescued all of my cats and one dog. One cat was being taken to the shelter which are high kill in NYC. The owners could not do it themselves so they had my friend their neighbor do it. My friend came over and Sylvester’s trip was intercepted and he had a forever home with me until his last days.

  • Stacy

    Our sweet Suzy was a rescue, and we knew she was right for us when my young girls went up to her, and she licked them both, let them pull her bone and ball out of her mouth, and chased them around the yard.

  • Pam

    I knew each of my cats, over the years, were for me. I love my rescue kitties!

  • Debbie Fatheree

    Thank you for feeding these poor souls!!

  • Sharon Harper

    We knew each of our rescued dogs were meant to be with us as soon as we picked them up and held them. Each one leaned in and rested his/her head on our shoulder as if to say “I am home – I belong with you.” We have had boys and girls — mixed breed and pure bred… When you look at their loving faces pedigree does not matter. It is all about the unconditional love!

  • I saw Scooch’s picture on Facebook, she was alone in a cage at Chipley Shelter in Northwest FL. It’s a very small and rural shelter. She was 7 months old and there was no interest in her. In one of her photos, she was just sitting on the cement floor, eating some kibbles from a metal bucket in her cage. She just looked so content there, no idea she was in a kill shelter, just sitting down and having a little meal. I called the shelter and gave them my credit card # over the phone, then picked her up from the vet that they work with a few days later. $140 for the adoption fee, all vaccinations, and spay. When the vet tech brought her out, she was even smaller than I thought from the photos, and she was very scared and skittish. But she was adorable. Now, 9 months later, she’s best friends with my other dogs, and the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful for facebook, for all the people who volunteer to take photos of shelter pets, and for the others who post them to facebook and share them far and wide. I share photos every single day, and I wish everyone would. It’s the difference between a loving home or death to so many thousands of shelter dogs and cats.

  • Sammie was rescued from a very abusive home situation. I knew the moment I laid eyes on her, she was meant to be with us. Sickly, skinny, scared. But we took her home and its been 7 years and she’s just the best little dog in the world! Maddie is the newest member of our family. We brought her home from the local shelter 3 weeks ago. She is a senior dog, 9 yrs old, same as Sammie. She is very smart, and cute as can be! We love our dogs just like they were our children. My kids are grown and out of the house, that’s probably why my doggies are So special to me! I can no longer work so my days are long and would be very boring, were it not for my little girls, they just make every day a fun and special day, full of laughter and love. 🙂

  • Merry

    We lost our beloved beagle Eagle and when we went to the Humane Society to hopefully find another friend, in came a lady with the cutest beagle ever. He took to my daughter almost immediately and he was our best bud for 9 years…unfortunately, out bud Harley, went to the rainbow bridge in August. We miss him lots!!!!!!!

  • Larisa Scharikin

    I adopted a dog fromthe Halifax humane Shelter. Her name is Weezer. She is a wonderful dog and a great friend to me. Adopting a shelter dog saves lives. Both the animsla and the humans!

  • Dexter (Corgi) chose us… he’s had us wrapped around his little Corgi paws ever since 🙂 Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Erika

    I have three wonderful dogs and I really believe they all chose me and rescued me.

  • Bridget

    We have two shelter rescues who we love to pieces. They actually chose us. From the moment we saw them, we just knew they were going to be the ones who rescued us and helped us. They are our kiddos and I couldn’t imagine our lives without them.

  • I see, there is a specific question… well, my dogs I just fell in love instantly, but my cat has a story behind him. About 6 years ago I lived in an apartment where I couldnt have animals. I found my little oragne tabby outside, no collar, he was a kitty, maybe 6 months old, right before a hug rain storm. No way was I leaving that little guy on his own! He has turned out to be an amazing cat, well, really now hes a dog cause once we brought home his brothers (2 years later) he has transformed into one. They run after one another and the best is when the all chase after the laser light together. My 3 boys were meant to be together, with me and my husband=).

  • Janet

    Jewel (pure bred Australian Shepherd) was a rescue dog. She was originally trained as a service dog for a man in a wheelchair with Elephant Man’s disease. When he passed away, the family didn’t know what to do with her. So, she was donated to Paws with a Cause and retrained as a hearing service dog. I had wanted a small dog, but somehow got Jewel. She was such a beautiful dog that people constantly stopped me to talk about how beautiful she was. She had the blue eyes and full tail with white and gold coat. When she passed away 11 years ago, I was so devastated that I couldn’t and still can’t bring myself to get another service dog.

  • Charlene

    Thanks for helping the most helpless in society, shelter pets. I use your products for my 3, which includes Bella, a shelter puppy.

  • angie rothenstine

    Thanks Iams!

  • Anna

    Adopt a shelter pet!!! They will change your life – for the better!!!

  • Peggy

    What a wonderful thing you are doing for the dogs. God bless you!

  • Juliette

    Thank you for doing this Iams – wish they could all find a loving home!

  • Maggie Pearson

    I never know what makes a cat or dog the “right” one for us! We rescue/foster, and sometimes the unlikeliest of friendships develop. Also, in one or two cases, a cat is leaning WAY toward “unadoptable”, and we make our lives work around what makes it “right” for the cat.

  • Nancy Smith

    All of my cats are rescues or former feral cats. We love them all!

  • Sarah

    Thank you Iams!

  • I knew that I had found my new kitty at the Shelter from the moment I first walked up to his cage. The rest of the cats in the room were asleep or snoozing. My cat got right up, ran over to the bars purring like a motorboat, did a headstand out of joy and fell over, waiting to have his belly rubbed. He came home with us an hour later. His name (appropriately) is now ‘Potato Head.’ 🙂

  • colleen gaither

    thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. My best friend was a beautiful shep/lab mix I got the pleasure of being in her life for 4 years. My Ladybug. RIP

  • Monica Giazzon

    Our daughter, who was 10 at the time, and our dog locked eyes, and they’ve been best friends ever since! Thanks IAMS, Harley loves your food! And thank you for feeding all the furry babies out there! 🙂 (Thanks as well to Surf Dog Ricochet for posting and encouraging us all to help!)

  • Christine

    These is wonderful, thank you for the great work!

  • Both our cats and dogs are rescues. They are the most wonderful furbabies in the world.

  • Renee

    Thanks so much for helping homeless pets!

  • L. Lines

    All of my pets have chosen me at Save-A-Pet, the best no-kill, all-love shelter in northern Illinois.

  • kerry burns

    I wrote a long comment, got deleted, OI just fell in love with my cat.

  • Bryan

    Thanks for the help iams!

  • Tracy Clark

    Adopt don’t shop! I adopted my two shelter babies 5 years ago. They are my life!

  • My Shiloh chose me, when I went to pick out a puppy she came over and laid her head at feet and stayed there, I knew then she was the one I had to choose.

  • Robyn

    Okie chose us, we were playing with him in the hallway of the shelter and he grabbed my car keys and ran to the shelter exit. My son said “Mom, it’s a sign” and that was it!

  • Jill

    Thanks for the help! These precious animals at shelters are SO deserving of so much more!

  • Teresa Duncan

    One of the best dogs I’ve ever had came from a shelter. Had her for 15 years, got her at 4 weeks old. I miss my Weezer. RIP old girl!

  • Karin

    I got my forever furfriend Thor at the Shelter. He just came in and our eye connected. I called every day (it was raining) for the 3 days he was on hold. He has been with me for 16 wonderful years…..and yes he is an Iams boy!

  • Yomi

    I walked into the Orlando SPCA for the fifth and final time. I had a mind state that if I didn’t find my dog that day, the one that connected to me, I would forget about getting a dog for another year or two. I walked pass the kennels and all the dogs were barking and yelping and seeking my attention and as much as I wanted to take them all home, none of them were “My” dog. I got to the kennel before last and there he was! Small, hairy, matted and oblivious to what was going on around him. He sat there, unmoved by anything or anyone. I fell in love! I grabbed his card and asked to spend time with him. I spent 15 mins with him and he wasn’t jumpy, he wasn’t nippy or barky. He just wanted to sit there by me silently. I went to the desk, paid the adoption fee and while filling out the paperwork I noticed it said “Alex” and I asked the lady how she knew my husbands name. She looked and me funny and said; “Ma’am, that’s the dogs name.” Right then and there I KNEW he was mine! He and my hubby are named the same so he is now Alex Jr. he was 7 at the time, he is now 11 years old. Blind due to an infection in his eyes caused by the mats and cataracts, deaf from old age and he has arthritis in his shoulder and I wouldn’t have him any other way! I love my little shelter dog and he loves me! We play and chill together. Best time ever!

  • Kelly Moselage

    I had recently lost another beloved pet who I had adopted at 12 years old. I was able to give Bella two and a half wonderful years – she was my everything. I was just devistated after I had to put her to sleep (she had an agressive form of bone cancer). Well, I didn’t plan on adopting again for awhile but I went to the Pet Finder website and there was Munchie – a 2 1/2 year old Shih Tzu who was found matted, full of fleas and in really bad shape. He was begging for food in the Safeway store. A nice police officer picked him up and saw that he found his way to a pure breed rescue. The moment I saw him both on line and then again in person I knew he had my heart. He imediately jumped in my lap and gave me kisses. He sure knew he had found a sucker in me :-). That was 9 months ago, and while I miss Bella terribly, Munchie has found his special place in our hearts. He is adored, loved and treated like the little prince he is. I thank God for opening up my heart so freely. Pet adoption is the only way for me and my family.

  • Shery Johnson

    Mugsy was “rescued” by a group the day before he was being sold to a drug testing facility. He is the most loving dog who just enjoys every day. People have told me he is so content because he knows how good he has it, but I think it is me who has it good. So glad he is my life. Thank you Iams for all you do!!

  • Gina

    My two kittens say “purrrrrrr” I’m pretty sure that means “<3 <3 Thank you!"

  • Ashley

    Great work! WE have rescue dogs and they enrich our live daily.

  • Spike Brantley

    My britsh staffordshire terrior (or dwarf pitbull) came out of the woods behind my house one afternoon while I was renovating. I had landscape radio-earmuffs on and I was running a saw. I kept seeing the bushes move out of the corner of my eye but it looked small and black and I thought it was the neighbors’ cat. Finally I quit paying attention to the movement. Shortly thereafter, Spanky, my dog of 5 years now, collapsed at my feet. Vet said he was on the verge of malnutrition, had anemia, 51 ticks, and the skin of his nose and been pulled back from digging for and eating grubs. He was a sad sight to say the least. I was gonna name him Petey (for the Little Rascals dog b/w) but in the shuffle to get him to the vet I wrote Spanky on the forms. Well he has filled out from the scrawny 18 pound pup and is certainly more like a Spanky than a Petey; and I reckon he found me every bit as much as I found him; but all in all I would say it was God’s plan since we both seem to get something out of the relationship. And don’t let anyone tell you pitbulls aren’t a good breed of dog cause my Spanky is as sweet as they come.

  • Mindy

    Love from me and my boxers!!! WE love helping when we can and feeding hungry bellies!!!

  • Kim

    I knew my dog was the right one for me because he was everything I was looking for. I wanted a dog that was already an adult, but not too old (he was 1 year old), male, and terrier mix. He fit the bill perfectly and adopting him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

  • Jane

    My rescues selected me. One won my heart while I was transporting it across town to a rescue. The other curled up in my lap at an adoption event and wouldn’t leave me. Over ten years later, they are still the lights of my life.

  • Billie

    Over the course of the past 28 years, 13 rescues have adopted me (9 cats and 4 dogs). Each has been wonderful in their own way. I am currently owned by three rescued cats and one rescue dog. I can’t imagine life without them. Sassy, Dutch Shepherd, boxer mix, is the smartest, most cuddly dog I have ever owned. She is total velcro and is glued to me no matter what I am doing.

  • Micki

    Earlier this year I went to offer my services as a volunteer at a local shelter. While waiting to speak with the woman in charge, I just had to peek in at the cats. As I was walking by one cage, I heard a teeny “meow”. Stepping back, peeking in the cage, there was this long, skinny black cat on his back with his paws stretched out to the cage door, doing the floor-wiggle. When I picked him up, he immediately wrapped his front paws around my neck and began licking my nose. Yep, I was hooked from the first second by Bogart!

  • I just lost my 14 yr old yorkie to lymphoma. When she was diagnosed, I started looking into finding a breeder to buy a new puppy sometime. I found pictures of parti yorkies and love the coloring (even if they aren’t recognized by the AKC). I volunteer at the humane society working with shy and timid dogs. my first dog on Saturday was a parti yorkie – 6 yr old female from a puppy mill who needs some love in her life — so if my 10 yr old yorkie will accept her, she’s coming home next week.

  • Erica

    Rescued is my favorite breed!!!

  • Ali Burden-Blake

    It’s superb that Iams are pledging such great support!

  • Kei

    Here’s a comment for some food! Thanks for feeding them. Every Creature Counts in Colorado really could use some food!

  • Simonne Walvisch

    THANKS !

  • Liz

    We have a dog and a cat that we rescued. We feel that they chose us because of the way they interacted with us when we first met them.

  • Debra

    I have adopted 3 dogs and would have more if I could. What you are doing is great.

  • Lynda Joyce

    My dog Cozmo was a stray puppy that found us. We tried to find a home for him but no one was interested. After a few weeks, though we weren’t planning to get another dog, he had won us over and we decided to keep him. I now feel like he was meant to be ours. He helped us through the pain of losing one of our other dogs to cancer. Because of him, we are much more active and healthier too! He is a wonderful dog that I am thankful for every day.

  • Lori

    Both of my rescue dogs picked me, how could I turn them away?! They are the loves of my life and honestly could not picture my life without them in it. Thank you for doing this for shelter animals!

  • Shelly Cochran

    I <3 animals Thank you so much for your dedication to help animal shelters and rescues with your kindness 🙂

  • I’m not a rescue dog but I gave my mum a ‘look’ when she came to see me and my siblings when we were six weeks old. There was only me and two of my brothers left so she came back the next day to get me. She’s adopted cats before and says it’s different with cats because they’re the ones that do the choosing.

  • Allyson

    Thanks for the help in these especially tough times… our 4-legged friends are really getting the brunt of this & your help is greatly appreciated!!!

  • My pit bull, Scarlet, found me. So it was that SHE knew I was the right human for her. 🙂 She showed up on my doorstep as a 5-month old puppy. When I looked down at that freckled-nosed face staring up at me, my heart melted. I knew I couldn’t go another second without her.

  • Garret Bryer

    A real friend has 4 legs and a tail, and who loves you unconditionally. Thanks for hosting this contest.

  • wendy

    I have two shelter dogs and i wouldn’t have it any other way… with all of their imperfections, they are the best pets!

  • Aliina

    I have 2 adopted dogs and they are the most wonderful dogs I have ever had. Thanks for bring awareness

  • Amanda Telesco

    I knew Dallas was meant to come home with me when the shelter volunteer put him in my arms and I started crying. He’s 9 1/2 now and the love of my life. Thank you for helping shelter animals!

  • Laura Cheng

    My dogs are my children. They are my joy and therapy. I can’t imagine my life without them. I just adopted my #4 from a high-kill shelter. Charlie was malnourished with skin infection, worms, and kennel cough. He was abandoned by his previous owner who moved away but still tied him outside with no food and water. I found him on Facebook. After driving 3 hours to the shelter, I saw him in the cage. There was no hope and motivation in his eyes. He just stared at the floor. When we were ready to take him home, he didn’t want to leave the shelter. He thought that the shelter was the only place where he could have food and water! A week after his adoption, I saw the shelter killed 7 dogs in one day. Had I not adopted Charlie, he would have been killed. He has gained 11 pounds since July (when I adopted him). He has transformed into a handsome, healthy, and goofy boy. He is so smart. I took him to a training class which was for golden retrievers. The trainer ignored us, made fun of us, and didn’t want us to participate since other dogs were already in the class for several sessions. We sat on the side for about 20 minutes. I decided to practice wiht Charile. He picked up all of the comments by observation which made the trainer’s jaws dropped. I was so proud of him!! Of course we didn’t go back to the class anymore. I am so happy that I have Charlie. He got along so well with my little dogs. I love him and all of my dogs!

  • ana

    Great, what you are doing! God bless you.

  • Risa

    Ours was sitting by the side of the road with his friend who had just been run over – when we stopped he came right to my husband……..we tried to find his home but to no avail. After taking him to the vet, he had severe fleas and heartworms so we had him treated and he’s been ours ever since! We named him Happy because he is happy to have a home!

  • Janet Anderson

    I knew as soon as that little puppy stuck her sweet face out when the door opened and I saw her beautiful black-ringed eyes (part German Shepherd) that she was the one for me!

  • Angie Gabriel

    Thank you for helping homeless pets! It is a wonderful thing you are doing for such deserving creatures.

  • Sarafina

    We rescued Kona, our boxer/pit mix, from a rescue who caters to pregnant dogs and their litters. Any dog would have been fine with me, but my husband wanted pure breed. The only thing I cared about was rescuing. After looking thru tons of rescues, we found Kona. We were told she was a pure Boxer, but I I knew better. I brought her home and has been such a delight since. It ia obvious that she is a mix, but my husband loves her just as much as I do 🙂 We are training her to be a pet therapy dog so she can help spread her magical healing powers! Thanks Iams for caring!!

  • Rona Nichols

    I knew my little yorkie mix was for me when the volunteer brought him out from the backroom at the shelter,I threw my arms out to him and he walked right by me and out the door!! Thats what life has been like with him and I wouldn’t have him any other way!!!! =0)

  • Kerri

    I knew I wanted another pug to be a buddy for our other pug and getting her from the pug rescue was a no brainer. I wanted a pug that would be sweet and loving and we ended up getting just that and more!!

  • Sybil

    I found my dog on petfinder.com There he was…a bernese mountain dog mix panting away in a Florida shelter. Even though he was a plane ride away, I KNEW that this big guy was deserved to live in the Colorado mountains… that he was meant to be mine!

  • Erin

    I was working in Baghdad and met a sweet baby calico that was abandoned by her mother. Even though she was only about 10 weeks old, I was not allowed to have pets so I didn’t take her to my room. I had to take a 30 day leave of absence from work. The night I returned from leave, I was exiting the cafeteria and there she sat. As soon as she saw me, she started meowing, saying “where have you been and give me some of your dinner!”…..so I said “well come on then Miss Piggy”…..and she followed me to my room. Risking my job, I kept her there until I could arrange to take her home to the US with me 🙂 She is my angel 🙂 Thx Iams.

  • Pam

    I rescued my dog Bentley from a neighbor. He’s a little miniature schnauzer. I’ve had him about 4 months now, and he’s living the good life! He’s been such a blessing to me 🙂

  • Tricia

    My lovely girl was a gift from my Godmother. But I have always been a sucker for puppies and kitties of all kinds. Really I think she just kinda choose me rather than the other way around. Way to go iams for supporting shelter pets!

  • Karen Hight

    Thanks for providing food for these animals!! Surfdog Ricochet sent me!

    All 6 of my dogs are rescues and I will NEVER buy a dog!! I always opt to adopt!!

  • laura yates

    My rosey’s beautiful blue eyes!

  • Dani

    Anything for homeless pets!

  • Nita

    My pooch has an underbite and his bottom teeth stick out — I loved his face at first site!

  • Mark Cain

    I knew my cat from her person who passed away. I kept her from going to a shelter.

  • Cathy Amari

    Thanks for helping shelter cats and dogs.

  • Stephanie Reilly

    Thank you for helping homeless pets Iams! It’s the perfect season to be doing so! I knew my pets were ment to be in my family when I saw their little faces. Their eyes lit up at the sight of me, and I knew they had chosen me, and it was time for them to have a loving caring home for the rest of their lives.

  • Brittany

    I rescued my first cat Pipsqueak from my mother-in-law’s barn. A mama cat had a litter of six kittens and took off and left them when they were just a couple of weeks old. My husband and I went out one day to feed the barn cats and found that all but one had been killed. We didn’t want anything to happen to him, so we took him in and he has been with us ever since.

  • I have 5 cats…4 rescues and 1 (Siamese) was a gift. Two of the rescues came from 2 different homes…the other two were dumped off along with 3 others..here in the ditch. Three of them ran , but the two friendly ones stayed and are now part of the family. Sometimes I do wish I didn’t have so many, but I would not trade any of them …ever. Good Luck with the food drive!

  • Joanne

    Thank you Iams! All my dogs have been/are rescues and they always will be!

  • Heidi

    One look was all it took and our mini doxie and min pin stole our hearts. It’s been ten years and we can’t imagine life without them. Thank you Iams!

  • Sharon Nowell

    Thank you for what you are doing to help shelter pets. They are the best!! Our vet said God chose us for the babies we adopted. Each one has had a unique illness or disease that needed special care. I would never have traded a single one. Each were wonderful, loving dogs with huge spirits. They loved life and embraced every moment they had. It was the “eyes” that got me every time. The look that says “Yes, I was meant for you.” We are down to one German Shepherd now that was our last adoption (due to finances). She just turned 10 years old (got her at 8 weeks). She was the litter runt, but had those eyes….

  • Anne

    I don’t recall ever having a voice in the decision! The dog(s) and cat(s) picked me!

  • Marla

    My husband & I had just started looking for a dog, & we ran into some friends who recommended a rescue group for us to check out. Hubby has a smart phone & so we looked them up on the internet. The very first dog we saw was the one we went to see that same Saturday at an adoption event. One of the girls handed him to me, & he licked me. That was it! We found our dog…just like that! He’s been with us for just over 2 & 1/2 now, & we couldn’t be happier. He’s a great dog & fits into our lifestyle so perfectly! He enjoys traveling, walks-long or short, or just hanging out at home with us. You wouldn’t know by looking at him that he’d been abused & abandoned before we adopted him. For all he’s been through, he’s recovered nicely. Now we recommend others we know or meet to adopt as well. Not only does it save a life, but that life saved often returns the love beyond what we humans can provide. Adoption teaches us to be better, more compassionate & caring people.

  • Charlene

    It’s easy to in love with all dogs!

  • Cassandra

    This is a fantastic and beautiful thing you are doing here. These dogs need our help, and shelters never have enough food. Thank you so much! Keep up the great work!

  • Meghan

    Thank you for supporting shelter pets!

  • Peter

    It breaks my heart to imagine all the wonderful companions that are out there awaiting FUR-ever homes. Every bit of awareness helps.

  • Sherry

    Our cat and dogs have come from the same shelter. You don’t know what you’re bringing home. Somehow they just fit. Life is never dull with them, and the laughter heard in our home is usually because of them. I wouldn’t have it any other way. They need us as much as we need them. My best friend came from that shelter. His spirit is always in the house or in the yard. I know he’s always looking out for us. Shelter animals are sooooo special.

  • Beth

    Both my cat and dog are adopted and are the best friends anyone could ask for. They love us and they love each other…although the dog seems to enjoy the cat’s company more than the other way around.

  • janet holub

    It was 22 years ago when I saw my little kitten at the shelter..he was only six weeks old..and the minute I picked him up I knew he was the one for me,,,he past away a year ago and not a day goes by where I don’t miss him…he was a tremendous friend in my life…and always will be….

  • Beth Sparozic

    Thank you to Iams for helping with food!

  • Jen

    thank you so much for helping shelter pets!!!

  • Cindy Payne

    We needed a playmate for our Aussie/border collie mix, Zoe. I went to visit a flat coated retriever (which I had never heard of) I saw online at the local shelter. He was so scared and shy and pitiful. They actually drug him out by the leash, because he either wouldn’t or didn’t know how to walk on a leash. That weekend we took Zoe to meet this boy. After a little while of sniffing and getting over his fears, we let them out into the yard to see how they would get along. They played like they were siblings and haven’t been apart since! He is now our Rosco and we love him so much:)

  • We have two rescue pups. One was terribly abused (dragged behind a car and left by the side of the road) and was a stray. The other was rescued on day 10. They have been a delight to us for the last seven years, and they have a happy, happy forever home.

  • Maria Gilbert

    Thanks for helping shelter animals. I have two rescues of my own and they are like my kids=)

  • thank you so much for helping shelters by providing much needed pet foods !

  • Heather

    I can’t imagine a life without dogs! They are better then anti-depressants!

  • pat

    Thank you for your help.

  • Nancy Twerdohlib

    I knew my dog was the right one for me as soon as she looked into my eyes. She was in a shelter and in a cage and she looked into my eyes and wagged her tail and that was it! She was the most wonderful girl and she lived with us for 12 wonderful years before she went to the bridge.

  • thank you so much for helping these shelters with much needed pet food.

  • Ryan

    Here’s to 50 more meals! Well done, Iams!

  • Lisa Smith

    Thank you for helping shelter pets!

  • Sharon

    For my cat Shadow it was when she climbed up my arm; at my vet’s where she and her littermates had been rescued; and said…”when are we going home?” and for Stella…she walked up to me (also at the vet) stood on my paperwork and also asked when she was coming home with me!

  • Maggie Straub

    They show up at my doorstep and I can’t say no!

  • katie G.

    I have 1 cat She was older and spayed which wasexactly what we needed with 3 kids 🙂

  • Brandy

    You guys ROCK!!! Pups can eat while waiting for their Furever Homes!

  • Beth Dudley

    We found Jake when he was about 3 weeks old. He and his littermates were abandoned in the bushes by an elementary school in Germany. He is a great cat, and is now 14 1/2 years old. We adopted Latte from a no kill shelter in Georgia. She has her quirks, but she is a good companion to me.

  • Thanks so much for all your help

  • Karen petraska

    Surf Dog Ricochet sent me. My chocolate lab Kona picked us. She was about 6 weeks old and we were looking at the available pups and she walked right up to my husband. He said “She’s mine! She picked me!”

  • Kathy

    We have 2 rescue dogs the little one is a brittney spaniel who locked eyes with my oldest daughter from the moment we walked into the shelter the other is an american bull dog who leaned against my youngest daughter for some loving. We brought them both home and it has been happy tail wagging ever since.

  • Mary Jean

    I knew the moment I held her in my arms, it was like something snapped into place, but alas she was destined to be someone else’s pet at first. I was having panic attacks for a week thinking about her, and then I got a call that they had changed their minds. She was mine if I wanted her, I wasted no time getting to her and she became my bond mate, one that I have yet to ever feel with another dog, although I love all my dogs tremendously, there was just something extra special between us. Rocket always knew things, and acted upon them without any formal training, whether I was sick or preoccupied, Rocket always knew what to do. We had so many adventures together, I learned so much from her.

  • Tina Dickson

    He needed a home and I needed him.

  • Sally

    I met Lola as she was caring for her last (and final) litter of pups. She had been abused as in a puppy mill but she was a GREAT mom! The love she showed her puppies was inspiring to me. She has since (4 years later) adjusted to her new home and fellow animals. She often nudges my hand with her head so that I will pet her. Took her a long time to get to this point! She is safe. She is loved and she is a blessing. I am grateful.

  • Stephanie Reilly

    Thank you for helping homeless animals when they need it most! All of my pets have chosen me, so I can’t say I chose them. My ferrets were taken in from pet stores, though they are the only pets I have ever gotten from a pet store ever. My dogs were rescued from less than desireable homes, and my cats were either given to us, or found and brought home. They are all giant love bugs, and appreciate their nice warm happy home. They are my babies, and that will never change.

  • Elle Wilson

    My pup was kept in horrific conditions. Im so glad I was able to provide him with a clean, loving, nurturing environment and all the farm land he wants to do his favorite thing in the world, RUN!

  • 5yrs ago I lost my lab to cancer…I swore I wouldn’t get another dog. 6 months later I decided to go look at the aspca….I walked through all the dogs and petted most…I was getting ready to leave and saw another room with dogs…I went in and found “Whimper”, a beagle mix…I couldn’t walk away from him so I adpopted him and changed his name to Dakota….it was the best decision I had made!

  • Kerry Duchesneau

    We rescued all of our animals. Tukey (mini pinscher) and her son Shy (mixed breed) were living with a family that had about 6 dogs total. Shy would not defend himself and the other dogs would kind of gang up on him. Their “mom” decided it would be best to re-home them with us where the two could be happy. Looking at Shy now, you would never imagine that he would get bullied. Shadow is my almost 20 pound black DSH cat. His “dad” worked with me and he was being forced to move out of his rental home because the owner was selling. He had a hard time finding a place that allowed animals in such a short period of time especially since it was kind of sudden. He approached me at work one day knowing that I was an animal lover and asked if I wanted a black kitty. Shadow was only about 8 months old at the time and now he is going on 6 years old. He loves curling up at night in bed with us and during the day he likes to be free out in the yard. Junior was a stray born to a feral mother. He was really tiny and alone so my fiance picked him up and brought him home to me for Mother’s Day. We named him Junior because he looks just like Shadow but with different color eyes. Junior is growing fast and loves to play. He has become an expert at catching lizards especially iguanas and almost daily I find one dead in the house. He doesn’t even bite them or anything, he just plays with them until they die. I have had many pets over the years and all of them that I can think of have been rescued. I wish I could save them all but since I can’t I try my best to do something each day to help and end the suffering of all these stray animals.

  • Sandy Skeeter

    I did not know Martha was the right dog for me, she was just supposed to foster with me for the weekend. However, within 5 minutes, this shell-shocked girl decided I was the one for her! Thankfully I had 13.5 years with her to show her how happy I was that she chose me.

  • Carmelsmom

    We have always owned rescue pets…they are the best! They know they are the luckiest pets in the world and give the most love!! thank you for helping!

  • jan

    i didn’t choose aztec, he chose me. it was a cold thanksgiving morning in aztec new mexico when we stopped to strech our legs. we heard a whimpering and seen what we first thought was trash moving a bit. we grabbed the bag and took it too the car to open it. inside were six border collie mix pup without their eyes open yet. it was too late for three of them but we tried our hardest to save the other three. one, a little girl lost her fight that night, but the other two continued theirs. we brought aztec home to denver, where i took him to work with me so i could feed him every two hours. i had the pleasure of being his human for almost fifteen years, we had to say good-bye this last july, but he is waiting for me and i can’t wait to see him again. god bless you for doing this

  • Unless you are a breeder, have your pet spayed or neutered!

  • Deb

    I just knew. Instant love I guess.

  • Jackie

    I wanted a miniature poodle, and Prince was the only one at the time in the local area up for adoption. He is from Fuzzy Friends Rescue in Waco. When I saw my little boy in a kennel, he looked so shy. I wasn’t 100% about him at first, but now he is just like my own baby! We love him so much <3

  • mitzie

    Homeless pets are the most loving pets anyone could get. They are so appreciative and know they have been saved.

  • Jane

    We didn’t rescue our dog – but we do support our local shelter and programs such as yours! We really wanted a Golden Retriever. We drove past a friend’s house and he was out in the yard with a whole litter of Golden pups. When we went to see about getting one, Apollo was the only one not spoken for. He was the most laid back puppy and didn’t rush right out to see everyone, so he was the last to get picked!

  • Tina Diedrichsen

    Even though we already had four dogs and a cat,I just knew that Sassy needed to come to our house. She is a golden retriever that is 13 1/2 years old. We got her when she was nine months old. She’s our happy girl!

  • big dan

    feed the animals peeps.good deed

  • Heather

    i knew my pup was the one for us cuz he was the craziest one of the bunch. running around all hyper with lots of energy, jumping on us, then starring at me with his puppy dog eyes. love at first glance <3

  • It’s awesome that you are helping to pitch in and lend support to many well deserving animals in this country…thank you

  • Alice Dantzler

    When I was looking for a little sister for my baby Matilda, I looked and looked for months on Petfinder.com. I knew immediately when I read about Hazel that she was the one. When they finally posted her picture…it was even better. I had always loved cross eyed kitties. Shelter pets are the best. Animals give unconditional love like none other.

  • Michelle B

    When I looked into his eyes, I just knew Zeus was the puppy for me 🙂

  • Ione Bargy

    i feel in LOVE with Molly the minute we met and we have been together ever since 🙂
    thank you for all that ur doing to help the homeless fur babies!!!!!!

  • Ann

    Kirby is a carbon copy of my first dog Jake, who was brown and white with certain spots. Kirby has almost identical spots, but he is black and white. I saw him online and rescued him. His sister Tona just arrived last month. She was a stray who came up to my table at dinner just looking for food. She got a home instead. They are best friends.

  • Kelly

    you guys are doing great things….

  • Dixie

    We knew our dog, Sprocket was the right dog for us…because he chose us to be his family. He wandered up as if it was exactly what he was supposed to do as if to say, “I’M HERE!”.

    Love what you guys are doing for shelter pups!

  • Stacy McFarland

    Thank you so much for what you are doing to help feed shelter animals! I grew up with dogs, but started rescuing cats in my twenties. I just knew they were for me…I could feel it in my heart! It’s a feeling you get when you look in their eyes and know you have created a special bond! I started with Mina, and was blessed to have her for 15 years. Slater came next and he still cuddles with me every night! Lucky, my baby, my Persian I was blessed to have for 10 years, Saki, my Siamese and Gabi, my Tabby who both came from a shelter. And last, but not least, my feral cat Winnie, who is the most sweetest cat. Life just would not be the same without my furbabies!

  • Tina

    My first dog, he was 8 weeks old when I first met him, cuddled into my neck when I picked him up. It was love at first hug!

  • christina pauley

    We fell in love at first site!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Stier

    I lost my yorkie of 15 years due to renal failure on New Years Eve 2010. I knew that I would want another eventually. I was inspired to adopt from a shelter by actor Ian Somerhalder. I knew I wanted another yorkie because they are the most wonderful little dogs and also because I have allergies and asthma. Searching the internet, the Broward County Humane Society had 2 yorkies – I went early the next day as I knew whoever got there first had first choice. The little girl puppy was already taken. But when they brought Cesar – now called Damon (in honor of Ian Somerhalder’s character on The Vampire Diaries) in he was so happy and when I picked him up and he gave me a kiss – I knew he was for me. He is between 4-5 years old and has a horrible scar going down his back, we won’t ever know what it was from, but the love we share is priceless! Thank you Iams!

  • Jean

    Rescue pets are best cause they have seen bad times and really appreciate the love we give them and give it back

  • AmyCam

    I knew Marco B. Polo was for me the instant I saw him. He’s a blind Great Dane/Pit Bull who has stolen my heart…and my socks!

  • Katherine Cohen

    I knew we were supposed to have Louie when we were going to leave the shelter and he started banging on the glass cage to get our attention.

  • Ziggy Fulton

    I love you Iams!!! Thank you for helping these wonderful babies!!

  • Rob

    Feeding animals that need it, i like it!

  • Nancy Petry

    I got Windy from a no kill shelter about a year ago and she is just adorable I fell in love with her at first site she has the most adorable face

  • Rachel

    When she fell into a plate of curry at seven weeks old. That’s when I knew she was the one for me. Curry cat1

  • Maria

    Thank you for helping the homeless animals! My dog chose me. He wouldn’t let anyone else hold him. Now he is MAMA’S BOY! =) It was meant to be. <3

  • Eva

    Amazing, thank you!

  • Pat

    We have 6 cats…most of them were dumped on us..one I did take away from a former tenant who was going to shoot her since she dared to get on their table..she is a great cat, especially away from them.

  • Anna

    We found Sheba at an adoption booth in front of Petco. She was being sad and mopey until she saw my dad. She ran up to him and jumped up on his legs. So basically, she chose us!

  • erin dews

    My cat Niddy was found eating trash out of a garbage can in my local park….she walked over to me and rubbed against my leg and told me she was coming home with me….how could I refuse?

  • Gina

    My dog and cat are rescued pets! This is great idea! There are so many out there that need 4 ever homes!!!

  • Rob

    oh and I knew I loved my cat when she first slept by my feet when I brought her home.

  • Leila Desborough

    My dogs have always been rescue dogs and are wonderful and important members of the family. Wish I could adopt them all.

  • sharyn

    aswome, anything to help animals

  • Kevin

    Keep up the great work!

  • Jackie Coughlan

    This is wonderful! Thank you for all you are doing to help deserving animals.

  • Danielle C

    my boy was the only puppy able to climb out of the ‘cage’ his litter was in, little did I know he’d never outgrow his curiosity! 🙂

  • Kris Stein

    When I met Purple at the NSPCA, she just followed me around the cat condo there. She was weezy and had an eye issue. But she kept talking to me and following me around. Then she headbonked me and that was it. She told me I was hers. I adopted her right then. 4 years later, I lost my eldest kitty Soundgarden just before her 18th birthday 10/2/2011. Purple was/is always right there. I give her a look and she hops right up and headbonks me. She is the sweetest kitty in the world. I wouldn’t made it through losing Den-Den. Purple knew we belonged together.

  • DIA


  • Waheeda

    None of my kitties were bought at a pet store. Two were born on a farm where they wouldn’t have been safe or happy and the 3rd one was from the humane society. I have always loved cats and knew the second I got my own place I’d have at least 1 cat. Simply put, these babies needed me and I was beyond happy to give them a home. In turn, they give me so much love and affection.

  • Andrea Roselle

    We just knew as soon as we saw Keira Mae she’d be with us for life!! She’s 8 1/2 now and I can’t fathom our lives without her, best pitbull in the entire WORLD!!

  • Tammy Balaniuk

    All 5 of my fur kids were rescued!Me personally I got the connection when they stared into my eyes. It was like they were saying thank you for being my angel and I fell in love with each and everyone of them 🙂

  • Deanna

    Wonderful work you are doing !

  • Renee Sundberg

    We went to the rescue and met Willie Nelson (Star at the time) and his litter mates, it was his dogsonality that just attracted us 🙂

  • Annette

    Both of my puppies picked me, I did not choose them. My little Simon, weighing all of 14 ounces at 6 weeks old, climbed up on my shoe and looked at me like he wanted to heal my broken heart. Bubbie reached up from his enclosure during an adoption day at PetSmart and gently took my coat sleeve between his teeth. Needless to say, I fell in love and brought them to their furever home.

  • nancy

    We have four dogs, 1 cat, all rescued……I found my cat when she was a kitten in the woods, 1 of my dogs was dumped in a ditch with his siblings, my other 3 dogs I got from the humane society.

  • s

    When I went out to put garbage in the Can I lifted the lid and found my Nala Kitty , eating some rotting chicken leftovers. That was 19 yrs ago- She is still doing well for a Senior Kitty

  • Lola

    Rescue pets are the way to go! Kudos to this program to get some help for our shelters!

  • Heather McWhorter

    We had been searching for a pet and had not had any luck finding a cat available for adoption. ONe day we came across an add in the paper for free kittens. We got there and only two were left. I immediately hooked my eyes on Ruskie the adorable fluffy gray kitten with the most unique yellow eyes ever! He matches our personalities so perfectly now 🙂

  • Julie

    when they handed her over to me a she gave me THAT look.

  • Nancy

    I love this idea. I hope you are able to feed millions of animals this way! Fabulous!

  • I went to Humane Society and saw this black and tan puppy who was scared, it took her a few minutes to come to me….then she smiled at me, curling up that top lip and that was IT! she is 14 years old now and is slowing down pretty fast 🙁

  • Lesley Ashby

    My Smokey is an Queensland Blue Heeler aka Australian Cattle Dog. When my son & Smoke saw each other at the Animal Welfare League on the Gold Coast Aus they fell in love with each other. My son also chose my cat Sussie. She is also from the Animal Welfare League. Every day I am thankful for the choices my son made.
    What you mob are doing with this dinner drive is totally awesome. Kudos to you. xx

  • jenny biemiller

    I found my best friend in the dumpster of a BBQ restaurant.. What someone felt was garbage was my soul mate <3

  • stephanie

    I got HOpey as a rescue from Louisiana, so I hadn’t met her before I got her. When I got her, I saw pretty quickly that she was fear aggressive even though no one told me that there were any issues with her. Luckily, she fell into the perfect home without children who abused her in the past. I have learned a great deal about fear aggression and territorial behavior. She teaches me all of the time about my own fears. We’ve spent over a year in dog training classes, spent time with an animal behaviorist and I’ve spent years exposing her safely to the outside world. I know that we were meant to be together. It has not been an easy ride, but I love her with all of my heart. Many of her behaviors will never change, some have improved, some have not. I am so much more educated about the issues that some dogs carry with them. Abus